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Shin Young

"Hopefully, this Summer will help me to work past my fears, so I can learn how to live my life properly."

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a character in “The Summer To End Them All”, as played by Scavenger



Oh Land - Wolf & I.


"I guess I am different... These people are my friends, regardless."

Image Full Name:
Shin Jae Young.

Mouse; the nickname was given to him by his late grandfather, who had noticed the boy's anxiety and awkwardness in social situations. Mouse suited him best and, although he hated it at the time, he came to accept it when his grandfather passed - he was fourteen at the time.





Male two.

He is currently working for a local Newspaper company - he specialises in photography.

ImageRomantic interest:
(Yet to be decided, if any)

+ Anything with a sweet or sour taste.
+ 80's movies - his favourite being 'The Lost Boys'.
+ Staying within the confines of his home.
+ Kpop, although he would never openly admit it.
+ Strong coffee.
+ Singing; he has a strong talent for it.

- Alcoholic beverages, or smoking.
- His high school and the people who attend it.
- Reality TV.
- Anything that is too clichΓ©.
- Dogs, especially the large ones.
- Young children.

+ Gesturing certain things as a substitute for actually speaking.
+ Looking around at his surroundings for an escape, just in case.
+ Singing to himself in times of stress, fear or worry.
+ Rubbing the back of his neck.

Phonophobia - Fear of loud sounds.
Aphenphosmphobia - Fear of being touched (by strangers).
Agoraphobia - Fear of overly-crowded, public places.
Anthropophobia - Fear of eye contact (with strangers).
Scopophobia - Fear of being seen or stared at.

Shin certainly isn't your average teenager, as he has a great deal of phobias and a strong sense of social anxiety. Upon a first meeting, you will see that he puts up quite a 'cold' and 'emotionless' front, which he calls his wall. He uses it to protect himself from others, for a reason that even he cannot pinpoint. He's not mean, but he can be quite blunt, especially towards strangers - when he can actually summon the courage to speak up in front of them. He will quite honestly admit that only about 5% of the people within his school have ever heard him speak, or have been given the chance to make eye contact with him. Shin finds that, quite often, his fears get in the way of his everyday life, but he finds it extremely difficult to overcome his fears. And despite how he may act towards most, he holds a deep love for his three friends, since they are the only people who have been able to work their way past his wall and tap into the person beneath it. With them, his fears are lessened. His is able to make full eye contact with them, speak and be spoken to and even make physical contact with them, quite confidently. Again, he does not know why he is confident with them but with no one else, yet it does not bother him so much. While he is still similar, in terms of personality, he can be open around them much more than he can in the company of other people. Shin lacks motivation, and it often takes quite a bit of pushing to make him do something, especially if he doesn't see the point in it. He tries desperately to be there for his friends but, a lot of the time, he doesn't really know how to express his empathy; he'll try, but he won't get very far. Shin is constantly worried of what people think of him, even his closest friends and family, due to his extreme paranoia, so he tries his best to portray himself well around them. At times when he is with his friends, he can generally appear to be quite feminine, in terms of how sensitive and 'camp' he can seem when he's in a good mood.

Image Height:


Fair, although he can sometimes tan easily in Summer.

Body Type:
Very tall, lean and muscular, although it may not seem like that when you look at him with a shirt on. He can seem quite skinny.

Clothing style:
As of late, Shin has no particular style, and will wear almost anything in his wardrobe that is clean or fits him well enough to wear out of the house. Usually, he is spotted in simple t-shirts, coloured mainly in grey, blue, black or white. He wears skinny jeans and nothing else, with any variety of high-top trainers. Around his waist is always some sort of accessory, be it a belt, an over-the-shoulder bag resting on his hip, or a red/blue/black checker shirt tied around his waist with the sleeves. He is also seen in V-neck shirts or thick woollen jumpers - grey, cream or white, mainly. It is almost always this combination because - believe it or not - he's not one for stepping out of his comfort zone.

Shin has often experimented with different hairstyles and colours. His currently style is quite short, swept over his forehead; it is somewhere between dark brown and black. Before that, he had long black hair, usually scraped back out of his face and in a bobble of some sort. And before that, it was short and red. Even he doesn't exactly remember what his hair looked like before that point, but he doesn't see much of a point in trying to find out.

His eyes are hazel, showing more colours of green than brown.

Image Family: Shin doesn't really have a family to speak of. He is an only child, as far as he knows, and he never knew his parents because they had supposedly ran off just after his birth. He went to live with his grandparents, but his grandfather had passed away when he was fourteen, and so it is now just Shin and his grandmother.


So begins...

Shin Young's Story