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The Story of The Shattered Fangs

The Story of The Shattered Fangs


The seas are hostile, the lands are tattered, and the people are hardy. Magic thrums through the winds, and in the voices of those who call themselves mortal. Sail the open seas, and try as you might to survive.

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The Shattered Fangs

The Silence and The Eight who Spoke.


The beginning of the world was heralded by the shattering of the Silence. Cataclysmic phenomena sundered the whole of everything that was not yet anything, formless as it was, as the first four arrived. They brought with them the Languages that gave form to the utter Silence that was before them.
One brought heat and flame. It's Words scoured the Silence.

One brought waves and water. It's Words washed the Silence away.

One brought stability and earth. It's Words formed the lands out of the Silence for the others to rest upon.

One brought instability and gales. It's Words formed the storms upon which the Silence was blown away.

Or so the tale goes.

It also says that another four came, and brought with them yet more for the now formed world.
For there was no Life, from which grew the very concept of Change. Life was ever changing, ever growing, and gave shape to everything that Speaks.
And there was no Death, from which grew the very concept of Finality. Death was ever present, ever waiting, and gave meaning to everything that Speaks.
And there was no Light or Shadow, from which grew the very concepts of Secrets and Emotions, and Truths and Apathy. They were always in a duel, or a dance, and gave sight to everything that Speaks.
But most of all, there was no Power, no Force, no Focus, from which grew the concepts of Strength and Determination. Force gave itself wholly unto everything that Speaks, letting us form our Words into Power through Focus.

And so the tale goes.

But that sea-dog's tale ain't important none to you, is it? Nay, you're here because you wanna hear a different kind of tale, aren't you?
Well. Let's tell a tale of The Shattered Fangs.

Welcome to Lacrimosa. The world in which The Shattered Fangs rests as a mere portion of the globe at large. The Shattered Fangs are a group of some twenty-odd islands, of which three archipelagos take residence. They rest to the west of a continent known as Hystroma, a landmass about the size of Australia. Contrary to Hystroma's foundation as a nation on a continent, The Old Font Accord is the 'nation' that rules over the islands surrounding Hystroma. As far as Hystroma and The Accord are concerned, the rest of the world is... Nothin' but ocean. Which wouldn't be so bad if that didn't lead to some rather volatile relationships between the peoples of The Shattered Fangs.
Piracy and Thievery run rampant, and while no one has ever really 'waged war' in the eight hundred and forty something years (that have been recorded), tensions are always at a high between Hystroma and The Old Font Accord.
These problems are only exacerbated by the utilization of a magic known as Speech.

Speak, and the World around you shall listen.

Magic in Lacrimosa is a wondrous, woesome thing. From the application of alchemy, artifice, and Speak, the oceans and lands of the world are continuously battered by magic.

Alchemy is the art of combining natural elements of the world and crafting brews, salves, powders, and crystals or stones with which one might create some wondrous effect. It's said that Alchemy and Speak are the oldest forms of magic, but who is to say? Not the pirates and privateers. Absolutely anyone can pick up alchemy, and indeed most those who sail the sea of the Shattered Fangs know at least some small amount of Alchemy. Alchemy relies heavily on one's understanding of the world, and their internal Focus. Focus being the sort of... Stamina, as it were, for things of the magical variety.

Speak is the act of Speaking to a particular 'element' that one finds resonance with. From Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind for the 'Classical Primaries', to Life, Death, Light and Dark, and Force for the 'Esoteric Secondaries'. To 'Speak' to an element is exactly as it sounds. Speaking aloud, and putting Focus behind your words to cause your element to act as you wish for it to. Most common folk of the world are incapable of 'True Speak', which is the art of forming completely unique Stanzas and Cants, with a Language that you Speak in, completely your own. For the common folk, Speaking is something of a parroting act. They learn a Cant or Stanza from one person, which they then impart their own Focus into to cause the pre-ordained effect.
Which is to say, basically, most folk only have so many 'spells' in their repertoire... But you? No... You are flexible, and a deal more powerful than the common man.
Flexibility along with being Bilingual, in a sense. You have two elements in your voice, and can use either of them, or mix them together to get a 'Third' element of sorts.

And finally, we come to Artifice. Artifice is the art of imparting Focus and a singular Stanza, or multiple Cants, onto an inanimate object. Whilst technically not as flexible as Alchemy, nor as easy as Speak to utilize, Artifice is no less necessary and important to the Shattered Fangs. Artifice is what allows for the creation of wands, scrolls, staffs, grimoires. As well as rudimentary golems, cannons that launch bolts of fire, or sling bolts of pure shale from thin air, and even ever burning lanterns and things of similar make. Artifice is, however, a very very difficult art to master, as it requires Force, or at least an understanding of Force, to even begin imparting Focus on an inanimate object. As a side-effect of this, the object in question will 'Speak' with the Artificer's voice when it causes any effect.

The Elemental Languages

Fire, The Consuming Blaze; fire is the element of Consumption, and it is the element of scouring and burning. A fireball will not cause a shockwave, but it will flash-burn or fry anything caught in the midst of it. Fire is also about rampant spreading, the act of consuming everything it comes into contact with. Or... At the least, being out of control. There are many relationships between Fire and the other elements.
Fire and Water leads to Smoke and Steam, the heat of flame and the flowing movement of water give rise to the smoke and steam that comes from the two meeting.
Fire and Earth leads to Magma, the rigidity and stability of earth along with the roiling consumption of fire gives rise to rock that burns and consumes like fire does.
Fire and Air leads to Combustion and Heat, invisible and flighty as Air might be, whilst still burning and consuming like fire does. Combustion leads to shockwaves and explosions of heat and air that scalds the skin.
Fire and Life leads to Regeneration and Rampant Growth, causing plants and animals alike to flourish unabated by natural law, and causing the body to heal from wounds without cessation. Be warned that this can and will lead to Tumors and Unwanted Growths.
Fire and Death leads to Diseases, Venoms, and Toxins, that which burns one up from the inside. Not as versatile as Alchemical poisons, but no less deadly and impossible to truly prepare for.
Fire and Light, and Shadow, leads to Lightning, Plasma, and 'Lasers', and Overwhelming The Emotions like fear and anger. Whilst Light is much like Fire, and scours that which it can, for Fire to be as swift as Light...? And Shadow plays more on the mind, toying with the murky, hidden things that Mortals fear...
Fire and Force leads to the truest form of Flame. True explosions of heat, force, and light. Absolute destruction on a scale that simply cannot be matched. Storms of flame that scour entire fleets... Be wary that one does not harm thyself.

Water, The Roiling Tide; water is the element of Flexibility, and the element of quenching and drowning. A wave of water won't push or pull any living thing, but it will drench all that it comes into contact with. Water is also about the mobility of air, though with more stability like that which earth brings.
Water and Fire have been detailed above.
Water and Earth leads to Porcelain, Clay, Mud, and similar 'wet' earthen materials. From the easy flexibility of water, given yet more stability from earth, leads to these materials being absolutely easily manipulated. Be wary of those who wield Ceramics without hesitation.
Water and Air lead to Storms, a simple matter, or so one might believe. Water is a wrathful thing, emotional and ever constantly churning. Air is wild and uncaring, unstable and constantly on the move and with energy to match that of Fire. Storms will drown and deafen, choke and drench. Beware the lightning, beware the chaos.
Water and Life leads to Waters of Life, magical liquids that lead to random change with absolutely no capability of prediction. Life seeks to change constantly, and much like Air, is very free willed and wild. Not as versatile as Alechemy, but no less powerful. Uncontrollable to a certain extent.
Water and Death leads to Acids, Bases, and Toxic Sludge, nearly the exact opposite of the former relationship with Life. Death is the art of Decay and That Which Lies Beyond the Grave, and how better to Decay than that which moves like Water.
Water and Light, and Shadow, lead to Obfuscation and Refraction, true invisibility and the warping of sight and light. Not so much hiding things from view as removing them entirely. One would struggle greatly to divine a Water-Light Speaker. Shadow and Water together lead to a sort of mental invisibility, causing one's foes to forget that they ever saw one's person, ship, and crew. Memories and their murky depths are the proficiency of this pairing.
Water and Force lead to those who are more than capable of summoning tidal waves and tsunamis, drowning and thrashing entire fleets. Beware the tides.

Earth, The Titanic Mountain; earth is the element of Stability, and the element of crushing and creating. A boulder of shale can crush and render dead almost any living thing, and will likely break structures before being broken. Earth is more akin to flame, for Earth is consistent and relatively predictable.
Earth and Fire have already been discussed, as has Earth and Water.
Earth and Air leads to Sand, Dust, and Glass. Sand and Dust is an obvious reaction between Earth and Air mixing together, and need not be explained... Glass, however, combines the rigidity of Earth with the nigh invisible presence of Air, simple, no?
Earth and Life leads to Wood and Golems. Life is a strange element, chaotic and yet orderly all at once. To mix it with Earth is to understand and create Bark, Wood, and Tree. Plants are as chaotic as Life, but solid and rigid like Earth. Golems, stone creations that move as if they were alive? Need that be explained any further?
Earth and Death leads to Zombies, Vampires, Skeletons, and Ghouls. Earth gives stability to Death, and returns things which were laid within the grave, or at least buried, back to a falsehood of life.
Earth and Light, and Shadow, leads to Golems of Light and Shadow. Simple, easily understood, and completely explained there. One speaks to creation Golems of Light or Shade, and that should be completely comprehensible, no?
Earth and Force lead to those who wield the unshakable might of mountains and hills, rumored to be capable of crafting entire islands with only their ability to Speak. Be wary of the Earth beneath your feet.

Air, or Wind, The Unfettered Gale; is the element of Instability, and the element of freedom and shearing. A zephyr of wind can launch one to safety and great heights, or fill the sails of their ship, or it can suffocate those who breathe, and cleave even stones in two.
Air and Fire has already been detailed.
Air and Water has also already been detailed.
Air and Earth has already been detailed.
Air and Life leads to the manipulation and liberation of Nature from its moors. Mobile plants, and the gift of movement to what would otherwise be immobile. Even giving a voice to the natural spirits of the world. Think of Spriggans and Dryads.
Air and Death leads to the manipulation and summoning of Unnatural Spirits, Ghosts, Banshees, and the like. The act of mixing Death and Air together gives rise to that which was always aching to be free from Death, the immortal soul of living things, and that which was never bound to Mortality.
Air and Light, and Shadow leads to the blinding fast speeds that only Light can bring to Speakers. Air and Light mixed together become that which sears through the sky as fast as light.
Air and Shadow become the purest essence of nightmares and illusions, delusions, and hallucinations of the auditory kind.
Air and Force lead to those who sweep the world with horrific efficiency; hurricane gales and tornados that act as fingers from the dead Gods. Beware the very air you breathe.

And of course, there are more, but at the risk of this being entirely too long… We shall ignore them. For now. There’s always another time to learn the relationships between the ‘Esoteric Secondaries’.

The Speaking Mortality

Ah. And lest we forget, we come to the 'races' that make up the free-willed people. Mortals. You! Yes, we come to the different 'Storied Peoples' as they are called here on Lacrimosa.

Humanity, simple, inventive, courageous humanity. The best and the worst are among all the Peoples, but humanity is much like a rat infestation. They are everywhere and they are an ever surprising group. They may not be the smartest, or the strongest, or the quickest, or the most Forceful, but they make up for it with passion, luck, and the benefit of having no God or element that they hold themselves true to. Flexible, beautiful, and so carelessly alive... That, is humanity.

Orcush, brutal, caring, fearless orcush. They of the Green and Shale skin. The orcush, or orcs, are terrifyingly strong, immensely physically powerful folk. Of course, they have all manner of type among their Stories as a People, but their physical strength may at times lead to some being a little... Bullyish. Their folk believe in the act of pushing the world around them to catch up with the Orcush's physical might! And with a predisposition to Resonate best with the elements of Earth and Life, their beliefs are oft picked up by many. Their god, Hoar'Caust, is a god of mystery. Only the orcush know what their god decrees, and only those who worship him enough may learn the deeper secrets of Nature and Stone without having to spend years figuring that out. The orcush tend to hold themselves at the southern most end of The Shattered Fangs, where their heroes and villains alike attempt to craft yet more islands for the whole of the Shattered Fangs.

The Da'Rokah, fierce, long lived, pious Da'Rokah. They of the scale and horn, and booming voice. The Da'Rokah, or da'ro are dragon-like folk who stand as tall as the orcush, but are a deal less muscled. They own tails, and some even find the blessing of wings from their god Dakoniva, but they all have scales and stark-bone white, or gold horns. Their scales vary across the entire color spectrum, and they are best known for their extreme reserves of natural Focus. They are nigh zealots, obsessed with the worship of their god. Their god who decrees that they should spread their knowledge of the Elemental Fire and the Esoteric Force. They're the damned reason we know anything about our Speak, and Artifice to boot. As a reward for being as pious as they are... They've been gifted long, long life. Nearly 300 years if they don't end up resonating with Life or Death in any degree. They reside all across the Shattered Isles, and have multiple monasteries in which their people tend to gather. They spend their time otherwise assisting those on the open ocean, and acting as priests of a sort for their god and others. A sore spot of sorts is that they seem to be extremely adverse to violence, refusing to fight for either Hystroma or for The Accord.

The Elkidar, beautiful, mysterious, aloof Elkidar. They of long ear and fey-lineage, and dexterous bodies. The elkidar are also known as elves, a term they claim that their god gave them at the very beginning of their Story. Don't ask us, ask them, and good luck getting any clear answer. They're a wily folk. The elkidar, the elves, are a nomadic, sea dwelling folk, or... Rather they're an air dwelling folk. The elves are the first to ever pioneer the idea of flying ships, or at least, so the rumors go. Their common resonance with Air and Light and Shade, leads them to be very enigmatic folk. Faster than most could ever hope to keep up with, and with the ability to manipulate the mind...? They're a true mystery we have yet to crack. Similar to their god, Lolminar, who reportedly speaks only once or twice to their children, the elkidar.
Who knows. They claim to hail from a land called 'The Fey Sea', but as to how true that might be, is up to the Gods to say.

And finally, we come to the Laminarei, the serpent folk of the deep. With the torsos of human men or women, and the lower halves of large serpents. Very, VERY, very little is known about the Laminarei. They seem to have a common resonance with Water and Death, and as to what this means? We have no idea. What we do know is that they worship a very specific, old sea god. From the few times that they have been encountered beyond naval circumstances, or when they kidnap lone ships at sea for... Whatever reason they might have, it seems that their god is a terrible one. One who calls for Its' wayward children to live and prosper as best they can. What materials they don't have they can- even MUST- steal from those others around them. Horrific pirates and raiders are they.

The Navy and The Pirates

The Naval Supremecy, Hystroma's military might, reside as the main peacekeeping force on the open ocean. They patrol and actively hunt down the Sundered Pirate Lords, and other such pirate crews. To stand against the Naval Supremecy is to stand against the fair people of Hystroma and the Old Font Accord! ... Or so it is claimed. But this is no more true than to say that a human is a bastard. The Pirate Lords are equal measure robin-hood and horrific boogeymen, kind to the poor and equally as cruel to them. Pirates and Naval men are as varied and unpredictable as civilian merchants and the like.
Not to mention that Mercenary crews, Bounty Hunters, Privateers and other such folk sail the open seas to claim their fame and glory as they see fit.
Be wary of the open oceans...
Alas, there also stands the many varied keeps, port towns, the cities of Hystroma, and the various docking-islands that are scattered throughout the Shattered Fangs. Be cautious dear Story Teller.

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6) Have fun! It's a roleplay, not a job, if you're not having fun then there's something a bit wrong. Work with me and let me know what's up and I'll do my best to help!

7) Is a weird number. HEY! If you've read all the rules, post your favorite band and your favorite animal in OOC.

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