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Angelo L. Fay

"Sometimes, my favorite word is 'ditto.' "

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a character in “The Solatium Legacy”, as played by NethanielShade


We are the Rebellion, the Rebels, the saviors and harnessers of LIGHT! Stand by evil, for thou shall be smitten.


Angelo L. Fay
Angelo, Angel
"Sometimes, ditto is my favorite word."

27 (He was 12 years old when Solatium was destroyed.)
Light Caster, Empath.
He's nice, lively, and he can be fun, and he just loves copying other people's powers. But in all honesty, he seems older and more mature than his older brother Arian.
Hair: A nice a jet black, moderately long, with bangs he tries to keep out of his eyes.
Eyes: Bright, piercing, green.
Build: He isn't skinny, but not buff. He's normal.
Skin Tone: White.
Height: He's about 5'8
Voice: Moderately low, normal for his age.
Handed: Left handed.
Body Markings: N/A

Casual Clothing:
Green clothing, it's his favorite color.
An Empath, is what he's called by other casters. Empath is a term for a Caster who is able to duplicate another Caster's, or any other magical/divine being's, powers and be able to use it for a certain amount of time.

Angelo and his wife, Lillian.

So begins...

Angelo L. Fay's Story


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Arian C. Fay carried Eden through the gate, and up the steps. Beside him, his brother appeared in the same manner Arian would have.
Angelo L. Fay smiled brightly.
"Arian! I knew I sensed your presence! What a n- who's that?" He asked, seeing Eden. He glided oer thr floor, towards them. "She looks ill."

Arian sighed.
"Quit copying my powers, brother." He said. Then he looked down to her. "We were coming to ask for help. The Rebellion has seen better days. It hasn't seen worse. Tonight, 20,000 troops of the Dark Ones march forth to take over a fort guarded by 200 troops, some of the Veiled including Skylar, and some of the Founders including me, Eden, Kaoz and William."

Angelo gasped. "What?! Why would so many of the Rebellion powers be in one place?!"
Arian sighed, again. "Brother. It's the last fort of Texas. This battle is a major turning point in the war. We either win it and keep a foothold or lose it and lose another, major state. Plus, tonight is going to be a Blood Moon. We need your help, brother."
Angelo nodded, then looked down to Eden. "She's ill. With what, I can't be certain. Bring her in. He led Arian in and nodded when he laid her on the living room couch. "I'll go get Lily and Ken."

Kaoz was becoming uneasy. Something was in the air. Something evil. She'd felt this before, twice before. On her 100th birthday, and on the day Divina became Dark.
It was in the air. A Blood Moon was rising.
She looked to the horizon, where the sun had just touched the ground, bathing the sky red. The moon hadn't risen yet, but it would peer over the horizon a beautiful crimson and enhance any and all evil powers. It could be good, considering even the Rebellion has some creatures of Darkness, people evil by nature but still believe in the Rebellion's cause. Of course, the whole opposing army would be stronger too.

They felt it before they heard it. The heard it before they saw it.
The ground quaked, and it was a deathly sensation.
Second, a low rumble quickly turned to the sound of billions of booms.
Third, a black line appeared on the horizon. Seven miles away across the plains.
Kaoz quickly assessed the battle field. It was a flat plain, with occasional hills. There were multiple trenches near the fort. The fort itself was a stone structure surrounded by a stone wall with a wooden pike fence outside the wall. Many tents were inside the fort. Some tents harbored troops, but most were outside, on the walls, or in the trenches. Kaoz and William, along with Skylar, were on the wall with the gate, looking out to the horizon.

The army grew larger. They completely covered the horizon, now, no matter where you looked there was a dark line on the horizon.
Kaoz's breath stopped for a second. She looked to William.
"They've surrounded us. They will attack at midnight... But the worst part, we're trapped here until then unable to do anything. Arian and Eden better get here quick or we're screwed. Of course, they can only get here by portal now. No one can get in or out by land, it has to be by air or other means. I hope some sort of surprise backup is coming." She said, then leaned against William.

(Last few lines were a hint, hint for you Will/Dementedness.)


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Eden F. Blackwell

Eden suddenly shot up and looked at him and then Angelo. "Where am I..?" She spoke in a hushed tone, still being kind of weak from the state she was in.

Lillian A. Fay

Lillian made her way into the room, surprised to see her Brother-in-law there. "Arian," She tilted her head. "Is something the matter?" Her voice was small and fragile sounding. Her attention then turned to the ill on the couch. "Who is this? Is she alright?" Her eyebrows knitted together softly with worry.


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Kaoz Bloodred had entered her tent while William and Hazel proceeded to talk. There was less than 3 hours left until the massacre. She saw no chance of survival right now. She put on her black light armor and her metal-tipped gauntlets. She fastened her sword to her side, put her dagger in her boot, then walked out. Her hood and cowl were down, but now she was nearly unrecognisable from how she was moments before. Before she put the armor on, she looked like a teenager. She looked around 18. Now, she looked like an adult and her posture, the way she stood, said leader.
"Attention!" She hollered. Instantly, the Templar that were goofing off, the one who were resting, and even the ones actually paying attention, stood straight and stopped what they were doing.
"In approximately three hours, they will attack. That won't be good, not at all. But there's something else you need to know. Most likely, they'll be sending scouts. It's dark out here. Keep a look out. And the Blood Moon gives them way more power than a full moon." She looked at each and every soldier that was there with her. "Plus they might even send small waves after us. So..." She sighed. "Just do your best. We'll pull through this."

Arian sighed.
"Eden, honey. It's okay. We're at my brother's house." He looked to Lillian. "It's been so long. You too, brother." He said. He kept looking at them, but this time there was more sadness in his eyes.
"I heard about her... She joined the Dark Ones."