Inquisitor Marchen

"Blanira sent me to turn all the sinners into my lovers. You are all sinners, and I won't stop until we are all lovers."

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a character in “The Spectrum Rebellion”, as played by CutestWitch


Nickname: Other members of the Inquisition call her the Undertaker behind her back.
Age: ??? (unknown, but assumed older than she looks. Appears in her early 20s)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 99 lbs
Tattoos/Birthmarks: None

Personality: A bizarre woman, known for her strange, almost perverted, fascination for dead corpses. She's obsessed with the thought of certain people being dead (but not obsessed with killing or wishing death upon people). Many would consider her a creep, with creepy mannerisms that make people feel uncomfortable around her. But underneath her oddities, is a genius. She's incredibly smart and multi-talented. She's very ruthless, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal, which in this case is destroying the rebellions.
Quirks/Habits: Likes to get uncomfortable close to people.
Likes: + Dead Corpses
+ Apples
+ Crows
+ The Church of the White
+ Making others feel uncomfortable
Dislikes: - Rebels
- Losing
- Alcoholics/Drug Addicts
- Chocolate
- Meaningless fighting
Fears: - Dying herself

Power: Necromancy (raising, controlling, and speaking to the dead)
Item: A Silver Ring, she wears on her left hand ring finger.
Skills: Master swordsman
Working with computers and technology/Hacking
High knowledge of magic
Can play multiple musical instruments
Hobbies: Playing musical instruments

History: Not much is known. She comes from a "far away land", where the Church of White originally came from. Everything about the "far away land" is very much kept under wraps. Even her name, "Marchen", is just a codename and not her real name.
Family/Relatives: None known
Role: The Inquisitor, Leader of the Inquisition of Blanira

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