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The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

The Slightly Chipped Full Moon


What if Alois had lived? What if he had recoved from his injury only to turn around and kill Ciel? Three years later, Alois still lives happily; but maybe he can't escape fate as easily as he thought....

1,409 readers have visited The Slightly Chipped Full Moon since MagicalNeko created it.

Introduction me and hold me tight...

:t h e . s l i g h t l y . CHIPPED . f u l l . m o o n:

...just make me alright....


"It Would Have Been Better if I'd Never Loved You from the Start."

That smile could have meant so many things.... To Alois Trancy, it meant death. He knew he had to get away, because he was going to die if he didn't. He was going to die even if he
did. But perhaps... if he could just find Ciel Phantomhive and beg his forgiveness... perhaps Ciel would spare him his miserable life and protect him from Claude. The wound in his side hurt now more than ever before, sitting in the carriage that bounced along, disshevelling the young Earl as he tried to sleep on the way. But it wasn't because of the jostling and the hand pressed to it that it hurt. It was because Claude had broken his stoney exterior and smiled. It was because Alois was in love with him, and in that instant, he knew that Claude had been playing him to cultivate that emotion. That was what brought the tears to his eyes and roused the memories of Claude's summoning. And even though he knew that Claude would kill him if he was caught, Alois was still so happy to him him... so happy that he got to have one last moment together with him....

If that was how he must die, then....

But Alois awoke the next morning in his own bed and laughed, though it hurt his side immeasurably. Just a dream. Just a dream.... Though it seemed so real at the time.... But it was just a dream. He had never moved from his bed at all, and Claude acted as he always had. He never showed any sign that he had ever broken for Alois. So, had he? Yes... he really had. But why? An unanswered question — one that Alois never bothered to ask, because he was well aware that he would be returned some cryptic answer that he'd spend hours upon hours trying to decode before he gave up. Truthfully, Alois forgot all about it. He laid in bed and allowed himself to heal, though it was never the same.

And one day, he decided that he should visit Ciel Phantomhive. It had been so long, after all. Just as he had done in his dream, though a little more cleanly and not as rushed, he ordered Hannah to bring around the carriage immediately. After having done some thought, he never wanted to lose Claude. Ever. And there was only one way that he could have his demon butler until the day he died. He had to kill Ciel Phantomhive; make him unobtainable. Then, it would be impossible to fulfill their contract, and Claude would suffer eternal servitude to the little blonde. It meant alot of sneaking around and trying to make sure that Claude had no idea what was going on, and alot of work to find a way around Sebastian.... Because if Sebastian got his hands on the one who was attempting murder on his Boucchan.... Well, Ciel wouldn't be the only dead one. Or maybe he'd cheat death entirely and Alois would end up just as dead as he had in that dream....

It turned out that there really was a way around Sebastian, and Alois found it.

He found it, and killed Ciel Phantomhive.

It was mildly disturbing at first, he revelled in a rush of heavy emotion. Fear, disbelief, loathing.... Passion, relief, victory. Power. And he never had need to murder again. So he didn't. And he never thought about what he had done as anything less than necessary.

That's why, three years later, at the age of seventeen, Alois Tracy still lives, and well. Happily, he goes about his usual business, torturing the servants, making as much trouble for Claude as possible.... But something has happened that Alois is completely unaware of.... Someone close to him has risen under the order of someone who vows revenge on him.

Luca McCain has been reborn as a demon.


:r u l e s:

  • No power-playing or god-modelling.
  • No playing other peoples' characters without their permission.
  • No killing other peoples' characters without permission — both theirs and mine.
  • Please post in novel-style format. At least one GOOD paragraph per post. NO one-lining.
  • I will automatically reject any application that does not correctly use the profile provided, does not contain adequate paragraphs of information to the character, does not implore the proper use of punctuation/spelling/grammar/capitals. Enough said.
  • The Staff of the Tracy Household and Other Nobility will only be open once the first three roles are taken. If anyone submits an application for these roles before I've opened them, I will reject it. This is in exception to those with special permission given by me beforehand.
  • Love is Allowed. Slash is encouraged.
  • All characters must be 14 to 21 years of age, with exception to Claude and any other demons.
  • If you're just going to sign up and then never come back, don't bother signing up — it's a waste of both of our time. SERIOUSLY.
  • Anime pictures only, please.
  • If you have any questions or comments, feel free to message me.
  • Have fun!
  • Rule of Cool: If it's awesome and it makes the story even better, it's allowed. This means that you can dual-wield chainsaw swords while surfing on the hood of a Lamborghini Diablo as you fight a giant kraken in the lost city of Atlantis, so long as it moves the story forward and isn't outright power-playing bullcrap.


:r o l e s:

  • Alois Trancy/Jim McCain by MagicalNeko
  • Claude Faustus by Yonibibuns
  • Luca McCain (Reserved for Lovereeny)
  • Leon Illigs by SuckOnMyJuiceBox
  • Staff of the Trancy Household
  • Other nobility


:f o r m:

[Appearance] - Must be a picture unless special permission is given.
[First Name]
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The Trancy Manor. A quiet mansion in the middle of the English countryside, belonging in all its glorious silence to me, the owner by will. The son of the later Earl Trancy, God bless his soul. Or don't. I really don't give half a rat's as whether that old pedo is lounging around in the clouds and sipping iced tea or burning in Hell with the worst of our kind in History. I hoped for the latter, but I didn't care either way. He was out of my life and I never had to worry about being called into the wash chamber for his entertainment ever again. I never had to wear the red kimono with the spider web and butterfly motif, so that it showed off my slender body in only the most tempting of ways. I never had to scream his name into the night as convincingly as I could will myself to give him some sort of sick satisfaction while unspeakable things carried on in the most painful of ways. I still had to do a considerable amount of pretending, though; and that's just part of life, as unfortunate as it is. I pretended I was Alois Tracy, first of all. That was the main one. That was a charade I kept up daily, a facade that had welded itself to me over time, so much so that I nearly forgot my own real name. That was a scary thought. It really was. The boy, Jim McCain, had died when I became Alois Trancy. No, that's not exactly right. There was a grey area between the time Jim died and Alois was born, where I was no one. Whether it was after I found my younger brother dead or the first time I realized what exactly that fat old wretch was doing to me that Jim died, I can't really say. Maybe he died twice, except that it's not really possible. But then again, if he was completely dead while being raped, then he would have felt no fear, no regret, no disgust.... No. We. I. I wouldn't have felt anything. Perhaps Jim had died after Luca's death, but Alois had begun to develop enough that I could feel certain things. Because I seem to remember not being able to feel or think anything prior to being brought to the mansion.... It's one of thise things I'm nearly constantly contemplating....

The other thing I am always pretending is that Ciel Phantomhive's death was some freak accident that I had absolutely nothing to do with. I know I killed him. I remember it in vivid detail every night before I fall asleep, and I have for two years straight. Two years. Twenty-four months. One hundred four weeks. Seven hundred thirty days. Seventeen thousand five hundred twenty hours. One million fifty-one thousand two hundred minutes. Sixty-three million seventy-two thousand seconds. That is how much I think about it. So much that I'd figured out exactly how long it had been since I had murdered another human being. Okay, so I had actually asked Claude, my Demon abacus to calculate it for me. I looked up at the clock on the wall of my office that evening, tapping my fingers on the mahogany wood, paying no attention to the work I should have been finishing. Sixty-three million seventy-two thousand one seconds. Sixty-three million seventy-two thousand two seconds. Sixty-three million seventy-two thousand three seconds.... I heaved a sigh and pushed my chair back as I remembered having done on one very boring afternoon two years ago. I put ornately decorated feet up on the edge of my desk and leaned until my chair balanced on its two back legs. I closed my eyes and spread my arms like wings, thinking to myself that I was falling and Claude would come catch me in his strong arms and hold me close to his body.... My heart thumped in my chest as I thought about it, and I had to force the breaths, because they kept getting stuck in my throat. I knew I wouldn't fall. My legs were longer and stronger, and I knew instinctively how far back I could lean before I would fall. Disappointed, I opened my eyes to stare at the moldings in the ceiling, tracing the elaborate patterns before I uprighted myself and crossed my legs underneath me. It was a tight fit, but all I had to do was put my knees up on the arms of the chair and it worked, though it was little more than uncomfortable. I had decided to fold myself a single paper crane out of a blank sheet of paper out of a drawer in my desk, and was purely frustrated to find that it was nearly perfect. Nearly. None could be as perfect as the one that sat hidden away in the locked drawer at the top left; the one that Claude had made for me at my demand. And even though I had crushed it with my foot, it was still perfect. Not because it wasn't deformed or crumpled, because in that respect it was far from perfect. No. It was perfect because Claude had made it for me.

Speak of the Devil, I hadn't seen Claude in a little over three hours, but I was certain that it was nearling dinner time. I was bored enough that I didn't want to wait for Claude to come fetch me, so I didn't. I unravelled my legs, planted my heeled boots firmly, and pushed my chair back, standing like I had something important to yell across my desk at some worthless shit on the other side of it, with so much authority that I'd probably make him puke out of fright. Was that possible? It sounded funny, so it didn't matter if it was possible or not. I chuckled lightly at the idea of it as I nearly skipped out of the room. I was hungry. I hadn't eaten since the snack that I told Hannah to bring up for me an hour ago, and even then, I had only nibbled on the little cake. I felt my stomach tighten as I shut my office door behind me, and heard it growl in protest at its own emptiness. Placing a hand over my abdomin, I stared down in wonder, trying to decifer the message it was trying to send. The signals were mixed, so all I got was something about not wanting to eat because a murderer didn't deserve food, and something else about being a poor starving orphan in the streets with nothing to eat.... It wasn't that long ago that I really had been a poor starving orphan in the streets with nothing to eat, if I thought about it. It wasn't that long ago that I died of sheer lonliness. And it wasn't that long ago that I was reborn the heir to the Trancy Earldom.

I had no idea how long I stood there for. All I knew was that the thing to shake me from my trance was the sound of the Grandfather clock in the foyer tolling five o'clock, and I nearly jumped when I heard it. I looked down at my hand, trying to recall what I had just been thinking about, but it wouldn't return. What had it been...? I remembered noting some time this morning that I had grown a few inches since the last time I really paid attention to where my eyes fell on this door, which meant that I could probably rest my head close to Claude's heart now, instead of resting my head on his abdomin. Had I really gotten that tall...? It had been so long since I had actually hugged onto Claude that I really didn't know; but that was probably as tall as I would grow, anyway. I was seventeen now, so I had probably stopped growing. It was slightly depressing that I wouldn't get to be as tall as my sexy butler, but then again... what Human could ever grow to such an unusual height?

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Five o'clock. Even if the clock I was looking at was broken it would still be five o'clock meaning it would have the right time. Broken clocks are right twice a day. M'hm, m'hm. I learned that somewhere from someone but the name and place are somewhat dark like the rest of my memory right up until that day when all I saw was orange, red and yellow flickering. It was hot that day I remember. Still, the clock reads five o'clock and Older Brother needs supper and it's my job to make it for him so that he doesn't have to. Yes I may be too small to reach the stove but the beauty of it is - chairs make good ladders. That and I've never really seen my size to be any sort of hinderer to what I can possibly do for him because he's everything. Which is why I make him supper every single day even though I can't stand as tall as the stove or reach the stuff on the top shelf. I don't even know what I'm supposed to be making for him but I have this big calender I put up in the kitchen with a whole bunch of preplanned meals on it. Older Brother likes to plan out everything because he doesn't like surprises and that's okay because he's awesome just the way he is. I wouldn't change anything about him for the world! Based purely on the fact that I think he's amazing. Call me biased. Doesn't matter much to me anyway.

The walls always look so much taller to me than the look like they do to him. I'm short but it's not my fault - I haven't grown very much in the past.... However many years has gone by since that day when I watched the whole village burn. I was supposed to die that day but Hannah decided not to kill me for reasons unknown. I'm grateful for that and everything but I was kind of hoping that she'd take my soul as fair trade for the huge favour she'd done for me. I felt like there was some kind of debt left unpaid. Unless I was paying for it by living for eternity instead of wherever I was supposed to be by this point in my life.... Part life. I don't know if I consider myself alive anymore despite the fact that I breathe in fresh air and eat delicious sweets and feel confusing emotions. I'm a teenager trapped in the body of a nine year old red haired boy. Everyone's dream I suppose. Although; I do wonder how tall the walls would seem if I was the height I would have been if I hadn't made the contract with Hannah. I wondered if I'd still be with Jim. Would we still be the orphans Jim and Luca McCain stealing and struggling to survive everyday? I like to imagine we would've run away to a palace and become princes of our own country. But Jim isn't around.

I have Leon now though! Now days, I like to imagine that we go off to the fair and play games and run around in the freshly mowed lawn with the morning dew cooling off our faces while we laugh. I don't sleep very well but I like to dream that he adopts me and we live together happily; just the two of us. I push the chair I use to stand on towards the stove and look over at the calender. Fettuccine Alfredo with a creamy cheese cause and carrots. To be fun I like to make a little something extra as my own special surprise even though Leon doesn't like them. He's never gotten too upset before so I doubt he'd be very upset if I added sun dried tomatoes as a garnish. My Older Brother. I smile whenever I think about him and me sitting at the dinner table eating while I swing my legs and ask him what he's gotten up to. Idolize I believe they call what I feel for him. I idolize him; I'm enamoured with him. I won't deny it, I love Leon. Tons. So much that I feel my heart could explode with it. I was warned back when I wasn't with Leon not to develop any real feelings for the person I contracted with because it would lead me to doing my job as a demon badly. I don't see anything wrong with it because if anything I want to everything a hundred times better. I want to make sure the carrots I'm dicing are all perfect and the exact same size and that the noodles boiling in the pot are the perfect tenderness so they aren't too hard or too soft. I was warned that it would stop me from wanting to take his soul. What they don't know is that I don't want to take anyone's soul whether I love them or not. Leon's is super special to me though because if I take it from him I'll feel like I'm ripping up a beautiful priceless painting. Oh! Like I'm setting the Mona Lisa on fire. You can't do that. I can't do that. I can't take Older Brother's soul away from him since he deserves to have it from the day he was born to the day he dies. I still have mine. He should keep his. Not only because I love him either mind you but because it's so beautiful it makes me feel warm on the inside.

"Where is Older Brother anyway?" I'm not supposed to call him that in front of him for my own reasons since he isn't allowed to know that I love him like he's my brother. Sometimes I slip but I always find a way to pass it as me trying to make the whole relationship more realistic. In front of people. I wonder what excuse he's come up with to explain my sudden appearance for I've never heard it. Nor do I really know what his goal is just that he has an intense hatred for someone. I'll kill them. No one upsets Leon that much. No one! Not even me. I popped an imperfect carrot piece into my mouth and chewed on it happily - eating something Leon likes. Hehe. I feel closer to him now that I've eaten something he likes to eat even though that's a really silly way to go about it. Anything. And I mean anything that brings me closer to Older Brother makes me happy.

Because I love him.

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Hot town,
Summer in the city,
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty,
Been down, isn’t it a pity?
Doesn’t seem to be a
sh - sh - sh - sh - sh..

Leon grunted a sound of disappointment. Not only had Summer In The City been his favorite record, but that was specifically what he had been wanting to hear. Not to mention he had spent the last two hours messing with the record player in an attempt to fix it so he could listen to it. A frown tugged at the corners of his lips. He had spent two hours doing absolutely nothing. All that pulling, re-placing, and dusting. It had all added up to a big fat nothing. In fact, Leon was sure his record player was officially broken. Leon watched as it sputtered a ‘sh - sh - sh’.

“Shut up” He muttered. He lifted up the tone-arm and took the record out, then kicked the record player with a satisfied bang as it hit the wall. Piece of shit.

And now Leon was in a bad mood. One could tell by the way his brow lowered, or how he just generally looked pissed. Leon liked to keep things to himself, though. He liked not showing his emotions, or letting on about his feelings. So he inhaled and thought about Luca, and what he was making for dinner. He thought about how a nine year old shouldn’t even be able to cook dinner. He thought about how his shoes had a bit of dirt on them. He thought about his slightly scratched record, but he mostly thought about Luca.

Leon had left Luca alone for the past couple of hours. Actually, a few hours. He wasn’t intentionally avoiding him, of course. In fact, he liked Luca. It was just that Leon had been in a foul mood since this morning. It wasn’t a good day for him.

First: He woke up and stubbed his toe on his dresser. In the process, knocking over his lamp, in which he refused to let Luca fix. Luca was capable of fixing it. Quicker than Leon too, but Leon hadn’t let him. His pride, no doubt.

Second: He had dropped his toothbrush in an attempt to stop his watch from falling off the counter and into the trash bin. His contaminated toothbrush now slept at the bottom of the trash bin.

Third: His record player broke. (For the fourth time.)

Fourth: He was pretty sure he had caught a cold.

Who’s to blame for such a tragic day? Luca, of course. Leon needed not to have a real excuse. His excuse was that he had a bad fucking day, and he could blame whoever he pleased. He could blame it on his coat rack if he really wanted. He didn’t, though. That would just be.. foolish. Foolish was one thing Leon Illigs wasn’t. Well, that’s how he thought about it.

Leon placed the record down on his desk, making a distasteful ‘tsk’ sound as he did so. He walked out of his ‘office’ and down the narrow hall before heading downstairs and into the kitchen. His office wasn’t an actual office. An office was where you finished work in. Where business was done, and where deals were sealed. His office had never witnessed a thing called work. The closest work had gotten to Leon’s office was reading the newspaper aloud to Luca last week.

“What are you making?”

That was Leon. He was standing behind Luca, looking at the bag of carrots. He reached over Luca and grabbed one. He didn’t put it in his mouth just yet. He wanted to know what Luca was making first. He couldn’t figure out, even by looking at it. He didn’t think Luca had ever made this(whatever that was) before. A frown shadowed his lips as he stared at it. Not by displeasure, but by not knowing exactly what Luca was cooking. It smelled nice, though. Everything Luca made smelled nice, and that was because it tasted nice, too. Thinking about it now, Leon had never before ate anything of Luca’s that hadn't tasted nice. Not even close to okay, in fact. The food was always really good, and it kind of freaked Leon out.

But it was Luca, and Leon learned not to question him. It would just confuse him further than he already was.

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The bespectacled demon knew very well that his young master had a taste for extravagance and perfection. And so he used his demonic abilities to (almost) their fullest extent, in order to appease the finicky Trancy. He admitted silently that arranging intricate centrepieces, decorating his master's ballroom, and doing household chores were rather bothersome and a tad beneath him—unless they ended up symmetrically delicious, a feat only a demon could produce. Such beauty that was commonly destroyed by the mirthful blonde, it was surprising how well he could contain his irritation. A slight twitch of the brow, and a curt, stiff bow were the only indications. If one were to squint hard enough, they might've been able to catch the butler's golden eyes narrowing in clear annoyance. He was a demon, after all! He was feared in the Underworld, and his power was completely beyond human comprehension. He could do anything, and have anyone he wanted. Without an ounce of hesitation, he could snap his fingers and end any pertinent human life. Homo sapien lifespans were disgustingly short, a mere smudge in the newspapers. Why would he waste his time serving as a butler underneath a seventeen year old boy? Because of the contract he'd made with the young Trancy. Because Trancy had killed Ciel Phantomhive, lengthening their contract to eternity. Another word for absolute, you ask? Unadulterated. And the relationship had steadily matured into something completely different, yet so much the same that he often questioned whether or not he'd imagined Ciel's untimely death. Eternity forbids thee to forget.

He softly cleared his throat behind his gloved hand, shaking free the troublesome thoughts that plagued him daily. With said hand dipped in front of his lips, he swiftly adjusted his old spectacles, which had slightly fallen down the bridge of his nose. He then went back to his normal, rigid posture, as if nothing has happened. Busying himself in the kitchen was one of his favourite pastimes—though he would never admit to it—and it was nearing dinner time, just as Alois would have figured. In a quick motion, he placed a small bit of his silken glove between his pearly teeth and removed his glove, followed by the other. Claude placed them neatly out of the way, folding the fingers into the palms and lying them flat onto the adjacent cupboard. Now, came the best part.

The black-clad, golden-eyed demon excelled in the arts of fine cuisine, a talent that only Sebastian could combat against. For the appetizer: a delicious French dish: Lemon-butter Poached Maine Lobster with cauliflower gratin, topped with an appeasing, pureed Vanilla Butternut Squash. A perfect meal for the days spent on tropical beaches, surrounded by sea urchins—a soft chuckle escaped his lips at this metaphorical gibe—and colourful fish. For the delectable main course, a familial dish: Maple Leaf Farm Goose breast, drizzled with confit, fon gras, cognac apple brullee and homemade chestnut Marsala sauce. It was a dish that had followed his Master since he was younger, ever since he and his strange friend plundered the goose eggs. And for desert, something a bit more adult: Warm Chocolate S'mores, with toasted marshmallows basted in dark chocolate and banana rum ice cream to accompany it. Everything was freshly made, and in a matter of minutes. Pots were spun, steam warmed the room around him and the different smells wafted pleasantly from the kitchen. It was only a matter of time that Alois tired of waiting for him. The demon played certain games with the blonde now, games that could not be won. Just to amuse himself.

With only moments to spare, Claude prepared the dining room with the ease and grace only a grandiose feline could radiate. Fingers nimbly grasping the crimson tablecloth to rightly flip it over, candles flipped in mid air and he caught them just in time, handling them with the care he might have expressed to a lover. Each dish was expertly placed on the now creme-coloured cloth, complimented with gleaming cutlery and a glass of sweet wine. Alois' tastes had grown along with him. It was surprising that the shorter boy now reached his chest, nearly tall enough to look him dead in the eye. A small smile twitched at the corners of his nonchalant lips: things were changing.

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It was rare that I ever headed downstairs for dinner on my own, that was a given. But I had never been early enough that the table was still being set when I reached the dining room. I had never gotten a chance to see how Claude worked outside of battle, and today still wasn't the day. I arrived just in time to see the table cloth fall neatly into place with the dishes arranged perfectly atop it. I had stopped wondering long ago how Claude managed to be this amazing, and just started answering most of the questions I had for myself with three simple words: "He's a Demon." And it was that easy, because that was all I ever needed to answer any of my questions. It seemed that it was the only answer to most of my questions, because any other answer would probably be so irritatingly comprehensible to my mind that my brain might power down and I'd slip into a coma or something. I wondered if that was possible. Claude could make it possible. And he could probably make someone so scared that they threw up. I had never really been scared of him, so I didn't have to worry about him inflicting that kind of torture on me. And then again... I was his Master, so he wouldn't.... Would he? He was so damn unreadable, even though he seemed like he was just simply some kind of apathetic plant from Hell. But, honestly.... I knew there was something going on behind those molten gold orbs... I just didn't know what it was, and that frustrated me. I hated it when people kept secrets from me; I hated being left out and feeling like there's something about me that's not good enough to be a part of whatever secret was being whispered among friends. It was a huge hit on my self-esteem, whether anyone thought that I thought much of myself or not. And that was an interesting point on its own. I had very low self-esteem, for various reasons throughout my life. I don't think it was so much caring about my looks... just always being so worried about what people thought about me that I strove to please. Until Luca's death, that is.... Alot of things are like that. Until Luca's death. When Luca died, he took everything away from me, and killed me with him.

"Smells good," I commented, stepping into the strongly fragrent dining room with a smile. It wasn't like I couldn't smell it from upstairs — the scent invaded the entire manor. It had made my stomach growl, and my mouth water just enough that I couldn't bring myself to eat the cake. I couldn't eat it anyway, knowing how much Ciel had loved sweets. What kind of murderer feels bad about eating cake on the anniversary of his own victim's death? I felt bad about it, sure; but it had to be done to ensure my own survival. I guess I had pretty much cheated death, then, and with Claude by my side, I'd continue to cheat death until the end of my mortal life. That doesn't make much sense.... It does, though... somehow. To me it does, and I suppose that's what matters. Actually.... No. I was right the first time. It didn't really make sense. Cheating death until the end of my mortal life.... How to rephrase it so it sounds better...? Ah, who cares, anyway? It's just a waste of time. You know what I mean.

I couldn't bring myself to skip up to my normal placing at the table; instead I just sauntered over and stood, leaning over the back of my chair to stare down at the place-setting. Perfect, like always. It was funny to think that a few years ago I couldn't tell the difference; but I had begun to compare place-settings at different homes when I was invited, and out of boredom I started to notice the lax standards of the Human butlers. It gave me pride to know that, after the death of Ciel Phantomhive, Alois Trancy always threw the best parties and always served the best cuisine and the best wines. When I was being told that I was the best, there was nothing that could make me feel any better. Unless I imagined Claude uttering those same words against my skin, his hot breath making me shiver, his scent filling my nostrils.... And at that point, two things would happen. I physically shook myself to reenter the real world, and I excused myself from not only the conversation, but the room. Now, there was no point in leaving the room, but at least I could try to cover up the fact that I had fallen into one of my fantasies again by ignoring the fact, myself. "So, what's for dinner, then?"

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I'm going to admit two things right now - two very important things I admit to myself all the time so that I don't ever forget them. I'm young and I'm stupid. Not in the sense that I'm actually mentally young because I'm probably older than most boys who are my physical age or that I'm mentally stupid in this physically young body. No, I'm just saying that compared to Leon I'm young and stupid. I don't understand the complications of a broken record player and how that affected emotions. All I knew was that it was broken and I could fix it if he would let me. I don't understand how that could be frustrating when even if it couldn't be fixed a new one could be bought. It just made more sense that way; was a lot easier on the mind. So, in that sense I'm very young and very stupid because I don't get it. I would say this out loud but I don't want Leon thinking less of me and deciding that he doesn't need some stupid, naive, young little boy in his house who can't comprehend the mannerisms of emotions in tie with broken record players. I'll just go along with it and pretend that I get it even though I can't wrap my mind around the concept. Buy a new one. Let me fix it. Over and over even though I could never voice this two him because it would allow him to see that I was lacking in some way. I'm a demon, I'm supposed to get everything, be everything. I'm not meant to lack in any way, shape or form in his eyes. He's my master, I won't let that happen.

I'd long heard Leon walk into the room but his voice right behind me still caused a little jolt in my thoughts and the knife in my hand slipped and nipped at my skin. Red against white and my vision flashed back to orange against brown. So pretty, so beautiful. So absolutely wonderful that I'd been able to watch it without feeling guilt or pity for those who were screaming. "I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of burning village. Completely mesmerizing. I actually smiled for a moment and lifted my finger to my mouth to suck on the wound like anyone else would do even though I knew it would heal in a few minutes. No scarring, no marks - no proof that I had even cut myself with a knife because of Leon's voice floating into my ears from behind me. I moved my hand and stared at the red line as I answered. "Fettucine Alfredo with a triple cheese sauce garnished with dried tomatoes. I added carrots because they're your favourite." Considerate yes. Something others would think of? Probably not. I can't help but think that Leon will eventually figure out that I see him as more than my master but it's hard not to slip those little words in there. I want him to like me. I really do. I want him to like me so much that he'll keep me around even if he doesn't need me any more. Selfish and greedy I'm only a young child.

I picked up the cutting board with all the carrot slices on it and scrapped them off into the fresh cheese sauce with the knife. I would dare to ask. "Master, I was wondering. Do you want me to fix the record player?" Voice level and steady so he wouldn't assume it was anything more than an asking for permission to do something I had been called to do. Serve him. Do anything he asked until the completion of the contract in which case I was supposed to take his soul and go off to contract with someone else. That was what I had told him - that was the deal. Would he be upset when I said I didn't want to take his soul? Maybe. Most definitely maybe. I couldn't say yes and I couldn't say no because I had no idea. I know I like to think I know Leon but I don't - not at all. I know myself and I used to know Jim. I don't know Jim any more I just know who he used to be. I wish I still knew him - knew where he was and what he was doing. I hope he made it to that castle I always dreamed we'd run off to. The red line on my finger is pink now. Not as pretty or as mesmerizing but what could I do other than cut it open again? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Nothing at all.

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Character Portrait: Alois Trancy
Character Portrait: Leon Illigs
Character Portrait: Luca McCain


Character Portrait: Luca McCain
Luca McCain

"Why Am I Doing It? Because Older..... No. My Highness Will Be Happy!"

Character Portrait: Leon Illigs
Leon Illigs

I don't know which is worst; him or h i m.

Character Portrait: Alois Trancy
Alois Trancy

"Oh, so we were not going to the restroom together?"


Character Portrait: Leon Illigs
Leon Illigs

I don't know which is worst; him or h i m.

Character Portrait: Luca McCain
Luca McCain

"Why Am I Doing It? Because Older..... No. My Highness Will Be Happy!"

Character Portrait: Alois Trancy
Alois Trancy

"Oh, so we were not going to the restroom together?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Luca McCain
Luca McCain

"Why Am I Doing It? Because Older..... No. My Highness Will Be Happy!"

Character Portrait: Leon Illigs
Leon Illigs

I don't know which is worst; him or h i m.

Character Portrait: Alois Trancy
Alois Trancy

"Oh, so we were not going to the restroom together?"

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Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

First off: I love you guys. <3

Yoni: You get stabbed and eaten because we're all extremely jealous of you because you write like... like.. FHSDIHGK. That's how good it is. It doesn't deserve a word.
And now you make me wanna watch Kuroshitjsu. (That's how you spell it, right..?) Leon isn't all that great. In fact, the only reason ya'll think he is is because of his picture. He looks damn good, but his profile ranks lower than a bag of doggy poo set on fire. Sadly.

Wanna know whats even more sad?! I've never seen any disney princess movies. I might as well live in a box. I havent had subway either.. Put me in the box now.

Lozer: I love you, and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!. two months early, but I can say happy birthday to you whenever I want because I can and you may not question me because I love you.

Magicpooba: I'm calling you that from now on. Magicpooba. PoobaMagic. Poo to the magic ba. Ba poo.

And I love you too. Now get in my van so we can watch princess movies while eating subway.

..That sounds so appealing. Seriously. We all gotta do that sometime.

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

I have ONE thing to say.

WHY DO I GET STABBED AND EATEN? That's not even sexual. Or sexy. But I'm diggin' that flying surf board. Stupid Triangle lady.

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

That is my response to you Magiko.

@YoniBoni: Gah, well I got Magiko hooked to Gorillaz so I guess I can call it even with her. You though. I can't do anything to you as yer so far away. So I'll just sit here and mantra that something happens to you that makes it even.

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

@HoneyBuns: I'm typing my post now. My Alois isn't as rusty as I gave him credit for. But he's definitely... maybe... perhaps... kinda... sorta... a little bit more mature. Maybe not. But he's taller. And more literate than he used to be. He still thinks way too much for his own good, though.... I probably should watch Soul Eater, and luckily we should be getting high speed before summer. Yay!

Ah. KAITO lives in my bedroom. I ate him so that Anah wouldn't steal him and then puked him back up in my room. I tried to grab Len, too, but he now lives in Anah's pedo basement. That's right. I called it a PEDO BASEMENT. Because that's what it is. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's true. Hey. How come it's okay for sexy bishoujos like us to pedo on shoutas, but it's not okay for ugly older guys? Not old like Earl Trancy; the answer to that is obvious. But older. Why is it automatically taboo for any male over the age of twenty to pedo on fourteen-year-old boys? I don't get it.... In Ancient Greece (or was it Rome...?) they used to give shoutas to fifty-year-old men to sleep with so that the shoutas would be ready for their wives when they got married. Fucked up logic, but still. I mean, if they did it WAY back then, how come we can't do it now? Same with younger girls with older men/getting pregnant. Seriously? Parents used to sell their twelve-year-old daughters off to old rich men so that the little girl could bear children for the greazy old fatass. How come that's wrong now? I don't get it. Not that I would have liked to have been sold to some old guy and impregnated at thirteen, but still. I mean, people used to do that and it was perfectly fine; but these days, everyone's like all discriminating against teen pregnancy and so-called pedophilic relationships. I'm not saying I particularily condone teen pregnancy, but I can't exactly think it's wrong, either, when our great-grandparents probably got married and started having kids in their late teens at least. And as for pedophilic relationships as of these days, they're totally fine when both parties are willing. Dude, my Father is a pedo, as creepy as that is, but he preys on his own daughters — NOT OKAY (Neko is SO happy she doesn't know him)....

OKAY. I ranted. WTF. I'm sorry.... Back on topic here.... Yeah, I took Bakaito-niichan to see Gnomeo and Juliet yesterday.... His scarf at least. I have this epic blue scarf that looks just like Kaito's, except for the tassels. It's amazing and I love it.

Mmmm.... Uninstall.... Heh. With a screwdriver. I love that video.... Yeah, I like Gakupo, too, but I've only heard two of his songs, and both of them are with other Vocaloids — Go Google It! with Luka, and Imitation Black with Sexy-Blunette-In-My-Bedroom and Blonde-Cutie-In-Anah's-Pedo-Basement. Actually.... If I think hard about it.... The first Vocaloid song I ever heard was Miku's Po Pi Po, and the second was either Kaito's AISU ga MERUTO or Rin and Len's Trick and Treat. Hilariously enough, for about six months I had been listening to Miku's Koi wa Sensou (Love is War, MERUTO, a cover of Dum Dadi Do, and some other song that I still haven't figured out the name of, and I had no idea it was Vocaloid. All I knew was that Miku's voice was synthesized.... Heh. I'm dumb.

OMG. Click the linky in Anah's siggy. The one above the casting for the video. Damn, it's hilarious.

@Anah-Muffin: Guess what? You have a Pedo Basement. Guess what else? You're going to hate me in three seconds when you look down.

Po-pi-po pi-po po-pi-po x12

Sa nome omae suki daro? Yasai JUUSU
Watashi ga kimeta ima kimeta
Nonde watashi no yasai JUUSU
Kakaku wa nihyaku en

Soiya, soiya
Dosee, dosee
Soiya, soiya
Dosee, dosee

Maroyaka yasai JUUSU
Fuwa fuwa yasai JUUSU
Ichiban osusume na no wa midori no JUUSU

Po-pi-po pi-po po-pi-po x2

BEJITABURU na-a-a-a-a-a-a-a

Po-pi-po pi-po po-pi-po x2

Seimei afureta-a-a-a-a-a-a-a

Po-pi-po pi-po po-pi-po x2

Anata mo ima-a-a-a-a-a-a-a

Po-pi-po pi-po po-pi-po x2

Yasai JUUSU ga suki ni naru

Yes. Yes I did. Love ya, babe. :D

Juicey: LOVE YOU!! <3

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

MagiNekun: Your Alois could never be rusty, because you're brilliant. Brilliant. Lovely. Ho-hum. Yes. I also wish your computer was faster, so you could enjoy Kuroshitsuji everyday and maybe even Soul Eater. I love love love love them both, and now I've got nothing else to watch, except Macross Frontier. But the main characters piss me off. Anyhow, I love you and Alois and this roleplay.

I have a guilty obsession with Vocaloid, too. I mean, my favourite Vocaloid will always be Kaito. He's the kicked dog of the group that everyone hates on for some reason, I mean. If you get down to it, he's the older Vocaloid and he's pure hotness. Why the hell is everyone hating on him? Screw them! His Uninstall is one of the most touching Vocaloid songs out there. Well, most of his are pretty down-right depressing anyway. And the more I listen to Len's songs, the more I like them. Miku's just a bitch, so I don't really like her. WHO WOULD REJECT KAITO? COME ON. Gakupo is such a ladies man, homosexual. Whatever. I love his purple hair. Rin and Luca are close fourths, er, fifth favourites.

Stab me in the face? Triangle man? Whut? Flying otter?

Lozey: You know you love Vocaloid and all their synthesized voices. When I first discovered them, I was like, “What the hell is this? They sound like robots.” And then I fell into the Vocaloid pit that you can't escape from, and they tell you to put the lotion on the skin. Kufufufu, bad Silence of the Lambs reference.

Len would taste like mint, I bet. Candy canes, maybe. YOU ARE THE OCEAN I SAIL IN. Paradichlorobenzene. I'm jealous of your amazingness. Dy-no-mite. Nom nom.

Juicey: Juicey juicey juicey. Leon's one smexy fella. Seriously. I wish Claude wasn't such a stoic prick, so that he could turn into a predator and hop on the Leon train. Or even the Alois train, seriously. Well, there's always all those episodes where he was really weird. And he almost raped Ciel's foot, and shoved a toothbrush down his throat imagining it was his--...

Juuuust the thought of you can drive me wild, oooh, you make me smile.

Masterrr. Mmm.

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. When I was making Leon, I was thinking HE was the master. Ughhh. I'm SO stupid. Now I have to edit shit and ughgdfljghvjdnfjkfxbjsfhs. WHO DOES THINGS LIKE THAT?!

- bangs head against keyboard - WHYYYY.


Um. .....nevermind.


Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

Yeah. So, I guess we have everyone we need. And because we're awesome... we can do whatever we want. Y'all don't have to wait for me to post first, because I'm feeling lazy and it might take awhile. Plus, I'm working on a new RPG, Daughter of Evil, which is in the final stages of editting, so that should be up soon... ish.... Maybe. If I feel like it.... Eh. Whatever. Mmm.... Leftover spaghetti sauce....

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

@Juicey: Leon is sexy. I want to..... I want to bring him to live in my basement. Can I? Can I? I promise I'll take good care of him and feed him and bathe him and stuff. He'll have plenty of people to talk to or ignore depending on whatever way you want to go. I dunno. I just want him.

Yea, it was Magiko who decided you were the Otter.

@YoniBoni: You are the rock that started the ripple. You are the storm that caused the flood. You are the dynamite that caused the explosion. YOU ARE THE REASON I LIKE VOCALOID AFTER SO MANY OTHERS HAVE FAILED! Damn you. But yes, Paradichlorobenzene. Mmmmm. It takes like mint.

Don't as why - I associate songs with tastes.

@Magiko: Well, Luca will be done in a few. I hope. Yea. Whatever. Screw you too.


Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

@Juicey: I picked you out as the flying otter, thank you. But Anah's the one who made me watch it. I apologize RIGHT NOW for stabbing HoneyBuns in the face.... I was just really, really bored.

Yeah, so Leon sounds great. HE'S SEXY. -prints off Leon's pic and eats it- The idea for his background sounds great, and really it's all up to you what you do with him. As long as its epic. And knowing you, it will be. Because you're amazing and I love you.

@HoneyBuns: Thank you for that by the way. One VERY long word. Paradichlorobenzene. That was a few days ago, but still. I love Len, but that was just... destructive.

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

Hihhi. [:

I'm almost done with Leon.

Leon & Luca. Sounds about right.

I just have to finish the bio, though. Still trying to figure out a reason as to why Leon wants to rip Alois's spinal cord out and drink the fluid. I'm thinking something along the lines of his family dying in a fire, and he was out studying in the library, and on his way back to his house he runs into Alois. All his papers and books falls onto the sidewalk, while Alois prances off to wherever, and Leon is left to pick all his crap. So it takes him a good twenty minutes or so, and then he walks home. He finds fire fighters and chaos and whatever at his house, and he finds out his entire family has died except for his mom. It only took twenty minutes to kill them all. So he blames it on Alois in his traumatic state, and hfsdjghjfhbjcfhvjkbhgxkjcbhc. You know the rest.

What do you all think?

Anah; I love you for picking me out as the flying otter. ...better than the Triangle Lady.

Yoni: Sugar pie honey bunchhhhh. YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOUUU. Can't help myself. Ain't nothin' baby, I can do-oooo-oo. SUGAH PIE HONEH BUNCHHH. :D

Or something on the lines of that.

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

You have you hoe. I HATE YOU! And I hate you too YoniBoni. YOU INDIRECTLY GOT ME LISTENING TO VOCALOID! After I swore I wouldn't.

Assholes, ganging up on poor Launa. She's crying now. Deep down inside she's crying.

I should probably get Luca up soon. Gah, so lazy.

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

Ahh.... Well... he's definitely gotten worse than he used to be. It should be interesting. Very interesting.... Except that I haven't done Alois in a little while, so he might be a little rusty. I wish my computer was faster, or I'd just watch some episodes to get back into the mood. But, I'll just have to try without it. Oh well. I think I'll be able to do it just fine.

Anah's playing zombie-Luca; but I should ask Juicey if she'll join. She could be Luca's Master. Mmm.... Zombie-Luca. Demon redhead.... -drowns in drool-

Ugh... I'll get around to it. It looks pretty dead, though.

Oh! I've very recently become obsessed with Vocaloid... thanks for that. I have thirty-some songs downloaded that I play on repeat. My favourites at the moment are Len's Falling, Falling Snow, Hot Cocoa, and Last Night, Good Night; KAITO's Alice in Dreamland, Uninstall, and Cantarella; Miku's Boss Death and Lost Story; Luka's You and Beautiful World, Palette, Unchain, and For A Dead Girl; and Rin's I Like You, I Love You. And I may or may not have talked Anah into liking them as well....

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

Yesyesyesyesss. I have a feeling that along with Claude eternal slavery, Alois would be pretty bold. I mean. No more distractions! He's not after Ciel any more, he's pretty much avenged Luca because Sebastian's disappeared. And then there's just him and Claude. And the entire mansion. Dear God.

Juicey's playing zombie-Luca?

Grell needs some blonde loving.

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

Ugh. I know how you feel. But, seriously. We make the two most orgasmic Claude and Alois that if anyone who worked on the show or whatever saw it, they'd have to make more. Because I said so. That's why. And so, I dream....

Hurry, though. I'm dying of... Claudelessness. Like in that other Kuro RPG... that I should reply to. Because it's amazing. And my Alois died; but he came back to life, so I no longer have an excuse.

Re: [OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

It's finally made! -glomps- Mm, Claude and Alois. I think the more I RP them with you, the more I ship their pairing. It's definitely a good thing. And I'm angry at Kuroshitsuji for ending it so abruptly. I mean, c'mon, there's gotta be one sure-fire pairing on Kuroshitsuji. Sebastian only wants to eat Ciel's soul and there's really no sexual relationship between them, Sebastian has slept with girls to get information and the likes, so I never really considered them anything. Ciel's personality is far too cold to actual love someone like Sebastian, and he was already engaged to Lizzy. I'm completely fine with that, but Alois is completely, head-over-heels in something with Claude. Why didn't they talk about it more? Why didn't Claude return the sentiments? Why why why?

End rant.

I'm glad this is up, anyhow. I'm blasting Claude into space--... this RP!

[OOC] The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

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