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The Subjects

The Subjects


A Private 1x1

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We know the plot, I'll post it later if I can find it, though.
So you're Subject 724303, the male, and I'm 724302, the female.
They're both to be new to the camp at this point and time, fresh from the lab where they have been abused, and constantly prodded with needles.
It's a sort of futuristic, dead world sort of place in this RP.
And I think that's it, all worth mentioning.
I'll have my bio up shortly.

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((We'll start with them waking up in one of the cabins in the camp. They don't remember anything about their transfer, as they were knocked out before hand. They don't know each other yet.))

She pried her eyes open. They felt like they were stuck, closed for a thousand millenia. Her lips and tongue were dry, limbs stiff. She groaned, forcing herself to sit up. She blinked, clearing her vision. Wait. This wasn't her cell. This was some odd cabin, with three sets of bunk beds. A blond girl, unnaturally tall, and a sligtly nerdy looking boy sat at the foot of her bed, smiling at her.

She let out a yelp, and pulled the blankets over her head. "Get away from me!" She had never seen anyone else besides the scientists before: there were no windows to the other cells.The girl laughed, pulling back her blankets. "We would if we could, trust me, but we can't." She stuck her hand out with a beam. "I'm Eagle. What's your name?" She examined this girl's hand suspiciously. The girl looked exasperated. "You shake it." She wrinkled her nose, looking at the blonde. "Why?" Eagle pulled her hand back. "You know what, nevermind. What's your name?" She wrinkled her brow. "I'm 724302." Eagle rolled her eyes. "I mean-" The boy interrupted. "No, not your number. Your name. Give yourself a name." He gave a smile. "The name's Brick."

724302 wrinkled her nose. "I don't know-" Eagle smiled. "Your eyes are like sapphires. Why don't you-" Brick gave her a glare. "Let her choose, E." '02 shook her head, thinking the word over. "It's okay. I sort of like that. Sapphire," she said the word tenderly. "That's my name."

((Yours would be on the bunk above hers. Theres two watching him too, you can pick genders, names, and looks.))

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Black, a deep and terrible dark was the first thing that he saw when he woke up, and the first thing he felt was sleeping on a bed...? He heard voices but couldn't understand them, and didn't really feel that they were important. He had more pressing matters, his bed for example. For some strange reason, the bed seemed wrong, as if it had somehow subtly changed. That seemed laughable, but he decided to check for himself. He did not move and only opened his eyes slightly.

It turned out that he wasn't going completely insane and that he actually had changed location. It was no longer the cold cell he had always been in since he could remember. Relief and worry flooded into him simultaneously, jogging his senses for a second and making him involuntarily move. The moment passed and he noticed that he had revealed himself to whoever brought him here. "Damn," He had been hoping to jump at his captors and interrogate them.

He sat upwards slowly with his hair disheveled and his body tired, he wouldn't be fighting anyone lately, at least not physically. He caught the attention of the two watching him, a seemingly happy female with a hat of sorts and a male wearing a jacket.

He didn't say anything to the two who were watching him, and instead tensed up. He had no idea how to react to them, seeing as they didn't seem like scientists. He furrowed his brows and squinted slightly, then introduced himself and simultaneously interrupted the female, "I'm subject 724303". The female sighed once and smiled again, "What's your name?". 724303's expression gave way to surprise, was he not heard? "I'm subject 724303." His voice lost all formality. "No, we don't want to know your subject number, we want to know what your name is." The Male with the jacket paused then continued, "For example, my name is Reaper, and her name is..." The girl interrupted, "Arrow, my name is arrow."

"Any day now," said Arrow. "Day?" 724303 was still a bit wary of the two but a word the girl said caught his attention. Reaper decided to butt in, "Each day means a new twenty-four hours. Each day means everything's possible again. You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time." 724303 listened to what the male had to say and decided on his name, "I'll call myself Day then,"

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Sapphire yawned, and stood up. Brick was watching her, as though taking in her every detail. Eagle had spread out on the bed, chewing her nails. Sapphire turned away from the pair, and began investigeting her surrondings.

The cabin had a musty smell, the blankets moth-eaten. Nothing new. Subjects never got good items, only second - or perhaps third - hand, and nothing more than what was needed to survive. Ever. Not once. It was a hard life she had led, but Sapphire assumed that this was her transfer, so perhaps she was entering a better stage of life. It was doubtful, but she had some hope left. Not much, but enough.

Sapphire turned back to her bed, realizing for the first time that there were three people - two male and a female - on the bunk above her. Personally, she wouldn't want to chance lying on the top of the rickety bed alone, let alone with a few friends. She watched the three quietly, wondering to herself about everyone else's powers.

She loved her own. Talking to animals, giving life to plants, but she wondered what else those mad - for there was no other word to describe it - scientists had dreamed up and infused into others successfully. For she knew many Subjects had died within a week of there injection. Boys were morre prone to do so, as they were natural fighters, natural rebels. There bodies were bound to reject the modification, thereby rejecting the child's DNA. Indeed, she was surprised of how many males there were in the room.

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Day was now on the ground and no longer on the bed, as were the two who were watching him. His mind had already become lucid, allowing him to take in his surroundings fully. His surroundings were less sterile than the cell he had spent most of his life in, but this wasn't his main concern. After all, he had been accustomed to less-than-optimal living standards.

His main concern was the fact that he was in the dreaded phase two. He turned around and faced the three people that were under his bunk. He would have attempted a mental barrage, but he didn't want more enemies than the ones he was designated to kill. Instead of attacking, he decided to see if he could analyze them. "It seems we're cabin-mates, so I'll introduce myself and you do the same." He didn't ask them to, he told them to.

"My subject number is 724303 and I go by the name of Day," he began losing the formality in his voice, "I have mental-based abilities: telekinesis, telepathy, mind-control, ect ect." He ended with that, hoping to get some sort of response from the three he hadn't yet been introduced to. Perhaps he could get allies or better yet, friends. Then again, he may have seemed a bit too serious introducing himself.

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Sapphire listened to the boy's introduction with her back turned. "My subject number is 724303 -" Sapphire's eyes widened as the number rang through her head in desperate echoes. 724303... 724303... 724303... 724303... He was the Subject right after herself. That ment he had probably been in the cell next to hers, unbeknownst to either of them. Of course, it probably wouldn't mean a whole lot to him, but she was the sentimental type, always had been.

She spoke quietly, unsure whether or not she wanted herself to be heard. "I'm 724302," she said quietly. "Sapphire." Now was the time she should probably share her abilites, but she really didn't feel like revealing too much to this stranger. Luckily, Eagle came, unknowingly, to her rescue. "Mind control? Too cool! All I have is speed." She smiled smuggly. "I can go so fast that I appear invisible to the naked eye, and can also form force fields with my speed. Weak ones, but force fields all the same." Sapphire gave a small laugh.

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