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Luca McCain

"Why Am I Doing It? Because Older..... No. My Highness Will Be Happy!"

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a character in “The Slightly Chipped Full Moon”, as played by LozerFanAnah



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Luke, Lucky




Leon Illigs' Slave Boy


Not much has changed about Luca since his supposed death years ago after he'd contracted with demon Hannah Anafeloz; meaning he's still the same young boy he'd always been. Bright eyes, flushed cheeks and eager smile. Willing to please anyone older than him because that's just the kind of person he is. Loyal and obedient to the end which probably makes him the perfect little guy to keep around. He'll even take on duties he shouldn't be doing because he holds elder people above him and believes they deserve the best of the best. Which is shown rather well before he 'dies' - by giving up his soul in exchange for destroying the village that made his older brother Jim McCain (Alois Trancy) upset. His own feelings depend on the feelings of his new master instead of his brother now though.

Of course along with this sense of extreme helpfulness he feels he's still a child at heart. He likes to run around outside with his arms stretched out and he likes to eat ice cream past bedtime. Also despite his 'tragic' life he somehow maintains this energetic happiness that never leaves - unless a dire situation asks for it. Luca likes to treat his master - Leon - like an older brother seeing as he lost his. Like a lost kid in the woods he clings to anyone older than him and believes them to be his family. He practically adores them and praises them because they have so much more knowledge than he does. The perfect little brother because he can be tossed around and still come back with a smile on his face and his arms wide open. Luca McCain is still a child despite having been left to grow up in a life that is something a nine year old child should probably never have to go through. You would never guess it though due to the genuine happiness that seems to radiate off of him in waves.

However when it comes to getting something done if Leon tells him to he's completely ruthless - almost as if every emotion has been sucked from his body. He can look completely apathetic in a situation when a normal child would cry. It didn't come from his becoming a demon however for this attitude shows even when he stands on a hill watching the village burn. A look that is completely blank but has some sort of grin to it as if he knows they deserved what they got. As a demon it may have become worse but it isn't a new development; he lives for Leon and nothing will get in the way of that.

The young boy also seems to have developed a love for his master that might be a replacement for the love he had for his older brother. He often even calls him Older Brother and beams as if they have a serious relationship going on. He'll constantly change himself for Leon just to make sure that the man still wants his company around because he can't see himself without the person who contracted with him. Luca has a genuine love for his master and can't even imagine himself killing him by taking his soul - he wants to be with Leon as long as the man wants him around.

Luca takes a lot of interest in being the most helpful person he can be whether or not his master asks him to do it. He'll cook food - took a while to learn that - and clean the house and paint the walls. His actions are dictated by the tiniest of reactions he sees in Leon. Anything negative or distasteful and he takes it on himself to keep fixing it until it makes Leon happy. Also he enjoyed collecting rocks that have crystalline centers; often picking up the ugliest ones and cracking them in half to reveal a glittering center.

*Strawberry Flavoured Ice Cream
*Running In Freshly Mowed Grass
*Rainy Days
*Being Useful
*Collecting Rocks
*His Master

*The Dark
*Being Alone For Too Long
*When People Are Disappointed With Him
*Large Groups Of People
*People Who Oppose His Master

Luca McCain is the younger brother of Jim McCain - better known as Alois Trancy. Like his older brother he was ostracized from his village when their parents died. He made a life for himself by living through thievery and never once questioned it because his older brother told him to. When his brother however wished death upon all in the village when he noticed a bruise on his younger brother Luca took it on himself to make his brother's wish come true. He summoned Hannah Anafeloz without regret of losing his soul; for his brother he would do anything. Luca told her he wanted the place that hated him and his brother burned to the ground and as promised it was granted to him. Once the contract was fulfilled Luca willingly laid himself on the ground and thanked Hanna for what she had done - he was ready to die. However the next day he awoke laying in a dark room under the supervision of a demon Hannah had control over. This demon told Luca what was done to him and surprisingly the young boy took it all in stride and set to learning everything there was to learn about being a demon.


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Change for You by The Midway State|Lullaby by Nox Arcana|Lilium by Kumiko Noma

So begins...

Luca McCain's Story