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Samantha Maria Hale

"Unless you got cards you want to play, I'm not interested. Goodbye"

0 · 710 views · located in East High, Denver

a character in “The Smoke Spot”, as played by Robbhus


Samantha Maria Hale
What a shame || Shinedown
17 || 3/4th American 1/4th Russian || Sam, Sammy

"I'm obviously a guy disguised as a girl, duh"
"Fine, I'm old, I get it"
4th of January 1996
|Sexual Preference|
"Why not both?"
"Umm... My PE is good..."
|Smoking Spot Confessional Status|
"Why would I want to sit around breathing in second hand smoke?"
Nt currently a member of the Smoke Spot Confessional
|Secrets and Scandal|
Not many scandals really, not known one at least. Nor does she have many secrets
"I wouldn't mind a lil extra to be honest..."
Lower class
"Something has to pay for dinner after all"
Works part-time at a store that sells sports equipment, also hauls in a fair bit of money from gambling.

|Eye Color|
"Why care to know? It's not like I'd let you study them regardless"
|Hair Color|
"A bit messy, - Oh, color. Blond"
|Body Type|
"Mind your own business"
Slightly curvy
|Height & Weight|
"Getting a bit personal now are we?"
5'6 foot, 141 lbs
|Birthmarks, Tattoos, and Scars|
"Finally, you stop talking obut my body proportions..."
Has a tribal flame tattoo on her right hand, going from midway between her shoulder and elbow till her elbow, as well as a small dragon on her left shoulder
Besides this, she has a fair bit of scar from her abusive father, though they are pretty faint, they are visible if looking for them.

"Friends are for those that are too weak to live life alone, though then I'm not very strong either"
Sarcastic, witty, and pessimistic. Samantha is of the kind that doesn't believe in a happy end and is already sick of even trying to hope. She has realized that coating sugar all over life doesn't make it much better and has therefor just decided that life can be shit sometime. Her mood often varies but she never does much to gain friends and tends to push people away. She never does much to try getting herself a boyfriend either, she's quite the buzzkill in a lot of situations. She is seen cheery every once in a while, but it's normally only when gambling, not to mention winning...
βœ” Gambling
βœ” Smoking
βœ” Working out
βœ” Motorcycles
βœ” Drinking

✘ People of authority
✘ American fuel prices
✘ People in general
✘ Low forms of wit

"Eh, find out yourself"
Headstrong, strong in general, mistaken for being over 18 frequently, lady luck's wonder child
"Like I'd tell you"
Unable to rely entirely on others, hard to both give and receive trust, quickly resorts to violence to solve things
"Come on, stop this, I don't want to answer, okay?"
Her main fear is that her father comes after her. She don't want to go back to him for anything in the world and would rather kill him herself than go back to him. Besides this, she fears starting to use drugs and get addicted, as she doesn't want to end up on the street, seeing that her economical situation isn't great as it is

"Stay away from my pockets, buy your own stuff!"
At least one 20-pack of cigarettes, preferably Malboro red, at least one lighter, a matchbox just in case, three-inch-blade butterfly knife
"I'm so sick of seeing people being treated like some fucking princess just because their parents are rich"
Samantha didn't make the most gentle entrance to the human world. She was born into a family being torn apart, with her father not working, drinking away almost all the money her mother made from her job, which didn't earn much in the first place. Regardless, the family held up till Samantha was thirteen and her father forced her to start working as well. Her mother got angry and decided to get divorced because of it. However, she never got the parental rights, the reason has remained unknown to Samantha and still is a mystery.

Her mother moved out and her father found her a job at a convenience store, with horrible working times and a shitty boss pushing her around constantly. She even had to skip the last class once a week to make it in time, but her father didn't care. It paid some bills, and that's what mattered. Her grades dropped drastically and she was called to the principal's office more than once. Eventually, she got so sick of it that she ht him down and left. A couple days later she received a letter saying that she had been expelled.

Her father was pissed, and for the first time, beat her up as punishment for screwing up what was going to be his future money source. He didn't stop after that one time though. He continued every time he was in a bad mood, which was too often to relax between each time. This went on till she became sixteen and ran away. She found herself a new school to go to as well as a small apartment. Her grades rose slightly, though she still had to work. No money from the state, so she had to make a living for herself, which made her sit up till long at night to finish school work, at least till she just stopped doing it, so tired of the mountains of homework as well as the long shifts at work.

*this section might be edited in the future*

| Roleplayer Name: Robbhus |
| Roleplayer Age: 16 and a half |
| Roleplayer Limits: As long as everything is done in a serious manner, especially with topics like drugs and self-harm, I'm fine as it is. |

So begins...

Samantha Maria Hale's Story

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#, as written by Robbhus
Nathan Reese
|| Monday 2nd of December || Leaving class || The parking lot ||

School was basically a torture chamber prettified with nice words. People came in, got 'intelligent' and were then thrown on the street to make a living. It was like they were moving sheep from one place to the other, taking stops a couple places on the way. It wasn't 'education', it was pointing out the differences in people, and either praising or hating them for it. Nathan's case was the latter. Not a big surprise though, mass media said that muscles were hot, and then people just followed the trend. Fuck the system, but that was the world, and that's how it worked.

Eventually however, the nightmare referred to as a class ended, and he was already in a shit mood. The day went like any other day, no popularity, no case of everyone surrounding you for a little bit of your attention, nothing. At the best, he was just ignored. It had been so tempting to just jump out of the window to leave the nightmare, though it wasn't as easy as it sounded. He wasn't a delinquent, he just hated homework and tests, it was just systems used to make sure that everyone ended up entirely the same, whatever kind of good they expected to find in that.

ImageLeaving class wasn't fully as bad as entering, though it wasn't a dance on roses either. People pushing in the halls was bad enough, but when being straight out sexually harassed in the halls, it was practically too much. Seeing freshman banging the air just as a form of mockery, it was more tempting to stay at home.

After brutally throwing the books in the locker and picking up his jacket, Nathan quickly moved towards the front doors. While seniors, juniors and even some sophomores giving friendly waves, it was pretty amazing really that his 'secret' still had yet to be leaked. Or, it was leaking, it just hadn't reached very fast yet seeing that most freshmen had little contact with the upperclassmen, at least from his view. There were naturally exceptions, but he had yet to get an impression of good contact across the classes. It was like social grades or economic grades really.

After getting out of campus ground, it didn't take long before the zippo was found in one of the pockets of the neutral black messenger bag, as well as the 20-pack, now with less than ten cigarettes left. During the last few days, he had burned through them quicker than usually, pretty much just finishing one for then to go over to the next one. He opened the pack and pulled out the pack. Inside of it, there was a 5-grams pack of weed as well, he had bought it, but he hadn't had the guts to smoke it. Either that, or he was simply waiting for a moment where he felt depressed enough.

The blue hair cheered him up a little, he had pretty much just finished to fix it after it arrived in the mail. It had been easy to work with and all, it was just getting the color he wanted that had been taking like forever. he walked up to the parking lot for a hood to sit on, and quite quickly noticed Rory and Zee standing at one point. It'd at least brighten up the day a little...

He walked up to them, one foot in front of the other and gave them a friendly nod before leaning back on to a lighting pole, not having anything better to stand by. "Hey" He said casually, though his voice was about as feminine as ever. And seeing he was pretty much an entirely different person, he wasn't even sure if they'd recognize him, though it'd be kind of funny if they didn't, in some twisted humor kind of way. He was pulling from the cigarette in not exactly a low speed, something that tended to happen when he was in a really bad mood. He could go through one a minute and end up smoking for the next twenty minutes if it suited him.


Samantha Maria Hale
|| Monday 2nd of December || Gambling, smoking || Classroom, The parking lot ||

The class was surprisingly fun, but it was mainly because she was in a bet with another person in the classroom. The teacher they had tended to yawn a lot while talking and / or writing, which made a fun bet. They were both going to count how many times he yawned, for then to see which one was more correct, having the help from another person in class to count. Regardless of if she counted right or not, it was simply the one that was closest that won.

The class ended eventually and they grouped up.

"Seventeen" the girl said. "Twenty-one" Samantha replied. "Twenty" Said the controller, and Samantha laughed, getting both a pack of cigarettes as well as 200 dollars, 100 which was her own stake. "Better luck next time?" She asked with a slight grin. The girl shrugged casually while getting her backpack. "Eh, doesn't bother me, there's plenty of others" Samantha replied before leaving the room with a simple black coat thrown over her shoulder.

The parking lot was crowded, just like always. People were either smoking or hanging out with those who was smoking, it wasn't that much of a system really. She brushed some of her hair aside while walking. It was a bit chilly, so she ended up with pulling the coat on herself as well, closing it.

She lit a cigarette in silence and simply looked at all the others, quite many today actually. There actually appeared to be some new people as well, which wasn't all too common.