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Darren Veda

"I swear to god I'm gonna pop a cap in your ass."

0 · 865 views · located in California's Academy for Superhuman Children

a character in “The Special Ones”, as played by theycallmeemo


Darren Veda

Meaning of Name:
Little Great One || Eternal Knowledge

The Supernerd (self-appointed)



Date of Birth:
19 October

Zodiac Sign:



Intuitive Perception

User can read/view the complete status of anyone or anything, allowing them to see any/all powers/skills, stats, level, overall health, flaws, etc. the target possesses.

Name Identification;
Health Optimization;
Technique Reading;
Power Level Measuring;
Weakness Detection;
Body Language Analysis;
Causality Perception;
Combat Perception;
Empathic Perception;
Energy Perception
Applications:Name Identification;
Health Optimization;
Technique Reading;
Power Level Measuring;
Weakness Detection;
Body Language Analysis;
Causality Perception;
Combat Perception;
Empathic Perception;
Energy Perception

While user must concentrate,he is likely vulnerable to approaching attack unless the tactic has been predicted.



Heterosexual || Aromantic

Relationship Status:

Sexually Active?:

Relationship History:
He has had a few girlfriends here and there,but most of the time
a)it's the girl who initiates the relationship and he couldn't find an excuse to refuse;
b)he realized despite the amount of time spent he could not develop any romantic interest in her;
and c)even if they did remain friends it would have been awkward for him to admit that he was however attracted to her and for them to proceed in sexual activity.So no,none of his relationships worked out.And it's not like he cares enough to try again.





125 lbs

Body Build:
Ripped;The type that looks thinner when clothed.

Eye Colour:

Glasses or Contacts?:
Brown contacts

Skin Tone:

Distinguishing marks:
Not particularly,but it's not like his skin was perfectly unblemished all around either.

Hair Colour:

Type of hair:

The wind's touched his hair more than he has.He will do it up at times by styling a mohawk or dying it pink or even shaving it all off however.

Physical disabilities:

Layers and layers of clothing.Be it casual or semi-formal,he doesn't have just a shirt on.

Tattoos and Piercings:
Tribal pattern on his left thigh.

Barely noticed,but few have deemed him remotely attractive.None of this occurs to him though.




Good personality traits:
Open-minded || Untalkative || Patient || Free-spirited || Witty || Straight up

Bad personality traits:
Explosive temper || Snappy || Savage

He's the type of person you'd find out of place anywhere in the back of the class.He tolerates company to an extent.He hates being the dependable one.It absolutely aggravates him when he has to either lay the ground rules,divide tasks or break up a fight.Sometimes when he just isn't feeling too hype,he spits fire at you with an unnecessary rage.His smart savagery will come onto you like a thousand bricks.He could make you actually cry for your mother,and probably find a clever insult for her too.He is not the type of kid you wanna mess with.Luckily however,he doesn't make himself too noticeable,so he doesn't have to worry about people bothering him so much.Smartassery and anger issues aside,he's actually an amazing guy.If everyone you know is too pussy to dive off a cliff into a lake,count on him to show you a good time.



Martial arts || Weaponry || Nature || Sleep

Conflict || Extra work

Favourite Colour:
Navy blue

Least Favourite Colour:
Bright hues

Favourite Music:

Least Favourite Music:

Favourite Literature:

Favourite Form of Entertainment:
Drunk peoplewatching



Drunk peoplewatching || Martial arts || Reading || Weaponry || Forest explorations || Sleep


Can't stand being alone for too long.

Plays a musical instrument?:
Can play hot cross buns on the recorder flute.

Plays a sport?:
Can kick your ass in -2 seconds,does that count?

Spending habits:
Aside from the occasional party pizza,soda and beer,purchase doesn't appeal to him.

Apart from the occasional joint,no.

More or less.



Father lost his job,mom divorced him,then died after.He got sent to live with his aunt until he could manage to survive on his own.Doesn't depend on others since.

Homeschooled for all of middle school.Fluent in both English and French (with a shit accent however) and studies Italian whenever he feels like it.Can also cook if he wants to.Once read the entire dictionary before returning to public school.

Low-middle class

Hex Colour:



So begins...

Darren Veda's Story


Darren Veda

Hexcode: #808080 || Location: Outside

5 cups of coffee.Still insufficient.
Holiday parties were the worst parties.Darren wouldn't mind like a house party or something,but this was nuts.The whole school was involved.Nothing to do except suffer a migraine.And a hangover.
Not this time.
He went outside away from the freakshow and he saw a group of teenagers having a snowball fight amidst the vast emptiness.
He subconsciously smirked and took a sip of his now sixth cup of coffee,leaning against the wall.It's been a while since he'd screwed around in the snow like that.In fact,it's been forever since he had fun like that.
Wait no,he never had fun in his life.
The closest thing he'd ever gotten to enjoying himself was either burning all his materials in a mass bonfire in like fifth grade or that one time the neighbors upstairs invited him over for beer while watching the game when he was like 14.And even then it wasn't good enough to be considered satisfactory.

His smirk wiped off as he remembered that time period.It was lame,boring.And on top of that,he was lonely.
For some odd reason,he felt like being around kids his age he didn't know was the greater option when he first considered the offer to attend the academy.
He mulled over the thought again as he finished the warm contents of the paper cup.He watched as a couple or so drops of the brown liquid slid out the edge as he tossed it in front of him,sighed,and kicked the cup further away,a bit of snow getting kicked along with it.
He then turned around and let himself fall backwards,getting a hard impact as he hit the packed snow.He grunted,sighed,and rest his eyes.


Darren Veda

Hexcode: #808080 || Location: Outside

"Buwahaha! Oh, my god! That was hilarious, haha! They're covered in snow!"
Darren's rest got disturbed by a fuckton of snow hitting him on all places with the force and speed of a revolver.He got up,shook the cold off his person,and turned to see the source of the snowfall.Among the entire group,he quickly made out a person whose outline seemed to the naked eye to be a blur.He furrowed his brows at them.

Drake,Samuel Reuben
Age 17
Ability: Hyperspeed
Status: Kinetic
Stamina: 85%

Darren's brows still knit,his lips slowly curved into a smirk.He formed a decent snowball,estimated his aim,and shot it at his target.
It seemed to have hit him.Darren wasn't sure because his form was still blurry.The two most probable outcomes were either
a)the Samuel character got hit,and in his uninterrupted movement the snow either melted or slid off,
or b)the Samuel character in his uninterrupted movement managed to block or evade the incoming attack.
Either way,Darren was sure as shit he must have hit him.

Song| Seven Nation Army|| Outfit| X|| Hexcode| #BF00FF

"Your version of showing off is almost completely idiotic and ineffective." Annabeth commented from the passenger seat as she turned her head towards Nathaniel who was in the driver's seat of his car. "You should've done the disappearing party trick when Chris was still around instead of standing there gawking at Landon's chest." Nathaniel rolled his eyes and started the car. "Now why would I need to worry about that..." He smirked and put a hand on her thigh. "When I've got you, Annie."

Annabeth arched her eyebrow at him and a surge of pain flooded to his head until he let go and began to scream. Annabeth smirked and let go. "Stop being an idiot and drive back to the mansion." Nathaniel mumbled something before pulling out of the parking lot and heading back to the mansion. Annabeth pulled out her phone and began typing away. "Stop at the liquor store before hand and get something good. Apparently everyone's favourite speedster is having a party in his dorm." She looked up from her phone. "Might as well make it fun."

Nathaniel rolled his eyes and stopped at the liquor store like she asked. He grabbed a few cases of beers, some vodka, tequila, and used his powers to make the clerk think he paid for it before getting out of there. Annabeth began to text everyone in her contacts list about the party going on and made sure to inform them there'd be alcohol. It seemed that booze was the only way to get a bunch of teenagers all together for a good time.




T H E x S P E E D x D E M O N

{ Thursday, January 1st, 1:52am, 2015 || Outfit [x] || Location: The Mansion }


Sam looked over his cover for a short few seconds, "BIG mistake Sam!" She said as he looked over at Aislinn as an army of snowballs was redirected by at him and then he looked up as he heard Reed's voice above him, "Yo Sam, don’t ask for what you aren’t prepared to handle." He looked up and dropped his jaw, as he would do when he was idle or in shock, "Oh, damn." He got covered in snow falling from the roof of the mansion. He then got up, covered in snow, and looked over at Chris as a giant wave of snow hurled towards his way and he got smashed with snow again. "Really? Isn't that just a bit much, guys? I only smashed you with millions of snowballs." He looked at Kat and tried throwing more at her, until she became intangible, snowballs hitting the wall behind her. "Two can play at that game, Drake! Oh? What's this? Can't you hit me, Samuel?" He sighed and rolled his eyes before another snowball hit him from behind, it came from a fairly unknown man to him, Darren Veda, "I'm so done with this crowd." He looked over as Galen walked up to him, "Hey Sam, need some help?" Sam raised his eyebrows, "Couldn't you have run over sooner? I'm done with this snowball fight anyway, time for a party at my house, see ya there."

"Party at Sam's dorm!!" Sam wooted as he traveled to his dorm and text his friends about it. He ran inside and immediately starting setting up at superhuman speeds, pulling out foods like chips and such, setting up the speaker system for music, but, it seemed like he was missing one thing. Alcohol. He pulled out his phone and immediately text the first person who came to mind, Ella.

[To: Ella]
[Yo. You got alcohol? Need it for the party or everyone will leave the damn place. I mean, this could be my chance to become popular! I mean, it's not a big party but, whatever. It's New Year's, we need alcohol! {Even though I'm not drinking till I'm eighteen like a law obeying citizen. Even my antics usually include very illegal things. Anyway. xD} BRING ALCOHOL.]

{OOC: In my country it's eighteen guys, so if it's different over there, sorry.}

Darren Veda

Hexcode: #808080 || Location: Outside

"Oh?What's this?Can't you hit me,Samuel?"
The second Darren blinked,he was unable to spot the source of the voice.He frowned and let his peripheral vision do the trick.

Avyanna,Elizabeth Leah
Age 21
Ability: Shapeshi--

Buckeldee,Aislinn Mae
Age 17
Ability: Aero--

Adams,Reed Lewis
Age 18

Wait,I'm looking for a female.

Age 19
Ability: Telepath--

"Nope-" Wait..
His gaze went back to Samuel and he squinted again.


Hayes,Katherine Sophia Grace

"Oh shit."
Age 17
Ability: Translucidity

By the time he'd read her ability,she finally reappeared as Samuel started squirming from the snow that wet his back.And then more fell on him.
He couldn't help but chuckle as that guy sighed audibly, "I'm so done with this crowd." Man,was that Katherine character amusing.
As Darren watched Samuel fled,he'd thought his fun had ended until he heard, "Party at Sam's dorm!!"
Been a while since he's gone to a party.

Power:Force-Field Generation || Dialogue:#66BDCD | Thought:#ff99f1 || Outfit:Winter Casual

Amusement turned to fascination as different powers got involved in a simple game. The one thing she could make sense of from there was that she were definitely in the right place. "Hey! You're welcome to join us if you like!" She smiled and waved it off politely to the one blonde that had caught sight of her. Before it was even much of a consideration, the snowball fight had died down in time as expected in preference for a dorm party shouted out in the blue. She wasn’t sure who the Sam person was either but…follow the crowd. That seems like a sturdy enough idea. Not that they made it easy by splitting up in certain groups. The next breath she inhaled was sharper than she meant, especially since it was intended to be a breath of assertiveness.
She followed a few people but mostly the music was a dead spoiler and she stepped into the dorm. These people really aren't making it easy. Another deep breath with her green eyes flicking around the room and she relaxed a little. Though she was regretting not having any alcohol with her temporary friend somewhere in the state. Usually she wasn't one that believed in alcohol as a necessity for fun but it could've helped her let go a little.
Evie moved over to the drinks nearby another girl of red hair. "Hey."She smiled a little though she didn't glance to the female, too busy grabbing a cup. "You been here long?" The party looked to be missing a few more bodies. "The school I mean," she felt it necessary to add. The dorm party still looked relatively fresh and it seemed obvious a lot of people were just arriving. Evonne poured some vodka into her cup and sipped at it in time to hear some emerging comment about "I don't know who will want to drink at this time". Self-consciously and half-judging herself, she glanced at the contents in her cup, swirling the liquor around.
Evie, no matter the whole underage and new girl aspect, had earned the drink so she continued to take little sips, shifting her back a little to the general direction the voice had come.

#, as written by mjolnir

T H E - D A R K N E S S



Old Time Rock and Roll

Once they arrived back at the school, Spencer made no time of getting out of his truck and making her way up to the epicenter of the party. He slowly stepped through the threshold, his hands in the pockets of his jeans. He glanced around the room, "Who's ass did you have to kiss to get this room Drake?" Landon smirked towards Sam. He personally had no issue with the guy, but the way he looked at him made Land feel like the guy was threatened by him. Oh well. He sifted about the room until his back was leaning against a far wall, crossing his arms over his chest.

Spencer and Landon hadn't been there long before Annabeth walked in through the door Nathaniel held open. He scoffed to himself quietly, shaking his head. The chick needed to learn how to hold her own damn doors, especially when Nate's hands were full like that. Selfish. He did't understand what his best friend saw in her but then again, their own friendship made no sense either. Once Nathaniel set down the plethora of alcohol, he made his way over to Landon. "So instead of shagging the dumb blonde... You decided to enjoy a party with half wits?" He chuckled, "Why settle for the blonde when I can have a strapping lad such as yourself? I had separation anxiety... That was a long drive from the Bistro without you." He then grinned mischievously, "Come on Nate. You know I can't pass up a party that is destined to be trouble." He raised his brows suggestively before looking over at Annabeth as she said, "Nathaniel, do play nice." Landon snorted a laugh, "Loosen the reins Beth." Followed by Nathaniel simple said, "Women."

Landon looked over towards the door as his roommate joined in on the fun... Well what fun could be had when there was only a handful of people there. "Sup Land?" Chris started as he made his way over towards him and Nathaniel. "Uh hey....could you uh.....text Synth and tell her I....kinda broke my phone again? Make sure you tell her it didn't blow up this time! Just phone guts got fried. So it wasn't that bad this time! God I can't handle another one her lectures about technology safety. Man I think she'll have a power point this time. She might make me take a quiz." Landon had to fight every urge in his body from cracking up at the rant. If he didn't know better he'd say that Chris actually liked Synth.

{To: Robo-Bitch}
"Zeus blew up another cell phone... Down right genocide. If you wanna kick his ass he's at Sam's. But it's a party... So don't bust in here being a vacuum, suckin' up all the fun."

Once he sent the message, he put his phone into his pocket before returning his gaze towards his friend. "Dude... Have you tried like... Rubber gloves or something?" He held out his hands in a suggestive manner, "Like, doesn't rubber repel electricity???" Chris may not have been the brightest crayon in the box, but he must have thought of that, right? "Or maybe even like a military grade phone? Like the ones that can be dropped in water, ran over, blown up. There's gotta be some sort of phone that you can work without killing it."

#, as written by Layla

      [ song; my medicine ] [ hex; #779F6D ] [ outfit; the immutable cold ]

      XXXShe stared at the hand Blair offered,
      XXXand placed the coffee mug in her palm.
      XXX"Mmm," Synthia mused. "And here I was, hoping you'd disagree."

      From: Woody Womb-Pecking Wanker
      Zeus blew up another cell phone... Down right genocide. If you wanna kick his ass he's at Sam's. But it's a party... So don't bust in here being a vacuum, suckin' up all the fun.

      XXXHer eyes flickered across the invisible screen as she read the message, releasing a long, exasperated sigh.
      XXXTitanium. The phone Synthia had built for him had had a titanium shell, mixed with nichrome alloy, a concoction that had the electrical resistivity over a hundred times that of copper.
      XXXHer eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head.
      XXXTitanium. She'd wasted titanium.
      XXX"I am considering investing in a Birthing Simulator," she murmured to herself. "57 Del Units of pain might shock the thundering brute into being more careful."
      XXXShe walked out of Blair's room, without seeing if the other girl would follow. The students parted for her, nearly plastering themselves to the wall in their haste to escape. It seemed knowledge of her threat towards Lucas had spread. It was somewhat amusing to Synthia, who realised her companions, including Blair, had powers much more conducive to inflicting biological harm.
      XXXBut most injuries, and certainly pain, were things people could recover from.
      XXXA criminal record, a butchered reputation, a collapsed family dynamic... Those, those were much harder to mend.
      XXXAnd she supposed Blair had a kindness she lacked. A sweetness she could never replicate. Blair was an Autumn tree - gentle and altruistic even when her leaves collapsed, beautiful in the end.
      XXXAnd Christopher had an immutable sense of morality and justice that prevented him from harming any who did not deserve it. People did not fear his unpredictability, because they knew he would not threaten any who did not threaten what he cared for.
      XXXLandon's words repeated in her head.

      XXXIt pulsed like a second heart, or her first, considering the vacancy in her chest. She did not know why it bothered her. Surely she knew she was a black hole. Self-pity did nothing. And yet her mind stumbled and raced, turning through memories and knowledge and thoughts that screeched louder than the scrape or clang of metal and factories.
      XXXSamuel, who could easily rob a bank or wreck havoc, did not. An innate agreeableness rested in him. He endeavoured to please and communicate; too friendly to be feared. Most of the time.
      XXXAislinn was an angel incarnate. She walked on stardust and clouds and the softest silk. Her concern for others was a tangible thing. The students admired her, would protect her. She had no enemies Synthia could name.
      XXXKatherine, who saw in Synthia something so few did, she was hopeless. Hopelessly trusting and optimistic. It frustrated Synthia at times, who could see only demise and exploitation, but she knew she was isolated in that opinion. Katherine's innocence was endearing. She was.
      XXXEven Elizabeth, whom Synthia harboured no love for, might be considered friendlier than her. Her Darker ego was a thing of nightmares, but at least beneath it, the Light simmered, an ever-present flame that no amount of darkness could extinguish.
      XXXShe supposed even Nathaniel might be considered more approachable, if only because he welcomed many into his bed. At least his sexual partners did not wonder if he would butcher them in the middle of an encounter, or perhaps they did, and that was part of his allure.
      XXXHis sister, whilst possessing a malevolent streak, had a natural charm that drew people like moths to a flame. Fools, Synthia thought, but she thought that of everyone.
      XXXAnd sweet, shy Leonard. Synthia could not name anyone who did not find the boy adorable. Even if he did remind her of a toddler - helpless and slippery - albeit one that looked less like a root vegetable. He was charming, she supposed. He brought her coffee.
      XXXHis sister was less naive, but no less charming. She'd seen the eyes that followed Spencer where she went, hungry and desperate. Even those who did not desire women desired to be her. She had a way of speaking to anyone and everyone. A natural charisma that pulsed and hummed with every breath and word and gaze, that only robots were immune to.
      XXXEven Meilani had her own charm. An quirkiness to her that made people want to know more. Synthia supposed she did not see it because she saw humanity as a singular whole. Meilani's optimism drew people. She tugged at heartstrings. No wonder, Synthia thought, for she had no heart that could be moved.
      XXXAnd Darren who lived like a flower that did not seek attention or approval, but merely bloomed, possessed more patience than Synthia had believed possible. In the rare epochs when he shivered and exploded, he somehow drew together again. He was too unassuming to inspire fear. Not yet.
      XXXSimilarly, Evonne's quiet warmth pulsed like the first rays of dawn, a kaleidoscope of lavender and amber hues that reverberated with her every word. Even her shields could not keep affection away.
      XXXGalen, meanwhile, did not even require an explanation. Synthia imagined she was the only person he did not quite get along with. He'd been magnetic when they were children, and he was magnetic now. Did he sense the admiration that crawled behind him? The souls that would do anything for a mere brush of acknowledgement?
      XXXEven his twin had no shortage of admirers. His loyalty burned like a supernova, brilliant, wild and roaring. She supposed she was the only one blind to it, the only one who saw him for a dying star, who prodded and dissected at everything that was lovely until she could see nothing but rock and gravel. Others looked at Reed and saw a star. She saw a sight that was too little, too late, because the star had already been vanquished, their eyes seeing only the remnants of a constellation that had long collapsed.
      XXXWhilst she felt no quick desire to meet Landon, she saw that others did. Pretty words flowed from him like fresh water from a mountain, even his sarcasm had an ethereal magnetism to it. He filled the room, and walked like a lord through his kingdom.
      XXXSynthia could even see Gisele's charm, objectively speaking. Her strength was a tangible thing, a moon cratered with imperfections, but beautiful in its way.
      XXXHuman. They were all so hopelessly, wonderfully human.
      XXXThe thought sat like a piece of broken code in her chest, jarring and disrupting every step and thought. Come back, it said. Come back and simmer and rage and burn with everything you are not.
      XXXIt was the medication, she told herself. The toxic static that hummed in her veins from Chris' touch. It was driving her mad. Temporarily.
      XXXThe earth was littered with the corpses of civilisations who believed they were eternal.
      XXXShe would not become one of them.
      XXXShe would not believe in something that could never be.
      XXXLove was a weakness.
      XXXFriends were a weakness.
      XXXDistracting. They were all distracting.
      XXXBut what was her probability of death?
      XXXHow many things had been said to last? How many of them had collapsed?
      XXXHow many units of pain did ostracism invoke? How many were self-inflicted?
      XXXHow did machines pretend to be human?
      XXXHow fast did she need to run, to run from the end to the start again?

      XXXAnd why did she always, always ask questions she already knew the answer to?

      XXX"I brought some light reading," she told Chris by way of greeting as she dropped a 313 page manual on electrical stimulation and its effects on technology in his hands. "Except a quiz later this week.
      XXX"Landon informed me of the sizeable explosion you impelled," she said. "Do consider the full-body rubber suit I suggested." Said suit was horrendously ugly, a neon yellow monstrosity that made any who wore it look like Big Bird from Sesame Street, or a discoloured capsicum. She took a step forward in search of Chris' mangled phone - she could save some spare parts - but a bout of nausea attacked her in that moment. She tipped forward. Blair and Chris were closest to her, but she shifted in the last moment and caught the edge of a table. She swallowed.
      XXX"The floor is slippery," she excused. "Can't imagine why," she said dryly, lips curling in disgust.
      XXXHer eyes caught that of another student's. He froze under her emerald stare.
      XXX"Uh... Did you..." he murmured. "Can I..."
      XXXSynthia nodded at the plastic cup he held in his hand. He followed her gaze, and blinked.
      XXX"Uh," he started. "This is a Jaegarbomb."
      XXXSynthia merely raised her brow.
      XXX"Like, vodka. And Red Bull," he clarified, furrowing his brows in confusion.
      XXX"Also known as a Turbojäger or Fliegender Hirsch. Yes, I am aware," she deadpanned.
      XXX"Are you-"
      XXXSynthia grabbed the cup from his hand, and devoured it all. She scowled at the empty cup, though from disgust at the taste, its emptiness, or because that was her face, one could not be too sure.
      XXXThe boy stared at her, a look of shock and something akin to admiration in her gaze. He did not move.
      XXX"You are dismissed," Synthia said, before mulling over a thought. She returned his cup to him. "Unless you wish to retrieve another."
      XXX"Wow, I mean, yeah. Yeah, sure, Ro- Shit, I mean, Miss Faye," he said.
      XXX"You may call me Synthia."
      XXXHis eyes widened.
      XXX"Um, yeah, sure, M- Synthia," he corrected slowly, as if the name were a foreign language he could not decipher. Synthia lifted a brow as he merely stood and gawked. She jerked her head in dismissal, and he retreated hastily.
      XXXSynthia turned and snatched the drink of the nearest person to her as she was waiting, and drank that too. Synthia, who insisted fermented yeast was the concoction of the devil, sent to decimate brain cells and liver function, who condemned any who so much as partook in a sip of a celebratory drink. She gave Landon an expressionless stare over the rim of her cup, as if asking, who's the vacuum now?
      XXXThe boy raced back with not one drink but two. Synthia took both, and downed them too.

Darren Veda

Hexcode: #808080 || Location: Sam's Dorm

Darren was behind the drink table enjoying his own little cup of beer when two redheaded girls approached,one skinny and one shapely.He felt the wall thud a little as a dude not too far alongside him leaned back and he turned in time to spot the latter approaching him with a suspicious air on her.Turns out it was Samuel and..

Age 18
Ability:Hyper Mind

Oh,poor Samuel.

"..been here long?" went the other girl, "The school,I mean."
Darren frowned at the miserable sight of Sam and Annabeth before turning toward the other girl, "She isn't listening to you," he said with a firm tone.He wasn't sure whether or not he'd been heard but he didn't wanna bother wasting his breath.
He searched her face feeling sorry for her and read:

Dawnson,Evonne Louise
Age 18
Ability: Forcefield Generation
Status: Guarded
Affiliation: ???

He let out a sigh before speaking again. "Just a heads-up,I think you oughta watch what you're doing from here on." The lights then flickered for a moment as if to confirm his statement.

Toni Ruth

Hexcode: #004080 || Location: Hallway

Toni felt disturbed by some faint energy.She didn't know what nor where it came from,but she couldn't stand not finding out.
She headed out of the comfort of her dorm to be greeted by a much stronger amount of energy that made her all the more curious as to what's going on.The closer she got to where she was sure she heard music coming from,the clearer it became to her what the energy was.
And so Toni found herself walking towards a party of she had no idea who.

She barely made it to the door when another girl rushed out past her and made her stop in her tracks.
She felt it.
She felt the burning sensation.
It overwhelmed her to the point that she forgot how to speak,how to move,how to breathe.The energy was seeping through the walls and lingered like a trail where the girl had set foot on.It burned and it clawed and it enveloped her abdomen until it succeeded to make its presence clear.

Toni caught herself clutching her chest as she gasped and fell to her knees.There was more than one person suffering from this pain,she knew it.
The feeling was unbearable.She couldn't force herself to emit noise,just shook her head as she cringed.
It was growing stronger by the second.

Power:Force-Field Generation || Dialogue:#66BDCD | Thought:#ff99f1 || Outfit:Winter Casual

She couldn’t help but press her tongue to her cheek as her existence was disregarded. She nodded to herself, familiar with the total shutdown motion. Evonne prevented herself from growing frustration, but forgot about it the moment a boy spoke to her. "She isn't listening to you." “Clearly,” she muttered agreeing. Next, she tried a smile to he who had at least acknowledged her but he seemed to be looking too intensely at her or somehow...beyond her. The next words he projected were equally as blunt, "Just a heads-up,I think you oughta watch what you're doing from here on." They made her to frown a little. She never thought herself the reckless kind and his words were awfully cryptic. The lights flickered causing her to glance up to them then back to the boy once it settled again.

Back-to-back scandalous drama had unfolded causing some to retreat from the party and moody confrontations in what felt like the space of seconds. All the issues she had no tie to at this stage and was rather thankful for as she downed the remaining contents of her drink but still couldn't shake the feeling of awkwardness in the atmosphere. Perhaps it was because people were clearing out at such a pace the new girl may have been exposed indulging in the free booze without having introduced herself to more than half of the people. In fact anyone. But one girl had just stepped in being pounced on and catching up with all the gossip. She was unintentionally somewhat a comfort to Evie with her lateness.

“Well I’m Evie anyway,” she extended a hand to the boy hopefully. “And wondering if you'd at least be kind enough to narrow down what I should be watching?" She felt that fair to ask. It could have included a range of things. People, the alcohol, certain explosive powers! Anything and everything.

Darren Veda

Hexcode: #808080 || Location: Sam's Dorm

Once Darren had his eyes on the lights that were momentarily flickering,his peripheral vision took over,so quickly that he happened not to miss anything.He didn't miss the proud electrokinetic forced into a kiss with whom they called the Robobitch.He didn't miss that Spencer girl planting one and being run out on.He didn't miss the words "Glad I tapped that when I had the chance," that seemed to boom along with the laughter coming from whoever said it, "And that cherry was delicious!"
In fact,he didn't miss the android getting pinned to the wall,he didn't miss another girl running out,and he sure as hell didn't miss the gossip that buzzed right after the series of events.
Neither did he miss the hand held up to him and the words being addressed to him:

"And wondering if you'd at least be kind enough to narrow down what I should be watching."

He nodded at the hand and took it, "Darren."
He briefly shook it as he said, "First," he gestured toward some guy-Reed,was it?Oh shit,he has a twin,he forgot-throwing his arm around a girl yelling, "HI.SoOoOOo..Someone gave me a little something and I doNnOWutitiz but yu look rly,reaellly pretty.." before getting yanked away by the twin.He glanced at him one last second and read:

Adams,Reed Lewis
Age 18
Ability: Gravity Manipulation
Status: Intoxicated
--Contents:Alcohol 45%,C11/H15/NO2(codename Molly)

He raised his eyebrows and nodded to himself slightly before he spoke, "Drugs."

"Number two,"
he continued,nodding towards the girl stumbling her way over to the drink table,only barely having her own share of alcohol when the nearly sexually harassed blondie and her friend came over to speak to her about something,something about this girl named Blair.Who was she agai-oh right,her.

All of a sudden,the main lights of the room flickered off.The strobe,neon and other party lights and music remained functional.
He then chuckled to himself before saying, "Aaand three."

Amidst the startled gasps and yelps,he saw another girl trudging her way into the room,her face cringing in pain and relaxing and back again.That was a pitiful sight.He read her real quick before deciding to approach her.

Age 19




Darren Veda

Hexcode: #808080 || Location: Sam's dorm

He didn't expect to see her again let alone recognize her.
He was like-what-14 when they met.It was the end of middle school and he was packing for California.To be fair,she did look dreary,but not that dreary.
The bags under her eyes looked heavier than he remembered;she was paler-much paler,in fact;the light of life seemed to be drained from every inch of her skin;her nails,her lips,the roots of her hair..She looked..
She looks like a mess.
He sighed.

He then turned back to the girl in front of him,Evie,and nodded at her.
"You know what?" He put his cup down on table, "I think it's time we blow this joint.I hope you don't mind making it out on your own,I have something else to do first."
He smiled briefly and then turned back to Toni and approached her.

Toni Ruth

Hexcode: #004080 || Location: Sam's dorm

When the lights went out,Toni didn't know that she was headed towards the party.She was just searching for the light.The atmosphere in the room she entered was heady,but at least she wasn't alone.
And almost as if confirming the fact,she thought she heard someone call her name.


She looked up.And as her eyes struggled to adjust to the dim lighting and the speed of the movement when she jerked her head up,her vision cleared up and she saw a dude walking towards her with his eyebrows knit.
"I knew it was you.Come on,let's get back to your room."

With the help of her directions,once they got to her dorm,the guy sat her down on her bed and sat on the one across from her.
He seemed to be trying to figure out the words to say for a moment and then regained his composure.
"Now,I'll get straight to the point.Toni,I know you probably don't even remember me in any way.But I just wanna know what you're doing here and why you're looking like that-are you ok?Did someone drug you or something?"

As he was babbling like this,she felt faint melancholy coming from an uncertain direction.It started to shake heat into her like that feeling she earned in the hallway just earlier.She felt her eyes wet all of a sudden and her palms were sweaty,knees weak,arms spaghetti,lucky she hasn't puked on her sweater already.
That's besides the point,she just felt.She didn't know what or how nor why,but she really felt.And she couldn't control it.
Next thing you know,all she emitted was a mere sniffle and a shaky soft soprano mutter:
"It hurts."