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         Thauvin was immediately assaulted full-force with the smell of Ruin's chambers. Even on slow days, it smelled like a forest glen had crashed into an herbalist's shop and a professional kitchen. When Ruin was in the midst of one of his druidic rituals, the entire Guildhall could stink with his poultices and mixtures, especially if they were burnt or generally just went wrong. Thauvin recalled one occasion when he had used a few doses of snakeroot that had gone just a bit over the hill and were no longer usable. Thauvin usually considered the druid infallible when making his wondrous concoctions, but that didn't mean that he would ever live down the day that the thatch roof of the Guildhall had caught fire when Ruin's alembic had spat fire into the rafters and nearly burned the place to the ground.

The thought brought a chuckle to the bard's lips, but he choked it back. He was an actor first and foremost, and he was an expert at keeping his poker face when necessary.

"I cannot think of anything more than the usual load of health poultices, painkillers, injury kits, et cetera..." Thauvin scratched his chin briefly, then--"Actually. So long as you're thinking about making potions... Failing the necromancer, we may need a truth serum. If she is truly at work here; she may have placed a charm on her victims, or at the very least scared them into not talking." The bard thought a moment longer, scratching his chin, and then finally shook his head.

"Nope, that's all." Then the antidotes came out. Thauvin eyed them warily, but then the moment passed and he placed the potions into his belt pouch. "Thank you, my friend." He added quickly, careful not to tread on the fact that Ruin had just mentioned the antidote he'd handed the bard was for a poison that Ruin had made himself, and then taught Krista to make. There was no place for such a thing.

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