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Dakota Starling

To Die Would Be An Awfully Great Adventure.

0 · 558 views · located in BlueSki Records, LA

a character in “The Stage”, as played by Collins


{“There's A Dark Side To Everything."}


Theme Song
Nirvana||All Apologies
Chase & Status ft Novelist||Bigger Man Sound
Song to Love Interest
HardCore WorldWide||Dead Punk
Hey Violet||This Is Why

{"I Am Finally Learning My Lesson. Anyone Can Betray Anyone."}
-Victoria Aveyard


ImageImageImageFull Name
Dakota Elizabeth Starling

Koda- Acquaintances- Doesn't really like.
Eli- Friends- Likes.
Ko- Family- loves.


Hex Code

Sexual Orientation

Distinct Markings
Her finger tips are all scared up from playing instruments forever.
She has a little scar on her lower lip from a childhood accident out in the woods with her friends.
There is a huge scar on her stomach that stretches from just from just under her left lower rib to her left hip bone and another that is a little shorter but in the same place on her back from the car wreck.
Just her ears.
She has two little skulls on the inside of her left wrist.
There is a big fly on her left shin.
A rose on her right middle finger.

Eye Color

Hair Color

Punk Rock.

{"The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Today.”}
-Malcolm X


✦ Flirty ✧ A little stand of-ish ✦ Easily amused ✧ Will fight for what she believes in ✦Quiet in groups of people she doesn't know ✧ Can be intimidating at times ✦

Fire ✦ Riding passenger in cars ✦ Sleeping

✧Her fashion sense
✧Cowboy boots
✧Learning a hard song

✦People that interrupt others
✦When people don't have manners

✦Cats, she is highly allergic.
✦She has a very addictive personality.
✦She has a very distinct voice and because of this can't hit high notes.
✦Even thought her family doesn't really approve of her music and life choices she would still do anything to make sure they are safe and comfortable.

Favorite Songs
I Can Feel It
White Rabbit

{“I've Never Been Able To Plan My Life. I Just Lurch From Indecision To Indecision.”}
-Alan Rickman


ImagePlace of Origin
Belton, South Carolina.

Family Ties
Mother: Amber Eaton: Alive: Even though she doesn't exactly agree with Dakota's life choices she still loves her with all her heart and will always support her.
Father: Micheal Starling: Deceased: Micheal was and always will be Dakota's hero. He supported her through thick and thin and was the strongest person she has ever known. not a day goes by that she doesn't think about him.
Stepfather: Thomas Eaton: Alive: Dakota's mom remarried Tom three years after Dakota's father died, he is a really nice guy and they get along alright but other then that Dakota doesn't really have an opinion of him.
Brother: Brandon Starling: Alive: Brandon is two years older then Dakota and they are as thick as thieves. when one of them was getting into trouble there was no doubt the other would be along soon to ether be in trouble with them of get the other out of trouble.
Stepbrother: Adam Eaton: Alive: Dakota and Adam are the same age and have actually become pretty good friends sense their parrents got married.
Halfsister: Trinity Eaton: Alive: They have the same mom and Dakota couldn't be happier to have Trin as a little sister. She is really Protective of Trinity and has been known to beat up people for picking on Trinity.

Happiest Memory
The first time she was ever on stage. She was 6 and was performing at a local fair, Ko was so scared that she wouldn't even move or open her mouth. After a moment her father Micheal Starling jumped up on the stage with her and sat at the front of the stage with her in his lap. Because she had been singing the song, Here I Stand by Madina Lake, for the past month he knew every word and started singing it to her. As soon as she heard his voice Dakota started to sing with him.

Saddest Memory
Her fathers funeral when she was 12.

Born and raised in North Carolina everyone new Dakota would be connected to music somehow she would spend hours listening to her father playing the guitar and singing. When she was old enough to talk her dad took her to a record store where she picked out her first CD, it was the Ramones. At first her mother was concerned and didn't want Dakota listening to the music but when she saw how excited and happy it made her little girl she gave in.
When she was 6 she began taking violin lessons and soon was playing in little family talent shows and at family reunions, when she told her dad that she wanted to learn how to play the guitar as well he was eager to teach her himself. After her first she where she sang she was hooked, she sang almost every day and soon had developed a very personal style and sound that her parents hadn't heard before. When she was 13 she taught herself to play the bass guitar and tambourine. At 16 she got very into being in a band and even though her punky style was a lot different then anyone in her town she was still able to fine a few people who had a few of the same tastes as her.
she played with this band "Judy Is A Punk" named after one of all of the members favorite song by the Ramones and one of their lead singers name was Judy. Yes Dakota was not the lead singer at first, she played base and sang back up but when Judy got sick at a bar show Dakota stepped up and the performance was the best the band had ever had and from then on they decided Dakota would play base and Sing lead vocals. Everything was going great, and then the wreck. When Dakota finally go out of the hospital she wouldn't stand and felt numb due to the amount of pain killers the doctors had her on, soon after she grew a bit of an addiction to the pain killers but was able to stop taking them before they consumed her. She wouldn't even look at a musical instrument again for three years, one night she had a dream about her dad. It was like watching a movie, Dakota saw herself a a child when he was teaching her the guitar and when she would get so angry because the guitar she was using was to big and her little fingers couldn't reach all of the cords. She almost gave up at least six times, but each time her dad would tall her that the only time she was allowed to give up was she was dead so she would grab the guitar again and keep trying until her fingers finally developed enough muscles. The next morning she woke up and grabbed her guitar and began playing again, slowly at first but after a few weeks she was back to pounding out riffs just like before. A while after that she began to gain feeling back in her toes and then her feet and after begging her mom to take her back to physical therapy she began to walk again. After the Talent scout found her singing and playing the guitar one night in a smokey bar her life was never the same again.

| F C |
Taylor Momsen
| C O L O R |

| P R O T R A Y E D B Y |

Her voice

So begins...

Dakota Starling's Story