Gabe Beckett

"In this industry it's about who you know and how much money you have...Luckily for me I know plenty of people and have plenty of cash."

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Gabe Beckett


"In this industry it's about who you know and how much money you have...Luckily for me I know plenty of people and have plenty of cash."

ImageFull Name
Gabriel Charles Beckett

Nick Names
He goes by Gabe and Gabe alone.

Twenty Eight.


-Well aged Whiskey; His favourite being Evan Williams Bourbon 1771
-Being out
-Hard Candy
-Being known
-His wife’s Beef Casserole
-His Sister
-Spending time with his Son
-People who ask him stupid questions
-Stupidity in general
-The Rain
-Going Home
-Not getting what he wants
-Loosing Money
-Spicy Foods

Quirks and Habits
- Gabe has the tendency to crack his knuckles when in a stressful situations.
- He has a rather violent temper; recently when out with his sister, they got swarmed by reporters and in the process one of them knocked Lily over and Gabe well, he lost it and was forced to pay compensation to the reporter after smashing his camera and breaking his nose.

Assertive: Gabe is very bold and confident, if he has an opinion he will express it and believe me when I say he does not hold back or care if he hurts ones feelings. When he is talking he is the only one doing so, his voice holds a very dominant tone the commands your every attention. At home he is very much in charge, as is the case in almost all of his relationships, especially those with women. Its not that he thinks lowly of them but has very old fashioned views on the man and women dynamics, his word is law and he always gets the final say. Having said that he greatly respects and appreciates women for who they are and what they, so in that aspect his is also quite ahead of his time.

Dominant: As stated before, Gabe has to be the dominant person in a relationship, people answer to him, he doesn’t answer to others, or so he believes. He holds great influence over the female members of his family; his wife and sister, which he does enjoy; he likes to be in control of things important to him, mainly because he’s scared of loosing them.

Charming and Charismatic: He is an extremely charming man when he wants to be and he knows how to use this to his advantage, especially when it comes to the ladies. Gabe is very good at reading people, taking their facial expressions and body language as an indicator to how they are feeling/thinking and then using this to tell them what they want to hear, especially if offers him some benefit.

Playful: It has quite often been said that Gabe is still a child at heart, he likes his ‘toys’(meaning cars, guns, etc) and games. At home you can often mistake him for a loyal family man as he is often in the garden playing sports with his son or playing cowboys and Indians.

Dedicated: Cale, Gabe’s son, is one of the most important things in his life, the boy wants for nothing and is very well loved by the actor, he is the perfect father. He is dedicated to Cale and Lily but not so much his wife, Alexandra, they married before he was famous and out of duty more than anything, when she said that she was expecting, now he is less than faithful to her and although he somewhat wishes he could be a dedicated husband as well as father the allure of the fresh faced beauties he sees on a daily basis is too much. He is a dedicated to his job and surprisingly is quite reliable as an actor,most put this down to him also being a business man and his 'can do' attitude.

Womanizer: Gabe has honestly never been faithful to one woman, he is a serial womaniser and possible sex addict, he is always looking for the next beautiful starlet or aspiring actress, then its always the same, he'll see them briefly then cut all ties,most say hes scared of love and what it would do him, others believe he is just a heartless bastard, his sister just thinks he hasn't met the right woman yet, but when he does they'll be a sudden change in him.

Crushes and Relationships
Lily Beckett: Lily is very close to Gabe’s heart, being his younger sister he is very protective and wields great influence over her, he calls it looking out for her whilst she may call it annoying. They do have a very good relationship and are genuine friends as well as siblings, she knows many of his secrets and he trusts her to keep them also.

Alexandra Beckett: Alex is Gabe’s wife, believe it or not and they have been married for around six years. Their marriage is less than good and only married because she fell pregnant with Cale; with Gabe’s wandering eyes and his inability to keep it in his trousers, many wonder why they haven’t yet divorced, the truth is he’s selfish when it comes to Alex, he doesn’t want her and yet he cant seem to let her go either.

Cale Beckett: Cale is Gabe’s son, his pride and joy, the apple of his eyes. It is plain to see that the man is smitten with the lad and does not shy away from his responsibilities as a father like he does a husband. He often says becoming a father was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Height: 6ft 1
Weight: 178lbs
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin tone: Pale
Scars or Blemishes?: Gabe has many scars on his arms and legs from cuts he attained playing in the forest as a child and some are from playground scuffle but nothing is major.


Secret Word: Vintage

So begins...

Gabe Beckett's Story

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Gabe and Lily Beckett

Saturday 5th January, 1932

Saturday night in New York was a blessed sight, the city came alive with the night which people waited for all week. Especially for the rich and famous Saturday night was like Christmas for children, they worked hard to earn money all week and when the weekend came they got to spend it and boy did they do it in style. The place they went? The famous Stork Club.

This was no more so than with the famous Beckett siblings, Gabe was the eldest, tall, handsome, masculine and incredibly rich, he never missed an opportunity to attend the Stork Club, have a drink with friends, pick up a floozy, it was the greatest way to spend the weekend. Beat spending it with his wife anyway. Stood in front of the mirror in the foyer of his sisters apartment, he adjusted the tie of his dark navy suit, running a hand over his slicked back hair, he smiled to himself, approving of his appearance. Walking into his sisters sitting room, he took a seat on the large leather couch and pulled out a silver cigarette case from his pocket, lighting up. He sat there for a moment silently admiring the newest piece of art which hung above Lily's fireplace; a light music filtered from Lily's bedroom, the music that he could vaguely make out as Fred Astaire's Night and Day, in accompany with his sisters soft humming. Glancing down at his watch a frown appeared across Gabe's face "Lil! Hurry up!" He called drumming his fingers on the arm chair rest.

"I'm coming!" A smooth voice called back and suddenly the music stopped. Within the room, Lily sat at her boudoir having just put the finishing touch to her red lipstick. Glancing at her appearance, Lily nodded, flaxen blonde hair bounced in waves bellow her shoulders, the diamond necklace around her neck shimmered in the light and her red dress silk gown hugged her figure perfectly. She was ready to go, finally.

Walking out of the room, clocking her brother in the sitting room "I'm ready" she smiled "What do you think?" Lily asked doing a quick spin.

"Very nice, now lets go" Gabe stated, hastily standing up, helping her into her coat.

Lily rolled her eyes "don't fret brother, the floozies will still be there for you to drool over. Or you know you could just go home and make love to your gold digging wife." Lily mocked fastening up her coat.

"And maybe you should learn when to close it Lil" Gabe's low voice echoed through the empty apartment, making it sound more menacing than it was suppose to.

Nodding, Lily swallowed the lump in her throat, she was not one who backed down easily but when it came to Gabe, there was just something about him at times which frightened her "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking" she apologised, she should have remembered that he didn't like back chat, especially from a woman.

Gabe nodded, a quick smile appearing on his lips "lets go shall we?" He asked offering his arm as his mood lightened within a second.

The siblings left the apartment building and jumped quickly into the car which was waiting for them. It took no longer than ten minutes to reach the Beckett's favourite Saturday night haunt, The Stork Club. As they walked in they were greeted by the doorman and gave their coats to the cloakroom assistant and walked into the main dance hall which was already bustling with the creme- de-la-creme of New York Society. Gabe immediately spotted the pretty red head he had been with the previous week, usually he didn't go to the same woman twice but that woman was a little spitfire in bed. "I shall find you later Lil"

Lily nodded not really paying too much attention, as Gabe left her she walked over to the bar, taking a seat at the bar stool "Hey there Lil, what can I get you tonight?" The bartender Joe asked.

"Vodka and tonic water please darlin" Lily smiled brightly at the older bartender "How is the wife and little darlings doing?" She asked pulling a cigarette out of the case lighting it and bringing it to her lips.

"Not to bad, thanks toots, here you go, one vodka tonic" he smiled placing the glass in front of her before going to serve another. Turning on her stool Lily watched the crowd, spotting for a familiar face. Gabe was easy to spot, he was with the pretty girl in the corner, no doubt lavishing on the compliments to get into her knickers. Shaking her head the blonde took a sip of her drink and tapped her cigarette on the edge of the ash tray on the bar.

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Daniel Birchfield and Marietta Abbott

Saturday 5th January, 1932

It was a Saturday. The New York streets were alive with people, who were out looking for a good time after working hard all week. Innate chatter slipped easily from their lips as they moved beneath the starlit sky towards their destination of choice. And it was one said destination where our story begins. It begins in a famous haunt in the centre of New York City. A club formed of the single, most elite members of society. It is a club that is invitation only…

The steady rhythm of a jazz-like dance number thrummed joyfully from a large, ornate door that was slung open in a welcoming manner. Light streamed effortlessly from the open doorway, banishing the night which had crept over New York City. A low hum of talking and laughter could be heard over pauses in the cheerful music.

A pair of silhouetted figures approached the door, linked arm in arm, their outlines highlighted by the bright light shining out. The couple paused for a moment as the gentleman pointed to the night’s sky and began to explain something in a hushed whisper to his lady friend. They looked quite the picture stood silent and still, the darkness attempting to envelop them, but its tendrils were held at bay by the gleaming light from the door. The gentleman’s icy blue eyes sparkled in the starlight, which also reflected off his shiny, stylish combed back sandy hair. His coral pink lips were pursued in deep thought. He was dressed in a dapper tux; his waistcoat a light cream in colour, the suit and bow tie as jet black as the sky above them. Tucked into his top pocket was a delicate, crimson flower. It was exactly the same as the flowers that resided in the woman’s elegant blonde ringlets, which were pulled back and artfully twisted, before being secured with a diamond encrusted clip. She could only be described as beautiful that evening. Whilst her slender form was sheathed in a stunning knee-length dress -cream to match the gentleman’s waistcoat and covered in beads and gems- it was reserved and gave nothing away. Pearls adorned her neck, looping down to almost her stomach and her wrists were covered in all manner of intricate bangles and bracelets. Her ocean green eyes were focused on the gentlemen’s face, drinking in every detail. Her lips, coated in bright red lipstick, were slightly parted as she watched him. In a second, he turned his head to meet her eyes. The moment was perfect.

Then she punched him on the shoulder and swiftly turned back towards the open door.
“Oh Daniel my dear, you know nothing of the stars above us. Nor about anything else you profess to be an expert in. But you do make me laugh, you fool.” Twinkling laughter echoed for a moment, disappearing into the night when she had finished speaking in her light English accent.

“You are lucky you are my friend, Marietta. If you were not I would certainly dislike you.” Daniel’s amused response came from behind her. He stepped forwards to take up her arm once more. Allowing him to, she rolled her eyes dramatically, but at the same time gave his bicep a gentle squeeze as an affectionate gesture. “I would suggest you are polite to me Marietta. You are lucky to have me upon your arm this evening. I had many offers that I could have accepted, but I felt obligated to accompany you once again to The Stork Club.”

Again she punched him playfully on the arm.

“You are indeed the lucky one Daniel. You are lucky that I still choose you to accompany me to this place. And that was only because I know few other people in this huge city. Once I have exerted my influence you shall be long forgotten, my friend.” Marietta’s words halted as her wide eyes fell upon the door once again. In awe her mouth opened slightly and she whispered a gasp. Every time she gave the same response. This place was still very new to her.

“I should hope you never forget me.” Daniel muttered, though it was evident that she hadn’t heard him, either that or she had deliberately ignored his words. With a sigh, he shook her head gently before replacing his brilliantly white smile. “Come on Marietta, let us get you inside. You shall catch your death out here.” Gently he tugged her towards the club and inside. Gathering her composure, Marietta straightened her back and held her head high as she crossed the threshold.

Shrugging out of her wrap, Marietta handed it to an attendant that was waiting eagerly by the door. Giving him her most beautiful smile, she thanked him gracefully and swept down the corridor, Daniel in tow. Before she passed into the club, she turned to him and grinned in an impish manner.

“Do not wait up Granddad. I can only guess at the fun I am going to have this evening.” With a cheeky wink and brief wave, she stepped into the club without a single glance back at the man who watched her walk away. Daniel was accustomed this this behaviour from Marietta. It mattered little to him. Undoubtedly he would have some young actress hanging onto his every word within minutes.

But first he needed a stiff drink.

Quickly he sauntered across to the bar, giving a brief wave of his hand to alert the barman to his presence.

“What will it be sir?” The barman said politely, a practised, but easy smile on his face.

“Cognac my kind sir, if you will.” Daniel replied, his eyes sweeping the room for any familiar faces. Almost immediately he spotted Gabe Beckett and although the two had never spokeb, Daniel knew of the man. And he knew of the man’s sister, who he recognised to be sitting only a few seats along from him. Raising his drink to her in greeting, he took a sip.

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George and Lily Beckett

Lily's foot tapped lightly against foot rest on her stool in time to the jazz music which floated across the room with smooth and velvety tones. Humming lightly, she stopped occasionally to take a sip of her drink, all the time eyeing the crowd for a familiar face which so far she had been unsuccessful, sure there were regulars which she recognised from the incomprehensible amount of time she had spent in this bar but still, no one she would talk too. A few more minutes passed along with a new song from the marvellous lounge singer and once again Lily found herself humming along to
'Dream a little Dream of me' by Wayne King, she had never been a singer, but dancing, well dancing was her passion, alongside acting of course, but put her on a dance floor or with Fred Astaire and she would light up like an angel. Yes, singing wasn't her forte but still that didn't stop her, especially when one of her favourite songs came on.

Not long after her attention was drawn towards the doors as none other than Jean Harlow walked into the club, platinum hair shining with the dimly lit chandeliers which hung ornately from the gold leaf roof. Lily had met Jean a few times, they were in the same line of work after all and if MGM stuck to their word, they would be starring in a film together next Summer.

Tearing her gaze away from the platinum blonde, she once again brought the glass to her lips before placing it back on the bar, empty. It was in that moment she noticed Daniel Birchfield sat a couple of seats across from her, he tipped his glass to her in greeting "Good evening Mr Birchfield" she smiled her most dazzling smile with a flash of pearly white teeth. Lily did not know the man well but she had heard of his reputation alright, hell, he was on parr with Gabe when it came to womanising. Yet that didn't deter the young movie star, she knew how to handle herself around these men alright.


Gabe smirked as he lit another cigarette, in the past few months he had become a bit of a chain smoker, he blamed the stress of work and new business ventures but the little relief he had from smoking, his wife didn't like it, she had read that smoking could cause something called cancer, but he seldom believed that bullshit. Getting back to the reason behind his cad like smirk was mainly to do with the red head sat opposite him, leaning forward on her elbows, her chest pushed out accentuating her assets, accompanied by the occasional flutter of her eyelashes. Oh how Gabe loved art of women's seduction.

In honesty, Gabe thought he would of had a bit of trouble getting with Claire again, especially after their last encounter and promising to call on her but not delivering. Yet then again that was Gabe all over, full of promises but then never really living up to these promises. Luckily it hadn't taken him long to sweet talk her around and once again he had her wrapped around her finger.

Glancing over towards the bar, Gabe spotted Lily chatting to Daniel Birchfield, the scene troubled him slightly and he made a mental note to keep an eye on her, there was no way he was letting her make mistakes with him. Although another thought soon popped into his head, if Daniel was here then the lovely Marietta surely was too, glancing around the room he spotted her in all her splendid glory but she was taking to Jackie.

His eyes scanned the room again and this time landed on Jean Harlow, the siren as Gabe affectionately called her. "Gabe are you listening to me?" Claire's impatient voice beckoned him from thought, tearing his gaze away from the starlet he shot her a devishly grin "sorry baby, what were saying?"

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As the night wore on and became later into the midnight hours, Jean and Antonio laughed it up like old chums, playfully slapping each other on the arm and busting on each other like it was no tomorrow. To the naked foreign eye, they seem to act like elementary school kids who rough housed with one another. Jean was the type to be a tom-boy at times so she fit best acting like a little rude boy, "Jean, stop playing around! I think you had too many drinks.", Tony commented, moving the glass of chardonnay away from Jean.

Jean wagged her finger in Tony's face, feeling slightly woozy and light-headed, "I'm not drunk! Give me back my drink, Ant man!". She tried to grab it out of his hand but Tony moved it quickly away from her with Jean grabbing his arm, making them both accidentally spill the drink on the table. They both looked down, "It appears your drink is finally finished, Jeanie baby", Tony playfully teased, the both of them beginning to laugh all over again. This is what the two of them did on the weekend, make NYC, at night, their personal playground that they just couldn't resist not to pass up.

A new song softly filtered the club room with the beautiful melodious likes of Wayne King, he singing a scrumptious tune by the name, 'Dream a little Dream of me'. Jean and Antonio started to notice faces darting in their direction, "I think all eyes are on you baby...." Tony lowly whispered in Jean's ear while Jean raised a curious eyebrow. She smirked a little to herself at that, "Hey, I see one of my coworkers, Lily!", she silently pointed a finger, finally spotting the beautiful golden blond actress and highly skilled dancer.

They worked a couple of times together and, as Jean thought, were going to work on another new movie together that was quite soon; let's hope that MGM's engagement really pulls through for the both of them, Jean mentally crossing her fingers. Antonio turned his gaze to Lily as well, silently taking in her person. He secretly liked her work and would sneak into theaters just to see her on the silver screen. He had a "idol crush" on her in the sense that he liked her characters, they beautifully dancing across the screen in his personal delight.

While Antonio longingly gazed, if not pierce his crystal blue eyes, at Lily, a waiter boy came up to the table, setting a beautiful strawberry daiquiri on the table in front of Jean, "Ah, Miss, This is from the young lady over there.", he kindly smiled to her, motioning to a blonde who wore a slinky black dress that rode up her toned thigh, long slender legs crossing over the other casually. The blonde, who by the way looked like a super model, smiled and tilted her glass towards Jean. Jean looked to the beautiful lady, studying her thoroughly.

She was the beautiful Photoplay model, Toni! She was the most popular and highly revered model on the art deco scene. Jean secretly idolized her with a hint of jealousy sprinkled in, "I wish I could be like her.... I wonder why she noticed me?", Jean thought silently, tipping her drink to Toni, a small smile thrown in for good measure. Jean felt another set of eyes studying her. She slowly turned her lavender platinum swirled eyes to the staring source and found that the owner of the club, Gabe, staring her down. Jean knew that Gabe was siblings of Lily. Lily told Jean to watch out for him because he was known to be a player around the Stroke.

Jean raised an eyebrow as Gabe turned his attention back to the young "tender roni" who was talking on his arm, "Jean, I'm going over to talk to Miss Lily. I want her autograph", Antonio said to her, he getting up from his seat. Jean only nodded her head with a smirk on her face, "A crush, I see....", she playfully batting her eyelashes. Antonio rolled his eyes, "No, silly. I'm just a dedicated fan of hers. Will be back soon", he waving his hand to Jean, walking away with an unfinished apple martini in his hand.

He made his way through the throng of people who were dancing on the floor, keeping his eyes upon Lily who was still at the bar. Finally at the bar, a few ladies in the room staring and liking his swank and swagger, Antonio's tall muscular-toned frame silently came up behind Lily. He wasn't much of a ladies man and a womanizer but that didn't stop the ladies from fawning over him. He was the city hero detective, of course, who had his face on the front crime pages 24/7, either handcuffing or slamming bars on criminal's faces.

"A formal introduction could commence here but I rather have an autograph of you first", he lowly told her, taking out a notepad and pen from his open black suit coat. He slid the notepad and pen across in her direction, a small smile playing upon his full wet lips. He was determined to get a signature of hers before the night was through so he took another sip of his drink, not tearing away his downward gaze upon Lily's face.

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Marietta Abbott

Marietta had been making her way steadily around the club, enjoying the music, the laughter and just the feel-good atmosphere that seemed to seep through The Stork Club. It was highly infectious and within moments she found herself laughing with the best of them, joining in chatter and simply hanging off the words of famous, beautiful people. Stopping briefly at the bar, she ordered a drink before resuming her wandering; now sipping delicately at her cool beverage. It was still all so marvellous to her. Daniel had said that the splendour and mystery of the Stork Club soon wore off, but with some many enticing and interesting people gathered in one place, Marietta simply could not see how it could be anything less than a wonder.

On occasion, she stopped and chatted to people that she knew, her soft twinkling laughter leaving her lips more and more often as she relaxed and began to enjoy herself. A few times however she had to skirt around a less than friendly face. Usually men she had flirted with and then refused to sleep with them. Marietta was not a harlot. In fact, she believed in waiting for exactly the right man with whom she would fall in love with. But it was undeniable that she was a tease. She treated flirting as a sport, which left some men a little hacked off. It hadn’t taken her long to realise that many of the men here were womanizers, Daniel being one of the main ones. It seemed that it was a requirement of the male members. Or perhaps it was a symptom of the Stork Club.

However it was incredibly easy to fit in once you gathered your bearings. All you needed was wealth or fame (or in most cases both) and you were accepted with open arms. It was as though you were a member of an incredibly large ostentatious family. Marietta had wealth and she was on the brink of fame. The reason for her invite, no doubt. But it did surprise her when a voice she did not recognise addressed her by name.

"Miss Marietta Abbott, am I right?"

Slowly the young woman turned and ended up face to face with a handsome man. He was wearing a dazzling smile that nearly caught her off guard. It was a smile that Marietta had seen upon many of the men’s face in this club. However it did not stop her from giving him her most beautiful smile in return.

“That would depend on who was asking.” She replied in her sweetest voice, sipping her drink in a rather coy manner. She did not miss the roving eyes that swept over her body. Barely suppressing her smirk, she turned away and scanned the crowd. Often she played it like she was completely uninterested, in order to hold a gentleman’s intrigue. She made it look as though she had somewhere else to be.

"Well, look at that, Miss Abbott. We match."

Again, she flicked her gaze towards him, eyes resting on the flower he indicated in his lapel that matched the ones entwined in her elegant ringlets. Glancing upwards, she caught the charming smile that was once again upon his face. Well he certainly was alluring. Or he knew how to make himself appear so. Marietta knew better than to trust a man who strode so confidently up to a woman he seldom knew.

“Indeed it seems we do Mr…Please forgive me, but I do not know your name? I do not believe we have met.” It was a polite response, but laced with interest and her English accent came through. Marietta had met many bold men in her time, but this one struck a chord with her curiosity.

Daniel Birchfield

"Good evening Mr Birchfield"

It surprised Daniel somewhat that Lily Beckett was aware of his name. He did not, however, let it show on his face. Instead he allowed an easy smile to spread across his face in response to her words. “It is curious how members of this club never cease to hold my wonder. I suppose my reputation speaks for itself. I have gained a name for myself and that is how she knows of me.” Daniel thought to himself, as he took another sip of his cognac. It did not upset him. In fact, he was quite pleased with his bad antics.

Feigning another glance around the club, his eyes sought out Gabe to ensure he was consumed with his latest woman. It would not do for the brother to come muscling in if he were to make a move. Indeed Gabe’s attention was held elsewhere, but it was not upon the red-headed woman he was sat with. Daniel followed his eyes to find that they rested upon Marietta, who was chatting with a gentleman he understood to be Jackie. Well, that was curious. Rubbing at the faint blonde stubble on his chin, he watched worriedly as Marietta turned her full attention upon the man. That was never a good sign. He couldn’t decide which was worse…Marietta talking to Jackie as though she were interested or the owner of the club taking a liking to her.

But instead of getting up and striding over there, Daniel kept himself firmly seated upon his bar stool, his eyes returning to Lily Beckett. Only to find that someone else had swept in whilst his mind had been elsewhere. The man was a handsome fellow and he appeared to be asking for Miss Beckett’s autograph. It was something Daniel himself would have done two years previously, had he not been such a ladies’ man and too proud to approach the woman in such a way. It was clear that this gentleman was new to the club. Slipping from his bar stool, he too approached Lily Beckett and climbed onto the stool beside her.

“I do not recognise your face,” Daniel said in a smooth, friendly tone as he watched Antonio’s face. He relaxed against the bar and gestured for the barman to come over. “Miss Beckett here is quite the celebrity, is she not? Here, let me get a round in. I’ll have a cognac. What’ll it be for you two?” He asked Lily and Antonio with a smile.

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Marietta Abbott

"Roberts. Jackie Roberts, at your service, miss."

Marietta pondered this name silently for a few moments, frowning in thought as she studied the man carefully with her ocean green eyes. It was a name that she had heard before, but she wasn't entirely sure where. Perhaps Daniel had mentioned it to her in passing, it was more than likely. Daniel was a man who knew everybody, for good or bad reasons. He did indeed like to keep himself in the loop and know everyone's business. When Marietta had once called him a busybody, he had simply laughed it off and retorted with "To play the game you have to know the players." At first she didn't have an inkling to the meaning behind this saying, but upon entering this prestigious club she had realised his point. If you wanted to be successful and work your way up then you had to know the people you were climbing over.

"You will have to excuse my ignorance Mr Roberts, but I am not aware of who you are." Marietta replied after a while, giving him an apologetic, yet confident smile. Sweeping her ringlets over one shoulder with her hand, she kept her eyes firmly on his face as she lifted her glass to her red lips and took a sip. "I am still new to The Stork Club. I have not yet acquainted myself with many people." With a light shrug, she once again turned away and studied the milling people. The atmosphere was strangely lively that evening, even more so than normal. Marietta thrived in a lively environment.

"How do you fare on this pleasant evening?" She asked, her eyes only flickering to his face for a moment. Instead they settled upon Gabe Beckett, a gentleman she did indeed know. He appeared to be entertaining a redhead, no doubt one of his floozies. Raising her hand, she gave him a little wave. They had spoken, briefly. Marietta did not know if he would recognise her, but it would do to get in with the big-shots if she could. Daniel had always told her that this business was just a very rich game. And Gabe Beckett was the biggest player there was...in two senses actually. She was fully aware of his womanising tendencies, though thankfully he had never made a move on herself. Besides, she could handle him if he did.

"Would you care to dance?" She suddenly asked Jackie without waiting for a response from her previous question. She turned her back on Gabe and gave Jackie her brightest, most brilliant smile. Holding out her hand, she waited for his response.

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Daniel Birchfield

“I do...Have you been in the papers recently sir? Your face seems oddly familiar.”

"I do get around a little and I do normally go by Nolan but you can call me Tony"

Daniel gave a slight frown, watching Tony very carefully for a moment. Nolan was a name that he had heard before, but he couldn't place where. He was a man who knew almost everyone in this club, but it was clear to him that Tony was new. Perhaps this was his first time at The Stork. In that case, he made a mental note to find out more about the mysterious newcomer. A quick glance across the room also noted who had been sat with. Jean Harlow. Maybe he was some connection of hers. Still, he would find out eventually.

"Hmm why thank you for that modest introduction Mr. Birchfield…" Daniel snapped out of his trance and smiled at Lily, showing a flash of pearly white teeth. He knew how to work in a compliment at almost any time and it had worked like a charm. He did not fool himself into thinking Lily would be won over with such trivialities, but it was worth a shot right? Perhaps she would surprise him and be just like every other woman (with the exception of Marietta, oh and Jean Harlow who he had once tried to hit on), falling for his charm and his kindness. But he highly doubted that. Lily was smart. Obviously men hit on her all the time.

"....And since you’re buying I shall have a vodka tonic." Daniel inclined his head at her words and glanced at the barman, but he needed no encouragement to fetch the ladies' drink and then Tony's when he ordered. He knew it would be placed on his tab, so he turned away and lent against the bar, watching the other two for a few moments. It was still a mystery to him who this man was and he doubted that he would place the face until he had done a little digging.

Clearing his throat, he replaced his smile quickly and took a sip of his cognac. "You are simply killing me with all this mystery Tony," He said lightly, arching an eyebrow slightly. In the corner of his eye, he noticed the red-head Gabe Beckett had been chatting to storming away from his table. Quickly, his eyes flickered to Marietta who was still talking with Jackie and looking like she wanted to dance. Daniel let her be. She would soon realise Jackie's game, but he would keep an eye on her.

"Tell me Lily, how is your brother these days?" A quick change in topic by Daniel, who focused his attention on their conversation. With a easy smile, he showed he had no other intentions other than simply asking after the gentleman.

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Marietta Abbott

Marietta hadn't expected him to say yes to the dance, her eyes wandering elsewhere in the club. She watched as the famous Toni joined Jean Harlow at her table. She knew very little about Toni, only what Daniel had relayed to her and he didn't know very much. Apparently she too had refused to sleep with him. It became obvious that he was not her type. In fact, he was not even the correct gender. Marietta had the utmost respect for a woman who was not afraid to show who she really was. It was about time women made it clear who they were.

She smiled graciously even though she was somewhat taken aback - at Jackie as he accepted her hand with his own. His hand felt significantly warmer than her own, as their skin melded together. It surprised her that she actually felt a flutter in her chest as she entwined her slender fingers through his. Most of the men that she flirted with refused to dance with her, trying instead to get her to leave The Stork Club with them, usually to go to some kind of private room. Of course she never complied. She was innocent and intended to keep it that way. So it was nice for a gentlemen to accept her hand and she indeed love to dance.

"That sounds lovely, Miss Abbott."

And she believed that he really meant those words. It was said in such a genuine voice that it almost took her breath away. Not many men wanted anything less than sex. But the look in his eyes told her enough. He truly wanted to dance with her. So without another word she tugged him towards the almost empty dance floor. Marietta's passion was singing, but she was a good hand at dancing as well. In fact the moment her heels touched the dance floor she began to move with fluidity and grace, swinging her hips and keeping in perfect time to the rhythm. Jazz music was her favourite. Releasing Jackie's hand, she chucked her whole body into it, dancing around him, encouraging him to join in with her. The music changed to a fast, upbeat Charleston number and Marietta squealed delightedly. Soon she was kicking up her feet and swinging her arms. She grabbed Jackie putting a hand on his shoulder and grasping one of his hands in her own. Twirling them around, she giggled in a girlish manner, her bright eyes locked onto his. Their twirling led them around the dance floor, until they were right next to Gabe Beckett's table.

"Mr Beckett, will you come join us dance?" Marietta called over the music, smiling elegantly at him, but keeping a hold of Jackie. "I am sure that your...lady friend that was just here would love a dance."

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"Ah, yes, Photoplay, they... they are ah... très bon. Ver' good to moi.", Toni replied, her smile wider then ever. Jean smiled too and took another sip of her strawberry daiquiri. She was surprised to see that she was almost finished her drink, "Shoot... My drink is already finished and I enjoyed it too well", she setting her empty glass down on the table. Jean could see some people staring in their direction, "I think all eyes are on you now, Miss", Jean giggled.

Jean was caught off guard a little when Toni tilted her head to the side, her blond hair falling around her slender shoulders with a small grin on her face, "You know, you should not allow moito upstage vous! You are... très belle. Ah... you say... very beautiful, demoiselle. Surely vous are... are model? Actress? Ah, forgive moi! I have gone and begun to ask personnel questi-ons, and I have not even introduced myself! My name is Toni... and miss, you are...?", Toni's beautiful voice commented and then asked, her french accent making her seem more exotic to Jean. "Nice to meet you Miss Toni. I'm Jean!", Jean simply replied.

But Jean shook her head and flagged her hand, "First of all, I'm too short to model and second, my face isn't so photogenic as yours. Your too kind for words! What part of France have you originally came from?", she stated and commented, throwing in a curious question. Jean had an inkling in the back of her mind that Toni was flirting with her but she didn't know if it was true or not, she thinking her alcoholic induced mind was playing tricks on her. She didn't mind Toni's preference for the same sex and really was awed struck to see a woman liberated from depending on a man.

But why did Toni choose to spot and flirt with her? Jean wanted to know so she began to dig a little deeper about where Toni was coming from with laying on the "thickness" with her. "I know a lot of men can't stop falling around your feet. You can even wrap them around your finger. I wish I had that type of magic hold on men!", Jean said with a smirk. Jean looked in the corner of her eye at Daniel, wondering what he was saying to Lily and Antonio.

He tried to push up on her one time but she turned him down knowing he was a player around the ladies. She didn't want to be another "notch" in his bed, broken-hearted in the process so she stayed clear from him, trying to avoid him as best as possible just like she did with other men who had the same nature. But she still couldn't help but admire him from afar, she secretly wanting to get to know him better. He sure seemed interesting...



"You are simply killing me with all this mystery Tony,", Daniel replied, he really curious to know what Antonio was all about, eyebrows raising in the process. Antonio took a sip of his new bourbon on white rocks drink, "I'll give you two a hint then.... I'm always in the papers in the section with high crime stories....", he said with a complex hint thrown in for good measure. He was highly amused that Daniel wanted to find out more about his person, he seeming kind of frustrated in the process.

"Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Tony.", Lily said shaking Antonio's hand. Antonio smiled at that letting his hand linger in her hand for a bit before she moved her hand away. Was he flirting with her or what? Antonio was never aware that he flirted or even thought he was flirting. All he thought that he was being was extra nice to people especially with the ladies. Antonio wanted to make the ladies feel special in his presence, he being the utmost gentleman. Antonio slowly took another sip of his rich dark bourbon noticing out the corner of his eye Lily secretly watching him watch Jean.

He chuckled lightly at that. Lily sure had an observant eye around the joint and she never seem to miss too much even when he dropped subtle "courteous hints" towards her way. She kind of reminded him of himself, he being the same way. "Tell me Lily, how is your brother these days?", Daniel asked curiously causing Lily to jerk surprisingly at his question. Antonio rose an eyebrow at that, he starting to want to know as well. Gabe sure had secrets about him that Antonio wanted to find out, his curiosity getting the better of him.

That's just like Antonio, he wanting to snoop into other people's affairs, the detective side showing through again. Antonio remained silent as Lily answered Daniel, "Hm? Oh…well Gabe is Gabe, he spends his days drinking, fucking and making business deals, in between making movies, so I fathom he is fine", she finished, Antonio trying to stifle a roaring laugh. She was very bold to say that about her brother, she seeming to not really care how much information she would display about him either.

"Siblings.... together, they are sure funny", Antonio thought, shaking his head with a smirk on his face.

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Daniel Birchfield

"I'll give you two a hint then.... I'm always in the papers in the section with high crime stories...."

It hit Daniel then who this man was. He cursed himself mentally for not realising it sooner. It was fairly obvious, after all. This was a face that was plastered across the papers as often as his own of late and had a reputation that no others could live up to. Antonio Nolan, New York's hero and detective. This was a man who had put many behind bars and stopped a multitude of various crimes recently. Of course, Daniel himself had nothing to fear from this gentleman. His business was as clean as it could be and besides his womanising he did not participate in anything that might be questionable, but he didn't doubt that some members of the Stork Club were guilty of crimes they'd rather keep quiet. Was that the reason for his invitation to the Stork Club? To rat out criminals. Daniel couldn't help his eyes darting Marietta and Jackie who seemed to be dancing merrily on the dance floor. Chewing his bottom lip, he gave no inclination to his realising, preferring to keep the information to himself. Instead, his eyes swiveled back to Lily as she spoke.

"Hm? Oh…well Gabe is Gabe, he spends his days drinking, fucking and making business deals, in between making movies, so I fathom he is fine."

"As long as that fucking doesn't include Marietta then I wish him the best." He said it in the lightest voice possible, but he had not neglected to notice the attention that she received from Lily's brother and a slight edge crept into his voice. Clearing his throat, he shook it off quickly and downed the rest of his drink. Raising his hand for another, he cast a glance around, only to meet Jean Harlow's eyes across the room, boring into him. A slight frown passed his features before he smiled and raised his new glass in a greeting.

"If you would excuse me, Tony...Lily," He took her hand in both of his and pressed his lips to it. Glancing up, he tossed her a wink before scooping up his drink and making his way over to Jean and Toni's table. Daniel was known for his womanising. He could switch women five or six times in a night. "Do you mind if I join you fair ladies?" He asked in a velvet voice, his eyes focused on Jean Harlow intensely.

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“Oh sweetheart I don’t dance, but I would love it if you would join me for a drink.”

Marietta arched an eyebrow, glancing towards her dance partner. She had no obligation to continue to dancing with Jackie, but although she was many things, rude had never been amongst those things. However, declining the offer of a drink with Gabe would also be a bad move. Pondering for a moment, her eyes flickered between the two men. Gabe was an extremely successful man and the young woman had not missed the fact that she had caught his attention. But Jackie seemed genuinely interested in and even though she knew nothing about who he was, she had felt that flutter. Thankfully, she was saved a decision by Gabe's next words and released a sigh of relief.

“Both of you that is.”

Smiling beautifully, Marietta let go of her dance partner and slid elegantly into the seat Gabe's date had previously been occupying. Within a second she realised the proximity to Gabe. She made no move to edge her chair away. Smoothing her hair back into place, she looked at Jackie sweetly and pointed to the chair that was directly opposite her with her spare hand. Switching her attention to Gabe, she looked at him with wide eyes for a long moment.

"Your date was extremely beautiful this evening Mr Beckett. But she did not look at all happy when she stormed off. I would assume she wanted something that you could not give?" Marietta's strong English accent shone through, as she gave him a questioning look. If anything, she was a littly nosy, especially when it came to Gabe Beckett. Whilst she had struck his interest, he too had struck hers.