Brielle Carson

Female, half-alien

0 · 35 views · located in secretly invaded Earth

a character in “The Silent Invasion”, as played by AriA3Hunter


Brielle is 15 years old, with the looks of a half-alien kid and straight black hair that she has highlighted with pink and blue. She listens to alternative and punk music and is quiet and nerdy. She knows that she is half-alien and is conflicted as to who to back. She has one younger sister and two younger brothers, named Morgana, Timothy, and Achilles, respectively. All of whom are regular human children and she doesn't particularly like. She is small for her age, only about 5 feet tall. Her sexual orientation is full-out lesbian. She has no friends in school and is loner for the most part. She is also over ambitious and often is self-concerned.

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Brielle Carson's Story