Miyaki Haruo

"E-excuse me, I-I'm s-so s-sorry!"

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Miyaki Haruo





†Fashion, he may be shy but that doesn't mean he can't style his ass off
†Scarfs, they're like a security blanket to him, he feels much more comfortable wearing one
†Chocolate, he definitely has a sweet tooth, but there's something about chocolate that especially loves
†Blending in, even though his clothes may sometimes draw attention to him, he likes not being the center of attention
†Stuffed animals, not many have seen his room, but he has an impressive collection of stuffed animals on his bed

—Clumsiness, he tends to be very clumsy to the point that he'll trip over thin air
—Being embarrassed, as uncoordinated as he is, it sadly happens more than he'd like it to
—Surprises, his parents once threw him a surprise party when he was younger and the poor thing was so shocked he fainted
—Insects, bees, spiders, and even butterflies. They scare the hell outta him
—Large crowds, they're great for blending in but he also get nervous

Haru has a very soft-spoken, careful, and kind nature. If you aren't looking directly at him when he talks it's easy to believe you were just hearing things. Not only is his voice usually very soft, but he never speaks but so loud. It isn't unusual to completely miss what he said, even when looking right at him. That's why it might be a treat, unfortunately for him, when he's startled. That's more than likely the only time you'll ever hear him raise his voice and it's such an unexpected thing to hear, his high pitched scream when someone or something just scared the hell out of him. He's so shy, everything he does is very low key so that he doesn't draw unwanted attention to himself. His actions are never dramatic or over-the-top, unless you count instances like when he's flailing his arms while running away from some bug. Almost everything makes him embarrassed, sneezing, being too close to someone, tripping, making too much noise with silverware, they'll all have him turning red in an instant. It's truly a task to find anything he isn't embarrassed by. He'll even blush when someone else makes a complete fool out of themselves, feeling embarrassed for them. That's why he's so careful with everything he does. He tries his very best to avoid doing anything that might make him look stupid. He'll go so far as to leave the room if he feels like he's going to sneeze. Unfortunately for Haru, no matter how much he tries to maintain a constant state of balance, he's plagued by his clumsiness and it's such a shame to see him try so hard, only to literally fall flat when he least expects it. It's the strangest thing, he could be standing almost completely still and the next thing you know, he's on the ground. Just walking from his bed to the closet is a daily challenge. The floor will be absolutely clear—he's very neat—and yet, he will still find some way to trip and fall on his face. It's a miracle the boy's body isn't riddled with bruises or in a full-body cast with the way he's always tumbling over everything, and nothing.

He also had moments where he'll momentarily forget about his surroundings and that's where the chaos ensues. One time he bent down to pick up a pencil accidentally broke a classmates nose when his head snapped up and hit the poor student in the face. That's a memory that always has him paying more attention to the people around him. Regardless of how careful he is, there's just those times when he's struck with his clumsy ways and he's off falling, dropping or breaking things. It would be in your best interest to be on your toes around him, there's no telling what he might end up doing next. Haru is a sweet individual, he wouldn't harm a fly—partly because they gross him out too much to go near them. He's may be incredibly timid when he first meets someone, only nodding his head as a response, but he's very mannerly and doesn't intentionally do anything to hurt others. He doesn't judge people and won't try to pry into anyone's business. He does happen to be a good listener though, he's someone it would be easy to spill your guts out to and not be chastised for what you said. He isn't very good at giving advice, but he doesn't mind listening to your problems. Even though he's shy, and it's hard getting him to come out of his shell, it isn't impossible. He doesn't exactly have many friends at school, but back in his hometown he has friends and family who have been able to do so. His personality doesn't change much for those who he's willing to talk with. He does say more than 'yes' and 'no', or nodding his head in response though, if you're expecting him to just talk your ear off that will almost never happen.

He's sort of protective in a quiet way when it comes to the people he cares about. Would you see him in a fist fight? Well, of course not! He's protective in a sense that he tries his best to keep people out of harm's way, but would he try to fight someone? Absolutely not. Not only would he probably get knocked out—he wouldn't even know when to duck—but he is against any sort of violence, physically or verbally. Now, he would try to be a peacemaker, the one who would step in to try and break up the fight since he doesn't want to anyone to get hurt. Unfortunately, from a past experience, even then he might still get knocked out. Yes it's embarrassing for him, but he would feel bad if he saw a fight and just turned a blind eye. Certain things weigh heavily on his mind, knowing he could have stopped something like that, is one of them. Haru doesn't get mad that often and, if he ever is, you would probably never know it. He isn't the type to make a public scene or yell at someone when he's angry. Even if he's upset, these are things he resolves quietly on his own. He doesn't like to pester people, especially by weighing them down with his own problems. He'll listen to yours, but he'll spare you the hassle of having to listen to his. Since just being around him is a hazard to you own well-being, he tries to annoy people as little as possible. So, Haru is a very mousy person. He is cautious, yet hopelessly clumsy. He has a kindred spirit and only wants to protect those he cares about. If you can get past his initial inclination to be reserved, you might actually enjoy his company once you get to know him.

Brief History:
Haru's upbringing was, for the most part, and uneventful one. He comes from a well-off family, not super rich, but a stable one that has the luxury of enjoying the finer things in life. His father was the typical, hard-working busy man that contributed the most to the family monetarily. At home his mother ruled with a iron fist, although she did and will have a soft spot for her dear Haruo. She ran a small clothing business out of the house—everything being made by her and personally chosen helpers—as well as heading all sorts of women's clubs. Scrap-booking, cooking, knitting, exercise, you name it and she's probably done it. Haru has an older brother who's already out of college and married, despite the family being a close one, the elder moved halfway across the country so that his wife could be closer to her family. Haru only gets to see them during the holidays, or family vacations. His grandparents happen to live in the same house too. Growing up, Haru was always enraptured in his grandfather's far-fetched stories, especially the war ones. They usually involved him being fatally wounded and still being able to fight off hordes of people—sometimes even the living dead when he felt like being especially creative. His grandmother is just like his mother. She used to be just as active as her daughter, but as she grew older she took up spoiling Haru as her hobby. It was her who is responsible for his love of sugary things, and yes, his chocolate addiction too. She often bought him different kinds and asked him to try them. There was no dramatic coming-out story for Haru, his family always knew he was gay, that's why it was no surprise when he bought his first "boyfriend" home in elementary school, and another one in middle school. His parents were always very serious about his education, like his brother, they wanted him to go to a prestigious college to. So when it came to high school, they chose Ravenwood because they heard it was a good one. It was Haru's first time being away from his family and he did—and still does—get very homesick. However, he knows it for his own benefit, so he makes it through. Though every break the school has, he flies home to see his family.


Black & White
White & Red
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Red & Gray
Animal Print

Theme Song:
Nothing's Over~Infinite
You're getting further away, a distant dot
I can't take a single step, only my heart is chasing after you
I'm still - I couldn't even make an explanation
I take a step back and say goodbye (goodbye)
Just for a short moment I say goodbye (goodbye)

Nothing's over (Nothing's over)
Nothing's over (Nothing's over)
Nothing's over - I memorize this spell
You can't meet another guy, you can't already
It's not over yet (not over yet)
I never let you go

I think about you all day long
In the momentary darkness, I wander and search for you
In my emotions that will only close,
Your melody came to me and embraced me
I hear that never forget you (no) I'll find my baby

The day we first met, I was so nervous
The words you said to me, like a fool I believed in it
The days where I couldn't sleep with thoughts of you
Hold me- even though you're far away, hold me

We can break up, yes that's possible
But not like this (not like this) I can't end it
You can't meet another guy, you can't already
It's not over yet (not over yet)
To me, it's only you

Nothing right now.

So begins...

Miyaki Haruo's Story