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Theodore "Todd" Bronte

"Oh where do we begin. The rubble, or our sins?"

0 · 524 views · located in The Silhouette Institution

a character in “The Silhouette Institute”, as played by XShishioX




❝It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.❞

Normal ||Pompeii | Bastille
Fighting ||Dragon Force | Yasuharu Takanashi
Emotional || Ichiban no Takaramono (My most Precious Treasure) | Jun Maeda
Death || Will of Heart | Shiro Sagisu
Anger || The Power to Strive | Shiro Sagisu
Out of Control ||What Can You See in Their Eyes | Shiro Sagisu

❝There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.❞

Image∞ Full name ∞ Sigh... "I've got a name that's bigger than I am."
Theodore "Todd" Xavier Cyrus Bronte.

∞ Nickname(s) ∞ "Ehh, doesn't bother me much at all. You can call me whatever you like as long as it isn't mean."
"Puppy", "Pup", "Two-Face", "Theo", "Todd", or anything else you could think of.

∞ Alias ∞ "My, 'Titles,' or some dumb shit... I didn't ask for them. Apparently, some little twit thought I needed a title to show off my power. That's just dumb."
"Raiju," or "Heavenly Thunder Beast." That last one is super lame, but some new blood invented it a few years back and it's stuck ever since. The rank of Superlative always carries such weight.

∞ Ethnicity ∞ "I most certainly take after my mum. I've been around her the longest."
Todd is Half English and half Irish. He tends to favor Ireland's brogue, having grown up with his mother, who sported a very strong Irish accent. However, having moved around a lot as a child, even spending most of his youth in America, his accent is mostly muted. That being said, you can still hear a good deal of the airy brogue in his usual speech patterns.

∞ Age ∞ "I suppose this makes me an adult now, eh?"
Todd is eighteen years old. He's just finished his high school education, thanks to homeschooling and various public school, and is now focusing on his career at Silhouette as well as his collegiate studies.

∞ Gender ∞ "Here I thought that one was obvious. Come on now..."

∞ Sexuality ∞ "This is super lame, and don't you dare tell anyone I said this... I just want someone to love me? Is that so wrong?"
Closeted Bisexual, currently thinks that he's Heterosexual.

∞ Role ∞ "Fitting, I suppose. I worked my arse off to get here as soon as I did."
Superlative Male 1.

∞ Face Claim ∞
Logan Lerman

❝Lions, wolves, and vultures don't live together in herds, droves, or flocks. Of all the animals of prey, man is the only sociable one. Every one of us preys upon his neighbor, and yet we herd together.❞

Image∞ Height & Weight ∞ "I suppose I'm the right size."
In human form, Todd is five feet and nine inches tall. He weighs 162 lbs, approximately, and has an excellent BMI (Body Mass Index, a reading of the total measure of fat on a person's body) of 6.5%. He is well muscled, but not overly bulky. He is thin, but not overly skinny either. He is just the right size for his shape, height, and weight. This form is perfect for daily life.

In his Hybrid form, Todd grows three inches, and puts on roughly eighty lbs. He stands nearly six feet tall, weighs over two hundred lbs, and most of this is muscle. While he obviously puts on weight from his scales, fur, claws, horns, and tail, the majority of this weight is simply muscle. In this form he is at his fastest, however, he also prefers to use this form for stealthy missions, as this form is also whisper quiet when it needs to be, despite it's increase in size. The Jinouga is a natural predator, making it a master of tracking and pursuit.

Lastly, in his Full Jinouga Form, Todd stands roughly fourteen feet tall, roughly twelve feet wide, and is roughly twenty eight feet long with a twelve foot tail. He weighs roughly two and a quarter tons, and is muscled rather powerfully. Though he isn't as fast as the Hybrid in this form, Todd is capable of running up to speeds of 60 miles per hour for an extended period of time. Further, if Todd allowed it, one could ride on his back, as it is wide enough to support three average sized people. Further, the Jinouga is insanely strong, capable of bowling through walls, ripping steel apart with its claws, and crushing whole cars beneath its large paws.

∞ Hair color ∞ "A good color for me, I suppose."
Todd's hair is a lovely brown, cropped short. It's soft to the touch though it isn't very shiny. When he transforms, Todd's hair becomes white fur, and though it is soft, it's much rougher than his human form's hair.

∞ Eye color ∞ "I like his eyes better."
In his human form, Todd's eyes are a lovely mix of blue and green. Stormy like the sea and dark light thunderclouds. When he transforms, Todd's eyes become icy blue.

∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞ "Nope, not a one. Guess again!"
None, Todd doesn't even have any freckles, which you might expect from his Irish mum. Todd similarly sports no tattoos, no large/distinguishing scars, and he has no piercings either. Between his crippling fear of needles, a relatively peaceful childhood, and an easy time controlling his powers, Todd's body sports no interesting stories.

❝Laughter is like a flash of lightning, that breaks through a gloom of clouds, and glitters for just a moment.❞

Image∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦ Growls when upset.
✦ Is constantly chewing on his nails.
✦ Bakes once a week, bar his other requests, and sends what he's made back home. Todd always wants his family to have cookies in the house, even though his mum and sister told him to stop sending them. Todd doesn't care how fat they, "claim," they're getting, Todd just wants them to know he loves them all.

∞ Likes ∞
♥ Baking sweets. Between the look on someone's face when they take that first bite, and the fantastic smell of sugary, confectionery goodness, Todd loves to bake for people. He's almost always got cookies in his room, and he loves to share them. A fun fact, Todd takes requests. He doesn't spend his money on much else, and baked goods don't get that expensive as far as hobbies go. If you find him a recipe, Todd will assemble the ingredients and finish the goods in a day's time.
♥ Honesty. Todd is a big fan of telling the truth all the time. Doing so is a great way to get on his good side and earn literal brownie points.
♥ Loyalty or dedication. To Todd, the ability to stick by your guns, no matter what anyone else tells you, is the single best trait you can have. Todd deeply respects people who are dedicated to something, even if it's not something he finds particularly interesting. As long as you're working hard towards a goal, Todd will respect that goal and do his best to help you reach it. Provided, of course, your goal isn't evil or malicious.

∞ Dislikes ∞
✖ Arrogance. Todd hates people who look down on others.
✖ Senseless violence. Living with a beast inside him has made Todd particularly sensitive to excessive amounts of violence. During any battle he's called upon to referee, he will always stop the match the second the bout has been decided. Todd hates seeing people hurt other people.
✖ Fighting with his powers. Todd is good at what he does. Too good. It isn't fun, it isn't fair, and it isn't a good thing to be good at.

∞ Talents ∞
✔ Playing stringed instruments. Due to his practice with the cello, Todd is a rather talented instrumentalist. He can pick up and play just about any string instrument after being given a moment to figure out what the chords are.
✔ Baking and Cooking. Todd is something of a self-taught master in this field, and is an exceptional chef. He loves to see people happy, and making cookies or finishing dinner is one of the best ways to do that.
✔ Fighting with his powers. The Jinouga is an apex predator. Todd didn't have to learn any particular style to be a powerful fighter. The Jinouga just showed him how with its instincts. Todd, being an intelligent sort of kid, figured out the rest on his own.

∞ Hobbies ∞
✔ Playing the cello. His mum introduced it to him when he was a little boy. He's been playing ever since.
✔ Working out. Todd always manages to get in some form of exercise, otherwise he's just got too much energy and he won't do anything productive with it. Further, though unfounded, Todd's last hobby makes him worry about his weight, and he'd prefer to stay lean. He doesn't want to get too fat or too bulky.
✔ Cooking, more specifically Baking. His mother was a menace in the kitchen, so Todd learned how to cook by watching TV shows about it once he was finished with his home-school homework. Todd never had to eat his mother's cooking again, and everyone got fed. Yay!

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Coulrophobia. The unnatural fear of clowns. The fuckers are unnatural.
✘ Claustrophobic. Todd hates small, enclosed spaces. Makes sense, the Jinouga is kinda big.
✘ Drowning. Though Todd isn't the strongest swimmer, that isn't his main worry. Excessive amounts of water can short out his powers and physically make him hurt.

∞ Flaws/Weaknesses ∞
✘ Todd's alternate forms are weak to energy. Extreme sources of heat, kinetic energy, cold, gravitational energy, and acid are all just as effective on him in a beastly form as they would be on his human form. While he does have some protection from the elements in the form of scales and fur, Todd's Jinouga is a predator, not a survivor. Between hunts, the Jinouga is meant to hunker down somewhere safe, dry, and of a mild temperature to raise young, rest from the hunt, and escape the elements. It is not meant to endure them.
✘ Large amounts of water, big enough to submerge the Jinouga, even if only partially, are very dangerous to it. The water causes his electricity to fritz out, and Todd cannot control it properly. In some cases, if the Jinouga has a particularly large amount of energy stored within it, the resulting, "short circuit," can cause an explosion of electrical energy that is very harmful to the Jinouga's physical form.
✘ The Jinouga's hide is sturdy, but is made to repel slashing and bludgeoning attacks from stronger predators and rival Jinouga. The scales are not meant to handle piercing attacks. This makes the Jinouga susceptible to higher caliber gunfire, and anti-vehicle weaponry is just as effective on Todd as it is a Toyota. While supernaturally sharp weapons could damage the Jinouga, they would have to be piercing weapons, like a spear or an arrow. Piercing the Jinouga's hide is the best way to injure it.
✘ The Jinouga can disperse energy as well as absorb it, but its ability to disperse and convert electrical energy isn't as tenacious as it's ability to absorb it. The Jinouga can be forced to short circuit if it is overflowed with electrical energy. Further, if the Jinouga's internal battery is full, the electricity it so readily absorbs cannot be stored, and will, instead, damage the Jinouga like normal.
✘ Though the Full Jinouga's form is large and strong, it isn't particularly durable or fast. Faster opponents and more durable opponents will have an easy time deflecting or evading the Jinouga's attacks and can outlast or outperform it.
✘ Though the Hybrid form is incredibly fast, channeling the Jinouga's energy isn't easy for Todd. He often compares it to attempting to funnel the ocean through a single straw all at once. If Todd doesn't remain completely focused while maintaining his hybrid form, the Jinouga's energy will hurt his body more than help it, and can result in Todd damaging himself more than his opponent. Further, channeling the energy is an arduous process, which tires Todd out even as he does it. This makes Todd burn through his energy at an accelerated rate. Once he's all out, there's no other way to fight. He'll have to wait until he has enough power to switch to his Full Jinouga form and slowly absorb electricity, or stay a human and rest until the next day. Those two methods are the only ways Todd can replenish his energy.
✘ Todd is excessively loyal. He would trade a single friend for the well-being of the world. Skilled opponents can take advantage of this and manipulate Todd by threatening his friends and family.
✘ Each of the Todd's forms has it's own specific weaknesses. These are simple. The Human form has almost no power to speak of, save for Todd's enhanced condition, making him, at his very best, a Peak Human Athlete. The Hybrid form is fast, but lacks any real firepower, only possessing half of the Jinouga's strength and durability and only two thirds of it's overall electrical storage. Particularly durable foes won't have an issue outlasting Todd's Hybrid form. Lastly, Todd's full Jinouga form is rather agile and strong, but it isn't as fast as the Hybrid. Stronger, more durable, and faster foes won't have a hard time outlasting or outperforming the Jinouga. Lastly, though Todd is intelligent, he isn't any more so than your standard college freshman. Todd can be easily outsmarted by more intelligent foes.

∞ Secrets ∞
⌛ Todd is bi. However, he doesn't yet know that he is.

❝I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power the greater it will be.❞

Image∞ Power/(s) ∞ "I am the powerful, thunderous 'Jinouga.' I am him. He is me. Thing is, I'm still not sure whether it's that I'm a human with the soul of a beast, or a beast with the soul of a man. I suppose we'll find out eventually."

~Jinouga (Raiju) Physiology: This power allows the wielder, in this case Todd, to transform into a Jinouga and back again at will. It should be noted that there are two ways for Todd to take the shape of the Jinouga. The first is by Shifting, actually allowing his body to become that of the Full Jinouga. The other method of changing Todd’s shape is by Channeling the energy into his human body. The second method allows Todd to change part, or all, of his body while still retaining a mostly human appearance. A form of shape shifting, this power stems from Todd himself, as he is both completely Jinouga and completely Human all at once. Further, and quite luckily, when he uses his powers, his clothes are absorbed into his new shape. When he assumes his human form once again, his clothes come back as well. Don't ask him how any of that works, the science isn't all there yet. Todd's power grants him a few different abilities, which lend themselves to usefulness in combat. Todd is capable of using any combination of his abilities for as long as he has the energy to fuel them. Obviously, the longer, harder, faster, etc. that Todd does anything, he will fatigue and become weaker. Naturally, the only way to replenish this internal supply of energy is by eating, sleeping, and resting - not using his powers. However, the only way to increase the amount of energy he has is by exercising, training, and meditating - using his powers in a guided manner. The best way to explain all of Todd’s powers is to list what he is capable of, then describe what can be done in each of his forms: Human, Hybrid/Partial, or Full Jinouga. The following is a list of abilities that Todd possesses:

~Jinouga’s Scales and Weapons: Todd can grow his own scales and natural weapons when he changes his shape. In regards to scales, whenever Todd Changes his shape, the affected part of his body becomes covered with a tough, scaly hide, which is capable of turning away some human weaponry. That being said, Jinouga is a predator, not prey. His scales are meant to protect him from errant horns, antlers, or hooves of the beasts he hunts. The Jinouga is always on the attack, not defense. While his hide is tough, higher calibers of weaponry, such as anti-vehicle, are still capable of hurting him, and can be quite a useful deterrent. The same can be said of particularly sharp or hard melee weapons. Though it is rather hard to slash through his skin, his scales do not protect him very well from piercing or blunt attacks. While these weapons would still need to be moving very quickly, or with a good amount of force, they will have a much easier time effecting Todd than slashing attacks. Energy, however, such as heat, cold, sound (vibrational energy), corrosive (acidic), gravitational (extreme pressure), and kinetic (movement/momentum) energies can still harm Todd as usual. Todd’s natural weapons, however, are a much different story. Made of incredibly dense, and wicked sharp bone, Todd is capable of generating the following Natural Weapons: claws, teeth, horns, and a tail. These weapons are hard to break, though it’s not impossible.

~Electricity Mastery: Only while in Full Jinouga or Hybrid form, Todd grows a special organ, which he calls the Fulmens Fundamentum. The Fulmens Fundamentum is an extraordinary organ, as the organic compound it is made up of is a fantastic conductor of biological electricity. Its maximum storage capacity is an astounding 150,000 volts. Even more incredible, this organ is capable of generating, storing, and dispersing large amounts of electrical energy throughout Todd’s body at will. It does so, much like the central nervous system, by sending electrical currents up and down a secondary set of conductive, nerve-like tissues that are not associated with his nerves. Though the Fulmens Fundamentum receives signals from the brain, which allows Todd to decide where he wants his energy to go. Thankfully, this is a one way connection, as there is a fail-safe device in place which prevents electricity from coming back up that particular nerve and into Todd's brain, or else, he would fry himself if he didn’t consciously regulate his electrical energy. The Fulmens Fundamentum is capable of sending electricity up to Todd's teeth and horns, but his skull, spinal cord, and other nervous tissues are all insulated with a thin, extraordinarily efficient, layer of non-conductive Myelin, a type of phosphorus based fat. This allows the electricity to be dispersed quickly and efficiently all throughout Todd's body without effecting the contractions of his muscles and the operations of his central nervous system, internal organs, and brain. This means is that Todd can move and attack normally while sending electricity wherever he needs it to go. The Fulmens Fundamentum is also capable of extracting excess electrical energy from Todd's body and converting it into chemical energy to fuel his physical form. However, the only way to generate electrical energy is by reversing this process and turning chemical energy into electrical energy. The latter reaction is much more efficient, allowing Todd to generate large amounts of electricity at the cost of very little chemical energy. That being said, the reverse is also true. Todd must consume large amounts of electrical energy to create chemical energy. The main offense use of this process is simple. Todd is capable of lacing his physical attacks with powerful electrical energy, equivalent to three times the amperage of a standard police Taser. Though Todd is capable of generation, absorption, and infusion, he cannot freely manipulate electricity. He cannot cause the energy his body generates to jump from himself to something else. While he could absorb electricity directed at himself, he couldn’t turn said electricity back at his attacker without touching his opponent.

~Enhanced Condition: Todd benefits from enhanced strength, speed, durability, stamina, regeneration, immune response, reflexes, and physical senses. His body was built to be the ultimate predator, and is rather formidable.

Next we come to his forms:
~Human: Todd can go toe to toe with the best athletes in the world, and even outclass most of them. His body can take much more of a beating than the average human can, and his wounds heal at, roughly, twice the rate of a normal human. Even more astoundingly, small cuts and bruises will heal within minutes. This form is really only useful for its ability to blend into human society, as it has absolutely no traces of the Jinouga’s fur, scale, natural weapons, or ability to absorb, generate, or disperse electricity throughout his body. It isn't strong like the Full form, or fast like the Hybrid form. It's just the form he was born in.

This form is only achievable by channeling the Jinouga’s power into a part, or parts, of his body. Todd is capable of channeling the powers into any part of his body that he wishes, and can do so at will. He could grant himself the Jinouga’s claws, teeth, eyes, ears, nose, horns, tail, legs, arms, fur, or any other aspect of the Jinouga that he wishes. And would be useful in that situation. Through this, ability, Todd is capable of achieving a hybrid form by channeling the Jinouga’s power throughout his entire body all at once. Though useful, this is incredibly strenuous on Todd's body. Todd often compares it to attempting to pour several hundred gallons of water through a single straw with a very small funnel. Channeling the Jinouga's energy requires a great deal of focus, and can even physically harm Todd if he isn't careful. Though it can be used in a combat situation, if Todd is taken by surprise or experiences painful emotional or mental trauma, he will undergo a great deal of pain, and will be forced into his Human or Full form depending on how much energy he has and if he still has the presence of mind to choose which form he wants to take. That being said, his body will naturally return to the Full Jinouga form while at rest, as his human form is uncomfortable for him. In addition to the iron focus and will required to assume the hybrid form, just channeling the energy properly is tiring for Todd, as he has to make sure that the energy is regulated properly or else he could hurt himself, or his allies, instead of potential enemies. Even worse, Todd fatigues at a faster rate in his hybrid form than either his human or his fully shifted beast form. All of its weaknesses aside, Todd wouldn’t even have this power if there wasn’t a use for it: it is wicked fast. This form is vastly quicker, more agile, and benefits from sharper reflexes than the fully shifted form. Though he sacrifices half of his raw strength and durability, Todd more than makes up for it by nearly quadrupling his movement speed. This speed isn’t limited to running or jumping, Todd’s speed extends to his arms and legs, allowing him to physically attack with sixty percent of the Jinouga’s physical strength at three hundred and sixty percent of its speed. Like his Full Jinouga form, Todd’s hybrid form is capable of generating electricity, but it is not as adept at the process as the Full form. Instead, the Hybrid form has a secret mechanism, devoid from the Full Jinouga or human forms, which is responsible for its extreme speed. The Hybrid form’s Fulmens Fundamentum is capable of converting electrical energy into Kinetic energy, and does so rather well, producing insane amounts of kinetic energy from relatively small amounts of electricity. This allows the Hybrid form to overcharge itself with kinetic energy and use it to achieve blazing speeds upwards of 50 m/s. With this ability, the Hybrid form is capable of moving so fast that it seems to disappear to the untrained human eye. This level of speed consumes massive amounts of energy, and is only capable of being done three times per day, and for one second at a time. Todd is very wary of using this ability. Though his reflexes are fast enough to keep up with his speed of movement, and his body is sturdy enough to survive the movement, it is hard to control. Todd might slam himself into a wall or something similarly dangerous if he isn’t careful. Further, using the ability in rapid succession, or more than three times in a single day, is incredibly difficult for Todd, as the third use of the power will completely drain him of all energy he might have. He will be entirely exhausted and will revert to Human form and pass out upon doing so.

Full Jinouga: This form is much easier and more comfortable for Todd, as all he has to do is simply allows his power to expand to a comfortable level. By releasing this restriction, Todd can simply allow his human body to change and take the massive form of the Jinouga. In this form, Todd is quite large. For reference, his forelegs are roughly the size of an adult human, if not bigger. In order to take up this form, Todd must be in a place that is big enough to house his body, as he more than quintuples in physical size. However, while fully shifted, Todd's already formidable body becomes even more powerful, becoming stronger, more durable, healthier, more perceptive, and generally better. In this form, Todd is vastly more physically powerful and durable than either his human or hybrid forms. Todd is capable of crushing cars with a swipe of his paw, piercing and tearing through four inch thick steel, and bowling through walls of concrete that are two to three feet thick. His scales repel all but the sharpest or hardest of weapons, and bullets simply bounce off of his skin. Todd is large enough to be ridden, as his back is large enough to fit three adult humans, should he consent to be ridden. This usually never happens. Like his Hybrid Form, Todd’s Fulmans Fundamentum in his Full Jinouga form is special. Unlike the Hybrid form, Todd is capable of producing, and channeling, vastly more electricity into his physical attacks in his Full Form, even infusing all of the electrical energy in his body into a single strike. Depending on the amount of available energy, this attack becomes increasingly more powerful. At full charge, the blow has the power of 15 lightning strikes and is capable of piercing through the hull of an aircraft carrier. Though incredibly powerful, this ability will, understandably, completely exhaust Todd and he will instantly revert back into his human form and pass out after the attack’s completion.

Image∞ Personality ∞ "Ugh... This is so boring... I don't wanna answer any more questions!"
Todd is an odd duck, as his past might imply.

Though some within the Institution call him, “Two-Face,” he appears to be a kind, well-mannered, and soft-spoken individual. He’s very polite and considerate, opening doors for those who follow behind him, helping to carry heavy burdens, either emotional or physical, and he’s always seen wearing a smile. He’s kind to those who are kind to him, and fiercely loyal to his friends. He’s a bit slow to open up, but if he does, rest assured, you will have a friend for life. Todd never had a lot of friends growing up, so he truly cherishes each one he makes. He’ll often go out of his way to protect, help, and just be nice to his friends, offering up suggestions for activities, music, and books he thinks they might like. Further, he often makes frequent inquiries as to how his friends are doing, asking how their day was, what they’re up to next, and if they need his help with anything, even offering monetary assistance for groceries, trinkets, and other various odds and ends. He’d be somewhat smothering if it weren't for his wide smile and his authentic concern. Having never made friends until very recently, so he’s still not entirely sure how to act with the people he cherishes.

He’s studious and hardworking, always assisting any others who might ask him for help. He never seems to tire from work, whether it be for his classes, frequent work-outs, and general busy-body type activities. He appears to be something of a superhuman, eating very little, always pulling something delicious out of the oven, and rushing around to get things done. It’s not that he likes to be nosy, heaven forbid that he act impolite, no, he just likes to be busy. Activity is the best way for him to relieve stress, and getting things done helps him to feel like he’s not just sitting around, wasting his life away.

However, for all his kindness, generosity, and general joie d’vivre, Todd has a dark, and brooding temper. His anger boils up from a dark place inside of him, and he’s not even sure why it exists in the first place. Todd's never felt he had a reason to be angry, and yet, his temper burns so hotly. Not a lot of things can make him very angry, but just in case you’re wondering, he hates bullies and arrogant disrespect. Further, because he so deeply cherishes his friends, their persecution is the fastest way to earn a spot on his hit list. Todd is a staunch supporter of those who cannot stand up for themselves, and goes out of his way to punish any bully he personally catches. Todd is a huge fan of classic chivalry and strives to be polite and respectable in all he does. He hates people who would look down on others for any reason, and whenever he is present, he demands respectful conversation on the part of all parties involved. Though he tries his hardest to put on his usual smiling face and keep his cool, when something pushes him over the edge, he makes sure to drag everything down with him. His fury is somewhat terrifying to behold, but it isn't loud, or aggressive, like rage is usually assumed to be. Instead, Todd’s anger is wicked cold, composed, calm even. He’ll find out your weaknesses, turn your strengths against you, and crush you into nothingness. Though he’s become strong enough, wise enough, and kind enough to avoid or ignore the kinds of situations that make him exceedingly angry, Todd’s temper can still get the better of him, but only if provoked with extreme tenacity.

❝Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.❞

Image∞ Romantic Interest ∞ " Love is like oxygen- love is a many splendored thing- love lifts us up where we belong! All you need is love!"
Olive Flowe

∞ Most Precious Person ∞ "I would give my life for them."
Todd has three, his mother, brother, and sister. He loves them more than anything.

∞ Family ∞ "I didn't have a lot growing up. What we had we shared, and it usually wasn't the best of the best. We were happier then. We were closer then. We had each other, we didn't need anything else."
Mother | Anne Bronte | 42 | Boston America | Professional Cellist in the Boston Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra | Annual Salary: $50,000.
Father | Jason Bronte | 28 | Deceased
Sister | Ryley Bronte | 15 | Boston, Massachusets. America | High School Student
Brother | Davey Bronte | 8 | Boston, Massachustes. America | Elementary School Student

∞ History ∞ "There's been trials and tribulations... Of those, I've had my share. I've climbed the mountain, I've crossed the river, and now I'm almost there."
Todd's story is a relatively well-known one around the Institution. After all, a boy like him, blessed with such incredible power, who only joined recently, is certainly going to garner some attention. That being said, his story is kinda boring. Todd was born in England. His mother moved there pursuing her dream, to play as a Cellist in a professional orchestra. Todd's mother met his father while she was in college and the pair hit it off rather famously. They were married after four months. While their friends and family were shocked, they knew it wasn't a mistake. There was no missing the love that Todd's parents had for each other. Shortly before Todd was born, his father joined the military, having dropped out of college to support his pregnant wife. The pay he received in compensation was just enough to get by, and Todd was born shortly before his father's deployment. Todd's father even had a picture taken of himself with his family, he kept it in a locket around his neck.

It was hard, but Todd's mother moved in with her parents, who helped to take care of baby Todd. They helped to make ends meet, and Todd might not have always had the best things, but his family loved him. Every so often, Todd's dad got to come home, and he'd get to spend whole days just playing with his dad. Those days were the best in his life. Todd's mother got pregnant again before his father shipped out once more. Todd was three. Within a short year, Todd's sister was born, and he loved her. Everyone did. She might have been a brat occasionally, but she was sweet and she loved Todd and her mother. Todd's dad was home to drop him off for his first day at school. He left again the next week. The family was separated, but they were happy, and things were finally starting to look up. When Todd was seven his mother got pregnant with his little brother, David. She had him while Todd's father was still in town. It was around this time that Todd's mother finally started gaining some acclaim as a professional cellist. The family moved to Boston when Todd was eight, where his mother played in the Local Philharmonic Orchestra. It was a good position, but Todd's mother never got enough high-paying work to breal out as a soloit. Todd was sad to leave his friends and family, but they got to live in this great big house with a real yard. Being as sweet as he is, Todd made friends quickly, and soon the house was full of the sounds of playing children.

When Todd was nine, his father's convoy was gunned down in transit. There weren't any survivors. Todd didn't know why his mom cried so much until the next day. The attack had been on the news. At his father's funeral, the commanding officer gave Todd his father's locket. The man told him that his father was always bragging about his kids, about how smart and beautiful and athletic they were. He figured it was best for Todd to have it. He was the man of the house after all. Between insurance, pension, and his mother's pay, the family had more than enough. They were even living comfortably, but to Todd, it was empty. He retreated from his friends and family. His grades dropped, and he barely even went to school. He spent his days wasting away in his room. He missed his dad too much to even cry. Though Todd's mother tried to get him to at least go through the motions, Todd could barely believe that his mother would just pretend like his father had never existed. They didn't even talk about him anymore. Todd's mother was at the end of her rope. She gave up. She told Todd he would have to go to school one way or the other, and the choice was to go to the public school down the street, or take his lessons at home with a homeschooling program. Todd accepted, and his homeschooling began. He read everything he could get his hands on, even his mother's sheet music, and that was how Todd found out he had an aptitude for playing the Cello, just like his mother. It was by chance one day that his mother came home early, only to find Todd bowing away at the piece she was currently playing in concert. Astonished, she began to teach Todd everything she knew. Todd was twelve, but he and his mother had finally found some common ground once again. His schooling momentarily forgotten, Todd devoted himself to the cello. It was also during this time that Todd discovered the joys of cooking. His mother had ruined yet another meal, and was becoming increasingly frustrated. Todd, who mentioned that he might be able to help, stepped into the kitchen and put on his mother's pink apron. His brother and sister laughed, and his mother sighed. Todd, however, began to cook. Expertly, he diced, fried, ground, boiled, chopped, and seasoned. It was like watching a machine. Thoroughly impressed, Todd's mother asked if he wanted to cook everyday. Intrigued, Todd asked if that was ok, he loved to watch the cooking shows on the television, but he didn't know if he was any good at it. The family sat, and began to eat what Todd had made. Astoundingly, it was delicious. Todd smiled as he watched his family eat their dinners, his heart was full of such joy. The spark had come back to his green eyes, and his mother knew that her Todd, her little man, was finally back.

When Todd turned fifteen, that's when everything changed. It was the year he discovered his powers. Using the school's orchestra as incentive, Todd's mother managed to talk him into going back to school. This, combined with the necessity of walking to school to supervise his little brother, who had to be dropped off at the local elementary, was just the right push to get Todd back into school. However, things didn't go well. He was dreadfully behind in his studies, the school's orchestra was vastly less skilled than Todd was, and he retreated emotionally from his classmates. His years in home school had stripped away his ability to make friends. By the third week of school, Todd's sullen expression, shyness, and lack of friends had already attracted all of the school's bullies. They tormented poor Todd, stole his lunch money, put gross things in his locker, and slapped his books out of his hands whenever he walked past. However, it would only get worse. They started beating up on poor Todd, anytime they could get away with it, they'd drag him off to the bathroom to shove his head in the toilet, or shut him in a locker somewhere. Not wishing to worry his mother, teachers, and the few friends he had, Todd put up with it. He figured it would pass. He was wrong. One day, they cornered Todd after school, they beat him up and took his shoes, his wallet, and his backpack. Bored, his bullies offered to turn their attentions elsewhere, namely, Todd's pretty little sister. Todd didn't remember what happened next, only that he saw red. When he came to, his clothes were shredded, but his tormentors lay sprawled on the floor. One boy groaned weakly as Todd approached, begging him to stop. Shocked, Todd asked what was wrong, and that's when he noticed the. Looking down at his hands, Todd noticed that they were different. He had claws. He felt this... power, hidden within the depths of his chest. It felt good. It felt good to punish people who deserved it, to protect the people who are important to him. All of it, it was the best feeling in the world. Todd howled in triumph, but it didn't sound like a little boy pretending to be a wolf. Instead, what emerged from Todd was the cry of the Jinouga, long, loud, and dominant. Todd couldn't wait to tell his brother and sister.

Obviously, Todd's siblings tattled to their mother, who was less than thrilled. In fact, Todd's mother was terrified. How on earth could she raise a boy who sprouted claws and beat other children up. She needed help, she needed someone who knew the answers. That's when they came. He said he was a professor at an institute somewhere. He could teach Todd to control his powers, use them responsibly. Todd would even receive a high school education and could go to college there. There was one catch, he wouldn't be able to come home till he was finished, and it was in France. Hesitantly, Todd and his mother accepted. He was outfitted with French language lessons, a personal laptop, to video chat with his family, and a job as a student worker to help pay for tuition and other expenses. Todd was nervous, but he was also excited. His life was about to change for the better. He could feel it.

Todd was tested from day one, but instead of retreating, Todd only pushed back harder. He attacked his studies, mastering the French language within weeks, and his grades went from F's to A's. His appearance attracted the attention of some bullies, but Todd learned the best way to deal with them was by proving that he wasn't supposed to be messed with. Todd called his bullies out during their first battle practice. Consumed with rage at their arrogance, Todd fully transformed for the first time. Unlike when he'd fought for his sister, Todd's mind was awake. He couldn't talk, but he could think just as quickly as he could while Human. Todd easily thrashed his tormentors, and set himself aside as untouchable. He was promoted to Medial within the first semester at Silhouette, and by the end of the first year, Todd became a superlative. His hard work, dedication, and ruthless strength made him someone to watch. As more and more older students called him out, Todd only got stronger. By the time he had finished his third semester, and turned seventeen years old, Todd was already a master of his Full Jinouga form, and was an oppressive, formidable opponent. The older students stopped challenging him, having found out first hand that his power was the real deal. It didn't stop though. Todd's power only continued to grow as his abilities matured. Todd was incredible, but he just couldn't stop pushing himself. Even after the discovery of his hybrid form as of his fifth semester at Silhouette, Todd pushes himself continuously. Though his powers terrify him, he is determined to master them, and he won't let them rule him.

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So begins...

Theodore "Todd" Bronte's Story

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Atheya found herself at one of the few back doors of the Institute that lead outside. This one was generally left unguarded at the night, when darkness fell over the sky. She had providentially found out about this particular exit as a New Blood when she liked to sneak out to the back woods and walk around, in which she still does to this day, and was about to go do. She actually was only a New Blood a short year ago; coming here after one of the teachers found her stirring up trouble in New Orleans. Well, not exactly stirring up trouble, more or less just being careless with her powers and scaring the living day lights out of people. She had changed now of course until coming to this place; she grew to be not as much as a hard ass. Now she was actually rather kind and caring, and could control and know when to hold back her powers. But that’s what the Silhouette Institute does; it helps people with these anomalous powers to let them control it. She had been thankful to them, and not only because of the fact her constant migraines had now become only small headaches. She did, however, still suffer from insomnia. All of this was due to the fact Atheya had the ability to connect her mind with others, she found her mind always was ticking like a clock, and because of herself constantly having to hold back such mind links, which now was a fairly easy thing to do, it rendered her useless when she tried to calm her head down. You could imagine how all her shields would be down in sleep, leading her to literally walk through others dreams. You know, when she did sleep.

But yes, mind linking is her knack. She can create a link between herself and with the minds of others. The metaphor she often uses to paint an image of it is like a signal from one phone, to another. Like an invisible wire connecting the two. With this link, she can do many things, but it hadn’t always been that way. She grew up in Hereford, England up until the age of ten. Both her parents were loving and didn’t give a damn their daughter could hear their thoughts or walk through dreams, no matter how surreal or impossible it seemed. It was simply put that the family was fairly healthy, but that was until the death of the two. They had gone on a trip to New York City for the young girls tenth birthday. She had always begged them to go, she thought it would seem as wonderful as in all the movies. Yeah, she didn’t think that now after what she witnessed. They were walking back to the hotel from dinner, when some guy jumped out at her mother. Her father pushed Atheya back, so she was not seen. She witnessed both her mother and father get mugged, and stabbed. After the man in the black clothing whit the bloody drenched knife left, the young small girl ran crying only to have people rush over and call ambulances. After that, it was all rushed, she was sent back to England, to social services, unknowing of what was to happen to her. Unfortunately, both sides of the family had no close relatives, only holding distant cousins and such. The family didn’t even have any close friends that could take her in, so she was shipped off to London by Child Services and placed into a lonesome and low budget orphanage, being shipped from foster home to foster home only having one family she loved. She didn’t like to think about them any more. It hurt.

But regardless of all that, New York and her birthday was pretty much ruined for her. It sucked that the date of all this was coming up shortly as well.

Pushing open the wooden oak door, she took in the crisp cool air of the night into her lungs, breathing out a long sigh. It was a little cold out to be wearing the outfit she was without a jacket but to be frank, she preferred it like that. The cold didn't bother her. She actually laughed a bit at her own outfit, as it consisted of a white shirt in which she never wore. She found herself to prefer darker clothing, but she guessed tonight was an exception. Maybe she unintentionally balanced herself out from her dark surroundings. Putting on her head phones, she walked on further away from the tall, old historical building in which the institute lied, and made her way into the back woods and down the trail that was made after years and years of people walking along it.

She walked for awhile, in silence listening to her soft music, glad her cellphone hadn't buzzed or anything. It was nice to be by herself at times, and the night time before everyone was asleep was a good time. She often came back when everyone made their way to the dorms, but barley ever slept. A good night, she would get maybe four hours of senseless dreams, sometimes hers, sometimes not.

Brushing away a looming trees ragged branches, it came back to smack her on her arm, creating a small line of red along her pale smooth skin. It had cut her, slightly. Touching it, it felt a bit sore, but a few scrapes was not uncommon when she walked in the wood. Ignoring the small stain of scarlet red that touched her white sleeve, it gave her another reminder of why she wore dark clothes. Finding the small clearing she found herself stopping at most of the times, she sat down on the soft grass, and lied down slightly, the back curve of her neck almost perfectly moulded for the fallen log covered in moss behind her, giving her a small head rest so she still sat up in the slightest. The song Werewolves by Cat Power shuffled on, and the melancholy sound just made the whole scene she was in feel surreal... strange. Dream like. It's one f those moments she wished she had brought her sketch book. But sitting here, in the night, the cool wind brushing her arm like tender strokes, was enough.

"He don't even break the branches where he's gone, once I saw him in the moonlight, when the bats were a flying, I saw the werewolf, and the werewolf was crying..." She sang quietly under her breath, glancing up at the night sky, stars easily shown as if she where far far away from the institute and all that came with it.

It was a Sunday and classes would start back up tomorrow.

She would need to leave soon.

But not yet.

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The sun has kissed the earth goodnight and has fallen behind the horizon. The moon has welcomed the people wandering the streets in full glory. Their was a slight breeze in the air, that was blowing through the young woman's bright blonde hair. She has stumbled upon the building she has learned to call home. People were walking in and out of the place. Even in the dark the place was filled with life. A yawn escaped the young blondes lips and she walked through the doors. It's another year at this hidden academy and she has learned so much. Mastering three important aspects of her water abilities, it was absolutely wonderful. She now gets to see her best friend again. Todd. Or as she likes to refer to him, cutie. He usually responds to anything she calls him, but cutie is the name she falls back on.

Her feet take her to her dormitory. Nothing was moved or disturbed. Her dresser was still next to her closet. The bed was still near the giant window. The moonlight came through the glass and lit up the room. Her knick knacks her scatter about in random places in attempt to give the room a homey feel. Olive flipped the light switch revealing more details to the room. She walk further in, with her bag trailing behind her. Any reasonable student would unpack now instead of waiting until the morning, but she wasn't in the mood. It was a Sunday night and the young blonde wanted to be outside, enjoying the light the moon was offering. She also wanted to find her Todd. She missed him.

Her bag laid on the bed and Olive walked by the mirror in her room. Her outfit was decent and still intact despite the six hour plane ride. And the two hour car ride. And the twenty minute walk. This young woman lived a great distance away, but she was happy to be here in one piece. She left her room and turned out the lights as she walked out. Her phone was in her back pocket and she was debating whether she should text Todd or just see him tomorrow. As she was trying to make this decision her feet were taking her to the lake that was behind the school. She felt comfortable around water and it was prettiest at night.

Olive made it to the lake and she sat at the edge. Her knees were up to her chest and she wrapped her arms around herself. The moonlight danced across the water and the lake shimmered. It was lovely. The blonde wanted to swim in it, but she restrained herself. 'I'm going to text Todd' she thought to herself. She pulled her phone out and started typing.

To: Todd
From: Olly Pop
Hai cutie! I missed you. Want to hang out? I'm by the lake if you do.

The message sent. I was thinking about the name I put in his phone Olly Pop. It made me smile. I thought that name was absolutely adorable and I programmed it in his phone. He didn't seem bother. I place my phone next to me in the grass and watch the water.

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The young blonde stared out into the water, watching the moonlight dance. A small smile appeared on her face and she lifted a hand. With the flick of her wrist she pulled a stream of water out. Moving her hand in slow circles, the water started to form a circle. The faster the young woman's hand moved the smaller the circle would be. The water circle moved faster and grew smaller until it was about the size of a ring. Olive's hand stopped moving and the circle ceased all movement. She lowered the circle and brought it at eye level. All it took was one touch and it froze the whole thing solid. The ice was pure and it styled the ring with different carvings. Her nickname "Olly Pop" was even carved inside. The ring was slipped on her finger and she officially felt she was home. She stared at her ice ring, listening to the sounds of nature around her. It was lovely and she didn't want to move from this spot. A pair of hands covered her eyes and she jumped a little from fright.

"Guess who Olly Pop?" The smile that was on her face before, grew wider. Todd came to see her. "Big foot" she said jokingly. He moved his hands from her eyes and he shifted his body so that he was sitting behind her. His legs were on either side of hers and his arms had wrapped around her waist. She leaned back into him and sighed happily. From a distance it would look as though they were dating, but they were not. Not once had the two been beyond this. Their friendship was something that she couldn't explain. Olive care for Todd a lot, but she can't tell if his action are just a response to her flirting or if he really likes her. She doesn't say anything. Instead she continues to flirt with him and call him different pet names. And when people ask if they are together her simple response is 'it's complicated' only because it is. Her hands rested on her arms as she watched the water. "It's so great to see you again! How was your trip? Did you get to see your mum? How's she doing?"

The blonde smirked. "The trip was long and very boring. For obvious reason I couldn't entertain myself with my abilities so I sat on the plane listening to idiots talk about nonsense. I thought I was going to die" she said, dwelling on the plane ride. "But I did get to see my mom. She is doing very well. She missed me a lot and when I mentioned your name once, she wouldn't shut up about you" a giggle escaped her as she thought about the different things her mother said. "She kept wondering when I would bring you to see her. Why I don't talk about you all the time? Then she started talking about grand kids and I tuned her out" she added stilling giggling a bit. Olive cared about her mother a lot and it was always funny to hear her babble on about things as if she were a normal child. The young blonde knows that her happiness will come with a price, condemning her child to a life of solitude until another place like this reveals itself. Olive didn't want that.

"What about you? How was your trip? How is you mom, brother, and sister? I bet they missed you The blond said a bit excited. She enjoyed hearing about the trips of others because she believes hers are a bit boring.

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To Flynn, a dreamless sleep is the most preferable.

He doesn't get dreams. They are left way back in his childhood, when ignorance was bliss and bad thoughts rarely crossed his mind. The definition of the very word is skewed to him. Ever since his powers really started to come to life, he has had severe night terrors that shake his very soul and make the boy despise the night time.

As he wakes up, the absence of the sinking feeling of the terrors makes him smile a little. The windows cast a pale light on to his room, highlighting every dust particle floating through it's space. After a handful of minutes sitting on the windowsill staring at the view, he changes his clothes to his default outfit. It is maybe mid-morning at the moment, the perfect time to wake up in his opinion. Usually it would be earlier that he wakes (from a dream, mostly.) but since today was perfectly undisturbed he was later than usual.

Taking a glance around his room, a certain bottle catches his eye. It is a clear moonshine borne from the nearly rotted potatoes of neighbors fields. It tastes like hellfire—burned on the way down his throat and into his stomach. Its only purpose? To numb the feeling of terror. A sip usually did the trick. It was not something he is proud of, but the terror that made him feel as if he was made of pure ice begged to be dulled down by something. Anything. But in the bottom of the bottle, there are no answers. Downcast eyes search for something, to find only their own reflections, distorted and mute in the glass. Hollow people become transparent when you stare at their reflections long enough, especially when the poisonous grasp of alcohol is sparkling in their system. He takes the bottle in his hands and hides it behind a counter.

Pulling his rucksack on to his back he takes his phone from the top of his bedside table. He had one text, and he knew only one person that would text him in these circumstances. Atheya.

Didn't get to see you today, hope every things well, night~

A smile threatens the corners of his lips as he reads the text. It was nice to know that someone could care enough about Flynn to send him a message. A simple message of half a dozen words, but a message- a phone call, a chat, a wave- shows that the person in question cares. It was a good feeling.

Sorry I didn't text you back last night- I went straight to sleep. Things are surprisingly good, though. See you in class.

Feeling rather chipper for reasons unknown, Flynn heads out the door, leaving the firm grasp of night behind him for another day. There is sparse crowds that fill the hallways, making it harder for him to walk along them. Making a decision to go outside for a while, he walks along a corridor to an obscure back door, pushing it open and inhaling cold air.

The climate of France was not what the boy was used to. Being tossed from Johannesburg to Sydney got you used to perpetual warmth. It was mild enough- today, anyway- but he sees the faint outline of warm breath on cold air as he exhales. Bored after a short stroll, he makes his way back into the school the same way he left it. There is considerably more people now, and he gives a short exasperated sigh.

A feather lies next to his heart, in a little glass bottle with the key to his most precious things, tucked away in a box. It thuds against his heart as a slow-motion pulse, creeping through the crowd. An earthquake rumbles through his limbs and he feels it in his veins forcing his body to keep moving, keep moving, keep moving. If he doesn't, he'll surely fall apart.

Whispers fly around him as he walks down the hallways, and he avoids the eyes of the whisperers.

"It's Flynn.. the one who like summoned a demon in class. Shit that was scary."

Okay, that one was true. It had been an accident, honest mistake- whatever you want to name it. He had dabbled in summoning demons, but usually they would ignore him. He still has burn scars.


He liked being unknown, and hoped to keep it that way. He left the hallway at that moment, realising he was slightly early for class but he had decided to read a little bit of a book before the others came. He took a chair and sat down, flicking open the pages of 'The Art of War' and waiting for the others.

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“Is this the Institute?” Atheya asked herself intriguingly, glancing around her surroundings in a small turn around. She knew this place. It was the... second floor music room. Yep, that was it. Her bare feet where cold on the ground as she stepped around the area, and she begun to shuffle through some of the papers that were scattered around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, just the same as it usually was. How odd was it that someone would dream of the school like it was a regular day? A lot of people here had terrible night terrors. Maybe this was just a common dream or one where the person walks into the classroom in their underwear. She ran into one of those once when she was fifteen and in a public school when she fell asleep in the library. The kid himself whose dream she was in must have been asleep in the class next to her. “Maybe it’s one of the New Kids.” She said, trying to possible deduct what was happening so she didn’t have any anomalous run ins. But, there was only one way to really find out, she had to find the dreamer.

Sauntering out of the room, she made her way down the common hallway, and down the stairwell that led to the bottom foremost floor, and she glanced around with a blink of her emerald eyes once more. “Hello?” She called out, her British tone ringing and bouncing off the walls in echoes, no way meticulously. She was way too familiar with this lobby. It kind of reminded her a bit of a those cool lobbies in five star hotels, and she had drawn ever nook, cranny and detail many times. The ceilings were up in pinnacle so great it would fit a god inside, the floors where an old marble that you could almost see the history in its curves, and the large paned windows surrounded by their arches shaped kindly along the walls, and you could peer easily outside. There where couches and tables for the students and the visitors the institute never got, and even a desk for a security guard or two to stand at. In fact, Atheya just noticed the faceless guard behind the cherry wood desk. “How strange...” She questioned, stepping forward a step as if to peer closer, even though she was still far back from the faceless chap. She was going to walk up more to study it out of inquisitiveness, but stopped as thoughts so clear filled her head.

Wake up, wake up...

It was a girl’s voice. Evidently the dreamers, but it wasn’t one she had ever heard prior to. She could easily hear the girl’s thoughts as her mind had connected to hers, and she couldn’t just simply un-connect it. Only waking up would allow Atheya to do that. Turning around, she saw the girl approaching her, but in that same subsequent the dream dissipated around her like a haze, but luckily reappeared in a different form, an altered dreamscape. Now, they both sat on a glade, one completely unfamiliar to her. The moon was big and bright, and illuminated and shadowed both of their silhouettes. Atheya was still bare foot. Looking over at the girl, she smiled, and laughed a little sheepishly. “I’m Atheya, Atheya Vera, and sorry about invading in on your dream, that’s the one thing I will certainly not be able to manage.” She smiled, turning her head to glance up at the sky, absolutely adoring the night’s light. “I guess I should explain, I am from the Institute like I suppose you are, I kind create these mind links where basically I can access your mind. Basic stuff, read your thoughts, speak to you in your head, kind of cause people some uncomfortable, er, pain.” She spoke, trying to explain it really the best as she could. “And of course, walk through dreams. Not intentionally with dreams although. It has gotten me in some bloody weird situations.” She laughed at herself, but kind of stopped a bit abruptly remembering one of the dreams in which gave her a weird situation. It actually got her expelled from her last school before she ran from the foster system. But that was a story for another day. Well actually, she probably wouldn’t end up telling anyone.

Shaking her head of her words, she glimpsed back over to her. “Don’t worry; I don’t tend to invade on peoples thoughts for fun. I don’t go poking in people’s minds for entertainment. That’s other people’s privacy.” She felt like that was necessary to tell her. She often got mistakes of people thinking she did, or that she knew their deepest darkest secrets. She had the power to, but she didn’t like to abuse that. At least not any more. Standing up, she brushed of her pants, and yawned. She always thought it was ironic when she yawned in dreams. She started feeling a pull, like her mind block was approaching back sturdy, which meant on this. She was waking up. “I will see you at classes tomorrow, yeah?” She asked quickly, before the dream vanished before her eyes, and reopened to the waking day.

Come On Eileen

Well... It wasn't day technically. Not yet at least considering that outside her window above her desk, it was still complete darkness. Groaning, she slipped out of her bed, and looked at her vibrant red digital clock, and it read 4:02. That was a usual time for her to get up at. Four hours of solid sleep. That was a good night. At least this gave her time to spend some alone time in the training room before anyone was really awake. Rummaging through one of her dressers they supplied every student with in the standard dorm, she pulled out her work out clothes, and switched them out from the regular clothing she had fallen asleep in. Pulling her slightly over shoulder length wavy hair up into a pony tail, she slipped on a fabric head band as to not get any pesky strands tickling her face. Satisfied, she put on her runners and left her drawing filled room, a phone and water bottle that she had filled up, in hand.

Making her way down the usually corridors, she found her way to a door, a sign on it which read "Training room 2" In cursive. This one was pretty far away from the dorms hearing range, so she would be allowed to play music a little loudly as she went after her usual punching bag. She didn't really suspect anyone would walk in on her routine, no one ever barley even used this second training room as it had way less equipment then the others, and was filled up with extra storage boxes. But she didn't mind it at all, the privacy aspect was what appealed to her. Walking over with small, tired sluggish movements, she hooked up her phone to the speakers they had set up, and pressed play on her music. It was just some basic indie- rock or alt-rock stuff mixed in with some oldies. Just anything upbeat that was not of the pop genre. Moving away from that, she went to the center of the room, and stretched out for a good fifteen or twenty so minutes. She had done this long enough that she knew that she did not want to pull anything. That would suck.

Once she finished that, she felt a bit more energized then she had when she had woken up, which was always a good sign. Now, onto the punching bag. She didn't have gloves, or even taped hands to protect them, but she also didn't particularly care about that. She had been doing this for a while now, even before the institute, and she never once really liked wearing stuff like that. She preferred the actually physical contact, despite the small splits in her knuckles she sometimes got. Steadying herself and planting her feet in her proper stance, she raised her arms up in the regular position, and went at it, doing all the basic hits and kicks, eventually going harder at if every round she did non stop, no breaks. This continued on for quite awhile.

Quite awhile being that she hadn't noticed when two other people trailed in to just do some morning work outs as well. It obviously wasn't 4 AM any more. Stopping, she let out a breath of air, and moved quickly over to her still full water bottle, and drank it down in almost a minute flat. Moving the plastic bottle away from her lips, she unplugged her phone, and gave a small flick of her hand in greeting to the other two in the room, both medials, one female and one male. Pushing open the door, she moved out of the room, and back over to the female dorm area, going quickly into her own room. Tossing her phone onto her unmade bed without checking the time, she grabbed a towel and moved to the showers, not really wanting the glow of sweat that clung to her to stay.

Her shower took a good twenty minutes, the hot steam enjoyable on her soon to be kind of sore muscles. She often found herself day dreaming through the foggy heat of the shower, and she often lost track of time. She really didn't have anything else to occupy her mind, so the random day dreams did. Moving out of the showers, she wrapped herself in a towel, and entered back into her room, putting on her school day outfit. She wasn't one of those girls who particularly 'dressed up' on first day back, but then again not many girls did here.

Hearing the beep of her phone go off signalling a text message, she toddled over to her bed, and picked it up, glancing at the message which flashed on her screen. It was from Flynn.

Sorry I didn't text you back last night- I went straight to sleep. Things are surprisingly good, though. See you in class.

Smiling at his 'good' comment, she let out a small sigh of relief. For all she knew he could technically just be telling her that as he didn't want her to know if he was bad, but that was over thinking it a bit. Besides, she would see him in the first Superlative clas-

"Dammit I forgot about that class!" She squeaked, but quickly covered her mouth. She was still so used to the whole no morning class thing before everyone else, and she always seemed to forget about the silly superlative meeting stuff they did. quickly grabbing her bag, she fled from her room and down the steps, racing through the lobby and into the classroom. But what she didn't realize was that she was early. She just figured she was late because she had forgotten about it. Sighing, she glanced around the room with only a few kids in it, but gladly spotted Flynn. With a smile, she slid over to the desk beside him, and studied the boy as he read. She didn't exactly want to disturb him from reading the book, so she sat their quietly. That was until she went to set her messenger bag beside her desk, and fumbled, falling from her chair and onto the floor on her butt. Putting her head in her heads, she groaned and mumbled "You're kidding me." Before pushing herself up and slipping back into the chair, rubbing her elbow which she whacked on the ground. Glancing around, she saw the other girl in the class who was sitting in the back stifle a chuckle, and Atheya put her head on her desk, and groaned again. "At least Todd didn't see that. I have a feeling I would get teased in the slightest." She mumbled again, really only to herself. Todd actually might not tease her for that, he probably might have just helped her up. He was the only other Superlative other than Flynn who she considered a friend.

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As Todd adjusted his position behind Olive, she leaned back into him and sighed happily. From a distance it would look as though the two were dating, but nothing could be more wrong. Not once had the two been beyond this. For all their hugs, flirting, and general closeness, this was as far as it went. Todd... Todd hated that. While he loved how close he was with Olive, and that their friendship was so strong, he hated that friendship was all it was. Their relationship something that neither could properly explain. Todd cared for Olive quite a lot, and the reverse was also inescapably true. That being said, Olive was so... frustrating. She doesn't say anything that ever meant anything to him. She continues to flirt with him, call him different pet names, and remain physically close to him, yet all the while there were never any clues to how she really felt about him. Every time Todd gets remotely close to the subject of just what their relationship is, she changes the subject, or skips over it like it's nothing. Even worse, when people ask if they are together, Todd doesn't know how to respond and never says anything, for fear of being wrong. Olive, on the other hand, usually diverts those questions with a simple, "it's complicated." What does that even mean? Todd sighed quietly to himself. He knew the more he tried to figure it out, the more closely he would become wrapped around her little finger. Instead, Todd let himself relax and take in everything. The gentle crash of the waves on the shore, the whispering breeze through the reeds, and her smell, like rain, washed over his mind. Why would he need to be on edge with her? She was his best friend, until she was comfortable enough to put the ball in his court, she could just keep it. It wasn't like they were going anywhere anytime soon. Todd would never let Olive just slip out of his life, and if he even tried... there would be serious hell to pay. Todd shuddered at the thought. Relieved, and less tense than before, Todd let his head come down to rest on shoulder, and closed his eyes, listening to her speak.

As Todd sat, listening, Olive let herself lean into his warm embrace. Her hands rested on her arms as she watched the water. Smirking in response to Todd's question, the blonde spoke. "The trip was long and very boring. For obvious reason I couldn't entertain myself with my abilities so I sat on the plane listening to idiots talk about nonsense. I thought I was going to die." She said sullenly, obviously, dwelling on the miserable plane ride. "I did get to see my mom. She is doing very well. She missed me a lot, and when I mentioned your name once, she wouldn't shut up about you." A giggle escaped her lips. "She kept wondering when I would bring you to see her. Why I don't talk about you all the time? Then she started talking about grand-kids and I tuned her out." She added dismissively, as if it were no big deal. Todd sighed. This was exactly what he was talking about. What did that mean? She giggled a bit more, which only served to make Todd more confused. Did she think it was funny that her mom wanted them to be together? Was she laughing out of nervousness because she didn't want to sound clingy? There was just no winning with her. At a loss for what to say, Todd laughed, and offered, "Next thing you know, she'll be planning our... a wedding for us." He stuttered as he said, 'our,' and quickly tried to correct it. He didn't want to sound like he had already planned the whole thing out. Olive was his best friend. Maybe he was just reading into the situation too far? Either way, he couldn't say nothing.

"What about you? How was your trip? How is you mom, brother, and sister? I bet they missed you." The blond said, a bit excited. She must have been anxious to change the topic. Todd, however, didn't like this subject. "I didn't get to go home this time. I only did last year because I had, technically, graduated from High School. This year, I had to stay here over the summer again. I still video chat with them about three times a week, but... It's not the same, you know? Sorry, that's pretty blue, let's change the subject, yeah? Do you have your phone on you sweetie? What time is it? As much as I'd love to stay here until morning, I've got early class during the week, Superlatives and all..." Todd sighed as he said the last part. Most students would have jumped at the bit to be as strong and as in control as Todd was of his powers, for Todd, it just meant more work. After all, with great power, comes great responsible...ness. Todd was powerful, so he had an equal share of responsible...ness to go along with it. Though Todd was never one to put off hard work, he hated getting stuck with some of the more troublesome duties, like night patrol or grocery runs.

Olive frowned a bit when he said that he couldn't go home again. It was sad him staying up here and she spends all her free time away from him. Next time she was going to take him with her. If he would agree, would be left up to him. It would be kind of forward just inviting him to meet her mother. She didn't want to freak him out. It would ruin their already questionable friendship. Quickly in her mind she decided to invite him home with her when she was sure about what they were, besides best friends.

The blonde looked around in search of her phone and saw in to the left on the grass. She put it there after texting Todd. "It's around 10:30 pm" she had read to him. Olive was happy that Todd was a superlative, he deserved it. But he would always have to end their time together and it was really annoying at times. She just wanted to stay up the whole night talking about whatever comes to mind. Usually Olive is the one to fall asleep between the two, but Todd never minded. It was small things like that, why the young woman cared for him so much. Why were things so complicated between them? It was giving her a headache. A yawn escaped her lips and she closed her eyes.

It had been a long day, from the plane ride to the taxi, to the walk. The young woman needed a good nights rest, especially because classes start up tomorrow. But Olive didn't want to go to sleep. She wanted to stay in Todd's arms and just pretend tomorrow doesn't exist. Right now was better than any future that was in store. "Before you ask. I'm not asleep. I'm just resting" the blonde said, but it was a lie. If Todd knew her at all, he would know that.

Todd smiled softly. Here she was, with a day like hers, possibly even longer and harder than Todd's, and all Olive wanted to do was ignore her responsibilities and share the night with him. Sighing, Todd wrapped his arms around her tighter. Resigning himself to the extra work of it all, Todd spoke. "Mhmm, and the yawning from earlier, how do you explain that? Hungry for flies perhaps? Come on sweetheart. Up we go." Effortlessly, Todd lifted Olive into the air. He shifted his arms to carry her princess-style, but did so as he was picking her up. "Sit tight Olly, I'll have you back in your room in two shakes of a Jinouga's tail." At that, Todd began to grin his mad, wolfish grin. It was the kind he only ever wore when he was planning on doing something devious, dangerous, and just the littlest bit stupid. At that, Todd began to shift. He channeled his power into his body, taking on his Hybrid form once again. It was getting late, and Todd had already used this form once already today, but he had more than enough energy for what he was planning on doing. It should be fine. After all, Todd would never consent to carry just anyone. Olive was special. Olive demanded that he show off, even if just a little.

Though his body sprouted claws, scales, a tail, and horns, Todd made sure to shift Olive within his grasp such that his hold on her body wasn't too loose or too tight, but just right. Further, her bare skin was only touching his soft fur, or smooth scales, so as to not cause unnecessary discomfort. The wild grin still on his face, Todd turned his head to face Olive. "Thank you for choosing Air Todd." He began, slowly beginning to walk in the direction of the Institute. "We know your choices in travel are limited, and we thank you for your patronage. Please note that, in the event of an emergency, exits can be accessed by pulling on one of my ears, causing me to drop you. In the mean time, do hold on, as we will be beginning our ascent shortly." As Todd spoke, his grin grew wider and wider, and he began to walk faster and faster. By the time he was finished, Todd was running just short of a full sprint, while carrying Olive. In his Hybrid Jinouga form, this meant, roughly, seventy miles per hour. As Todd ran, he made sure to do so as smoothly as possible, so as not to disturb the resting Olive. He ran as if he were gliding, and Olive's body barely moved within his grasp. He cradled her gently, as if she were made of porcelain, and would shatter at the slightest touch. Though the Jinouga was not meant to nurture, or love something other than itself, through Todd, the beast appeared gentle, caring, and even loving.

As Todd shifted into his bestial form, Olive didn't move. She allowed Todd to move her around as he changed into his, "other half," as she referred to it. His change was slow, yet fast. Watching him change into his Jinouga form, is like watching him in slow motion. You see each part shift as if it was acting on its own. With one eye she would watch, and she knew it only took mere seconds for him to shift the way he does. As for his running speed, it didn't bother her at all. As the cool air hit her skin, it forced her to cuddle more into his soft fur. It was warm and inviting. She didn't want to let him go. Her eyes closed and she embraced the feeling of nature as she rested in Todd's arms.

Approaching the school's walls, Todd only increased his speed, reaching seventy-five, eighty, eighty-five miles per hour. Blazing down the trail, Todd bent ever lower to the ground, preparing himself for the hard part. He was only a few short meters from the wall when he jumped, tightening his grip on Olive, but not so much as to be painful. Firing all the muscles in his back, legs, and core, Todd rocketed himself into the air, still holding Olive within his arms. Having measured the required speed just right, Todd landed gently on the roof beside Olive's windowsill and ducked inside the open window. "Well aren't we lucky. Someone left their window open." Todd smirked at the sleepy Olive. Ever so gently, as if she might break from any uneven movements, Todd set Olive down on her bed. "Sleep tight, Princess. We've got class tomorrow. I'll see you first thing, ok?[/b]" Smiling, Todd turned to leave out of the window, preferring not to be seen coming out of a door in the girl's wing of the dormitories at this late at night. Walk of shame be damned, if he were seen coming out of Olive's door at nearly eleven o'clock at night, he would never live it down. His reputation would fall into shambles overnight. It wasn't that Todd was particularly popular and Olive wasn't. Quite the opposite. Olive was... rather popular amongst all the boys at school, and even some of the girls. Ever the gentleman, Todd wouldn't dare sully her reputation, and chose the window so as to preserve his best friend's honor.

It wasn't until the blonde was placed in her bed that she realized that they had reached the school building. She had missed the part where he practically flew up the side of the building to get her in here. She was grateful to have a room by the window, or Todd wouldn't be able do the things he did for her. There were many times where her best friend had to use the window to walk in and out of her room. Leaving through the front door raised suspicion, but no one could see him leaving through the window. It was to save their relationship, to keep rumors from spreading, or at least that is why Olive believed he did it. The young woman pulled her silk pillow closer to her and opened her eyes when she heard the creak from the window. "No Toddy. Don't go." The blonde said childishly. She pushed herself up in the sitting position, rubbing her tired eyes. "Stay here tonight and keep me company while I sleep." Olive begged, holding out her arms to him. The young blonde wanted Todd to stay with her forever, but she only had tonight.

Olive's voice stopped Todd in his tracks; frozen, hesitant. He knew that, if he looked now, he wouldn't be leaving anytime soon, and he wouldn't be able to slip out once she fell asleep. Even worse, he would have to wake her up when he left. Slowly, Todd turned back around. His icy blue eyes glinted in the lowlight. There she was. Holding her arms out to him, and pouting like his little sister did when she was younger. Todd fondly recalled the way she begged to sleep with him after a particularly bad nightmare. The same feeling of resignation was there, and love, but more than that, Todd felt pain in his heart. As much as Todd knew that he should be going, he just couldn't refuse her. Releasing his transformation, Todd returned to his human form and walked back over to Olive's bedside. Gently, Todd wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close to him. "Alright, Olly Pop, just this once." Todd had said those words dozens of times. Each time he always promised himself that he wouldn't say them again. Todd never kept that promise. Todd quickly took off his shoes and his hoodie, and sat back against the headboard. "Come here." Todd said, smiling gently. Once Olive had gotten herself comfortable, Todd took his phone out of his pocket and set his alarm to wake him up at five in the morning. As soon as he set his phone down, his head hit the pillow and he fell asleep.

Olive was beyond happy that Todd agreed to stay the night with her. This isn't the first time, there have been many other nights where Todd would sleep in her bed. Every time Olive asked, Todd came through. It was one of the things she enjoyed and adored about him. She wrapped her arms Todd while he set the alarm. The blonde was drifting in and out of consciousness, but she was able to watch Todd fall asleep. "Good Night Toddy" she mumbled before falling into a deep sleep within her best friends arms.

Written by both me and XShishioX

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Casting his eyes over the faded ink of the pages, he sits alone. There is few students here, but he feels their judgement, even though it is nonexistent. He sits near a window that is ajar, cool air circling the room. The sound of morning fills his ears, the birds singing shrilly, but melodically and in perfect tune. There was passion somewhere past the cold façade – rage hotter than fire, anguish deeper than a fatal wound. But not today. He was calm and still today, for his terrors had not came to him like they always did, grasping his throat with firm hands. The stillness could last the best part of the day, if he was lucky.

Unsure if the other's are going to show up, he is woken from his book with a loud sound, and he cranes over and notices the sound has come from Atheya, who has just toppled over.

"You're kidding me."

Wow. He mouthed, getting out of his chair, giving a slight laugh but only for a moment before helping her up.

"At least Todd didn't see that. I have a feeling I would get teased in the slightest." Atheya mumbled, but just loud enough that Flynn could make it out.

"Well I don't know about Todd, but you sure know how to make an entrance" He smiled again, before pulling Atheya off of the floor. "Speaking of that, where is Todd?"

At that moment, Todd walked in, "Sweet! Right on time! Hiya dudes, dames, and all you other Superlatives." There was a few giggles from the crowd of superlatives that had suddenly manifested in the room. Todd made his way over to the table.

"So, what've we got today? School dance? Mysterious intruder on the grounds? Perhaps Godzilla is attacking Tokyo. I've always wanted to go a few rounds with the over-sized lizard..."

Falling silent, Flynn looked over to Atheya as if to say 'Do you know anything?' It had been a lazy couple days for Flynn after visiting his family back in good ol' Johannesburg. He hadn't really been paying attention to much in particular aside from his own enjoyment, which does sound rather selfish, yes, but it wasn't normal for nothing to plague his mind.

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Atheya lifted her head as the rest of the class endlessly trickled in, and let out a small laugh at Flynns comment about her making an entrance, before glancing over at the door on cue as Flynn made his comment. “Speak of the devil” She said rather stereotypically to Flynn after his comment, a yawn escaping the petite girl’s mouth as she gave a flick of her hand in a casual salute in return to Todds wave of his hand as he came in as one of the last. Well not exactly the last, their always slight late teacher, Ms. Hennessy, trailed in and shut the door behind herself in a split second after he entered. Atheya didn’t mind Hennessy, she was kind and always joked around with her students. She was just overall pretty relaxed, but it was easy to be when she taught a class that really didn’t do much. All she did was tell the Superlatives what was going on, and came up with ideas. They were pretty much a student council more than anything. Instead of slipping behind her desk and figuratively putting her feet up, she went to the middle of the class, and leaned against the wall, giving a wide smile. ”Well welcome back, She stated, her Bambi eyes wide. But turned her attention like the rest of the class to Todd who spoke in his oh-so-casual way. Hennessy let out a snort, and Atheya let out a chuckle at his Godzilla comment. Glancing over at Flynn as he gave her in inquisitive loom, she gave a shrug of her shoulders in return, before Hennessy carried on. ”Not exactly that, Todd. I have been told, as many teachers have, to inform students of the higher security levels around, more guards at doors, more cameras, all due to the unfortunate death of the New Blood girl last year.” She told the class in a somber voice.

Atheya recalled the situation rather well. It happened the week before the school was out, when Atheya was bumping up ranks left, right and center. She even remembered talking to the girl, whose name was Delilah, when they both went to the power demonstration in which she thought, and still does, was pointless and ludicrous. She was sweet, but shy. Atheya actually didn’t bother staying at the ceremonies to learn what her abilities where. She never learned after either. All that the Institute would tell the students was that she was found dead in the woods, and that for a while they had suspected a sort of group going against Silhouette as they had received multiple threats. That was it. It would have been easy for Atheya to find out all the information, prodded teachers mind or snooped like she used to love to do before coming to the Institute, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to know. So she left it alone, like most students.

Most of the students were quiet after she stated that, either not wanting to give an opinion on the matter, or where in silence at the uncomfortable mention of Delilah. There was, however, hear a mumble or two. Hennessy cleared her throat, and stated. "Other than that," In a cheery voice, trying to break the tension she had created. "We want to have a welcoming event Friday, whether it is a dance, or competitive games, something. Be creative, have a theme, and come up with something and let me know by tomorrow your ideas, and we will decide what we want to do then. Spend the rest of class getting re-acquainted, and coming up with ideas." Atheya recalled last year that on the first Friday, they often had an event of some sort. She hadn't gone last year, claiming she was sick. She wasn't, but she had her reasons in why she stayed in her dorm. Laughing a bit, she glanced over at Todd and said, “I'm curious as to how many people would be delighted about a school wide Godzilla Re-enactment.”

Atheya didn’t know much about school functions or themes, so she sketched in her notebook, tenderly keeping to herself as she thoughtlessly drew grey lines with her pencil, lost in her own mind. It was near the ending of the class before she even realized who’s face she was drawing. A sad feeling shivered down the girl spine, and she ripped out the piece of paper from its binds, crumpling it up and putting it in her messenger bag.

As if on prompt, the bell rang which stated the ending of the superlative class, and the starting of the real classes for all the students. In the morning, each rank, apart from the superlatives that is, had a power control class. Superlatives often went into either the 101 class, for new bloods, or the 102 class, for Medials, to help. More than a few skipped. Atheya got up from her seat as Hennessy called to the trailing out class “Remember to come up with an idea!”

Atheya decided to head over the New Blood Class. There seemed to be a lot more this year and she knew the teacher of the class well. It only made sense. Turning to Flynn, she smiled and said “I’m strolling over to the new kids class. I’ll see you,” unsure of what he was going to do. Rushing out of the class, she walked own the small hall towards the other class room, and she slipped in through the door. She didn’t glance at the students in the desks, but just made her way over to their teacher, Mr. Elliot, a black haired, chiselled jaw, early in his thirties guy.

She knew him well, and despite her being in his class for only a short bit as New Blood, he was her favourite teacher and the single only faculty in the Institute she trusted full heartedly. He had been the one to come get her in New Orleans after all. He was the first person she knew with abilities. He had the talent of tracking, and he was pretty damn good at it too. The only limit he had was that he needed something of the person to be able to track them, but he could, with great power, try to track with just the knowledge of what a person looks like, but it was hard to narrow it down that way. He had been the one to track her down after all with only an image, but she didn’t exactly leave a discrete trail. He was always the one to track down the one who make trouble, and she had been one of the extreme few the institute sought out to take off the street.

“What’s up?” She smiled walking towards his desk before he started the class. He smiled back and said, pushing up his reading glasses, “Well Atheya, I should be the one asking you that, after all a student’s life is much more riveting than a teachers.” She shook her head, before leaning against the wall beside his desk, often where she placed herself. “Pretty sure you know my life is just as equally as uneventful. But you’re always the one constantly doing stuff.” She smirked, setting her bag down. “Speaking of stuff, I tried over the break to help track down that stuff you where looking for.” He said, in kind of a hushed voice so that it was private. Even without the silent tone he had, the students probably wouldn’t have over heard the conversation as each one was loud in their talking, and together, it created one loud orchestra of voices that enabled others from listening in to anything.

The stuff he was referring to was about her brother. Well her foster brother. Well... her ex-foster brother, August. She had asked him before the ending of the year if he could try and track him down for her, as she had no way of doing so herself. She had no right to call child services and ask about his location, firstly because she didn’t have rights and secondly because she actually ran away from the system and probably shouldn’t be contacting them in the first place. They had been sent to separate homes after two years of their sibling glory, and she wouldn’t rest until she reconnected with him. He was the only family she considered having, and he even knew her ability. He often made X-men puns about it with her. He didn’t judge, and his first reaction to finding it out was “Holy shit that’ so cool, what number am I thinking?” No one but Mr. Elliot knew about August, or anything from her past for that matter.

Atheya braced herself for some not so good news, and asked, “You find anything?” in slight hope. He glanced down, removing his glasses and setting them on the desk. “All I know is he’s somewhere in America right now, so the London Child Services must have him sent down there. But he’s eighteen now, correct? So I have no idea if he’s adopted, still with a foster family, or on his own now. But, if it’s ok with you, I can still continue to try with the picture you gave me, and if you can search for anything you have that he might have even touched, just send it to me right away.” She just nodded, the small sadness washed over her face. But them she bent down, reaching into her bag and smoothed out the drawing she had shoved in there. Handing it to him, it held a drawing of her brother. “I don’t know if this will help, but he gave me a note book that I drew this with.” He nodded, and put it in his brief case thing. After that, he moved away from his desk after all the class and Superlative helpers seemed to be in, and announced. “Welcome to Power Control 101. It’s pretty self explanatory what we will be doing here, and I will be here just to help. My names Mr. Elliot.”

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Why did so many people want my attention Olive thought in her head as she was trying to stay asleep. She purposely turned off the first alarm after she realized that Todd was no longer in the bed with her. That made her sad. He was so comfortable and she enjoyed being his arms, holding him close. With that thought, the young blonde pulled the pillow closer to her, but frowned. "It's not the same" she said into the pillow. Olive had finally given up on the dream of getting sleep and she checked her phone. First she saw a missed call from John. That wasn't ever good. Not just missed calls from John, missed calls in general. The young woman always believed that when someone calls its important and when its missed then that is a problem. Taking mental note to apologize later, she checked other things. There was a text from Todd. Immediately a smile formed on her face. She loved getting text from him so early in the morning, it showed that he cared. As she read on through the message she started getting excited and then her world shattered. 10 minutes before class started. Tossing the phone out of sight she scrambled up from the bed in desperate need to get ready.

Olive bounded into the bathroom and took the quickest shower in her life. Standing before the mirror she changed from sleeping beauty into belle of the ball. Satisfied with her look, she ran back into the room, gathering the necessary items needed for school. Bag. Check. Cell phone. Check. Coffee. No check. Olive needed coffee. It was her jolt of life before dealing with teachers. Convince Toddy to get you some later she thought. Quickly she ran her fingers through her hair and did one final sweep of her room before leaving it. As she started bolting down the hall she realized that she forgot to grab the keys to her room. Olive stopped dead in the tracks and turned back, running back into her room. The young woman grabbed the keys from her desk and left the room, locking it behind her, and taking off to class. This wouldn't be the first time she was late, but the teachers never really liked it so she tries to be on time. Olive can't help her beauty rest. She needs it. Without it, she wouldn't function or have the energy or desire to do anything.

Just as the final bell rang, the young blonde walked into the room. Technically she was on time. A warm smile was on her face as she looked around for a teacher, but an even bigger smile formed when she saw Todd. Joyfully, Olive skipped over to him, sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around him. "Toddy!" she said while engulfing him with a hug. She loved when she he would help teach her classes. They would talk and she wouldn't really learn much since she was too busy talking and messing around with her best friend. Olive removed her arms from around him, but she didn't removed herself from his lap. "I was so sad when you left this morning. I was trying to cuddle a pillow, but it wasn't the same" she told him.