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The Sinister Smile of a Beast

The Sinister Smile of a Beast


Teeth and Claw, We have it all, Join the Fireside Wolf Pack, where wolves live and die, fulfill their religions in their pack and carry on Ancient Prophecies.

407 readers have visited The Sinister Smile of a Beast since thealmightykipchi created it.


There are wolves who live in Ancient Greece. Deep in the shadows of abandoned forests. They live by religion, prophecies, battle and survival. They wear armor that is crafted by the Messengers. Alphas are crowned with rare jewels found only in the Mountains. The Betas wear scarf like items that cascade down their side, showing their high rank and royalty. Deltas wear white markings down their sides, (Deltas must be a wolf that is NOT white) Messengers wear special bracelets they made that go around all four ankles, and up to their legs like beautiful, dangling, colorful chains. A hawk accompanies them where ever their journey might be. The warriors where red and black armor with gold braces on their paws, allowing a full on painful blow to enemies and a scratch/gash at the same time from their claws sticking out of the gold braces. The hunters wear red, black, white and blue markings along with leather capes almost, more like leather robes. They don't get in the way of hunting though. The healer is religious, with blue markings down her snout and down the middle and sides of her neck, making her look unique and tattooed. (Must be female healer) she has black dots on her face, and her paws have ruby red slippers almost, to show her royalty and religions. The regular wolves in the pack dress in red collars daily, multicolored jewels covering the collar to make it a blessing from the Goddesses and Gods, instead of looking like a pet thing. The Omegas are weak, and demeaned for their rank. They wear but just one black marking that looks like their back has been stricken. They have a large black dot on their head and their markings are rather unattractive. Welcome to the land of the Ancient Greece Kingdom of Wolves. You are now entering Fireside Wolf Pack Territory. I wish you the best of luck.

Rank Wanted:
Why you think you deserve this rank:
Do you promise to uphold the religions of the pack and do forever more than what is expected for Fireside wolves?:
Appearence: (Picture)


Alpha Female : Kipchi <3
Alpha Male: *OPEN*

Beta Female: *OPEN*
Beta Male: *OPEN*

Delta Female: *OPEN*
Delta Male: *OPEN*

Lead Warrior: *OPEN*
Warriors: *ENDLESS*

Lead Hunter: *OPEN*
Hunters: *ENDLESS*

Healer: *OPEN*

Omega: *OPEN*

Regular Members: *ENDLESS*

Royalty Pups: *ENDLESS*

Regular Pups: *ENDLESS*

Elders: *ENDLESS*

Toggle Rules

1. No detailed mating/birthing.
2. No cursing, WOLVES DON'T CURSE.
6. Be respectful. :)

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Kipchi's muzzle rested on her paws as she slept the night away in her den. She was tired from the previous day, packed in with battles and hunts, drama, gossip and other things, and how could she forget the religious ceremonies all day?
The main words to describe her, exhausted and worn out. It was at the crack of dawn when she heard the Falcon that was supposed to live with the messenger; caw her out of her sleep. She barely opened her dreary eyes and shook away the flies that were biting at her crown. "Good morning Kao. I'm very sorry, but there will be no messenger for you to be appointed to yet." Kao the hawk tilted his head as if to take in the Alpha's words, and soon enough he did. His wings spread out and he soared into the appearing sunlight. Kipchi stretched out her front paws and flopped back onto the ground. When she closed her eyes again, she found herself falling back to sleep. As the pack began to wake up, the regular noisy routines of Fireside occurred, and Kipchi found herself awake once more. She stood up fully and padded out of the den. She walked with her head held high, her tail pointed straight up and her ears and shoulders back. Her crown showed her true royalty, and her markings portrayed her white coat beauty, her dazzling blue eyes and her unique figure along with the markings. She passed by her pack, her tail flicked with determination and she leaped onto rock after rock until she reached her throne. Her throne was a rock that was carved or even burnt down as if there was a bowl shape to it, giving her a place to sit up high. There was soft moss, leaves, and bedding lined with jewels on and in the throne. It was decorated to say, "The Almighty Kipchi" and it was stunning. She stretched out and then howled so loud the whole forest went silent. "Fireside Pack! I bring you to our New Ranks! I, Kipchi am still your Alpha Female. I have not fallen in love with the right brute yet. Therefore, no Alpha Male YET." The way she emphasized YET gave all the males sitting around her a certain hope that they could win her heart. She spoke loud and proud when she announced, "Due to our religion, the first rank to be chosen has to be Lead Warrior. My reasoning for picking BattleDemon for Lead Warrior is because when she joined the pack she showed so much effort to fight for us. I will not be appointing anymore ranks for I am not very impressed with anyone enough to appoint them ranks. Congratulations Battle, you may receive your armor tonight during your ceremony. Pack dismissed."

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BattleDemon heard every word Kipchi said, well, at least it looked like she was. She was sitting down grooming her paw and occasionally lifting her head, taking in the scents around her. To most wolves, it would look like she was just being lazy and not bothering to pay attention, but she was. She was young and almost as beautiful as Kipchi, but she was a natural at fighting, and knew that almost around every corner, could be dangerous creatures waiting for the right time to spring. Battle made a show of yawning loudly, annoying some of the wolves closest to her. This made her grin afterwards as she stood, shook out midnight black pelt and blinked her blue eyes as the light brightened.

When BattleDemon stood, she stood with her tail hanging limp, and her head held high. She was the last of the Demon heritage. A line of black she-wolves that were naturals at fighting and killing, a clan that used to be plentiful but now only one remained. She walked over to one of the nearby trees and lied down in the shadow, instead of running off to her den or playing a meadow, like a pup. She instantly blended into her surroundings almost becoming a shadow herself.

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Kipchi stood slowly her head raised. She leaped down from her throne and howled. "Lightning!" She paced back and forth and raised her head to howl again. "Lightning!" She padded around and searched for him. "I want to speak to you!" She sat down and waited.

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#, as written by Skylite
Ah, the thrill of the hunt. Lightning could feel the ground moving beneath his paws, see the trees blur as he sped past them, and he could almost hear the buck's heartbeat, as he closed in for the kill. "Lightning!" he heard, as Kipchi called his name. His ears shot up, and his paws skidded to a halt, as he let the whitetail speed away. "Lucky for you." he thought, watching his target in the distance. He turned around and ran back to camp. He arrived in a matter of seconds, his powerful legs carrying him with unreal speed. "You called, your royal Grace?" he said, bowing before the Alpha.

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BattleDemon sniffed boredly, while watching Kipchi and and lightning talk. Her ears twitched occasionally as she stayed silent, nothing but a shadow lying in wait. She was starting to wonder if Lightning noticed her there at all after awhile, but stopped when she inhaled a scent. It was a smell, she despised the most. The smell of skunk. She looked around, then looked at the other wolves, wondering if they smelled it.

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Kasey sighed as another opportunity missed her. She leapt off of her rock when Kipichi dismissed them. She tilted her head up as a drizzle began. She howled before taking off running, hunting. She caught the scent of a deer and ran at it, pouncing at it. Her teeth pierced through the flesh killing the innocent creature. Kasey took a nibble before dragging the body to her pack, seeing if they would like any. She would much rather graze on it alone but that wouldn't be so polite. "Food. I found food." She announced as the clearing of where the meetings were always at.

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Last of the Demon heritage... and will die to defend her leaders and pack members...

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