Evelynne Faye Endora

Handmaiden to the eldest princess of the Earth Nation

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a character in “The Six Nations of Dusseteu 2”, as played by Kenzi



*What nation are you joining?(Fire, dark, etc...): Earth

*Are you a King, queen, princess, prince, or commoner?: Commoner

*If you are a commoner, what purpose do you hold to the roleplay?: Handmaiden to the eldest Earth princess.

*If you are a commoner, what nation do you live at?: (Dark, fire, etc...): Earth

[if commoner/servant/etc...] My occupation is: Handmaiden to the eldest princess.

[if commoner/servant/etc...] I would not like to be royal, because...: I value my freedom and ability to make choices in my life.

*Character name: Evelynne Faye Endora.

*Age: 20

*Gender: Female

*Physical traits: Evelynne stands at 5'11" (barefooted) with long slim limbs and golden sun kissed skin. While she grew up as a gangly teenager with a flat chest, over the last few years she has developed an exceptionally voluptuous body. Eve has a small trim waist, curved womanly hips, a round perky bottom, and D cup breasts. Evelynne's hair is thick and the color of gold with natural highlights from spending so much time in the sun. Her hair falls in shining waves to her lower back, and is layered to frame her face despite it's exceptional length.

Eve has a oval face with high cheek bones, a slightly squared chin, full pink bowed lips, beautifully white straight teeth, a straight slightly upturned nose, and a beauty mark that rests to the right of her nose. Evelynne has finely arched brows and large almond shaped eyes that are surrounded by thick fanned lashes. Her eyes are the color of an emerald with flecks of gold around the iris.

Evelynne prefers to wear tighter clothing in rich colors when she's not working at the castle. It is unusual to wear such clothing in the Earth Kingdom, where most people wear browns and greens in durable fabric for working purposes.


*My dreams (aspirations): To stop working for the royal family and go out on my own and travel through all the nations and become an expert healer with the ability to help out those in need.

*My fears: To loose my freedom and to never find true love.

*My talents: Natural talent for working with animals and a natural talent for magic.

Views on the war: The war is unnecessary and needs to be stopped immediately. There is no reason why the nations should not be able to discuss their issues and create appropriate laws.

Views on life: Live life to the fullest every minute of every day. Be true to yourself and find happiness in the small things of life.

*Personality: Evelynne is very flirtatious, intelligent, playful, sarcastic, loving, loyal, stubborn, and spontaneous. She has a large group of friends in the castle and outside of it. Where ever she goes she seems to find admirers and new friends, but also creates enemies due to her stubborn-tell-it-like-it-is attitude, combined with her flirtatious ways. She absolutely hates being told what to do and isn't afraid to voice how she feels (regardless of the subject or whom it is she is speaking to). She has a hard time working as Veta's personal handmaiden because she is forced to censor her opinions on a daily basis. She believes in love and could never imagine marrying someone without that, so she feels sorry for the royal princes and princesses who are being forced into arranged marriages. Evelynne has a great love for animals, nature, and the people of her nation and absolutely hates violence and wars. She refuses to partake in any violence or to condone any of it and is actually a vegetarian. It isn't uncommon for Eve to disappear for days at a time when she is given time off from the castle (which doesn't happen very often), to where no one really knows. Eve is like a great wild animal: Gorgeous and alluring, but untamed and unable to be caged.


Evelynne's mother, Jocelynne Endora, was a beautiful statuesque woman with long golden hair who worked as an advisor for the King and Queen of the Earth nation. She was always a very gentle and kind woman who only wanted the best for the Earth Nation. She fell in love with one of the Kingdom's best soliders, Jameson, and they were married. Jocelynne became pregnant and, sadly, was killed while giving birth to Eveylnne. The castle did not employ any wizards, and no natural medicine could save her mother. So, Evelynne decided to learn magic so that she may help others and save them from the loss of their own loved ones. This is also why she refuses to partake in any violence, because she sees no reason that any one should be killed (especially if it is out of hate). Eve's father, Jameson, was killed in the war when she was 15 and so she was left as an orphan in the castle. Since her mother was so well respected by the King and Queen (and her father was such a fantastic solider), she was offered the job as handmaiden to Veta (the eldest princess).

She has been studying magic for years now, in her spare time, with a wizard in town. Magic is strictly forbidden in the Earth Kingdom, so she hasn't let anyone know of her meetings. The only thing she carries with her at all times is a gorgeous emerald and diamond pendant (gems that were from the hilt of a honorary sword given to him for his service) that was a gift from her father and enchanted by the wizard. Since she cannot have a staff, she relies on the pendant to help focus her magic.


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