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A witty stray of the North Pack

0 · 347 views · located in The Docks

a character in “The Stray Life”, as played by FanastyLife


Name: Chance
Character: Hunter 1
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Red Nose American Pit Bull
Pack: North Pack

Appearance: Chance's like all pit bulls has a short and smooth coat, the colors of his coat are a very light brown so it is more like fawn or tan and white. He is a medium size dog, his eyes are rounded slightly almond shaped, they are the same tannish color as his pelt. His build is solid he has a muscular frame that has harder due to his time on the streets. His ears natural they have never been cropped and are medium sized, they aren't to small or to big for his average sized head.

Markings: Chance doesn't have any scars from battles or anything just because he is not a fighter he is hunter, he can usually intimidate other dogs to the point were they back down or lucky for him he can out run his enemies. The majority of his body is fawn and a part of his muzzle, under his chin. on his chest, underbelly are white. One is his paws are slightly white but not completely.

Personality: Chance is the type of stray that relies on smarts and not just strength alone. He is very witty to the point were he is one of the few strays on the streets that doesn't ever worry about his next meal. He has learned how to work streets from manipulating the people of the city with a cute face and a whine or robbing the delis and meat markets. Chance has a very laid back, go with the flow attitude he doesn't really challenge what others say unless something in his head or gut tells him that it is wrong. Chance is a friendly dog he likes play fighting and just having fun, but when threats show up which can be quite often in the city he has no problem become the fierce and vicious dog that his breed is said to be.

Fears: Chance fears the pound. Although he has never been taken to the pound on the streets he has heard many stories about it. How humans with nets and cages trap dogs and take them to these buildings called pounds and there dogs are killed or taking away by other humans. He wishes to never be captured and taken to the pound.

Likes: Food, Playing Around, Being Free
Dislikes. Dog Catchers, Being Hungry, Sickness or Death

Strengths: His greatest strength is his mind. Considering his place with in the pack his smarts is what helps him to do his job the best is his wits.
Weaknesses: He is somewhat of a loner. He tends to do things himself never looking for help from the others members of the pack. He only knows how to rely on himself, he doesn't know how to rely on others to help him when he needs help.

Mini Bio: Chance wasn't born a stray actually far from it, he was born on a farm in the country. He had four other siblings and life for him was normal for the first couple of months, born blind and deaf, then ears and eyes opened, nursed from mom, played with siblings, moved on to the solids then one day was giving away. When he was a little over five months old the family he had been growing up with gave him away to a small family with two very annoying sticky fingered toddlers who lived in the city. It had taken a while for Chance to get use to the change he had gone from the silent fresh aired country life with the horses and chickens to the loud, crowded and polluted city. After living with that family for a year or more Chance was abandoned by them, the father took him to the dump and dropped him off there. After that Chance never saw that man or family again, he had waited there for three days but after realizing that the man wasn't coming back Chance started his life as a stray. He quickly learned the tricks and trades of being a stray, stealing, begging, do whatever he had to do to survive. After a couple of months of living on his own one day he bumped into another stray, luckily for him this stray was nice, the dog took him back to its family and that's how Chance found and became a member of the North Pack, and since then this has been his family.

So begins...

Chance's Story