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Taika Kusaba

She Who Speaks to Conflagration

0 · 49 views · located in The Shattered Talons

a character in “The Story of The Shattered Fangs”, as played by XianEvermor


Taika || Kusaba


[url=Song/playlist link here]โ™ซ[/url]

Personnel Report - Ver. 4

Note from interviewer: Versions 1 and 2 of this report were destroyed under mysterious circumstances by fire in my office. When secured by Artificed fire-proof safe, the entire personnel office was destroyed in the middle of the night by an explosion. Official investigators claiming accidental discharge of a misplaced powder-keg, however Subject Taika Kusaba was found fainted nearby, drained of all Focus.

Suggested Admiral Droughtsun find a more productive application of the subject's... creative energy.

Subject is 4'10'' with a slender, lithe figure. She is more or less fit, but lacking the tone of anyone who goes out of their way to physically exert themselves... in fact, she seems adverse to most physical labor. Most commonly she is seen wearing a long gold-trimmed red coat with an over-sized collar accompanied by a matching stylized eyepatch. High quality leather gloves, choker, and oversized belt are also part of her ensemble, as well as a gold pendant which hangs from her shirt.

Hair: Long and straight, in a blue-black color which reaches about the middle of her back.
Eyes: Red, with an almost gem-like quality. Whilst channeling her focus they luminesce. Taika has recently taken to covering her left eye with an eyepatch. When questioned about it she informed me that "This eye patch is a magic item that suppresses my mighty magical powers. If I were to ever take this off, a great catastrophe would surely befall this world..."

Build: Slim, petite.
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned, but not bronze. Taika doesn't tan very easily, and is prone to burning under long sun exposure.
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 97lbs

Name Taika Kusaba

Title(s) She Who Speaks to Conflagration

Species Human

Nationality Hystroma

Age 23

Gender Female

Sexual Orientation When questioned, she asked if that was something that exploded.


"If I don't release my focus to the Conflagration at least once per day, I'll die."

Subject shows signs of having somewhat fallen to the Madness which accompanies deep knowledge of the Esoteric Secondaries, Force specifically. She has become addicted to releasing her entire pool of Focus all at once while Speaking a "Stanza of Conflagration." This has caused numerous problems all over the base Subject is unremorseful. She has a brash, almost abrasive personality intertwined with the delusions of grandeur that she commands the most powerful destruction magic on the planet. The fact that she might not be wrong is besides the point...

Subject has developed a near single-minded drive for the pursuit of further power, specifically to create larger, more destructive Conflagrations.

Irrational fear of dolls.

Artificing & Alchemy

Most things that don't explode
Physical labor
Most mundane tasks

Taika qualified in all the basic navy training, sword & staffsmanship, close combat and marksman training... these are things she is capable of performing. However, she excels in combat speech and is an incredibly potent combat magician with a comparatively large pool of Focus to draw on... that is when she's not stingily conserving her Focus with the goal of releasing her entire reserve all at once in a massive explosion. She's also an Artificer and Alchemist of some talent, particularly when it comes to making things that are flammable or explosive, and she has discovered how to weave an Augmentation Cant into her clothes.

... Admiral Droughtsun has ordered us to keep lights on in a few of the abandoned facilities around the base, and has rigged humanoid cutouts on rails to occasionally pass by the windows. Last night Warehouse B was "mysteriously destroyed" by another "accidental powder keg discharge." Taika was found fainted nearby, drained of all Focus. Likely testing a new artifact.

Taika is aquaphobic, and can't swim. Also, besides her talent for artifice and her potent magical abilities, she has no other worthwhile skills to speak of.

C O M B A T ||P R O W E S S

"Do you, too, desire my forbidden strength, which is so almighty, I've been ostracized by the entire world?"

Rating System
[Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: [Below Average]
Melee Combat: [Below Average]
Ranged Combat: [Below Average]

Aside from being a potent combat Speaker, Taika is an artificer of notable talent, especially when it comes to artificing weapons, cannons, and explosives. Artificing clothing and personal gear with Stanza to augment magical potency is also something of a specialty of hers.


Primary Element FIRE
Secondary Element FORCE

Subject is both a talented and powerful Speaker. Her skill at combat Speech and her impressively large pool of Focus are nothing to balk at, especially considering the array of personal artifacts at her disposal. She isn't limited in terms of the use of her Stanza, and is quite adept at creating spells on the fly as the situation demands. Her main limitation is the madness associated with those who Speak to Force, and the fact that she's become addicted to releasing her entire Focus reserve all at once with the Stanza of Conflagration into a massive explosion.

Stanza of Conflagration: Observation - I've watched Taika display this power several times now. Appears to cause mass Focus to gather into a singularity at the end of her staff. This is highly visible, and causes the script Artificed into her clothing and equipment to glow brightly. Once the singularity is fired, traveling roughly twice as fast as a standard cannon shot, as measured by Admiral Droughtsun. She seems to have a degree of control over the trajectory of the singularity while it's in flight. It travels until it impacts an object, where it explodes with significant force.

Subject has used this cant to destroy several buildings, as well as a derelict Galleon, but it leaves her in a weakened state after casting. She does appear to be more lucid afterwards.


Notable Items
Conflagration Staff - An artifact staff featuring two large pink diamonds with on either end with which to store excess Focus and Artificed with the Stanza of Conflagration
Inferno Mantle - A long tailed red over-coat with gold trim, which has been Artificed with an array of augmentation Stanza and containing a hidden inner lining of gems with which to store Focus.
Cataclysm Eye - A gold trimmed red eyepatch worn over her left eye. Claims it is to "suppress her awesome magical powers." Unknown Artifact.
Vox Choker - An ordinary looking leather choker Artificed to amplify the volume and projection of her Voice.


"Now is the time for me to teach you which of us has the strongest one-shot attack with my Conflagration!"

Group Affiliation(s) The Tempest

Occupation(s) Artificer & Combat Speaker

Bio/History Taika was conscripted into the Navy at the age of 14 when it was discovered she had a naturally strong talent for speaking to Force. It's my opinion that she was mentally damaged from delving too far, too quickly into the secrets of Force. However she's developed into an incredibly talented Artificer and combat mage over the past several years in spite of the personality complications. Admiral Droughtsun had plans to integrate many of her innovations throughout the fleet and crew. However, approximately 12 months ago, a pirate ship flying the sigil of a Devil Squid, and crewmates wearing the masks of sea monsters raided the base shortly following a large explosion in the Artifice facility. Taika was missing the next morning and following an investigation, no signs of powder ignition were found in the Artifice lab, leading us to believe that the detonation was magical in nature. The facility's entire stock of Artifice tools were either taken or destroyed, which is a setback of thousands of gold, in addition to the loss of Taika's specific Artifice innovation projects.

It is highly likely that Taika left with the pirates willingly.

So begins...

Taika Kusaba's Story