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Naomi King

0 · 766 views · located in Silas University, Massachusetts, USA

a character in “The Silas Witches”, as played by Loverofmusic97


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──── N A O M I K I N G ────
Full Name:Naomi Elizabeth King
Faceclaim:Aja Naomi King

ImagePHYSICAL APPEARANCE ───────────────────────────────────────────
Naomi is a bit taller than average, standing at about 5' 7". She weighs around 120 and possesses a curvy figure that most would be jealous of. Her dark brown hair falls to her mid back, curling lightly. It has a slight reddish hue to it when the sun hits it. She normally wears it with her hair parted down the middle in loose curls. Her skin is a light tanned color with a soft complexion. Her eyes are a very dark brown, so dark that the pupil is almost invisible within her large, almond shaped eyes. She normally wears lighter clothing as she is rather hot-natured, favoring wearing tank tops or camisols with a jacket or blazer over it for any professional setting she might be placed in. The color palette she normally wears are earth tones with the occasional whites or purples. She has no tattoos and only has three piercings: one in the lobe of each ear and one in her left ear's cartilage. When she was 16 she had her nose pierced, against her parent's wishes and due to her parents insistant orders she took the piercing out and allowed it to close, though she is happy now that she did.


────────────────────────────────────────────────── PERSONALITY
Though Naomi's first reaction is to rush into things she has been raised to deal with things calmly and rationally. She is, however, a problem solver, eager to resolve things quickly and get things taken care of in an efficient manner. She is kind at heart, and cares for others, however, she is often accused of being privileged and not accepting that others might be less enabled than she. She is naturally curious but attempts to keep her curiosity in check if not only for the worry of her parents. Though she is not always pleased with the way her life has been entirely planned out for her she does find solace in the fact that her life, the way her parents have planned it out for her does ensure a life of safety and security and so she has accepted it with minimal amounts of disdain. She is neither optimistic nor pessimistic; she is logical.

ImageHISTORY ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────
Naomi King has always been orderly and efficient. Save a slight wild streak she had at about 16, she has been what most would consider the model child. Her parents, Daniel and Ruth King, grew up quite poor but worked their way up into upper class during their lifetime. Due to this climb up the social ladder, Naomi has always been raised in a proper manner with intent on her staying higher up in society and staying in good standing as far as social graces are concerned. Her Father now runs a pharmaceutical company and her Mother is the founder of several art galleries and manages the buying and selling of priceless art pieces. Through all this the Kings have not forgotten where they came from and plan for their daughter never to have to work her way up from the bottom as they did. Therefore, from a young age Naomi has had her life's plan all but written out for her. She was to obtain a good circle of friends in highschool, graduate top of her class, attend Silas University, majoring in Physics and minoring in Art. She was to graduate with honors then marry her boyfriend Scott. Scott's family was a longtime family friend of the Kings. When Scott and Naomi showed signs of both attraction and compatibility in their teenage years it seemed clear to both their families that they would marry in later years. Their relationship became official senior year, just as their parents expected. Due to all of this, Naomi has grown a somewhat overpractical view of the world. Not everything is just so but she expects it to be. She believes that everything can be explained and should be, that we should live our lives based on logic not on our feelings, trust our heads not our hearts. At least, on the outside that is what she shows. There are times that on the inside she craves the freedom of apathy, but she keeps that buried deeply so that even she cannot find it. This life may not be exactly as she wants it, but it will be a safe, practical and secure one. Her relationship with her parents has always been torn between gratitude and annoyance.

So begins...

Naomi King's Story

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#, as written by nations
aurelia esmeralda castillo
witch ×
The day was warm and a nice breeze was blowing, scattering papers and making the leaves in the trees dance with subtle movements. In a green area of the campus, where several trees had been planted and some benches had been placed, there were several people scattered on the grass. Some sat in small circles, conversing with their groups, while others sat on the grass, sleeping or working on their computers.

With her back against the grass, Aurelia sat under the nice shade of a large tree. Her hair was sprawled all over the ground and her long dress was hiked up to her knees. She held out her hands, holding up a book that she was reading. To most, this was one of the most uncomfortable positions to read, but it was as comfortable as it could get for Aurelia, even though she has had books falling on her face more times than she would like to admit. Currently, she was taking advantage of her day off, having skipped a heavier lunch and opted out for a salad so that she could come out here to read. She had been extremely busy the last few weeks and had been forced to put her personal reading aside, but she had finally managed to put a large chunk of time aside to enjoy her latest discovery.

The book was a few decades old and the pages were beginning to turn yellow and its cover was the kind engraved with shiny gold paint. Aurelia's aunt had sent it to her last month. Although normally those kinds of gifts would have something to do with witchcraft and their covers would be skillfully replaced with newer covers and obscure book titles, this one was a normal novel. A little magical realism with women as protagonists that her aunt had read and enjoyed. Aurelia was almost a quarter in, her eyes scanning over the familiar words. She came to the end of the page and turned the page to the other side.

From there, a piece of paper fell. Her eyes closed as the paper hit her face before falling down to the grass. Frowning, Aurelia sat up and grabbed it. Thinking it was a message or letter from her aunt, Aurelia promptly unfolded it. The message was simple, written in a handwriting that she was not familiar with. It was messy and almost illegible.

"What?" Aurelia murmured, turning the piece around to see if there was a message on the back. Nothing. Looking back at the message again. Familiar with the woods, she mapped them in her mind nd realized that the directions led to a place in the woods that she frequented and she immediately felt her heartbeat rise. Her aunt couldn't -well, wouldn't- have put this here since there would be no reason. Had someone followed her one of these nights and seen her? Or maybe found her books? Aurelia did her best to keep everything well hidden and did her best to make sure that no one followed her since the thought of being caught terrified her. You never knew who would catch you and what they could do.

Biting her lip, she folded the piece of paper and placed it back in the book. She looked around, a worried expression placed on her face, before packing her things up and throwing her backpack against her shoulder. She needed make a call.

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Naomi King walked through a dark forest. The thick hedge of trees formed a verdant canopy above her, blocking and prohibiting any sunlight from coming through. The forest was abnormally silent. She did see the occasional forest creature but all of them were all but soundless. The birds rather than flitting from tree to tree seemed to dart from one tree to another as if they were seeking sanctuary from some unknown evil; the squirrels rushed up trees or into thick foliage as if to remain hidden from an unseen threat. Naomi was barefoot and the broken sticks and pinecones scraped roughly across her dark, bare skin. She wore a thin white nightgown and her hair hung haphazardly to the middle of her back as if she had just woken up. Incidentally, she didn't know if she had just woke up or if she had been up for hours. All sense of time seemed to escape here and all sense of direction for that matter. She had no idea what she was traveling to; she only possessed a sense of urgency that she arrive as soon as possible. She trudged further on for what felt like several hours until she came to a small clearing. The leaves began to swirl about the clearing in rough winds as the forms of three others began to enter the clearing as well, all from different directions.

Naomi woke with a start, her alarm blaring. She turned over and glanced at the clock: 6:30. Most days she would get up begrudgingly, however, this morning she was glad to wake up as it brought that recurring dream to a premature ending. She knew how it ended anyways; it always ended the same way: she and the three figures gathered around a fire in the middle of the clearing out of which white, ghostly spirits rose, uttering strange words which Naomi could not hope to understand. She had been having the same dream for some time now. At first it had not phased her, after several days of it however it had begun to worry her. She did however attend a meeting with the school counselor about what this recurring dream might mean. The counselor interpreted the dream as an innate fear of isolation paired with a fear of the occult. Naomi feared neither, or at least if she did it had been very deeply supressed. Therefore, she had set up another meeting with the counselor today. She had to do something to stop these dreams. There had to be some logical explanation for them and if there was she would find out what it was.

She got up, being careful not to wake her roommate, quickly going through her morning routine which started with a 'Good Morning' text to her boyfriend Scott. After her morning workout, she took a quick shower then headed to her first class. Recently, she'd been having difficulty focusing on her classes. Mid-lecture she would find herself daydreaming, her daydreaming often leading back to that dream. The class was finished before she knew it and, glancing down at her notebook, she realized that she had barely taken any notes.

One class later she was finally headed to the counselor's office. She quickly ate an apple as her session was during lunch time and she would not have time to get lunch afterwards. Naomi arrived at the counselor's office promptly at noon but was shocked to find no one there. He had told her that his secretary would be out at lunch and to just go ahead and come in his office. However,upon entering she discovered that he was not there. Quickly, she checked her school email to see if he had cancelled but there was nothing in her inbox. She looked around his office which was always kept quite tidy. She spotted a yellow sticky note stuck to the exact center of his desk. She threw a quick glance at the door to see if anyone might have come in. Seeing there was no one, she crossed behind the desk and read the note. It was from the counselor. It apologized for his absence, explaining that he had an emergency case that he had to dash off quickly to and only had time for a quick note. The note continued to instruct her that she should face her fears and go to that part of the forest that she had been dreaming about. He explained that going There would force her unconscious mind to put into perspective that the forest was nothing more than an ordinary forest and that, after going there, the dream would, in the best case, go away and, in the worst case, at least change. Naomi was not one to shy away from anything and if that was what it took to be rid of that dream that is what she would do.

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Quincy Cromwell x Human x dialog code

If there was one thing that really bothered Quincy, it was grading his Latin I class' tests. His morning was filled of miss spelled words, and incomplete thoughts. "These kids are gonna kill me." he thought to himself as he finished the final test. He didn't normally teach such a low level class, for this reason but with Professor Tinsly out on Maternity the department was short staffed in filled her classes. He was disrupted around eleven when he herd a knock on his door. "Come in..." he chimed and looked up just as the door opened.

"Professor Cromwell?" a skinny brunette entered the office, with two very large books nestled in her arms. "Do you have a minute?"

"Of course Miss Almodavar come in." Quincy spoke and silently put away the tests.

Amata Almodavar, was one of Quincy's best students and one of the few students who was majoring in pure Phonetics in the whole University. She was a very smart, very passionate, and very influenced student. Quincy was even considering hiring the senior as his aid. Would get him out of having to grade Freshman's miss spellings of cat, and dog in the correct pretense.

Professor, I'm having trouble with my project." Amata spoke.

"What kind of trouble?" he asked knowing her project was on the Derivative slang of the Latin Empire and how it shaped our views on the accent culture. This narrator will not bore you with the trifles of a young student having trouble with her final project and the agony of having only a few more months till graduation. So Quincy helped his young charge, without realizing he was running late for his first class. Lucky his classroom was only across the hallway from his office and he stride into the dreaded Latin I class, and spoke in a loud booming voice.

"Salve genus, da veniam transitus mora terrerentur, sed quod valde dolendum tibi non est impossibile aliquid pingendo recte probat ex ultima septimana erit usque ad proximum septimana."

A hush fell over the classroom, as the piddle of pencil scratches etched in their pads the translation. Quincy moved to the board and wrote a few vowels down before turning around and saying once more. "Now who here thinks they know what I just said?" he smiled, as whispers filled the room and a single hand raised up in a sea of blinking eyes.

"Yes?" he called on the anonymous arm, and they surprised him it was quite nice and a silent reminder why he taught students. 12:15 passed, class was over and Quincy was ready for lunch. The Cafeteria food on campus wasn't really Quincy's forte lucky a Starbucks opened up only a short walk from main campus, of course he would have to go through the back campus to get there but that wasn't any problem.

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Ok, so she was having second thoughts. So what? She was still gonna go, of that she'd made up her mind. But she was afraid. Not of the woods...exactly...honestly she didn't know what it was she afraid of. It couldn't be that in some part of her she was afraid that if she went to the forest that her recurring dream would come true. That was a preposterous notion. Maybe she was just afraid to go because it was a forest after all, a dark forest at that. It made perfect sense to have some trepidation about going there.

These were her thoughts as she realized she hadn't touched her dinner. She wasn't very hungry. She needed all of this settled. Decided, she scooted her chair back, standing and putting her dinner in the fridge. Maybe after all this was settled she'd have an appetite. She was halfway out the door when her phone started ringing. It was Scott. She answered, clenching her phone between her jaw and her shoulder as she locked her door behind her.

"Hey, baby."

"Hey, I was just wondering what you were doing tonight."

"Well," she started but paused just after. If she told him there's no doubt he would want to accompany her. Part of her wanted to tell him, wanted him to come with her, but she knew that she wouldn't be truly facing her fears if she brought someone else. She had to do this herself, alone.


"Yeah, I'm here, sorry. I'm going to be pretty busy tonight. Did you want to make plans?"

"Don't worry about it. Tomorrow?"

"Yeah, it's just I have a lot of homework. I can't fall behind. I'm sorry."

"No worries, I'll see you then. Love you."

"Love you more."

"Love you most." They said simultaneously.

"Bye." She said, laughing and hanging up. She felt a slight pang of guilt. Maybe she should have told him, but she was sparing him some worry.

In her car it didn't take long to arrive on the outskirts of the forest. She parked her car on the side of the road, swinging her purse over her shoulder. She entered the forest. She was only a couple steps in when a gust of wind seemed to rush past her, sending a chill down her spine. This is ridiculous, she thought. She was grossly overreacting. She cleared her throat, a general prerequisite to her attempting to clear her head. She continued, crunching leaves underfoot with each step. At one point she thought she spotted a broken branch before her at about the level of her neck, but she lost track of it then couldn't seem to find it again. She continued on, walking straight forward for what felt like about ten minutes before she reached what she believed to be the center of the forest. She was shocked by what she saw. A raised circular stone in the center of a clearing, a fire burning in the center. God, this was strange. Her heart rate accelerated despite her attempts to calm herself. There had to be an explanation for this. She took a couple of steps backwards, keeping her eyes on the stone altar. She startled when she ran into a tree branch, stumbling a bit and falling down. She caught herself roughly. Just above her...was that. She sat up. It was. She spotted a bit of black hair stuck to the branch that she had run into. Someone else had been here. Or was still here. She was officially starting to panic. She began to fumble inside her purse when her phone began to ring again. Her hands shaking she retrieved her phone. It was her counselor.

"Hello, Dr. Jeffords?"

"Hello, Miss King. Was I wrong in assuming you wanted to move your session to tonight? I never recieved a reply to my email so I assumed tonight was doable for you. Are you running late?"

"I-I never got an email from you. I recieved y-your note. On your desk?" Naomi glanced around the clearing, checking for any signs of someone's presence.

"Note? Miss King, I left no note. I-" His voice started cutting out. "had come up-la-r session. Is every-ight?"

"Dr. Jeffords? Dr. Jeffords?" She looked at her phone, next to no signal.


Her service cut out completely.

"Shit!" Her hands shaking, she fumbled for her pepper spray in her bag."

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"Feles matertera" One of Quincy's students spoke, which made the teacher cringe. Quinn vigorously rubbed his temples, the boys pronunciation was of sounding more Celtic then anything which in it's self was quite impressive but not in a Latin class. His confidence was severely lacking, and to make matters worse (or hilarious) Quincy really doubted his Aunt was in fact a cat as he stated.

"Et?" He spoke and shook his head, "never mind, never mind, next" he pointed to the next student to speak.

She spoke in a soft errie voce, that pieced though the classroom like a rusty knife. However no one was dis-alarmed by her speech.
"Luna in sanguinem potestate magna venit. Et in occursum ejus super ripam pythonissam de silva. Fatum tuum expectat!"

(Translation: The blood moon will come great power. You shall meet the witch on the edge of the forest. Your destiny awaits!)

"Quid est? Quod, fata loquentur?"

The girl looked puzzled at him, "Um.. Professor Cromwell did I not say it right?" she asked rereading the passage in the book. "My Aunt's cat caught a rat."

"Captus cat mus mi Aunts" another girl spoke.

"What? yes, sorry you did well Miss LeBeau. Class dismissed!" he grumbled, looking at his watch it was nealy nine O'clock. It looked like he wasn't gonna be going home tonight considering it took him a hour to get home, and he had to be back on campus first thing to discus next years budget. Yeah, the nice comfy bed would be empty once again, and he would be spending te night on the lumpy pull out in his office.

He packed up his things, and headed back to his office as he though about what that girl said. his destiny, the blood moon, a witch? what the hell did any of that mean? He tossed and turned on the pull out trying to put the thought far out of his mind, but it was useless, the voice was stuck there. "Fuck it!" he grunted and slid out of bed pulling on his jeans. 'I'm not gonna ge an once of sleep until I find out what the hell is going on' he thought as he slid his cell into his pocket and grabbed his keys.

The Quad was quite tonight, a few kids running around smoking what he hoped was cigarettes and two boys playing volleyball in the dark. "Stupid!" he grunted as he made his way into the forest. He knew the forest pretty well, from all his early morning jogs to starbucks just on the other end but even he had never been in these woods this late at night.

Nearly an hour of wandering randomly though the forest, he came across a light. 'Thank God, people" he though as he entered the clearing. He didn't see anyone however, just a platform and some rocks. It was the rocks that caught his eye, and he rushed to them with great haste. 'Damn, Celtic runes here in Massachusetts." he thought. Any type of rune was rare, but in the Western Hemisphere it was more common to find Native American pictographs then full on Celtic runes laying about. Some one had to have placed these here recently, but why?

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#, as written by nations
aurelia esmeralda castillo
witch × english student
kareem kayasth
necromancer × culinary student
Kareem had never dared to follow a spirit but here he was, blindly swatting away branches, and following a translucent figure through the darkness. He was glad that he chose to wear a hoodie, even though it wasn't necessarily cold, because otherwise, Kareem was sure that he would've ended up with more scratches than he could've explained. To have said that he took a walk or jog in the woods was far too uncharacteristic for him and would certainly bring about in a conversation. Plus, the last thing he needed was to get cut and risk an infection.

Shaking his head, he pushed those rather useless thoughts away. They kept his mind from fleeting towards the worst scenarios but, if he was honest with himself, he needed to think about the worst scenario. And how to get out. Not that he would know which way to go, even if he had a map and it was broad daylight. He just wasn't made for this.

He was trying to be as quiet as possible by not stepping on any fallen branches, but it was hard when he had to keep his eyes up and his limited visibility, even with the bright full moon shining through the canopy of the forest. Suddenly, the figure in front of him disappeared and Kareem mumbled out a scared, "What the hell?"

His eyes turned every direction, trying to make out the spirit once again, but he didn't see anything that resembled the white light. His heart began to pound hard when he saw a dark silhouette not too far. He heard some talking, but he could barely make it out. It sounded like the voice of a woman, but it could always be a spirit talking. He wasn't consoled by the fact that it did not shine; he had only seen a black spirit once or twice before in his life and they did not mean well. But his mind turned back to the note he received earlier. He couldn't ignore them anymore.

So, with that in mind, he began to walk towards the figure, his hands shaking. When he was close enough, he was about to say something, but he took a wrong step and his left foot got caught on a root. His body fell forward, his hands reaching out, ready to pass through and hit the ground. To his relief, Kareem hit a solid body and was able to catch some balance, his hand reaching to the arm to try to and prevent the other from falling back.

"S-sorry. I didn't mean to hit--" He began to stutter, but he stopped. What was someone else doing out here? Had they been the one to send the note?

It didn't take long for Aurelia to see a man come into the clearing. It took her a moment to be able to see the face but even then, Aurelia didn't realize that the man that had come was a teacher here at the institution. He did appear familiar but, considering that they had never had a class and were in different departments, Aurelia couldn't put a name to the face.

Her grip on the knife tightened and her jaw clenched. A small part of her told Aurelia to remain there in the darkness. Maybe he had company and the best thing to do was get out of there. Despite having magic, she wasn't sure it would do her any good if she had to defend herself; Aurelia didn't exactly specialize in defense since it deviated more from the nature-focused magic that was mostly studied by witches. It had been centuries since they had to fight darkness, after all, and those things had been put outside for more... pacifist spells and potions.

Aurelia felt her body jump when she heard something in the distance. It was voices and her eyes closed tight in fear. Was she being surrounded? The note had been messy, but it hadn't been necessarily threatening. Maybe she wasn't the only one. Her eyes looked over her shoulder but, due to the distance, she couldn't spot anything.

So, with a deep breath, Aurelia emerged from the shadows and into the light of the burning fire. She hadn't been able to hear him, but he had mentioned something with... "R-runes?"

Those were her first words. Her voice was slightly shaky and she looked at the man from the other side of the fire. "How do you know what they are? Who are you?"