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The Queen's Royal Bodyguard, Horror


0 · 264 views · located in Realm of the Fae and Realm of the Humans.

a character in “The Song of Making A Fairy's Song”, as played by Chocolate~Pyrus




(Note: This picture fully belongs to I own nothing)

Gender: Male

Nickname(s): None

-looks to be 27
-Real Age is unknown

Race: Fairy

Appearance: Horror has dark blue hair that is long (but is always put up in a braid, except in the front where he has two long braids, draping down his shoulders. He has pale white skin and pale blue eyes that look like marbles. He is fairly sized and slim. He has sharp white nails and a large scar that goes across his left arm.

Preferred Clothing: He wears a greyish, pale, sky blue, sleeveless doublet. He has dark grey fingerless gloves that start at his elbow. And greyish tan baggy grey pants. Horror also wears thigh boots that have no soles. And he wears a teal blue belt.

-5'1 ft
-13 cm

Weight: 115 lbs

Hair Colour: Dark Blue

Eye Colour: Pale Blue

Personality: To sum up Horror in a few words would be shy, stubborn, and strong. Horror prefers spending his time alone, during useless activities [i.e reading/drinking]Horror is determined and won't ever give up. He is loyal and faithful. Horror is grumpy and can sometimes be mean but he is a good case of Tsudere. Behind the curtains he wants to protect people, even if he has to sacrifice his life. He is shy and is actually sad when he is alone.

Quirks: Horror is stubborn and he doesn't know when to give up. He also keeps his sadness and feeling locked up.

-revealing clothing

-dumb people
-new memories
-heavy clothing
-weak people

-sword play

-losing the queen

Weapon: A two handed great sword that is sliver and has a teal blue handle.

Personal History(bio): He was living with his mother, father, and his younger brother. He was a happy little fairy boy. He was energetic and wild and he did whatever he could to make his brother laugh. He also had many friends. But there was one friend who he was dearly close to. But, three days and two nights after he had turned seven, they were attacked by a psychotic criminal who was running form the Seelie. He had broke into their home, and slaughtered his entire family. The boy was hiding in his room when that happened so the criminal took him hostage and used him to escape. Eventually, the child was holding him back so the criminal tossed the boy down a steep hill and ran off. He rolled down the hill and when he got to the bottom on the hill, he hit a large stone. It had hit his head so hard that he had gotten Amnesia. He couldn't remember anything of what happened. He couldn't even recall his name. The scared and confused boy , with a bleeding head, walked around the forest for quite some time before he had heard people coming. He instantly hid inside and old, hollow tree. Then, out of now where, a beautiful fairy woman was walking by him and she spotted him. He was frightened by her but he eventually began to talk with her. When she asked his name, he didn't answer. The queen took him to her court where she raised him to be a strong warrior and also gave him a name. She treated Horror like a son but he was forbidden to call her his mother or consider her his mother. But he still did. He trained to be a great warrior and fight against the Seelie fairies. Horror is unaware of his real name, age, or even that he is a Seelie fairy.

Other: [font] Horror doesn't like to make life changing memories or happy ones because he is afraid that if he does, he will just forget them again. And having Amnesia is like living Hell for him. He also gets bored easily.
-Horror is asexual. Meaning he doesn't like either gender.

So begins...

The Queen's Royal Bodyguard, Horror's Story