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Benjamin Cesar Mason

"I am not sure where exactly I will end up if this continues."

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a character in “The Silhouette Institute”, as played by aarondalea


General Information

Benjamin Cesar Mason
"Nice to meet you."

Ben || Ceasar
“Anything you want, really. And also, 'Ceasar' came from a joking friend- I don't like it much.”


"I know- I look relatively old for my age."

Romantic Interest
“Haven’t thought much about that, at the moment. Actually- I haven't thought much about this topic ever, really. Interesting.”

“It’s nice to…judge people based on their characters, not on their sex. An unbiased attitude is the way to go.”



Brown|| Ben’s hair tends to be extremely messy- he has long since given up on controlling it. At least his hair tends to stand in one general direction at times, creating a tangled messy spike right above his forehead. His hair is soft, and tends to move a lot with the wind.

Eye color
Grayish Blue
“My mother likes to say that the colors look reminiscent of the sky during a downpour. Nice imagery, isn’t it?”

Height & Weight

Caucasian|| 100% United Kingdom/ European

Comparably tall, Ben tends to come off as rather imposing, though his slightly feminine build does negate his presence a bit. Ben has a decent muscle build, though his strength mainly lies in his tall, lean shape. Rarely does Ben ever sport stubble, though sometimes he might be lazy and not shave or forget to after a rather harsh or bad night.

Clothing|| Ben tends to wear semi-formal outfits- a mismatch between hoodies, jeans, suits and ties. This depends on what he spontaneously grabs in the morning, not his personal preference. If someone checked his socks randomly the two would most likely be of different pattern and color.

Inner Self

{ Distant | Kind | Understanding | Lazy | Pretentious | Selfish | Patient | Calculative }

For some, Ben might seem almost perfect at first glance. He tries to do nothing wrong and makes sure that his image is near flawless. Not only does he keep up this sort of ‘perfect’ façade, Ben also acts extremely patient and selfless, waiting and helping others to the extent of his capabilities. He listens to people and gives them advice about their woes, acting like an extremely caring character within the grade. Nothing more gives Ben a greater sense of existence than being relied on by others within his vicinity- so, Ben acts in this certain way, ignoring his inner actual personality and acting in an obviously different way, acting as the perfect top student and empathetic listener.

But this is not exactly Ben’s actual personality. Ben is actually extremely selfish, making sure that he does not give others as much as they give him. He never commits himself to a relationship, and never to a friendship, either. His condescending nature commonly comes off, with him acting ‘unintentionally’ pretentious from time to time- but really, this happens mostly when he’s talking to someone he really couldn’t care about. Every step and word that comes out of Ben have been calculated, and carefully placed and used within different contexts. He makes sure to carefully monitor his own body movements, making sure that nothing comes off as ‘wrong’ for the people he interacts with.

To further ensure that no one knows his ‘true’ personality, Ben tends to distant himself from others. Though he is a friend, he isn’t a friend at the exact same time. He makes sure that though he is known within the school, no one really knows who he is, what is his background, and where he is from.

Gravitational Manipulation

Not much can be said about Ben’s ability, as it is extremely rare and he himself has barely scraped what he believes is the surface of his powers. He has only tried to do the obvious, decreasing the weight of certain objects by manipulating the gravitational force exerted on the object, or increasing the gravitational force on opponents to stop their in coming attacks. Ben knows that this is not the extent of his powers- but it is strong enough as is, as he has been able to rise through to Medial rank within the Academy.

Ben is now focusing on trying to manipulate the gravitational force on small objects for prolonged periods of time. Through pure coincidence, Ben found out his power can affect objects for long periods of time, and that he could control the projectiles of these objects to some extent. With what he currently knows, and with the extent that he can manipulate his powers, Ben loves his ability to manipulate gravity. It does not require much movement except for flicks of the hand, or even nods, to activate his energy on certain objects. However, Ben's power sometimes has spasms- as of now-, causing accidents that Ben himself feels hopeless in.

What Ben doesn’t know is that his power is extremely diverse. Not only can he solidify ‘gravitons’ with his power, he can create blackholes, create whiteholes, fly, and crush things with pure gravitational force only. No books or scrolls have the information on how to develop these skills, nor can Ben find any ‘how-to’ book for his power. Allegedly, gravitational manipulation is such a dangerous power that none of its past users have been able to live past the age of 30. Many of them died in freak accidents, commonly involving their powers getting out of hand and harming them instead of their adversary.


Eating | Sleeping | Skipping Lectures | Chatting | Fooling around | Napping | Dogs | Formal Wear | Walking | Motorcycles | Urban Centers | Malls | Food | Cakes | Chocolate | Shakespearean plays | Musicals | Smirking | His Family | Snow | Cleaning Up
People who don’t like anything related to the Lord of the Rings | David Foster Wallace novels/short essays | Being interrupted | Gaming | Summer | Overly shy people | Heat

A Little More Facts

Benjamin was born to a loving Jennifer and Bruce Mason, on June 27th, 1995. To the couple, Ben had been an utter surprise as the two had been nearing their late 40s at the time and had no plans for a child at all- until Jennifer found out about her pregnancy. After much discussion and ruminations, the two finally decided to have the child and love him like normal parents. Even till this day, Jennifer and Bruce still refuse Benjamin one thing: to tell him what they did before he was born. No one knows what the two did, but only that it brought them large amounts of money. Benjamin grew up content and happy in the large Mason Mansion back at the United Kingdom, near the outskirts of London. Well, more like the two Mason Mansions, as one was reserved for Benjamin and for family use, the other for when his father and mother met with people whom Benjamin has never been able to recognize- except for respective Prime Ministers and Presidents. These visits caused Benjamin to start questioning the jobs of his parents- but he’s refrained from asking ever since he was 5.

His powers did not wake up the moment Benjamin was born. Rather, it started to manifest when he was 15. What alerted his parents of his powers was when small objects would suddenly start to float around Ben, such as forks, cups, and tissues. They tried to ignore these signs, stating that some ghost might be at work. But it only got worse when Ben reached his 16th birthday. By then, he knew that he was the one that caused objects to float, and had started to experiment in the nearby field. This continued until he was nearing his 17th birthday, when his father and mother called him down to the dinner table and had shoved a letter under his nose.

“Son, we can’t let you stay here anymore. It is not only dangerous for your mother and I, but for yourself as well.”

His parents explained to him clearly and slowly the implications of his powers, the extent, and the danger. Before Ben could even start to comprehend what they meant, he had been carted off to Silhouette Institution, away from his well set group of friends, set style of life, to the wholly new environment of the Silhouette Institution. But this did not worry Benjamin- the only thing he worried about was why his parents would understand Ben’s own power more so than Benjamin himself. He went on to ace his classes in Silhouette Institution and graduated that year at the top of the class- and had risen from New Blood Classes to become a Medial student with no problem at all. Now, his focus is the same as last year, and that is to further perfect his power and ace his other studies. He has no care for the actual wellbeing of others, though his interactions reach far and wide with people of different abilities and races.

“I have many questions for my parents- and I will ask them soon enough- when I complete my studies in this Institution.”

[center]Face Claim
Clement Chabernaud

Theme Song

We were married by the ocean.
We were tethered by the sea.
We tied string around our fingers
To remember our ideals.

I'll be brave when you are frightened.
You'll be strong when I am weak in the knees.
I'll be calm when you have had enough of these rushing waves.
You'll be the oxygen I need.

We'll take turns to untangle the knots,
Though our hands may be tied,
It's all a part of the plot.
Cat's cradle etiquette, we oblige,
As we learn to enlace for the rest of our lives.

You'll be balance when I waver.
I'll be warmth when you are shivering cold.
You'll be patience when I've had enough of this waiting game.
I'll be the anchor cast below.

We'll take turns to untangle the knots,
Though our hands may be tied,
It's all a part of the plot.
Cat's cradle etiquette, we oblige,
As we learn to enlace for the rest of our lives.

So begins...

Benjamin Cesar Mason's Story

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Atheya found herself at one of the few back doors of the Institute that lead outside. This one was generally left unguarded at the night, when darkness fell over the sky. She had providentially found out about this particular exit as a New Blood when she liked to sneak out to the back woods and walk around, in which she still does to this day, and was about to go do. She actually was only a New Blood a short year ago; coming here after one of the teachers found her stirring up trouble in New Orleans. Well, not exactly stirring up trouble, more or less just being careless with her powers and scaring the living day lights out of people. She had changed now of course until coming to this place; she grew to be not as much as a hard ass. Now she was actually rather kind and caring, and could control and know when to hold back her powers. But that’s what the Silhouette Institute does; it helps people with these anomalous powers to let them control it. She had been thankful to them, and not only because of the fact her constant migraines had now become only small headaches. She did, however, still suffer from insomnia. All of this was due to the fact Atheya had the ability to connect her mind with others, she found her mind always was ticking like a clock, and because of herself constantly having to hold back such mind links, which now was a fairly easy thing to do, it rendered her useless when she tried to calm her head down. You could imagine how all her shields would be down in sleep, leading her to literally walk through others dreams. You know, when she did sleep.

But yes, mind linking is her knack. She can create a link between herself and with the minds of others. The metaphor she often uses to paint an image of it is like a signal from one phone, to another. Like an invisible wire connecting the two. With this link, she can do many things, but it hadn’t always been that way. She grew up in Hereford, England up until the age of ten. Both her parents were loving and didn’t give a damn their daughter could hear their thoughts or walk through dreams, no matter how surreal or impossible it seemed. It was simply put that the family was fairly healthy, but that was until the death of the two. They had gone on a trip to New York City for the young girls tenth birthday. She had always begged them to go, she thought it would seem as wonderful as in all the movies. Yeah, she didn’t think that now after what she witnessed. They were walking back to the hotel from dinner, when some guy jumped out at her mother. Her father pushed Atheya back, so she was not seen. She witnessed both her mother and father get mugged, and stabbed. After the man in the black clothing whit the bloody drenched knife left, the young small girl ran crying only to have people rush over and call ambulances. After that, it was all rushed, she was sent back to England, to social services, unknowing of what was to happen to her. Unfortunately, both sides of the family had no close relatives, only holding distant cousins and such. The family didn’t even have any close friends that could take her in, so she was shipped off to London by Child Services and placed into a lonesome and low budget orphanage, being shipped from foster home to foster home only having one family she loved. She didn’t like to think about them any more. It hurt.

But regardless of all that, New York and her birthday was pretty much ruined for her. It sucked that the date of all this was coming up shortly as well.

Pushing open the wooden oak door, she took in the crisp cool air of the night into her lungs, breathing out a long sigh. It was a little cold out to be wearing the outfit she was without a jacket but to be frank, she preferred it like that. The cold didn't bother her. She actually laughed a bit at her own outfit, as it consisted of a white shirt in which she never wore. She found herself to prefer darker clothing, but she guessed tonight was an exception. Maybe she unintentionally balanced herself out from her dark surroundings. Putting on her head phones, she walked on further away from the tall, old historical building in which the institute lied, and made her way into the back woods and down the trail that was made after years and years of people walking along it.

She walked for awhile, in silence listening to her soft music, glad her cellphone hadn't buzzed or anything. It was nice to be by herself at times, and the night time before everyone was asleep was a good time. She often came back when everyone made their way to the dorms, but barley ever slept. A good night, she would get maybe four hours of senseless dreams, sometimes hers, sometimes not.

Brushing away a looming trees ragged branches, it came back to smack her on her arm, creating a small line of red along her pale smooth skin. It had cut her, slightly. Touching it, it felt a bit sore, but a few scrapes was not uncommon when she walked in the wood. Ignoring the small stain of scarlet red that touched her white sleeve, it gave her another reminder of why she wore dark clothes. Finding the small clearing she found herself stopping at most of the times, she sat down on the soft grass, and lied down slightly, the back curve of her neck almost perfectly moulded for the fallen log covered in moss behind her, giving her a small head rest so she still sat up in the slightest. The song Werewolves by Cat Power shuffled on, and the melancholy sound just made the whole scene she was in feel surreal... strange. Dream like. It's one f those moments she wished she had brought her sketch book. But sitting here, in the night, the cool wind brushing her arm like tender strokes, was enough.

"He don't even break the branches where he's gone, once I saw him in the moonlight, when the bats were a flying, I saw the werewolf, and the werewolf was crying..." She sang quietly under her breath, glancing up at the night sky, stars easily shown as if she where far far away from the institute and all that came with it.

It was a Sunday and classes would start back up tomorrow.

She would need to leave soon.

But not yet.

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Benjamin stared out of his dorm window, the dark oppressing night pushing against the glass as if tendrils reaching for his room. But the glass kept him safe. From what! Ben snorted and turned away, shaking his head as he moved away from the window, grabbing the book that had been right beside him on the windowsill. A permanent frown had long since been stuck on his face, slight wrinkles formed on his skin to help accentuate the curvature and the frown that tended to be on his face. This place is nothing more than a cage- a cage that won’t bring me anything at all. His eyes flickered around his small dorm room, including nothing but a closet, a simple but plush bed, and a desk fluttered with books. A luggage case lay beside the bed- obviously of a high-end brand-but its contents had long since been emptied out. Some suits lay on the bed, carefully laid out and color-coded by a meticulous and careful hand. Not that I’d wear them, anyways. Ben sighed as he turned away to once again stare out of the window, his eyes vacant.

It was not that late in night, but the winter meant days that ended a lot earlier than they should have. Classes’ continued- but Benjamin didn’t join them. He would much rather read books than spare against others, letting his gravitational forces free to manipulate anything around himself. Too dangerous. His parent’s smiles surfaced in his head as they had watched him climb into the family’s private car, their smiles mirrored on his face. “Be a good boy- and try not to use your powers too much!” His mother had said, coming up to the car to kiss him on the forehead from the open car door. “Yes, mother.” And off Benjamin had gone, his father smiling firmly behind Benjamin’s mother, their faces slowly receding into the distance. Then, onto a private plane, and down once more on the ground, and then once more onto another car; Benjamin had arrived at the Institution tired and weary. His beaming smile had been long since replaced by a firm, grim frown, and his emotions mudded and moody. But he had a day of rest- Benjamin recharged- and he was ready to once again tackle life at the Academy.

On that thought… Benjamin turned to the lonely desk in the average-sized room, his head tilted to the side as he surveyed the five tall piles of books on them. The piles included an amalgam of textbooks and novels, piled in alphabetical order on the rich mahogany table. They looked normal enough, though some were tattered and the pages yellow from long use- and then they started glowing a faint blue. Benjamin’s eyes glowed a similar blue, light radiating and glowing to encompass the room. His books slowly rose into the air and hovered for a moment, before they started zipping around the room in uniform circles, slowly picking momentum as they went faster and faster- and then they suddenly stopped, right on top of the desk. The blue glow slowly faded as the glow from the books faded as well until it was all but gone, and the books dropped immediately onto the desk. Benjamin crossed his arms and let out a long sigh. No improvement. Not at all.

While he had been a New Blood Student, Benjamin had gone through the whole library, going through its resources to find any bit of information about powers, both mental and physical. But nothing had come up. Gravitational Manipulation held one of the briefest, tiniest sections within the multiple books that now sat in the library. This had stumped Benjamin, and the teachers in Power Control 101 had barely done anything for him. Purely experimental. This is the exact reason why my parents are scared of my powers- me. A look of disconcert passed over Ben’s face before it was once more the calm, serene mask that almost constantly presided on Benjamin’s face. Another sigh. Hopefully this will…end soon. Turning, Benjamin flicked a finger, his eyes glowing blue temporarily as a book suddenly flew from the middle of a book pile and rested safely in Benjamin’s outstretched hand. He sat beside the dim window once again, his eyes resting for a while on the flickering lights from the school building, before they turned to read through the words that lay on the paper in his hands.

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Jon used the start up period of class to exit the room without drawing too much attention. In a way he almost envied how organized the New Bloods were. Medial students seemed to have more liberties and regards to class and it wasn't too unusual for a classroom to turn up empty. Since he wasn't keen on having a superlative to himself, he drew out his phone with the intent to call what classmates he could. But he felt that would take too long and instead applied a bit of effort with his power.

The application in itself wasn't too hard, he simply used his phone as a medium to connect with every other on campus. From there he simply dropped those that were in a classroom so as to limit how much trouble he was about to cause. From there he simply executed the call command. In effect he created a mass conference call with the remaining students on campus but instead having the call on loop so it wasn't exactly answerable unless he made that decision. In that regard, he'd naturally answer anyone already on hi contact list... those caught up in the cross fire would just be highly annoyed by the endless ringing from their phone.

The downside of this little stunt was he wouldn't be able to walk without frying his phone. Thus meaning he had to glide into the classroom on his cushion of metal pellets. From there he simply dropped himself in a chair while continuing his little abuse of power... though at this point his lack of leg mobility was no longer an issue.

"Come on, someone pick up their phone already!" Jon didn't exactly care that the necessary Superlative hadn't arrived either at this point. Even though this little stunt hadn't been going on for too long he was beginning to lose his patience. In his mind, the longer he kept this up the more likely he was to get caught.

(OOC: feel free to have your phone ring if you want Jon's number in your contact list. I'll add tags as necessary.)

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Benjamin had arrived early at the 102 Power Control Class- not first, though, as someone had beat him to it-, his bag slung casually over his left shoulder and his hands in his pocket. That morning, he had meticulously checked his clothes and hair, making sure that nothing was out of place- not even a single strand of hair could be off mark. Though it had been a few hours, Benjamin’s hair still remained relatively well done and smooth. His shirt was less so, with the dress shirt underneath his sweater pulled out, the tattered edges hanging out of his sweater crumpled at the edges. But it didn’t matter- this year was turning out much more tiresome than Benjamin had thought it would be, though it was still earlier than 8 in the morning. For one, it felt as if Benjamin had once again returned to his position as a New Blood, lost and alone within the grounds of the Silhouette Institute. Did I not mingle with people enough last year? Benjamin thought as he took a seat in the second row, right in front of the teacher’s desk. That cannot be true. I distinctly remember making friends… But by now, their faces were hazy and their presence mostly forgotten from within Benjamin’s memory. I should not allow this to happen a second time. But it had been a rather hectic break, especially with how his parents tried to keep him occupied- and away from his gravitational powers.

Pulling the zipper of his bag, Benjamin opened it up and pulled out a notebook and a fountain pen. He placed them carefully on the desk that stood in front of him, before shrugging and picking up the pen, twirling it around in his fingers. The room slowly started to fill around him as other Medial students walked into the room. He nodded at a few whom he remembered only by face, and they nodded back at him, responding to the friendly and kind smile that he had plastered on his face the moment the door had opened again. But inside, it was as if a revolution was occurring as different emotions vied for power within Benjamin’s head and heart. What do I do? Am I going to pass the year by with little influence and less friends? The end of his fountain pen rapped his desk sharply before he twirled it again in between his fingers, allowing another loud rap to snap in the air. But the chattering of the students around him was loud enough to drown out the unintentional little noises that Benjamin created as he glared at the board that hung in the front of the classroom, right behind the teacher’s desk. Ten minutes before class started, a person walked into the room, causing the few smattering of Medials that stood chattering in the room to stop for a minute before resuming their chatter. A Superlative. Benjamin looked at the Superlative with a curious glance before returning his attention to his tapping fountain pen.

When is class starting? He put down his pen and used his right hand to pull back his sleeve, revealing an expensive looking watch. It gleamed under the light of the fluorescent bulbs that lined the ceiling, reflecting white beams of brightness at Benjamin. Seven fifty-six… Pulling his sleeve back down, Benjamin settled once more into his seat, resuming his flipping motion of his fountain pen. His patience was wearing thin and the teacher was nowhere in sight. Even as the first warning bell rung throughout the hallways, no teacher entered through the doorway through which Medial students now trickled through, numerous yet sparse enough to give a sense of urgency and ease. Sighing, Benjamin picked up his book and uncapped his fountain pen, his hand poised over a blank page as if to write the date down.

And then a huge clamor came from the back of the room. Benjamin whipped his head back to see a Medial student standing amongst what looked light slightly disturbed furniture, his demeanor as if he had just sneezed. But what was that noise? Benjamin narrowed his eyes as he stared at the other Medial before turning around again, refraining from shaking his head as he jotted down the date on the top of the blank page he had flipped to. The other Medials in the room had quieted down the moment the clamor had suddenly resounded through the room, but now chattering resumed once more as they returned to their earlier conversations.