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The Split World

The Split World


join the house of resistance or work with the shines!

3,233 readers have visited The Split World since theunknownfoxx created it.


world is split in two by the introduction of other races for example glows (electric humans) and alters
of course some alter-humans go crazy with power there is always gonna be a villain so we are here to try to bring down the crazy ones

a quick template for characters you can use your own if you want to ^W^



Age(and how old they look):

Orientation/Sexual preference:

β˜† Appearence β˜†


Mental age:

Eye color(s):


Ears(pointed, cat, etc.):

Extra extremities(Another arm, tail, horns etc.):

Hair color(s):

Skin/fur color(s):

Patterns/designs(on skin/fur and where they are, such as a zebra stripe pattern):


Tattoos(what they are and where):

β˜† Current Health β˜†

Mental state:

Personality snapshot:

(optional)In depth personality:

Most prominent personality trait:

Best traits of their personality:

Worst traits of their personality:

β˜† Current... β˜†

Current superstitions/alters:

Alignment(good, evil, etc.)

Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.):


Good habits:

Bad habits:

β˜† Optional β˜†

Abilities(As in powers):

Special skills(Not meaning powers):

Toggle Rules

1. NO BEING OP (everyone has a weakness!)
2. no more than one power set (if it's your race ill let it slide)
3. no trolling
4: have fun -w-

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#, as written by izuku
Character Portrait: Deku izuku Deku izuku says,
 “ "hello " ”


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Character Portrait: Deku izuku Character Portrait: Jaxson Allen Character Portrait: Husk
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#, as written by Maze44
"Grrr.." growled Husk as scratch at his forearm through his clothes for twentieth time in five minutes. "Everything just feels wrong" he thought working his way up to his shoulder "Husk hate this human form, too small and cramp." He was about to let out a scream until he remembered his was in the middle of the street full of pre- Humans and since he was masquerading and as one these human it was probably not a wise to drew attention in that fashion. Looking around he noticed he already drawing some looks. "Husk just need to find some food and then Husk can shed this form." He thought moving his arms back to his side while clinching his fist so tightly his nails dug into his palm to distract his mind. He continued moving through the streets he started sniffing the air for a suitable meal, he had learn that to keep a low profile when it came to hunting humans that he targeted one's that smell of blood weren't search for as much. It was was a good twenty minutes before a he found a scent that was strange. "Oh Husk is interested" thought Husk as he started to follow the strange scent. He move through alleys and side streets. As Husk neared the source of the scent he slow his pace, he wanted to take it down when was alone. Husk smell the individual around the the corner, peering around He froze as he heard the to figure say "hello" Husk ducked back around the corner his mind racing "Did Husk mess up, Give himself away, No Husk better then that" He thought. After a moment Husk peered around the corner again and noticed that individual had green hair and was trying to communicate with another. "Urgh looks like Husk will have wait.


3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Deku izuku Character Portrait: Jaxson Allen Character Portrait: Jill Ax Demon Ember
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as she climbs out of a hole to hell she looks and walks around and see beautiful new things as she walks in the woods then she sees a town "screw it Im a smile right through it scream when no ones around" she says as she walks into the town stealing some clothing and then looking at a castle she looks around and sees guards running at her. she gets scared and runs. as she runs she looks around and grabs two axes and burns her mark in the handles and throws one over a wall as she disappears. she grabs her ax and runs into the woods into a cave she stops and catches her breath and faints.


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Deku izuku Character Portrait: Jaxson Allen Character Portrait: Jill Ax Demon Ember Character Portrait: Husk
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#, as written by Maze44
Husk grew tired of waiting and quietly retreated from the alley, all the while grumbling quietly about being denied a meal. He began walking around the city to see if he could find a new meal. He soon found himself walking in a street market when he smelled a something.
"Husk know that smell," said Husk quietly sniffing deeply. "Husk smell it he run across humans with things that go bang only stronger."
Husk desire to investigate this the source of the smell was starting to over power his desire for a meal and even his hatred of his human form. He began moving towards it when he someone in the market shouted "Thief." Husk whipped around licking his lips
"stealer is as good as the ones that smell of blood just have to make sure I get to them before tin shields" he thought as he saw guards appear.
Altering his legs muscles Husk sped towards the commotion with superhuman speed. He used his sense to track the thief's trail until he turn a corner and the Thief was gone. Husk had lost the the trace which confused him for a second before remember he was moving faster than normal and coming up on a dead end. On instinct he transform into his real form and extended his arm to vault him over the the wall and on to the other side. Husk began sniffing around.
"This one is strange," said Husk becoming frustrated he was finding no trace of the thief. "How Could Husk Lose the Pray, Husk is Good Tracker, Supreme Tracker of pa-Ah" Husk Frustration turned jubilation as he found the scent again at the edge of the forest.
"Stealer can't escape Husk, Husk Find you."
Husk took off after the scent, running the trees and shrubs of the forest until he found himself out outside a cave. "hehe Husk found you." he said cheerily cling to the roof of the cave he moved into the cave. It didn't take long for him to find a figure laying on the ground. Husk climbed down and started to examine the body. "Stealer.." he said giving the body a poke.


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Deku izuku Character Portrait: Jaxson Allen Character Portrait: Jill Ax Demon Ember Character Portrait: Pradiet
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#, as written by Pradiet
Que hago aqui la historia por asi decir, ha terminado, he terminado el Libro de Un mundo dividido Dice Pradiet, yo voy a continuar la historia me lo prometo


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Deku izuku Character Portrait: Jaxson Allen Character Portrait: Jill Ax Demon Ember Character Portrait: Pradiet
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#, as written by Pradiet
Character Portrait: Pradiet Pradiet says,
 “ in spanish ”

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Character Portrait: Jill Ax Demon Ember
Jill Ax Demon Ember

she is a lord of hell she scares all

Character Portrait: Husk

Husk hunt, feed, get stronger, but Husk question if that all in existance?

Character Portrait: Demon Commander Ura
Demon Commander Ura


Character Portrait: Deku izuku
Deku izuku


Character Portrait: Nia

A nonchalant, carefree, but mostly just in the way unless she decides to randomly be helpful

Character Portrait: Jaxson Allen
Jaxson Allen

loves messing around and having fun


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Is there anything specific that I can't use? In regards to things like race, magic/powers, relationships, knowledge, etc.

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