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Rosalind Kingfisher

"Everybody's in trouble. It's only the smart ones that know it." - Stone, City of Angels

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a character in “The Sisterhood of Mothers”, as played by akai-pyon


Rosalind Kingfisher

Name: Rosalind Kingfisher
Age: 17
Sexuality: Bisexual
How May Months Along?: 3 months

Appearance: Slender and devastatingly beautiful, Rosalind's eyes are pale blue-gray, her hair bright red and cascading in voluminous waves down her back, stray strands clinging to her pale skin. She has a nice body, the right balance of curves and slenderness. 5'10", Rosalind is still considered too short to be a model, but she doesn't want to be a model. Flexible and strong, Rosalind is a dancer,

Rarely is she seen at a party without either a plastic cup full of beer in her hands or a cigarette poised precariously between index and middle fingers, the end smoldering brightly. It's only at parties that she smokes. At school, she looks the part of a bad-girl, but she's never seen smoking on school grounds. Only at parties.

And then on the other side of the spectrum, an elaborate silver cross around her neck, attached to a thin slender chain long enough for for her to tuck the cross under her shirt. She wears numerous rings, and has numerous piercings in her ears. A nose stud and a tattoo on the small of her back complete the entire package.


- Dancing
- The adrenaline rush from doing something she knows she's not supposed to
- Daydreaming
- Being behind the camera
- Warm beer
- Smoking
- Being photographed
Fears: She fears one day that her parents find out what she is really like. They don't know about any of her bad behaviors, simply because they don't pay attention. And Rosalind prefers it this way. She's scared that, one day, they're going to start really looking at her, instead of just a glance and the pretend happy family they are at church.
Quirks: Rosalind actually hates smoking, which is why she doesn't do it at school and instead at parties. She also likes taking photographs of food. She eats a lot...
Hobbies: Photography, partying, flirting with everybody, including teachers

Personality: Seemingly free-spirited and rather strong-minded, Rosalind gives off the impression that she's willing to do anything, go any distance with any person. In truth, she can't help it. Maybe she's addicted to the rush. Or maybe it's just the game. The wonderful game of luring men into her trap, pulling them towards her until it's too late and they're hers. Rosalind has never thought of giving herself to anybody else. She's never thought of marriage, never thought of having a family, or living a life with a husband touching her as though he actually loves her...

Rosalind does everything with as much effort as she wants to at the moment. Often changing her mind several times in the course of a minute, Rosalind faces life struggling with indecision and difficult choices. Raised religious, Rosalind holds onto some of her morals. She never lets the boy initiate the contact. Anybody that comes onto her gets rejected. Rosalind's game. Rosalind's rules. She often talks back to teachers, and flirts with practically everybody.



Rosalind Kingfisher, the third child in a family who had an absentee father and a mother too busy to care for her children. The Kingfisher family was rather wealthy, her father being the vice-president of a large company. Thus, the Kingfisher siblings were raised by nannies. Rosalind was the youngest of her siblings. The three sisters never had much contact with each other. Separate nannies had been hired for them, because of their age differences.

Rosalind soon realized that she could do whatever she wanted and nobody would care. Her father was never there, except on Sundays, and her mother often went on very, very long vacations. On a rare occasion, she might stay home for a week. And that week is usually hell for everybody in the house. Rosalind was going to be sent off to a private school, but she flunked out of it and went to public school instead.

Freshman year, she met Danny, who introduced her to the party scene. A senior, he became infatuated with her and the two of them went all the way. Danny graduated the next year, promising that when she came of age, he would be back to marry her. He was never able to keep his promise. He died in a car crash while in college. After hearing the news, Rosalind started a downward spiral. She came out of it halfway through sophomore year in a horrible way.

Discovering she was pregnant, impregnated by her English teacher, Rosalind had the baby aborted as soon as she could. She didn't tell anybody who the father was, and the news never leaked out. She never regretted her decision. She threw herself at life, letting it take her wherever it wanted to, always clinging to the fact that she would repent, that she could be saved. At least, she hoped her ravaged soul could be saved.

And now, with this new discovery, Rosalind is still struggling with the idea of getting another abortion....

So begins...

Rosalind Kingfisher's Story