Drei Kirigaya

Don't you dare hurt my brother...it will be your last mistake

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Drei Kirigaya

(Drei is the brunette)

Name: Drei Kirigaya
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 130lb
Homeland: Central City
Sexual Orientation: straight
Romantic Interest: N/A as of yet
Role: Alchemist
Rank: N/A
Type of Alchemist: Flame alchemist, circle is tattooed on the palm of his left hand
Weapon: Chakrams


Personality: Drei is much calmer than his twin, Sora, tending to think more about what he's doing, while Sora just rushes in headfirst. Though he is constantly driven up the wall by his younger twin, he's also very protective of him, due to an incident when they were both younger. Drei is also more knowledgeable, since he actually studies, though his overall nature is very similar to his brother's, in that he is as unpredictable as his element, and is a self confessed pyromaniac, like Sora is. Just as fire needs air to burn, Drei needs Sora more than anything, though he doesn't realise this himself.
Likes: Fire, explosions, being with his twin
Dislikes: Being away from Sora, being bored
Fears: That Sora will end up hurt again because of one of his daft ideas, or that he'll be separated from him
Talents: pyrotechnics, explosions. He's a lot better at negotiating than Sora is
Flaws: Can be over protective at times, and can have a hell of a temper when his younger twin is threatened.
Hobbies: making things, experimenting with alchemy and when he has time, sketching


Bio: Drei was born a few minutes before Sora, they grew up in Central City, since both their parents, who originally hailed from Xing, worked as doctors there. As such, they grew up around alchemy, though were forbidden from attempting it themselves until they were old enough. This didn't stop them however, and at 15, they tried a basic transmutation, going by the theory that they could help their parents with their work. Unfortunately, they didn't do it quite right, and accidently caused an explosion, which also killed their parents. Thus began the twins' pyromaniac tendencies. Once they were a little older, and had experimented more, Drei came up with an idea: since Sora's talent seemed to be in Air, perhaps he could create water from oxygen? While it did work, it was not without a price: with each attempt, the extended exposure to high levels of oxygen affected Sora's sight, leaving him almost entirely dependant on his brother. Since it was Drei's idea in the first place, he feels incredibly guilty about this, and promised to look after Sora, whatever that took. The two of them did apply to be State Alchemists at one point, though while Drei passed the test, he turned it down when he found out that Sora couldn't join, since he wouldn't be able to act independently, due too his sight problems.
Relationships: Sora Kirigaya, his twin
Character Thoughts On Others:

Sora Kirigaya: drives him up the wall at times, but he knows that he has to look after his twin

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Drei Kirigaya's Story