The Sixtieth Annual Hunger Games

The Sixtieth Annual Hunger Games


And it was decreed that each year the twelve districts of Panem should offer up one young boy and girl to serve as a tribute to compete in the 60th Annual Hunger Games...

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In the remains of North America lies the country of Panem, where there are 12 Districts that must choose one girl and one boy between the ages of 12 to 18 to compete in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death in an arena on live television. The Hunger Games are used as punishment for "the Dark Days" when the 13 districts rebelled together against the country's government, the Capitol, resulting in the destruction of the 13th District. It seems you are a tribute! What will become of your fate?


The Games
The Hunger Games are a morbid and brutal competition which take place annually in the country of Panem. Every year, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 are selected from each of the twelve districts as tributes, who prepare for a week and then are sent into an outdoor arena to fight to the death. The event is nationally televised as mandatory viewing for all citizens. The last living tribute is declared the victor and is allowed to live in comfort in their home district in the Victor's Village.

During the anticipation of the games, interviews, chariot presentations, training, and evaluations will occur. (More information in OOC.)

The Cornucopia is giant, golden (silver) horn shaped like a cone with a curved tail. In each year's Hunger Games, the tributes launch into the arena and start off in a circular formation, equidistant to the Cornucopia. Its mouth is at least 20 feet high and is filled with items that could help the tributes survive in the Games such as weapons, clothing, fire starters, supplies, containers, water, food, blankets, and medicine. The closer an object is to the Cornucopia, the more valuable it is. In an unidentified Hunger Games, the Cornucopia was filled with only spiked maces with which the tributes had to bludgeon each other to death with. However, both forms of media have this in common: the Cornucopia is the death of many tributes due to the large amount of desirable items. This is where the violent killing spree (the bloodbath) emerges. After this, it's a fight to the death until one tribute is left standing.

Every year, each district holds a reaping ceremony. Two large glass balls contain slips of paper with each child's first and last name. A child's name is entered each year for every year that they are eligible. The entries are cumulative, and each year another slip is added to the glass ball for the child's aging. Ex: At age 12 one slip has their name, at 13 two slips are added, and so on. By the time each child is 18, they must have a minimum of 7 entries in the glass ball. However, they can choose to add their name more times in exchange for tessera, which is a small ration of oil and grain. Each tessera has enough oil and grain to supply one family member with food for one year.

The district's representative/escort picks a name out of the balls, one of which is for girls and one for boys. The tributes whose names are chosen are then entered into the Games, unless someone is willing to volunteer - a normally quite rare phenomenon unless it is in one of the "Career Districts" (1, 2, and 4), districts in which children have been training their whole lives to enter the Games.

When a victor comes home, they are no longer be eligible to participate in the Games even if they are still young enough to have their name drawn in the reaping. The exception to this rule is the Quarter Quell. The reaping ceremony is also treated like a celebration to all districts. The children dress up and sometimes given gifts to each other. They also tend to celebrate after the reaping is over, except of course for the children who are chosen who are busy saying their goodbyes.


Reaping Day

The Capitol
ImageThe Capitol of Panem is a technologically advanced, utopian fortress city where the wealthy and powerful citizens of the nation reside. The Capitol is also the colloquial name for the ruling government of Panem. Not only are the Games controlled by this city, but so are the twelve (previously thirteen) districts. The Capitol is a tyrannical dictatorship, led by President Snow and holds total political and economical dominance over Panem, enforcing its rule through an army of Peacekeepers, harsh laws, propoganda, and, the Hunger Games. It is also the only major city. It is thought to be located in the northwestern section of the former United States of America, seemingly west of the Rocky Mountains. It is likely that it is in the current day state of Colorado, Utah, Montana, or Idaho. It is known for its food, and fashion. The Rockies also acted as a natural barrier and proved useful for the Capitol, allowing their air forces to bomb the rebels who attempted to invade the city in the Dark Days.

Style and fashion are very important to the aristocratic citizens of the Capitol. It is common for them to tattoo and dye their bodies, as well as undergo plastic surgery to alter their appearances. Some are whiskers, dyed skin, talons, and more outrageous fashions not mentioned. Some people of the Capitol also have gems implanted in their skin. Capitol residents also frequently wear wigs in a multitude of colors. The other districts think the people from the Capitol are different and odd. In order to have a good time at a party and eat as much as they want, Capitol residents drink a special liquid (like ipecac), that causes them to vomit, thus providing room for more food. The residents seem almost oblivious to the fact that, although they go through lots of food and still have plenty left over, many of the district's residents are starving. The food Capitol residents eat is extremely rich.

Since I don't want all of the characters dead in the beginning of the roleplay, I've decided the roleplay will just focus on certain tributes from certain districts. This way, we won't have as many losses and/or deaths.

District 1

District 1 is one of the wealthiest districts of Panem. Its primary industry is manufacturing luxury items for the Capitol. Some of them include diamonds and most likely other precious gems. It seems that parents name their children after the names of precious items and their attributes, which may be a reflection on their "glamorous" nature. Children in District 1 almost always seem to take pride in competing in the Games, and are among the group of tributes that band together to pick off the weak, called the Careers.

District 1 Female | Taken by VivaVictoria

District 1 Male | OPEN

District 4

District 4 is one of the wealthier districts of Panem. Its industry is fishing, which is useful for tributes in the Games as they have experience in using nets and tridents, making fishhooks from scratch, swimming, and identifying edible sea life. Being one of the wealthier districts, District 4 tends to produce Career Tributes who volunteer to participate in The Hunger Games. This is also the case for Districts 1 and 2. These children are raised to win the Games, making them stronger and much more capable of winning than the average tribute.

District 4 Female | Taken by XphoenixX5

District 4 Male | Reserved by PepperJack

District 8

District 8 is one of the districts of Panem. Its main industry is making textiles and clothing. They have at least one factory that is primarily used for making Peacekeeper uniforms. Incomes in District 8 must be fairly low. Some jobs include Factory worker, Weaver, Dress maker, Designer, and Warehouse manager.

District 8 Female | Taken by LightANDDark

District 8 Male | Reserved by ShaShaBoomStar

District 12

District 12 is the poorest district in the nation of Panem. Located in the mountains, and with a population of around 8,000 people, District 12 specializes in coal mining. Some jobs include Coal miner, Geologist, Blaster, Surveyor and, Metallurgist.

District 12 Female | OPEN

District 12 Male | Reserved by The Writer's Voice

For the character sheet, you can create whatever you'd like; although, these must be included in your sheet:
-Age (12-18)
-Personality (Also- maybe likes and dislikes? At least 2 or 3 paragraphs.)
-Appearance (Preferably a realistic picture. Actors are allowed.)
-Preferred weapons
-Physical description
-History (At least 2 or 3 paragraphs.)
-Skills/Special Traits

Please make your sheet look good! The list doesn't have to be in that exact order. Style it and add all sorts of things; fonts, colors, pictures, gifs. Try your best and put in some effort. I likes seeing a variety of character sheets.


1. Reservations only last three days.
2. Respect each other in the OOC. No fighting with each other there! Save that for the games.
3. Be dramatic as possible. Romance between the tributes is allowed an encouraged.
4. Swaring is allowed. This is a mature-themed roleplay.
5. Check the OOC for updates regularly.
6. I'm sorry, but your character has a possibility of being killed. If you engage in fighting with another player, you can't always get away or win. Be realistic and give us a tear-jerking death.
7. NO ONE OR TWO SENTENCE POSTS. At least 2 or 3 paragraphs, please.
8. Try to post at least once a day.

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Character Portrait: Tamera Ackers
Tamera Ackers

District 8, Female

Character Portrait: Alexandria Nickelson
Alexandria Nickelson

District 4, female


Character Portrait: Tamera Ackers
Tamera Ackers

District 8, Female

Character Portrait: Alexandria Nickelson
Alexandria Nickelson

District 4, female

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Character Portrait: Tamera Ackers
Tamera Ackers

District 8, Female

Character Portrait: Alexandria Nickelson
Alexandria Nickelson

District 4, female

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The Sixtieth Annual Hunger Games

Hey everybody!
I'm really glad you've decided to have a glimpse of my roleplay. In honor of the upcoming Catching Fire movie, I thought it was a great idea to create this.

Just to remind you:
- Reservations only last three days.
- If you're confused, questions are strongly encouraged.
- Try to post every day if you can. (2 or 3 paragraphs is fine.)
- Regularly check the OOC.

I'll soon be posting extra information about the roleplay to help us all deepen into the plot and get the real Hunger Games experience. Once we have everyone's characters, I'll start us off with an introduction post beginning with the beloved Reaping Day.