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The Skinwalkers

The Skinwalkers


In a ruined world exist people who can take the form of animal. However animals are vicious, and a battle for supremacy is going to be a long and bloody one.

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Welcome to a different world. In this world, civilization collapsed some time ago. By war, plague or industrial accidents, much of the world is left bare and barren. Many plants struggle to grow, and getting much from crops is difficult. With no electrical grid and few working generators, technology is a rare commodity. Many dangerous, mutated creatures roam the land, making life quite hazardous who venture out alone.

Most humans exist in small, highly superstitious, village communities. They shun all things that are different out of fear, and one particular being, born of human parents, it regarded with greater suspicion and terror than most.

They are known as Changers, or Skinwalkers. They could be identified from birth or shortly after by subtle, but strange traits that they carried. They might have sharp teeth, claw-like nails, or slits for pupils. Some might have feathers instead of hair, or display odd behaviours, like chasing after mice or howling at the moon...most frightening to the humans however was that they were able to change their forms, and take the shape of an animal. People could not explain this, so they thought that their powers had to be evil in origin.

People dealt with the birth of a Changer by banishing them when they became old enough to fend for themselves, sending them into the old ruins, and telling them in no certain terms that if they were seen again, then they would be spared none of the same mercy.

While life was hard for humans in this harsh world, it became all the worse for the Changers. Alone, and with few skills of their own, many starved or were killed by the mutant animals. Others lost their humanity entirely, becoming nothing but savage beasts.

Many, on the other hand, banded together into packs in order to increase their chances of survival.

The City. No-one remembered its name. It had been a big one certainly, but its identity, like most of the residents, became lost to history. The climate was dry, water was rather scarce, and mutant activity in the dark areas of the ruined buildings set most beings on edge.

Humans avoided the city, and the areas round it like the plague, preferring to settle in the hills far to the north, leaving the area to the Changers...but it meant that quite a high population of beings fighting over few resources.

Within the city ruins, one pack ruled. They were known as Cru's Army, after their militaristic attitude, and the name of their leader, a changer who could take the form of a huge mastiff. They had constructed a makeshift fortress beside the old reservoir where the troops lived, and around it lived other Changers under the oppression of the pack. They farmed, hunted, foraged or scavenged, and Cru's cronies would periodically show up and take much of what they earned for themselves. They had a brutal response to any disobedience, mutilating and injuring any dissidents and leaving them out in the ruins to die or be eaten by mutants.

The Stranglehold Cru has had on the area has resulted in the death of many Changers...but something is about to change. An assortment of outcast, exiles and loners, forced together by the adversity of the ruined territories are about to give the army a serious problem. Known simply as The Pack, they would become figures of legend...assuming that they can keep their throat intact.

Changer Types

Barker: One of the most common types of Changer, and also one of the strongest physically. They can take the form of dogs. The breed and traits depend a lot on the personality and genes of the person. Barkers are very sociable and don't like being alone, they are extremely honest and loyal, however they can be extremely brutal and aggressive in situation that warrant it. They sometimes struggle to get along with Maos, and have a long-running distrust of Todds.

Mao: A Mao is the second most common changer, and can take the form of a cat. Most become domestic cats, though a few, referred to as 'Great Maos' can become something larger, like a lynx or a bobcat. Such an occurrence is rare. No Mao has had a form larger than a lynx. Maos are very intelligent and perceptive, very good under pressure, however they are also cold and aloof, often arrogant. They often look down on Barkers, seeing them as stupid and needy.

Feather: A Feather can take the form of a bird, generally either a dove or a crow, rarely as a small bird of prey like a kestrel or buzzard. A Feather is distinctive by the fact that they'll often have a few feathers on their body or mixed in their hair, even in human form. They also have very brittle bones in either form. Feathers are often very gentle and artistic, and are great singers....on the other hand they are often hesitant to intervene and help others, at least partly due to their own fragility.

Bandit: Bandits are able to take the form of raccoons. They are usually very accomplished thieves and foragers, known to be the ones to come to in order to find food or items if they can't be acquired anywhere else. They are naturally witty and humorous, though sometimes come across as rude and tactless.

Spinner: Spinners are a rare form of Changer able to take the form of spiders, though most avoid doing so due to the vulnerability this creates. Most take the form of venomous spiders when they do. They are somewhat unique among Changers that they retain much of their animal advantages in human form. They are able to climb walls, and their bite keeps a paralysing venom. Spinners are uniquely intelligent, cruel, often sociopathic individuals. They will join packs, but seem to have little interest in the social aspects, generally looking on others with disdain.

Todd: Todds are fairly rare Changers who can take the form of foxes. They are quite independent, cunning and charismatic. They are skilled hunters and tend to be very adept at survival, however they are often selfish and out to further their own agendas before others. Todds have a verse tense relationship with Barkers and are naturally fearful of them.

Squeaker: A Squeaker is a changer able to take the form of a mouse or rat. Due to their ability to pass unnoticed in most places, they are often employed as spies in packs, and due to their lack of natural defences, many are bullied or threatened into the role. Squeakers are generally small and physically unimpressive in their human forms, though tend to engineer things to avoid fighting. They are generally quite caring, but ultimately cowardly. They are terrified of Maos.

The Pack

Members of The Pack may change depending on others that may by forced to join or leave during the process of the plot, but this is the core membership to begin with.

Leader - Barker - Male (OPEN)

The Scout
-Feather - Female (RESERVED)

The Theif
-Bandit - Male (OPEN)

The Spy -Squeaker - Female (OPEN)

The Strategist
- Todd - Male (OPEN)

The Medic - Mao - Female (OPEN)

Cru's Army

Cru - Barker - Male (OPEN)

Cru's Wife/Advisor -Todd - Female (OPEN)

First Lieutenant
- Barker -Male (OPEN)

Second Lieutenant - Barker - Female (TAKEN)

Bodyguard - Barker -Male (OPEN)

Spymaster - Feather - Male (OPEN)

Interrogator/ Jailer - Spinner- Female (OPEN)

Jester - Bandit - Female (OPEN)

Other members:
(To be added as needed. If you have an idea, just ask!)

Character Skeleton

Code: Select all
[b]Full name[/b]:
[b]Nickname/s[/b]: (If any.)
[b]Role[/b]: (From the list.)

[b]Appearance, Human Form[/b]: (Text, picture or a combination.  I'm not going to enforce a picture style, I'd rather if you were going to use and image that you find one that best represents your character rather than worrying about a uniform style.)

[b]Appearance, Animal Form[/b]: (As above.)

[b]Skills[/b]: (What can your character do that people might want to know?)

[b]Weaknesses[/b]: (A few things that might bring about their downfall, real ones please.)

[b]Personality[/b]: (Doesn't have to be detailed if you want, but explain their general demeanour.)

[b]Brief History[/b]: (If there are things you want to keep secret you can be vague in places, but some recent history needs to be put down to make up local rumours and such.)

[b]Attitudes[/b]: (Will be filled out as the RP goes on, a short line regarding each character they have met and their attitude towards them.
eg: "I don't trust Hati, she looks a bit shady.)

Toggle Rules

1) No godmoding or power playing. I understand people have a certain amount of character pride, but try and think about whether you want them to win because it'll make the plot more interesting, or because you just want your character to look badass.

2) Be polite and patient. Acknowledge that everyone has a life and does not always have time to RP, and in turn others will do the same. If you have to leave to a long period, please make it known and try to tuck your character away somewhere that the story can continue, but they can come back in reasonably easily. Have them take a nap, or go looking for food or similar.

3) If you are leaving permanently then please say so rather than leave everyone hanging. No-one is going to bite your head off if you politely state that you either can't do the RP anymore, or want to back out. It's better people know for definite so the character slot can be opened up again.

4) Stick to the limitations of the type. The Changers are not meant to be uber-powerful super animal gods with 1333 mad skillz, they can become animals, that is it all and those animals won't be able to defy physics, so keep that in mind. There's supposed to be a certain sense of vulnerability.

5) Interaction is so important and an RP is at its best when everyone is included. However it also helps having everyone pulling in the right direction. I don't mind you coming up with little sub-plots of your own, but please consider whether implementing it would be entertaining for everyone, or just a vehicle for your character. Putting in some sort of vicious wildman to plague the other characters is fine, but seeing someone walk off and be randomly attacked by their evil twin/ex/parent/housepet out of the blue for no particular reason is a bit dull for everyone else.

6) It's a harsh world so violence can be expected, and it possibly inevitable, but try not to scar anyone for life with the post content.

7) Romance is a part of life, and is permitted in Skinwalkers, and if characters start getting close, that's all fine and good.HOWEVER that doesn't mean that your character should jump the nearest member of the opposite (or same) sex. There are dozens of RPs out there that you can find a companion for your character and skip through fields of flowers holding hands, there are, I'm assuming fewer where you can play a shapeshifter in a bloody power struggle, so try and make sure any relatioship don't grind the plot to a halt.

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Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

Submitted a cru charrie. Any idea when we'll start this?

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

Then, I guess that I'll take Bodyguard as well if no one else wants to?

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

If you play Cru, I'll play his wife/advisor.

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

If no one else wants them, I'll take either Cru(prefered) or the first lieutenant if I may.

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

... Wow, am I the only member of Cru's army? Someone join, please... >.<

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

Scout is taken, the jester is now open though.

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

So is the scout reserved for me? And can I have the bandit as well?

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

Damn it all. I had the CS completely finished - and it wasn't too shabby if I do say so myself - and I was reading over it, and my laptop froze. I restarted it and it was gone. I was so freaking upset. I'll try to rewrite it later today.

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

Could i reserve the medic for the pack?

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

Ah, I just realized that I may not be able to participate in this RPG too soon. I would like to give up my reservation if that is okay! :)

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

I'd like to reserve the spy, please. I can't make the character sheet now, but I will as soon as possible. (: Also, if no one ends up taking her, I'd love to play Cru's wife/advisor. I don't want to reserve two characters, especially if you get more than enough people interested in this. Just if no none wants to, I will. (;

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

Spy and Medic for the pack are both open, as is Jailer and and Advisor for Cru's Army if you want a female role Emotionless.

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

i absolutely loved this rp but someone has taken my poor jester, so would it be cool if i was scout for the pack? or any female role thats open realy

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

Welcome back Nivosity and Cienpher! You are of course welcome to reprise your old roles.


Thanatos, a human would indeed be permitted if you wanted to try that.


I'll put a reservation on the Jester for you.

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

This looks so cool... o____o D'you think I could reserve the Jester Bandit on Cru's little team please? :D

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

This looks interesting, I can make a char later on today if I may join. Can I make a human though, a man stuck in the city between debris and cru's army's makeshift fortress If not May I reserve the Strategist?

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

Do you mind if I jump back in with my old character? XD

It was the Thief...? Might I reserve it? I missed Clive so much...

Re: [OOC] The Skinwalkers

:) You remade this!

I'm claiming the spymaster again. Liron, I missed you soo much. >.>

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