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Aysen Caelholdt

"We are the masters of our fate."

0 · 198 views · located in Nineve

a character in “The Siege of the Tor”, as played by Vexilous



Aysen Caelholdt




A short-sword once wielded by Aysen's great-grandfather Elias Caelholdt, one of the most revered Balt warriors to have ever lived. The blade is imbued with the power of ice, and is said the have a hidden power that is only revealed when the wielder realizes their true destiny. 

~Acrobatics & Athleticism
~Minor Magic Capabilities
~Rune of Protection

Aysen was born to Stella and Valentus of the famed warrior clan Caelholdt, the second attempt after a tragic miscarriage, and was marked by bad omens ever since that day. When he was but two years of age, a howling crow with bright purple eyes, flew through on open window and landed on his crib, during a social gathering, a sinister sign of the child's impending dark fate. This prophecy nearly came true two years later, when he was lead to an icy stream by the legendary Brooke horse, a mythical creature that leads marked children to their fate by enticing them with its presence, and drowning them. He was saved by a passer by, who reported the occurrence to his parents.

As a young man, Aysen trained, like his father and ancestors before him to become a strong and revered warrior, but was shunned by the city's inhabitants due to his supposed doomed fate, a fate that was to see him bring pain and suffering to all those close to him. After the death of his mother due to a mysterious illness, he stole the clan's legendary sword Diamanter, and fled the ice city, heading for the Nineve's famed plains city, where he then became involved in the Quokim conflict.

Runic Tattoos covering his left arm, a multitude of scars on his back, several smaller scars on his chest.

Due to the legend of the Howling Crow that has been associated with him since he was young, Aysen is terrified of birds.

Being a Balt, he also has an extremely high cold tolerance.

Freyja Caelholdt - Younger Sister
Sven Caelholdt - Younger Brother(Deceased)
Valentus Caelholdt - Father
Stella Caelholdt - Mother(Deceased)
Elias The Younger Caelholdt - Grandfather
Other Misc. Members of Clan Caelholdt

Alliance: Nineve

So begins...

Aysen Caelholdt's Story

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"Unacceptable!" Aysen exclaimed, smacking down his palm on the large wooden desk, which was marked with knife holes, and scratches. 

"Take your hand of that blade, boy, before I run you through." The warden seethed, slamming down his own hand, and putting another knife hole in the wood. Aysen calmly did as he was asked, not realizing that he had unconsciously placed his hand on the hilt in the first place. He narrowed his eyes.

"My apologies, sir, but Alusan must be released, there can be no negotiation." He said, leaning back in the shabby chair. 

"The only way he's gettin' outta that cell is if his time is up, or he's dead!" The warden said. "So why don't you take those rubbish papers, and go wipe your boss's ass with em'!" He yelled. Aysen unconsciously reached for his sword again.

"You listen to me you old son of a who-" Aysen's sentence was cut off by the warden's guards aiming their now glowing staves at his head. The warden got up.

"I told ya if you put your hand on that piece o' crap again, I'd have your bloody head! NOW GET OUT OF HERE!" He yelled throwing Aysen's papers on the ground. Aysen too stood up.

"The Acropolis, demands it! He will be critical to the war effo-" He sentence was once again cut off.

"GET OOUUT!" The old man yelled, waving for his guards to take him away. They each grabbed one of the young Balt's shoulders, escorting him out of the Warden's office.

Once he was in the main hallway, he shrugged the guards off. 

"Alright, alright, I get it, now get off." He said. The guards stood tall, staring at him. "Bye-bye." He said, rudely shooing them off. He continued down the hall, ducking into a corner, and peering out to see when the guards had left. When he was sure they were gone, Aysen briskly walked down the hallway, entering the cell room he was sure was Alusan's. It was strangely quite, lined with single cells, and lit only by dim torchlight. He oddly enough saw nobody, so he attempted to make his way to Alusan's cell, only to be stopped by a gruesome sight.

"By the gods..." He muttered. 

A guard had been viciously killed, a large blade wound in his chest. More strikingly, he had been smashed into the cold stone wall, leaving a large crater on his impact. It was hard to feel sorry for the man, given what he'd just went through, but he still felt a pang of grief. He looked at the cell adjacent to the mess and saw a large, gaping hole in the wall. He nodded his head, reaffirming his suspicions. This was Alusan's doing alright. 

He quickly exited the building, taking his horse around the side, to the cliff overlooking the drop from the back of the prison. He looked closely, and sure enough, he spotted a figure in the water, directly congruent to the trajectory of the hole. 

"You marvelous son of a bitch." He said quietly, not being able to help smirking at the sight. "Now, to find a way to get to him."

The setting changes from Lorcliff - The Stone Walled Town to Nineve


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As he observed the former king swimming in the cold cerulean water, he looked back to the prison wall, now seeing a woman standing in the gaping hole Alusan had left. No doubt some sort of Mayyssus official. He grinned madly and gave her a mocking wave, and blew her a kiss as he reared his horse and tailed Alusan, following him from above on the cliff line. 

As time went on, so did Alusan, along with Aysen and his horse, close enough that he could still see the older Balt, but far enough that he wouldn't be mistaken for some sort of Mayyssus Bounty hunter. Slowly the cliff's height shortened, and fell into a beach, connecting with the plains. It had seemed that Alusen had finally made shore, and Aysen intended to meet up with his former ruler. As he approached the waterlogged Balt, he used a bit of magic to disguise his sword, as to not appear hostile, and withdrew a flask from his horse's saddle bag, offering it to Alusen. 

"I've got to say, I'm impressed. It seems those blokes at the Acropolis weren't talking out of their asses when they told me how strong you were." 

When no response came, his immediate thought was that Alusan was dead, but upon further inspection, he was merely sleeping. Aysen took this opportunity to set up a makeshift camp, as nightfall was closely approaching, and Alusan would need to recover before they turned to the Acropolis.


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Talina's gaze shifted to the Balt riding away and she pursed her lips together in thought. An accomplice, perhaps? She continued watching the Balt on the horse, while slowly tracing a pattern in the air with a finger. The tip of her finger sparked with a smattering of shadows and when she turned her a palm up, a small raven made up of shimmering shadows was perched on her hand. The familiar looked up at her and cawed an otherworldly, echoing call.

"The Balt rider, down below." She murmured to the shadowy familiar. "I will be along shortly."

The raven cawed again and fluttered off after the Balt. Meanwhile Talina quickly turned about with a flutter of her robes and departed from the prison, returning to her father's manor. She did not go inside, instead making her way to the stables where her horse was kept. Talina patted the horse and checked the saddlebags, already prepared with food for the road, a small tent, and a warmer set of robes. She climbed up onto the saddle and set off out of the city, pausing a few times along the road to peer up towards the sky. Far ahead in the sky was the flicker of shadow, which Talina followed.

Her ride was finished by nightfall, where she saw a campfire in the distance across the plains. Talina made a small camp of her own, deciding against the notion of approaching a runaway Balt at night. The raven landed on her shoulder as she settled down in from of her fire, cawing quietly before flapping over to a watchful perch on the tent. Talina laid herself down on the bedroll to sleep and wait for the morning.


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Alusan's head was reeling, his instincts to keep moving clashing heavily with his desire to sleep more. In the end however, his instincts won. His eyes snapped open. In the first few fractions of a second his mind raced, the way it always had as both a gift and a curse. It was night. His hand was still locked tighter than an iron clasp around his ax. The crack and pop of a small fire meant he was not alone. Most likely a friend if he wasn't dead and they had sparked a flame. Either that or a jailer had caught up with him. Only one way to find out.

The stillness of the night was shattered as Alusan's muscles pumped to mimic his racing mind. First he curled his legs up, rolled backwards. The moment he was supported by his arms, all his weight shifted to the left, as his right hand swung the ax into the sand, the combined force of the swing and the magical properties of the blade creating a sand storm between him and the other person as he balanced on one hand. The acrobatic spectacle was brief, however, as he dropped into place where he'd hoped. A few yards back from where he began, he landed in a ready position, almost as if preparing for a sprint. A second swing of the bearded blade into the ground behind him, with a bit of direction from his own legs, launched Alusan forward and barreling into a somewhat familiar face, the ax's edge close enough to shave Aysen's beard, should he have had one.

"You." Alusan said, a bit of relief washing over his battle lust as he recognized the distinct features of one of the more prominent Balt families. "You're Valentus' boy, correct? Yes I'd know that face anywhere. You look just like your dad." Alusan's lip curled ever so slightly up the right side of his face into a relaxed smirk as he lifted the blade away from Aysen's chin. "Glad to finally see someone this month who I don't hate." Alusan flopped backward, into a sitting position, he back to the cackling flames and his hand still melded to his ax's hilt.