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Jay Noel

"Life can do terrible things."

0 · 470 views · located in East High, Denver

a character in “The Smoke Spot”, originally authored by ShadowAngel789, as played by Stray Dog


Jay Noel
War Of Change || Thousand Foot Krutch
18 || American ||Jay-Jay

"Are you kidding me.."
|Birthday |
"What's so wrong with Winter?"
December 15
|Sexual Preference|
Straight (But is sort of questioning)
"Thank god."
|Smoking Spot Confessional Status|
"It's pretty cool"
|Secrets and Scandal|
"It's her life; not mine"
Mother's a prostitute
"I don't really care"
"Don't know where to look."
None at the moment

|Eye Color|
"Got it from my mama"
|Hair Color|
"I obviously have black."
|Body Type|
"Everyone's perfect the way they are."
|Height & Weight|
"I guess you can say I'm sort of tall."
5'7 and 127 Ibs
|Birthmarks, Tattoos, and Scars|
"None that I've noticed"

"Silence is golden."

A tough and quiet loner with a friendly heart. Doesn't like fighting really. You can trust her with keeping secrets because she isn't the kind of person that would back-stab you. She likes to read every once in a while; so don't be surprised if you see her walking around with a book. She doesn't really like going in the big crowds, rather be on the sidelines. She's a cool person to chill with. If you ever need someone to talk to; you can go to her.
✘Her mom
"I got your back."
She is a very trustworthy, caring friend. You can talk about your problems to her and she'll listen. She will fight for you if she needs to; but she hopes that it doesn't have to resort to violence.
"Everyone's got one."
One huge weakness is her trust. If you betray her she'll be very hurt because she trusted you. Another weakness is kids. She finds them to be so much work, plus annoying, spoiled, etc.
Afraid of her friends getting hurt. Plus she's afraid of heights, bugs, and sometimes... dogs. But she doesn't really admit it to everyone.

"Nothing special"
Lighters, pack of cigarettes, plastic bag of weed, pocketknife, phone, house keys, and a good book
"Don't I have a wonderful background?"
Father left when she was very young for some unknown reason. Mother became an alcoholic but gave it up when she realized that she was running out of money to pay the bills. Since she was running out of money, she joined prostitution to "get food on the table,". When she left to go to "work" Jay would often be left alone in the house even though she was still young. Over the years Jay got used to this, so she doesn't really care when she left. Mom would sometimes bring home clients from work; and when that happens Jay goes in her room and listens to music while reading a book.
None at the moment
*this section might be edited in the future*

| Roleplayer Name: ShadowAngel789 |
| Roleplayer Age: Best not say |
| Roleplayer Limits: Nothing I can think of right now. |

PM me some more ideas on the Weaknesses, Strengths, etc because I can't think of much more.

So begins...

Jay Noel's Story

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Jay Noel

Jay closed her eyes, breathing the crisp cold air. She let her mind wander for a bit and forgot where she was for a second. Then she slowly opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings. Teenagers were passing by her to enter the school building, a couple glancing at her while walking. Might as well go inside She thought; noticing the cold was starting to go through her clothes. Jay stood up and walked inside the building, the warm air hitting her. She strolled through the hallways looking ahead. Why don't I just smoke a blunt before heading to class? she thought, and walked outside.

As soon as was outside, she saw Rory and Zee was there so she began walking in between some people. As she was walking she notices someone with quite pretty blue hair leaning on a pole next to them. Might as well go introduce myself and finally reached them. "I love your hair" Jay smiled at the girl.