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Sometimes the world’s greatest heroes emerge from the most unlikely circumstances.

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Character Portrait: Aldar Ekhart

"I'll leave morality to those with the luxury to afford it."

Character Portrait: Thauvin Longstrider

'Wage a war unrivaled', eh? I'd like to see you top the War of the Gods.

Character Portrait: Strykar Wolfswift

"For Honor, Glory and some well-brewed ale!"

Character Portrait: Daedra

There was a time that I believed in nothing.

Character Portrait: William

Honor is the driving force of all things good, and the bane of all things evil.

Character Portrait: Ruin

I do not need to be understood to know that I am doing right in the world.

Character Portrait: Krista

I am not a creature of peace. Come, join me in my play. We will wage a war to be rivaled by no other.