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Elvira-Esperanza of Thort

"I love to be the one who is unnoticed in a crowd, who knows everything she can about anything. But at the same time, I like to be the girl who isn't as invisible as she thinks, who is noticed by one person in the crowd, not all."

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a character in “The Six Nations”, as played by ~*~ Divergent ~*~


Elvira-Esperanza of Thort



MY NATION: “I represent the great nation of Thort, home to the most successful mining industry.”

MY STATUS: “As mentioned above, I am the princess of Thort.”

AGE “I was born on December 15th, 1998. That makes me currently 16 years old.”

Wouldn't mind being married to: NAME AND FEW WORDS WHY.
Would loath being married to: NAME AND FEW WORDS WHY.

MAGE TYPE: Metal Mage

Element skills: “I think that I could fare well in battle using my power, considering I have been learning in secret for nine years. Not that I want to use my powers to fight or anything like that. I was trained by a hired family friend, considered to be my tutor, twice every week. It has been a long and tedious process since nine years ago when I was an eager young girl, foolish and naïve as I was. I have grown since then, wiser and more understanding of the dangers powers can hold. I don’t consider myself a master of metal though. Who has really met one to compare themselves to?”

Metal Manipulation: “I am currently mastering the art of turning a solid metal block into a weapon. It is so boring, I think that I may die sometimes.”

{She has learned how to move metal across the floor, as well as lift it into the air. Her training is actually being doubled, so that she can learn more while she still can. Her family is finally realizing that she needs to harness her powers before it's too late. It could be the only thing that keeps her alive.)

Sensing Metal within the Earth/Drawing it out: “What?! I didn’t even know that I am required to learn that! That sounds so difficult!”

Weaknesses: “I cannot control all aspects, obviously, of my power yet, but I intend to keep trying. I will not give up. Ever. Oh yeah, and I also don't even know what I'm even supposed to be learning because, again, I have not had the chance to ask a great Metal Mage casually, 'Hey! Do you know how to summon metal out of the earth?'”


APPEARANCE: “I hope that you could tell from my photographs that I have fairly long, light-blonde hair that grows darker towards the bottom. I have dark blue eyes that look brown or grey from a distance, but when I was little, Mamá says that I had bright blue eyes. I have a fair complexion and am considered petite, although sometimes I may eat too much and then I get a little bigger. Oh well, I don’t keep it for long anyway, but it doesn’t matter to me that much whether I fit into my gowns. I can always have a few more made at the expense of my maids. I am about 5 feet tall, I know, I’m short, and I only come up to my father’s shoulders, my mother’s eyes. It is truly a curse to be short, always having to look up when addressing someone, standing on tip-toes to reach something high up, or not reaching it at all. It saddens me a great deal to know that I will probably never grow taller.”

MY PERSONALITY: “I find myself very keen and intelligent, but I also like to believe I’m a benevolent, selfless sort-of person. I want to help everyone I see that is in need, even though that’s everyone, but it’s physically impossible. I will stick up for what I think is right, but I may be a little passive also. What I mean by that, is that I can be a little shy around the opposite gender when they are around the same age as me and I don’t know them that well. I don’t like to trust people, and rarely do, so I am always wary about who approaches me and what they wish to say. My maids and nurse were always kind, but they never knew about me. They never knew of my powers for I feared discovery. Although, I did suspect my nurse knew once, but it was a false alarm. Mamá and Papá promised that no one would find out, but if they did, they didn’t know what would happen to me. Alas, I could not even tell my brother, the only person in my life who I thought I knew best. But Mamá insisted that my gift must be kept a secret, so it became my burden and my curse.

I have always wondered what it would be like to be normal. I was for 6 years of my life and then I discovered myself. I guess I live in the past and the future, but never the present. I am always either reflecting on my past mistakes and how I could have made them better or thinking ahead to what it will be like to be married with kids, ruling a country. How hard it will be, to keep a secret like that from my family, not to mention my people. But somehow, I do believe that there is room for a few secrets in everyone’s lives. I think that there has to be a few things in everyone’s lives that you just can’t tell the person next to you in your studies. They may not understand or you may not be ready to tell anyone. I may never be ready.

I don’t think that I would mind ruling someday, but I would want to have some guidelines and support. I like to have everything planned out to the precise moment, but no, I’m not a control freak. Also, I am very organized and I pride myself on it and my modesty. I am also extremely stubborn and determined, you can ask anyone at the castle. I don’t like to put people in bad situations, but I can get close to it, sadly. Oh! Another thing about me is that I am well practiced in three languages and I love old novels and original works. I read them so much, that I find myself quoting them constantly.”

(She secretly loves to talk about herself and share information, so that is why it is so hard for her to keep her secret. She also secretly wants to please everyone, no matter the cost because, as mentioned before, she believes she is a little selfless and selfless people like to make others happy. She also has many fears like heights (not afraid to admit), drops (not afraid to admit), self-harming herself accidentally, large open spaces (too exposed), and not being good enough on many levels. Her “fatal flaw” (reference to Percy Jackson) is hubris, or excessive pride. She also secretly wants to feel wanted and loved because all she’s ever gotten in her life is closed doors and hidden secrets.)

MY POLITICAL VIEWS: “I think that the other nations, including my own, could use some reform. I think there is always room for change, even if it’s a small amount. I think that the Council needs to make sure that everyone is included and that we all get fair trade. We need equality more than anything else, really. I hope to achieve equality in rights and status as well as re-establishing hope to my country.”


HISTORY: "I remember when I was seven and I first found out that I had powers, I was confused and then extremely happy. I wasn’t a boring mundane after all! I had seen the children in the nation. There weren’t as many as some of the other nations I had heard and learned about, but there were a few. I would sit atop my grey-stone windowsill, my legs hanging out the window crossed at the ankles, my dress draped carelessly wherever it happened to land, and I would watch them practicing and growing stronger. I envied them, but would never admit it aloud. My nurse, Carlota, always had to call me a few times before I would hear her, but even still, I never wanted to leave my perch where I could see the sand dancing and the leaves rustling in the trees, disturbed by the children’s touch.

Around nine years old was when I finally understood my ability and knew that I had to hide it. In fact, I shouldn't be writing any of this down so I will have to trust that you will not tell anyone. However, I believe the time is right for the truth to come out. I only have myself to blame if this gets into the wrong hands. Mamá tells me not to write this, not to have proof of anything, but I am as stubborn as my father, maybe even more so, and I cannot stop the thoughts from spilling from my mouth. For nine years I have kept my powers a secret, but for no longer can I hold my tongue. Papá says I am destined for a life of secrets, a life in shadows, but I don't want. Regrettably, I have to inform you that when I first found out, I thought I could be a castle spy or perhaps a war counsel. That never happened and it never would have.

My brother, Garren, is four years older than me which makes him twenty. He is the best brother ever, even though I have no other siblings to compare him to besides my younger sister. ”

So begins...

Elvira-Esperanza of Thort's Story