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"Prepare to die."

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a character in “The Solatium Legacy”, as played by NethanielShade


What's our motto? Pshh, we don't need one. Humanity will die, and it's about time!


Divina Magia Magnus

Div, Magnus



Dark Caster, Necromancer is the type of Dark Caster.

Quiet. It's always the first word to describe him. He almost never talks, and when he does it's in short sentences, usually answers to questions.

Hair: Plain maroon.
Eyes: Golden.
"He looked up to reveal emotionless yellow eyes. Eyes like pools of molten gold, flat yet endlessly deep. They seemed to search your mind and soul and tear apart at everything you know."
Build: Normal, not super-skinny/lanky but not buff/athletic.
Skin Tone: Pale, closer to peach.
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Voice: Quiet, but when he does speak it's hard to hear him 'cause he almost always wispers.
Handed: Right
Body Markings: None, the mysterious tattoos he had before were destroyed when he turned.


He summons a type of black armor which is a mixture of Ebony and Obsidian.

Casual Clothing:
Normally a black coat of cloak with purple clothing and black shoes.

Carried Items:
None, he tends to summon things.

Magic, spells, alchemy and deciphering things. Necromancy and conjuration.

He has a few spells he learned when he was younger, but his main powers are summoning and conjuring things as well as Necromancy.


So begins...

Divina's Story


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Character Portrait: Divina Character Portrait: Kamoku Kyougan Character Portrait: Hazel Naganen
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Kamoku wondered why he let his pray go away so easily. It seems that it was right in front of him, and easy just to catch. Yet, he flee from the scene, leaving the prey in peace and liberty. What perplexed him more is that it was the same prey that he thought having killed recently. Maybe it was an illusion, or the being reincarnated in that… being. He wasn’t even sure if his prey was a demon anymore, seems that he already captured the corruption of his prey in the crystal of his. Any ways he took it, Ankin wasn’t a threat to the Dark Ones anymore, and doubt that his reincarnation would do much damage than what Ankin was able to do. Kamoku decided that he would let the being roam in the forest, and maybe it would be even funnier to met his prey again.

He wasn’t sure what to do; he could easily go forward and relax in the plains, but when he saw that the sun was setting, he smirked softly. Remembering his team mates, Divina was supposed to lead an attack to one of the fort of the Good ones. He didn’t want to interrupt his fun, but he could at least spectate it. Due to the shadows stretching, it was much faster to travel in the shadows than by feet. Like if he was teleporting. His body merged with the shadow, and he set his way to the fort.
• • •
After few minutes, he arrived near the battlefield, but he watched from a far, with a smirk on his face, crossing his arms.

“Let see how he does in this attack.”

On her way to the place with Blaine, she heard the voice again.

“You have to open the book, you’ll see why…”

She looked down at the book, seeing it was still sealed with those big red ribbon. Hazel shook her head, holding it; she refused to do so. The voice only sighed, and never spoke another word. Although, deep inside of her, she felt like she is needed somewhere else than she is. Like if someone was calling her. It would be impossible, since she was, after all, new to this world. However, she couldn’t just ignore; it was stronger than her.

She squirmed herself out of Blaine’s grip, and looked up at him.

“I’m sorry to leave you like that, and I know I’m heavily injured, but I feel someone calling me.”

Suddenly, her shadow morphed into a bird, which was bigger than her, and was able to carry her on its back. By instinct, she gripped on the shadow, and the bird spreads its wings and flew up into the sky, and went into a direction which she didn’t ordered to, but it was where she needed to be.


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Character Portrait: Arian Fay Character Portrait: Divina Character Portrait: Eden F. Blackwell
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Arian easily sensed his love coming up from behind him, and he turned around.
"Eden! Why did you follow me?" He asked. He opened his mouth to say something further, but stopped when he was red light bathed around him. He turned to see his portal was now red.
He backed away slowly.
"Ohh... Nononononononono... No... I shouldn't ha-"

"-ve left the portal open so long?"
A familiar, yet malicious deep voice resonated. A skinny figure in a dark, shadowy robe stepped out of the door. It was already nearly sunset, and the light of the portal played with the shadows and made his silhouette all the more scarier. He looked up to reveal emotionless yellow eyes. Eyes like pools of molten gold, flat yet endlessly deep. They seemed to search your mind and soul and tear apart at everything you know.
The darkness literally shifted, writhed, and flailed around him like smoke in the wind. A purple aura of evil resonated from his body.
Yet... His pale face bore a smile.

"Ahhh... Arian. Eden. Long time no see, yes?" Asked the evil figure. The red light of the portal started fading a bit, but he flicked his hand upwards, and it grew brighter. The portal stayed for now.

Arian was unfazed and stood his ground. He was shaking violently, however. Arian knew it wasn't something he could control. The man had a cloak of fear, nothing could be in it's presence and not be scared... Unless, of course, they were more powerful. More powerful than the Dark Caster. One of the two Dark Ones. The Lich King, the deal-dealer. This evil man was-

"Divina Magnus. It's been so long." He said almost sadly. "Arian, I came here to stop you from using the portal, and to have a second attack point on the army... But you and this girl are so useless. It would be impossible to do anything against me. I'll leave now, and let you gather your family. By the way, did you know? Tonight is a full moon! Beautiful! But it's more than just a full moon. It's a Blood Moon."
Divina started back towards the portal, then stopped. "Oh, and Arian. Your niece is safe. She joined us you know. You haven't seen her in a few years, but she turned Dark last year. Yes... She's an Evo." And with that, he stepped into the portal.

Arian had gasped at his last words.
"An Evo..." He whispered. "This is bad news..." He said and shivered. He half expected demons to pour from the portal, but was relieved when it turned lime-green again.
He looked to Eden. "She's an Evo, Eden... She's one of the most powerful Dark Casters, just under a Cataclyst, she's an Evo... T-they are known to be incredibly powerful... They can influence people, like a Siren can, but they can also Evolve, such as morphing into other people or into anyone. Any animal. Any demon, any monster. They are feared by other Casters, and my niece is one!" After another shiver, he grabbed Eden gently.
"We have to find my brother... We need him and the family for this war."


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Character Portrait: Arian Fay Character Portrait: Divina Character Portrait: Eden F. Blackwell
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Eden F. Blackwell

When Arian went to grab her, her skin was fiery hot and she was sweating and panting. The scare from Divinia had caused another episode from her illness. She had only had one other spell before and she almost didn't make it out of it. She fell on to her knees, not looking up at Arian. Her arms shook violently as she coughed repetitively. Her skin was as white as snow. The only person who could help her was her sister. But, her sister had been missing fro around three months. Anyone that knew Eden well enough to hear about her illness feared if her sister were not around when it happened, she would die in a matter of days... The only thing they could do for her was pray for the best.


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Kamoku seems to be quite confused; he thought he would be rejected for what he had done, but after only seconds she talked to him, she appreciated the scenery as well. It left him perplex on what was up with her; after all, she was his best friend, and it was the first time that he saw her having mixed emotions. The beast nodded when she said that she will get back into the cave, and he thought that he had no business in there anymore. Now, he could watch the battle without anything on his mind, because, well, he couldn’t find the other girl in the forest. Without Raven’s knowing, he had been traveling multiple times around the forest already. It was done through the shadows. In any situation, his body slowly sank into the shadow, moving to the battlefield.

• • •

After only a matter of seconds, Kamoku arrived at the battlefield. He was farther away, since he felt the troops were getting closer. He thought it would be a matter of three hours before they reach the building, which makes him hope that it would be interesting. Maybe he’ll participate with them, but time will tell that, since he felt that Divina had already everything planned out, and Kamoku’s help would be superficial.

“Oh really? Well, I feel less stupid about myself then,” she chuckled softly. It felt good to know that she wasn’t the only one forgetting something. On the announcement of the enemy troops, she sighed softly. She didn’t quite understand why she was battling with them, and most specially why would people battle? It doesn’t make sense in her mind. Although, she simply smiled slightly.

“Well, I should work in the use of the book.” She said out loud, to herself of course, but in some way, it was also directed towards William. Hazel removed the book's ribbon, and it opened in front of her, levitating. Hazel got use to that with the first time it did it. She flipped through the pages, and there was something that only she could see. The way that she saw how to cast one of the spells aren’t by words, but it was some kind of grid with guiding holes, and she was the one needed to complete the puzzle. Hazel tilted her head; she didn’t need such a thing to cast the bird, but she couldn’t complain since she didn’t know much about her power. To William’s view, the book contains an odd symbol-based text language, and few sketches were found throughout the book. When Hazel found a spell that she quite liked the effects, she started to solve the puzzle. This action made her eyes change color to a purple tint.

“It is quite… interesting.” She said towards William. Hazel allowed herself to discussion because he needs time to understand the way this book helps her, and maybe William could assist her with the book. She wasn’t sure if William could see the same as she does, not that she would mind either.


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Character Portrait: Divina Character Portrait: Kaoz "Kay" Bloodred Character Portrait: Samael Character Portrait: Melancholy Epodyno-Thanato III
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Kaoz's red eyes shone evilly.
"You-" She disappeared and reappeared behind him, hitting him against the back of the head. "-forget-" she disappeared and reappeared in front of him. "-that you're not the-" She appeared next to him, and whispered in his ear. "-only one affected by the blood moon." She smiled, showing 2 inch long fangs. Instantly, she hissed and leaped at him to bite his neck.

Somewhere far off in the Dark One's ranks, a dark swirling cloud appeared in the sky.
The Dark Ones parted, leaving two lone figures standing side-by-side. One looked like a normal human, but wearing a dark black robe.
The other appeared human enough, if you ignore the blue-purple energy, presumably souls, flowing around him. Oh, and the dark black wings behind him.

"YOU ARE ALL HELLBOUND!" His voice boomed over the field.

Kaoz stopped mid-lunge, staring, eyes wide with fright. She looked straight at Samael.
"That was... Melancholy." She growled. "No more playing. Let's get this over with, Fallen One." She said, referring to how he had once been an Angel of Light, but had fallen and was now a Fallen Angel, a demon.