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Donovan Strider

"Please don't get too close. I might hurt you by accident."

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a character in “The Silhouette Institute”, as played by HetaGamer



Name:: Donovan Strider

Age:: 17

Gender:: Male

Longish blonde hair that is usually in a controlled messy style and blue-gray eyes. He's five-eight and still growing. He's has a slightly awkward, but althletic body style and weights about 140 lbs. His wardrobe usually consists of tank tops and shorts for a reason that will be explained below. He always wears a dog tag necklace with the words Fire Hazard written on it. A prank gift from his older sister that he absolutely loves.

Personality:: Donovan is that slightly shy, socially awkward kid who sits in the back of the class. He had a very sheltered upbringing and didn't get the chance to talk to people much. He isn't unfriendly, he just doesn't know how to start a conversation, or keep one very well. The best way to get him to talk is to ask him questions. Even in the school he hides his powers from other people, along with his emotions, since he's done so his entire life. He's one of those people, that if they ask you about your day, they genuinely care about your answer. While he doesn't talk much, he's a great listener, if you need to vent to someone, he's the one to do that too. And he won't judge you on what you tell him. Though he may seem like, he isn't one to give up too easily. He'll work harder, longer, and with a better attitude than most other people. Even if it seems like he'll never get it right. He's incredibly brave though he may not seem like it at first. He isn't afraid to stand up to bullies, for himself or others. He's pretty selfless, though like everyone has his selfish days. If he had to choose between himself and another person dying, he'd choose himself.

Likes:: Talkative people, since they don't mind him being quiet.
Cold weather
Asian foods
Fantasy books

Dislikes:: Hot weather
Electronic devices, he can never figure them out.

Fears:: Fire, he fears the very element he controls, for some specific reasons.
Crowds, being around a bunch of people makes him nervous.

Powers:: Donovan can control the element of fire. It was something he was born with. Though it is more bad than good. His natural internal body temperature is 102 and it only gets higher the more he uses it. When he uses his power he can either create a flame or control an already existing one. Obviously using an already existing one raises him body temperature by less. His skin is fire proof, it won't burn him. His powers seemed to be connected his emotions somewhat. If he gets really mad they'll go nuts. Which makes him feel horrible in the sense that it raises his body temperature, and because he destroys stuff. The school is working on creating a drug that will help him maintain his body temperature, so it'll be easier for him to learn how to control his powers.

History:: When he was born, his parents and the doctors all freaked out. His body temperature like that of a fever. But after two weeks in the hospital with no improvement, they decided that this was normal for him and let him go home. Still thinking he was sick, he didn't get to leave the house at all until he was ten, when they discovered his powers. He got really mad at his older sister one day and left a perfect circle of burned grass in the backyard. Since then his parents and his sister have helped him, they keep the temperature lower in the house, even in winter. His sister will dump ice down his shirt if they're at a summer party together. Things like that. Summer is always hard for him since its so hot, and his body temperature is high enough during the colder months. His family kept his powers a secret until about seven months ago. His sister told her fiance, thinking she could trust him. She couldn't. The school came along and even though he didn't want to leave, thought it would be best to go with them. To learn how to control his powers. His sister broke up with her fiance, since he couldn't keep the secret.

Other:: He's bisexual, gender doesn't matter to him in the slightest.

So begins...

Donovan Strider's Story

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Atheya found herself at one of the few back doors of the Institute that lead outside. This one was generally left unguarded at the night, when darkness fell over the sky. She had providentially found out about this particular exit as a New Blood when she liked to sneak out to the back woods and walk around, in which she still does to this day, and was about to go do. She actually was only a New Blood a short year ago; coming here after one of the teachers found her stirring up trouble in New Orleans. Well, not exactly stirring up trouble, more or less just being careless with her powers and scaring the living day lights out of people. She had changed now of course until coming to this place; she grew to be not as much as a hard ass. Now she was actually rather kind and caring, and could control and know when to hold back her powers. But that’s what the Silhouette Institute does; it helps people with these anomalous powers to let them control it. She had been thankful to them, and not only because of the fact her constant migraines had now become only small headaches. She did, however, still suffer from insomnia. All of this was due to the fact Atheya had the ability to connect her mind with others, she found her mind always was ticking like a clock, and because of herself constantly having to hold back such mind links, which now was a fairly easy thing to do, it rendered her useless when she tried to calm her head down. You could imagine how all her shields would be down in sleep, leading her to literally walk through others dreams. You know, when she did sleep.

But yes, mind linking is her knack. She can create a link between herself and with the minds of others. The metaphor she often uses to paint an image of it is like a signal from one phone, to another. Like an invisible wire connecting the two. With this link, she can do many things, but it hadn’t always been that way. She grew up in Hereford, England up until the age of ten. Both her parents were loving and didn’t give a damn their daughter could hear their thoughts or walk through dreams, no matter how surreal or impossible it seemed. It was simply put that the family was fairly healthy, but that was until the death of the two. They had gone on a trip to New York City for the young girls tenth birthday. She had always begged them to go, she thought it would seem as wonderful as in all the movies. Yeah, she didn’t think that now after what she witnessed. They were walking back to the hotel from dinner, when some guy jumped out at her mother. Her father pushed Atheya back, so she was not seen. She witnessed both her mother and father get mugged, and stabbed. After the man in the black clothing whit the bloody drenched knife left, the young small girl ran crying only to have people rush over and call ambulances. After that, it was all rushed, she was sent back to England, to social services, unknowing of what was to happen to her. Unfortunately, both sides of the family had no close relatives, only holding distant cousins and such. The family didn’t even have any close friends that could take her in, so she was shipped off to London by Child Services and placed into a lonesome and low budget orphanage, being shipped from foster home to foster home only having one family she loved. She didn’t like to think about them any more. It hurt.

But regardless of all that, New York and her birthday was pretty much ruined for her. It sucked that the date of all this was coming up shortly as well.

Pushing open the wooden oak door, she took in the crisp cool air of the night into her lungs, breathing out a long sigh. It was a little cold out to be wearing the outfit she was without a jacket but to be frank, she preferred it like that. The cold didn't bother her. She actually laughed a bit at her own outfit, as it consisted of a white shirt in which she never wore. She found herself to prefer darker clothing, but she guessed tonight was an exception. Maybe she unintentionally balanced herself out from her dark surroundings. Putting on her head phones, she walked on further away from the tall, old historical building in which the institute lied, and made her way into the back woods and down the trail that was made after years and years of people walking along it.

She walked for awhile, in silence listening to her soft music, glad her cellphone hadn't buzzed or anything. It was nice to be by herself at times, and the night time before everyone was asleep was a good time. She often came back when everyone made their way to the dorms, but barley ever slept. A good night, she would get maybe four hours of senseless dreams, sometimes hers, sometimes not.

Brushing away a looming trees ragged branches, it came back to smack her on her arm, creating a small line of red along her pale smooth skin. It had cut her, slightly. Touching it, it felt a bit sore, but a few scrapes was not uncommon when she walked in the wood. Ignoring the small stain of scarlet red that touched her white sleeve, it gave her another reminder of why she wore dark clothes. Finding the small clearing she found herself stopping at most of the times, she sat down on the soft grass, and lied down slightly, the back curve of her neck almost perfectly moulded for the fallen log covered in moss behind her, giving her a small head rest so she still sat up in the slightest. The song Werewolves by Cat Power shuffled on, and the melancholy sound just made the whole scene she was in feel surreal... strange. Dream like. It's one f those moments she wished she had brought her sketch book. But sitting here, in the night, the cool wind brushing her arm like tender strokes, was enough.

"He don't even break the branches where he's gone, once I saw him in the moonlight, when the bats were a flying, I saw the werewolf, and the werewolf was crying..." She sang quietly under her breath, glancing up at the night sky, stars easily shown as if she where far far away from the institute and all that came with it.

It was a Sunday and classes would start back up tomorrow.

She would need to leave soon.

But not yet.

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Rules. A few of them were good. They stopped people from doing stupid things. But suffocate Donovan in them, and he would stop listening to them all. Which is why, while he was just the socially awkward kid sitting in the back to the other students, he was a menace to the teachers. The only rule he followed, most of the time, was the one about not using your powers without a teacher's supervision. But he did that for his own benefit anyway. His power was manipulation of fire, either creating and nonexistant flame, or controlling one that already existed. Though it seemed to be more bad than good, his natural body temperature was about 102 and it just got higher the more he used it. Depending the other size of the flame his power ranged from easy to control, to nearly impossible. The bigger the fire, the harder it got to control, and the faster his temperature would rise.

Donovan currently sat in the library. He was sitting on one of the window sills with said window open. Feeling somewhat comfortable in the cool night air. He was reading one of his favorite books of all time, only beaten by its prequel. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. He was rereading the entire series again, he did that at least once a year since he had discovered the books. It had been a summer thing for him and sister to do, have a giant movie marathon and watch all three of the movies in one day. With a small break in between for more snacks and the chance to use the bathroom. Because neither of them moved from the couch during the movies.

Sometimes while he read the books he listened to the movie soundtrack, but not this time. He didn't want to be startled by someone coming in, not with the window open. Though he doubted anybody else would be coming to library the night before classes started again. They would be off doing other things, enjoying their last day of freedom before the crippling schedule of practicing with their powers and still trying to balance school work and not becoming completely stressed out. It had only been seven months since he had come to the school, not entirely willingly, so he didn't have the right to complain as much as some people did. But it had been a huge culture shock to him. Donovan had a very sheltered upbringing. Hardly ever leaving the house, save school and a few parties his sister had managed to get him invited too.

His sister had been a popular girl at school and people would literally do anything to get her to go to one of their parties. Even invite her socially awkward brother. He hadn't had the heart to tell his sister that he really didn't want to go to the parties, it wasn't like he talked to people there anyway. After all she had worked so hard to get him there in the first place. Donovan sighed and set the book on his knees. He was starting to feel homesick again thinking about his family. It had happened on and off since he had arrived at the school. They had always been so supportive of him doing whatever they could to make his life easier with his powers. His sister had even gone so far as to dump her fiance after he spilled the family secret.

It was his fault that he had ended up here in the first place. If he hadn't said anything he could still be happily living with his family, coping with his powers and not having to worry about classes where he actually had to use them. He hated using them because it rose his body temperature, and these warm months were hard enough as it was. Donovan conjured up a small flame, about the size you would find on a candle, on the pointer finger of his right hand. He didn't dare make it any bigger and risk the lives of all the wonderful books in the room. He could feel the heat coming off the fire, but it didn't burn him, no fire could. But smoke was another story, he had learned that the hard way.