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Toni Ruth

"I might cry."

0 · 702 views · located in California's Academy for Superhuman Children

a character in “The Special Ones”, as played by theycallmeemo



Toni Ruth

Meaning of Name:
Priceless One;Compassionate One


Reason for Nickname(s):



Date of Birth:
11 July

Zodiac Sign:




Power to manipulate meteorological phenomena through emotions or feelings.The weather is tied to the user's emotions.User can sense, create, shape and manipulate weather, i.e. the meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes.This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather.This power can be dangerous if the user is not careful with handling their feelings.User can sense,feel,detect,fully interpret and replicate the emotional resonances like emotions, moods, and temperaments of billions or more subjects at once.

May only be able to receive emotions
Abilities may be emotion-based, and therefore it becomes unstable if user gets emotional
Hard to contain if the user does not have complete control over their emotions

Too much might cause incoherence
Requires an atmosphere as a medium i.e. air and space
May have to be/stay in contact with earth
May be unable to create earth, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources
Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power's natural limits
May not be able to generate weather effects, having limited control over existing ones
May not be able to control the weather after they cause the effects to manifest

Musical Empathic Projection.That's it.That's literally fucking it.Bitch could sing and that's all she thinks she could do.Well,guess what,honey,you got another thing coming.

Ecological Empathy
Empathic Element Manipulation
Disaster Manipulation
Terrain Manipulation
Atmospheric Adaptation
Environmental Adaptation
Weather Generation
Weather Sensing

User may not be aware they possess this power
May be constantly active
Some users may not be able to turn ability off

Might get taken over and act on those emotions
May be unable to control their feelings
May not be able handle large amounts of emotions at once
Too much will strain the user's head/brain
Too much will cause the user headaches
May be physically weaker than most due to constant mental strain
Could suffer from mental breakdown
Too many emotions at once can drive the user insane (especially if they do not accept the power)



Sexual Orientation:

Relationship Status:

Sexually Active?:

Relationship History:
Toni is the type of person to fall in love deeply,but she's too reserved to even ask someone out on a date.The only two serious crushes she had didn't work out because they only saw her as a friend and if they'd wanted more only wanted to have sex.She was disappointed and hurt and terrified of making the mistake of falling in love again.





115 lbs

Body Build:

Eye Colour:

Glasses or Contacts?:

Skin Tone:

Distinguishing marks:

Hair Colour:

Type of hair:

She's lazy most of the time.But when she's not lazy,she could even go as far as dying her hair green.

Physical disabilities:

She literally just wears whatever the fuck she wants.If she's gonna look like a badass bitch in leather,she'll do that.If she wants to go hood in a snapback,she'll do that.If she wants to be a fucking pretty princess,she'll do that.Need I say more?

Tattoos and Piercings:
The treble and bass clef in the form of a heart,over her heart.And a nose stud.

Jewellery or Accessories:
One piece of jewelry she can't be seen without is a subtle heart-shaped locket.

Overall Attractiveness:
Well,she's got quite the number of fans.All she cares about however is being cutesy.



Mental or Behavioural Disabilities:
Panic Anxiety Disorder

Good personality traits:
Apologetic || Bubbly || Caring || Sympathetic || Artistic || Easygoing || Positive

Bad personality traits:
Seclusive || Reserved || Hesitant || Self-depreciating || Emotionally unstable

Toni is a really sweet,loving person.The only thing about her is that she looks at it in the wrong way.She's "paranoid",she's "annoying",she's "clingy",she's "hyper""..It takes her a while to open up to people,and when she does,she cares for them with all her heart.She will immediately let them know about everything she comes across that reminds her of them.She indulges in everyone's pleasure.If she can't share happiness with anyone,she would rather not be happy at all.But at the end of the day,no matter how hard she laughs and how big her smile is,the tears she hides will always remain in her eyes.



Animals,warmth,music,anything soft.

Whatever makes her cry.

Favourite Colour:
Baby blue

Favourite Music:

Favourite Food:
If sweets count as food,then that.

Least Favourite Food:
Escargot.Her bandmates dared her to try it before telling her what escargot was French for.She cried her eyes out.

Least Favourite Literature:
Stories without happy endings.

Favourite Form of Entertainment:
Don't laugh,a tea party.

Most Prized Possession:
The locket she wears is a small music box.Her father gave it to her when she was eight.



Singing,songwriting,cooking instant/frozen meals,cloudwatching,sleep,etc.

Complete loss of control.

Childish,crybaby,always wears her heart on her sleeve.

Her emotional breakdowns cause meteorological disasters.

Plays a musical instrument?:
Guitar.Other than that,she's an outstanding singer.

Plays a sport?:
Sucks at basketball,so probably not.

Spending habits:
Very stingy.Coming from a poor background,she's scared of spending more than she really needs.Everyday meals consist of instant/frozen food and leftovers.



Other drugs:
No,that's just a rumor.



Family was poor,so she was homeschooled.Main source of social interaction was the streets.Parents grew ill,had to find work,started street performing.Months after she got discovered,she developed her first power:Empathy.She was able to feel other people's feelings which made it easier for her to relate to them.When she sang,she sang from the heart.But the more people she met,the more emotions she encountered.She eventually developed Panic Anxiety Disorder.By the time she reached maturity,her real power kicked in.The more she sang,the more she got heard,the more she got famous,the more she had to deal with.Eventually,she couldn't handle it anymore and broke.Her first panic attack canceled her final show.Toni never dared go onstage again.

Dream Job:

Formerly Pop-punk Frontman

Formerly low-middle class,now pauper.

Formerly mainly tour bus,promised family to bring back money.

Formerly tour bus.


Hex Colour:



So begins...

Toni Ruth's Story

Darren Veda

Hexcode: #808080 || Location: Sam's Dorm

Darren was behind the drink table enjoying his own little cup of beer when two redheaded girls approached,one skinny and one shapely.He felt the wall thud a little as a dude not too far alongside him leaned back and he turned in time to spot the latter approaching him with a suspicious air on her.Turns out it was Samuel and..

Age 18
Ability:Hyper Mind

Oh,poor Samuel.

"..been here long?" went the other girl, "The school,I mean."
Darren frowned at the miserable sight of Sam and Annabeth before turning toward the other girl, "She isn't listening to you," he said with a firm tone.He wasn't sure whether or not he'd been heard but he didn't wanna bother wasting his breath.
He searched her face feeling sorry for her and read:

Dawnson,Evonne Louise
Age 18
Ability: Forcefield Generation
Status: Guarded
Affiliation: ???

He let out a sigh before speaking again. "Just a heads-up,I think you oughta watch what you're doing from here on." The lights then flickered for a moment as if to confirm his statement.

Toni Ruth

Hexcode: #004080 || Location: Hallway

Toni felt disturbed by some faint energy.She didn't know what nor where it came from,but she couldn't stand not finding out.
She headed out of the comfort of her dorm to be greeted by a much stronger amount of energy that made her all the more curious as to what's going on.The closer she got to where she was sure she heard music coming from,the clearer it became to her what the energy was.
And so Toni found herself walking towards a party of she had no idea who.

She barely made it to the door when another girl rushed out past her and made her stop in her tracks.
She felt it.
She felt the burning sensation.
It overwhelmed her to the point that she forgot how to speak,how to move,how to breathe.The energy was seeping through the walls and lingered like a trail where the girl had set foot on.It burned and it clawed and it enveloped her abdomen until it succeeded to make its presence clear.

Toni caught herself clutching her chest as she gasped and fell to her knees.There was more than one person suffering from this pain,she knew it.
The feeling was unbearable.She couldn't force herself to emit noise,just shook her head as she cringed.
It was growing stronger by the second.

Toni Ruth

Hexcode: #004080 || Location: Hallway

The heat turned to cold in an instant.
It froze her.All of her.She didn't know what was going on and how to regain control.All she knew was it was still pain and it hurt like a bitch.
The sensation coarsed through her veins.It pricked and tingled every nerve in her body.It felt terrible.
Yet instead of her own skin she managed to figure out all the emotions that circulated in the air in the midst of all that pain.
She no longer knew if she was still in pain or if she finally got around to numbing it out.All she knew was she could no longer think.She saw white.Or black.Or she couldn't tell.Her ears were ringing so badly she could hear nothing over it.

Suddenly,she was awake again.
Suddenly,she realized her ass was the only part of her body not directly touching the floor.
Suddenly,she could hear her own breathing.It was ragged,uneven.
Suddenly,she could tell apart her own pain from the other she felt just a moment ago.
How long a moment ago was it?
She didn't know.All she knew was she can stand again.And her head felt weird.
She walked back to the direction from which she came.Suddenly she realized she wasn't lightheaded.
She was heavy.
She let herself lean against the wall beside her,and picked up on some more heaviness.
She heard crying from the other side of the wall.Or maybe she imagined it.
The one thing she didn't know,was she was crying as well.

Darren Veda

Hexcode: #808080 || Location: Sam's Dorm

Once Darren had his eyes on the lights that were momentarily flickering,his peripheral vision took over,so quickly that he happened not to miss anything.He didn't miss the proud electrokinetic forced into a kiss with whom they called the Robobitch.He didn't miss that Spencer girl planting one and being run out on.He didn't miss the words "Glad I tapped that when I had the chance," that seemed to boom along with the laughter coming from whoever said it, "And that cherry was delicious!"
In fact,he didn't miss the android getting pinned to the wall,he didn't miss another girl running out,and he sure as hell didn't miss the gossip that buzzed right after the series of events.
Neither did he miss the hand held up to him and the words being addressed to him:

"And wondering if you'd at least be kind enough to narrow down what I should be watching."

He nodded at the hand and took it, "Darren."
He briefly shook it as he said, "First," he gestured toward some guy-Reed,was it?Oh shit,he has a twin,he forgot-throwing his arm around a girl yelling, "HI.SoOoOOo..Someone gave me a little something and I doNnOWutitiz but yu look rly,reaellly pretty.." before getting yanked away by the twin.He glanced at him one last second and read:

Adams,Reed Lewis
Age 18
Ability: Gravity Manipulation
Status: Intoxicated
--Contents:Alcohol 45%,C11/H15/NO2(codename Molly)

He raised his eyebrows and nodded to himself slightly before he spoke, "Drugs."

"Number two,"
he continued,nodding towards the girl stumbling her way over to the drink table,only barely having her own share of alcohol when the nearly sexually harassed blondie and her friend came over to speak to her about something,something about this girl named Blair.Who was she agai-oh right,her.

All of a sudden,the main lights of the room flickered off.The strobe,neon and other party lights and music remained functional.
He then chuckled to himself before saying, "Aaand three."

Amidst the startled gasps and yelps,he saw another girl trudging her way into the room,her face cringing in pain and relaxing and back again.That was a pitiful sight.He read her real quick before deciding to approach her.

Age 19




Darren Veda

Hexcode: #808080 || Location: Sam's dorm

He didn't expect to see her again let alone recognize her.
He was like-what-14 when they met.It was the end of middle school and he was packing for California.To be fair,she did look dreary,but not that dreary.
The bags under her eyes looked heavier than he remembered;she was paler-much paler,in fact;the light of life seemed to be drained from every inch of her skin;her nails,her lips,the roots of her hair..She looked..
She looks like a mess.
He sighed.

He then turned back to the girl in front of him,Evie,and nodded at her.
"You know what?" He put his cup down on table, "I think it's time we blow this joint.I hope you don't mind making it out on your own,I have something else to do first."
He smiled briefly and then turned back to Toni and approached her.

Toni Ruth

Hexcode: #004080 || Location: Sam's dorm

When the lights went out,Toni didn't know that she was headed towards the party.She was just searching for the light.The atmosphere in the room she entered was heady,but at least she wasn't alone.
And almost as if confirming the fact,she thought she heard someone call her name.


She looked up.And as her eyes struggled to adjust to the dim lighting and the speed of the movement when she jerked her head up,her vision cleared up and she saw a dude walking towards her with his eyebrows knit.
"I knew it was you.Come on,let's get back to your room."

With the help of her directions,once they got to her dorm,the guy sat her down on her bed and sat on the one across from her.
He seemed to be trying to figure out the words to say for a moment and then regained his composure.
"Now,I'll get straight to the point.Toni,I know you probably don't even remember me in any way.But I just wanna know what you're doing here and why you're looking like that-are you ok?Did someone drug you or something?"

As he was babbling like this,she felt faint melancholy coming from an uncertain direction.It started to shake heat into her like that feeling she earned in the hallway just earlier.She felt her eyes wet all of a sudden and her palms were sweaty,knees weak,arms spaghetti,lucky she hasn't puked on her sweater already.
That's besides the point,she just felt.She didn't know what or how nor why,but she really felt.And she couldn't control it.
Next thing you know,all she emitted was a mere sniffle and a shaky soft soprano mutter:
"It hurts."