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Landon Montgomery

"You don't want to get involved with me babe, trust me your only asking for trouble."

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a character in “The Summer Wolves”, originally authored by divinedarkness, as played by RolePlayGateway


"Nothing about my life has ever been simple.”

☠☠☠"Basic, I wish."☠☠☠
The Basics


Full name
Landon Trevor Montgomery

Nick Names
Landon has been called everything from jerk off to ass hole, so nicknames don’t really faze him. He doesn’t care what you call him. Most people just call him by his first name. However the people closest to him, like his sister has always called him Andy. That’s the one nickname he hates, but he puts up with it for her.


The Delinquent||Werewolf

☠☠☠"Fuck Off."☠☠☠
What everyone Sees.


Hair Color:
Dirty Blonde||Light Brown

Eye Color:


170 pounds of pure muscle

♘Spray Paint
♘Starting Fights
♘Night Time
♘Being alone
♘Horror movies
♘Chocolate chips ice cream

♙Full Moons
♙What he is
♙Hurting people
♙Being Judged
♙Being told what to do
♙When He's in Jail
♙Thinking about his past
♙Keeping secrets
♙Feeling like a monster

His Wolf Form

☠☠☠"I can’t change, this is who I am."☠☠☠
More Personal



The guy with the smile that makes all the girls melt in the palm of his hand, he’s definitely a conceded, arrogant, flirt that can’t help but talk all the pretty ladies out of their cloths. He’s not exactly the type of guy who can easily give something up, once he becomes addicted whatever he’s addicted to always ends up consuming him, until it destroys the good in his life.

He’s a loner: travels alone, eats alone, and most night’s even sleeps alone leaving the girls he sleeps with way before the sun comes up. He’s just not really good with the whole idea of commitment. He doesn’t want to bring anyone else down his dangerous path, dragging them into his world of drugs, parties, and gangs.

He’s a little more than fucked up, it’s safe to say that all the years of watching his father abuse his mother and his sibling, took a toll on him. Not to mention the times his father beat him so badly he’d go to school with broken arms and black eyes and was forced to lie. He has a very tortured mind that he tries to block out with sexual advance towards women and making light of any situation, but anyone can see the pain in his eyes, it’s not exactly hard to miss.

He’s extremely protective of the people he’s close to. Namely his older sister, although he might give her a hard time, he does really love her and is gratefully for everything she’s done for him over the years.

He tends to lose his temper easily, especially ever since he’s been turned. He tries to control himself, but he’s noticed it’s getting harder and harder, so he tends to stay away from people of keep himself locked in his room listening to music so he can keep everyone around him safe.

Though, he has a very sweet side to him, when he wants to show it and has forgotten about all his painful memories. He can be quite the romantic and a little on the mushy side, when he wants to be, which is very rare.

☠☠☠"Life sucks, get use to it. "☠☠☠



Landon was the second born too his dysfunctional family. His mother a druggie and his father a motorcycle gang member. His sister took care of him due to his mother not being around and she did everything for him, she was always putting him before herself.

When he was eight he was put into foster care and eventually him and his two siblings were adopted by a wealthy business women who loved them to death. She became the mother they never had. He was glad his sister could finally take time for herself.

When he was thirteen, Taryn left leaving him with his little brother and their mother. He started hanging out with the wrong kids and getting into drugs, parties and drinking. At first he got away with it. When he was fifteen he was caught for the first time and they gave him a warning but he continued to get into trouble.

Eventually he was put into Juvenile Hall, which became like a second home to him. He knew his mother was disappointed in him and his sister begged him to clean himself up but he just couldn’t help it. On his sixteenth birthday, he was going to be initiated into a gang, only unbeknownst to him it wasn’t just any gang, and they were wolves, werewolves to be exact.

He was changed and it wasn’t until his first transformation, that he realized what he actually was at first he thought he was on drugs and just hallucinating, but unfortunately that wasn’t at all the case. Now a year later he’s still learning to control the animal he’s become and he hates what he is.

He was caught trespassing and put into Juvi yet again, upon his release he learned that his mother and little brother had been killed in a car accident and now he’s being forced to move halfway across the country to live with his sister who he hasn’t seen in close to three years.

☠☠☠"Music makes me feel normal."☠☠☠
Theme Song

City Of Angels||30 Seconds to Mars
Her Theme Song
Against you, a weak defense
Then there's me, I'm seventeen
Looking for a fight
All my life
I was never there
I'm just a ghost
Running scared
My Darkest Days||Save Yourself
Song to his Love Interest
I’m the devil’s son straight out of hell
And you’re an angel with a haunted heart
If you’re smart you’d run and protect yourself
From the demon living in the dark
There’s nothing to be gained cause I can never change
And you can never understand my sickness


So begins...

Landon Montgomery's Story


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Taryn had cancelled all of her vocal lessons for the summer mostly because she wanted her brother to be able to settle in and she wanted to be there for him. She was always at her studio in town, she even stayed there late most nights writing her own music and recording it.

It was only a week into summer and although she missed being at her studio with her students, she had to admit it was nice taking time for herself. For the first time in two years she’d been able to sleep in and enjoy a mimosa or two in the morning and then just lounging around.

Her brother had only been there three days and already it was a huge change. They had to learn to live together again and she was trying to balance between being his mother and being his sister.

The early morning sun, caused her to wake up, she yawned sitting up and stretching a bit before she pulled her long dark hair into a ponytail, before heading down stairs in nothing but a big shirt and her boy short underwear, mixing herself a mimosa and taking a sip, before going about her daily routine of opening all the windows in her lake house, letting in the fresh summer air.

Finally she flipped on her favorite CD and let the music start to drift through the house softly. Ever since Taryn moved to Ranger, she’d lived a simple life, enjoying the little things and never taking anything for granted.

She made her way out to her second story patio, that over looked the lake, sitting down on one of the chairs, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as she listened to the music and took in the scent of summer. She glanced next door, she hadn’t seen Natasha it a few days and she wonder if she was okay.

She loved Natasha like a little sister and she was so used to seeing her almost every day that when she didn’t come over, it felt weird not seeing her around and it worried her a bit. Although she remembered her saying something about her cousin coming to watch her, so she was probably just busy with him.


Landon had officially been moved in with his sister for three days and he hated it. He didn’t hate her, he hated the fact that they were so damn far away from everything that he was so bored and he couldn’t get into any trouble, nor could he get drugs or booze without having to walk ten miles into town.

He’d been up all night, smoking, playing video games, and watching movies. The longer he went without sleep the more it strained his body and the less he acted out because of his wolf side. It was easier to control himself when he had little to know energy.

He heard his sister’s soft music break the silence of the house and he’d gotten use to that being his wake up call. His sister was so calm and she was all about relaxing and although he’d never admit it he was almost positive her calmness was starting to rub off on him.

He stood up slipping his jeans on, not bothering with a shirt before he slipped out to his room. He headed down stairs, but Taryn was nowhere to be found, which meant she was upstairs on the patio. He slipped out the sliding glance door smirking when he found her where she was every morning like clockwork with her mimosa in hand and her eyes closed.

“Shit. Put some pants on.” He rolled his eyes as he took a cigarette out lighting it and taking a long drag from it.

“When you put a shirt on I’ll put pants on.” She teased back.

He made his way over to the railing, leaning over it as he looked out at the lake before glancing to the house next door. Taryn had told him when he’d moved in that the girl who lived there was about his age and she came over quite often and he had to admit he was curious to meet her, he’d been drawn to the house…er maybe her since he’d moved in.

He was also aware that there was another wolf over there a much older and much more mature wolf, which was also another reason he hadn’t been sleeping, because he’d been protecting his sister, he wasn’t sure if the wolf was safe or if he was darker, like the one that had turned him.


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The sun pierced through Natasha's blind making her head ache at least ten times worse, forcing herself out of bed Natasha put on her denim shorts and black singlet. Natasha had been babysat by her cousin for two days now, she hated it. Sawyer barley let her do anything she even had to sneak out for a party, which really rubbed Natasha the wrong way.

Natasha creped down the hall to Sawyer's door to find him still asleep, perfect she thought while smirking to herself, she picked up the bucket of water she had fetched last night and counted silently to three. Natasha bit her lip trying not to laugh, once she threw the bucket of water on her cousin she ran for her life down the stairs into her parents master room, she could hear Sawyers yells eco through the house.

Natasha opened her parent's designer closet and hid inside, it took everything she had not to burst out laughing, Sawyer should be leaving by the end of the week at the least.

"Natasha, I know you are in there, come out before I come in myself" Sawyer's voice seemed like he was teasing, slowly Natasha opened the closet door and stepped out. Sawyer's track pants were soaked, his white singlet was now see through and his hair sat drenched around his forehead.

Natasha cracked a smile and let out a slight giggle, "good morning" Natasha teased, Sawyer rolled his eyes and crossed his arms across his soaked chest. "Natasha, you're grounded" a moan escaped Natasha's lips, although throwing freezing water on her cousin as fun for a split second she now deeply regretted it.

Natasha slowly mumbled a low agreement and made her way outside, she dearly missed Taryn and wasn't going to lie, she was quite excited about meeting her younger borther. Pondering if she should go over Natasha sat down on the edge of the railing and smiled as she could make out Taryn's figure and what must be her brother.

She gave them a wave and watched as Sawyer slumbered out in his newly bought cloths, he made his way over to Natasha but his eye's never left Taryn's figure.

Natasha whipped out her sparkly blue smart-phone and texted Taryn, Hey :) Is it ok if we come over? Sawyer is dyeing to see you. Natasha put her phone away and spared a glance towards Taryn's brother.


As the water trickled down Sawyer's face he threw himself up, his cloths and bed were soaked and a green bucket remained tipped over near his door, "Natasha! Once I get me hands on you-"

The past two days had been hell, Natasha had been more rebellious and mischievous than last time he visited, it was oblivious that she had been trying to get rid of him, like hell that was going to happen. Skidding to a stop Sawyer casually sniffed the air, Natasha's cinnamon scent floated through the air, she was hiding in a cupboard, really Natasha? Sawyer thought to himself.

Natasha stepped out to face him, one day she was going to learn have to behave, once he sent Natasha outside he made his way back to his room, it was only then that he picked up the scent of another wolf. He was a little older than Natasha and was new to the ways of a wolf, he would only have been one for a year or so, questions fluttered around in Sawyers head. Was he here for a fight? What is a wolf doing here?

Sawyer sat down on the kitchen table, he wanted to meet Taryn and this new wolf that was living with her, Sawyer had never meet Taryn in person although he had been following her around for a few weeks. He felt like a string was connected from him to her, the same thing he felt with his pack, but she wasn't a werewolf.

Sawyer quickly changed into his white shirt and black jeans, Natasha was outside waving at the two figures that were nextdoor, he new Taryn's scent any where, Sawyer was a little shocked when he found the same scent he picked up from another wolf was standing beside Taryn

"Who is that? You know them?" Sawyer didn't take his eyes of Taryn, she was extremely beautiful, Sawyer slowly pulled his eyes away when Natasha nudged him with her leg. "Yes, she is my vocal coach and one of my best friends, so if you are planning to hit on her I have the right to kick you in the ass."

Sawyer rolled his eyes and leaned against the railing, their houses where rather far apart although with his hearing he could hear everything going on next door. Sawyer scanned the wolf, did Taryn know she was living with a werewolf?


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Taryn took a sip from her drink as she listened to her music play. It was going to be a really nice day at least it looked that way so far. Ranger had a reputation for its bi-polar weather. It could be hot one minuet and raining the next. She glanced to her brother, watching him smoke for a moment. She’d been trying to quite, but having her brother around constantly smoking made it hard.

She set her drink on the table next to her chair, just as her phone vibrated and she knew who it would be without even having to look at her phone. Natasha’s name light up her IPhone screen proving her thoughts right, causing her to smile.

Hey :) Is it ok if we come over? Sawyer is dyeing to see you. Natasha’s text read, she raised a brow at the part about Sawyer wanting to see her. She’d only ever meet him once for a few minutes when he’d dropped Natasha off at the studio for a lesson.

Of course Tasha, you know you’re always welcome. she typed back quickly, before setting her phone back down and standing up stretching a bit before walking over to Landon.

She glanced to her neighbors seeing that there were two figures on the porch. She snatched the cigarette from her brother’s fingers with a smirk taking a drag before blowing practiced O shapes of smoke back in his face.

“Smoke’s bad for you Andy, messes with your vocal chords.” She teased taking another drag, puffing the smoke out the side of her mouth before kissing him on the cheek “No get dressed, we’ve got company coming over.” She said before disappearing back inside.

Ryn popped in a Red Hot Chili Pepper’s CD, letting the song start to drift through the house before heading upstairs to get dressed. She walked into her large walk in closet, slipping on a pair of tight light blue skinny jeans, a brown tank top and a white blouse, before slipping on her tennis shoes.

After she finished getting dressed she did her make-up and pulled her long dark hair into a ponytail before heading back down stairs. She made her way to the backdoor, opening it and letting in her dog, Anubis. He trotted in lazily, following Taryn around like a shadow as she made a pot of coffee.


Landon watched as the girl came outside followed by a guy and he knew then that he was the wolf, though he didn’t give off a dangerous vibe like Landon would have expected. His sister grabbing the cigarette from him pulled him from his thoughts and he raised a brow not expecting her to smoke it.

“Smoke’s bad for you Andy, messes with your vocal chords.” she said and he watched as she blew perfectly practiced O shapes, causing him to realize that his sister was once or still was an avid smoker and that surprised him. “No get dressed, we’ve got company coming over.” he rolled his eyes as she disappeared into the house.

“Stop calling me Andy!” he called after her though he wasn’t sure she heard.

He glanced to the house once more, there was just something about that girl that drew him to her. It was something he’d never felt before. He sighed as he headed inside changing into a pair of black jeans and a black v-neck t-shirt, before heading back down stairs to see Taryn making coffee.

“This music is shit.” He smirked, before glancing to her dog as he started to growl. Landon sighed, the dog hated him and he knew why, it was frustrating.

“Anubis.” Taryn said getting onto the dog and he finally stopped. ”At least try and by civil to them Landon. I really think you and Tash might get along.” she said and he could tell she was begging him to behave.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. But, I’m not going to babysit some pompous daddy’s girl.” He spat.

“Lan, just give her a chance.” she said glancing to him just as the doorbell rang.


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Natasha looked at her reflection in the mirror, her buttercup curls were pulled back into a side braid and her blue eyes seemed to take in a hint of gold. This isn't working for me Natasha thought to herself before she ripped the hair tie out and let her curls hang lose. Natasha dipped her finger in the foundation and gently rubbed it over her scars, the memories seemed to flash back and caused a small tear to leak down her skin.

"Nattily, What are you doing in there?" Sawyer's voice echoed through the bathroom, Natasha wiped her tears away quickly and unlocked the door. Looking at the clock Natasha leaned against the pale white door, "we have to go in ten minutes, we are going over to Taryn's."

Natasha went outside to greet Biscuit the small Pomeranian jumped up onto Natasha's arms. Biscuit was a shelter puppy and was going to be put down, the second Natasha laid eyes on the small puppy she fell in love.

Biscuit followed Natasha into her bedroom, she needed to get changed, Biscuit jumped up on Natasha's bed and began her morning snooze. Walking over to her speakers Natasha put on one of her favorite songs and sloftly sang along to the lyrics.

By the time Natasha had finished looking for a pair of cloths her room was ankle deep in mess, after a few minutes of trying on outfits Natasha had found a pair of ripped jeans and a strapless top.

Natasha waited for Sawyer impatiently, when his door opened Natasha let out a sigh, "wow, I didn't know you could look that hot, you ready?" Sawyer let out a smile and together they headed over to the lake house. Sawyer kept looking over at the house, what is he so nervous about?

Natasha herself was now getting nervous, she had never felt this way about a boy, it was if she was drawn to him, no matter how hard she tried to ignore it, she couldn't. Natasha weakly pressed the door bell, Natasha smiled and kept her focus on Taryn, she briefly hugged Taryn and warmly greeted her.

"Taryn this is Sawyer, my older cousin" Natasha smiled at Landon, god he was better looking closer up, the words mistake and useless filth kept swirling around in Natasha's mind. She tried to shake them off best she could and tried her best not to keep peeking at Landon.


Sawyer let the cool breeze wash over him, he watched the calm lake and wondered about his pack, his father and the wolf next door. The fact that Sawyer hadn't told his father he was babysitting his little cousin might tick him off, sooner or later his pack would come looking for him.

Natasha had been in the bathroom an awful long time, soft sobs where coming from the bathroom too, Sawyer gently knocked on the door "Nattily, What are you doing in there?" Natasha opened the door, he could tell she had been crying, Natasha was a strong girl, she could over it up quite well. "We have to go in ten minutes, we are going over to Taryn's."

Sawyer took Natasha's place in the bathroom, he quickly turned the hot water on and took off his cloths, the water was quite warm although Sawyer enjoyed it this warm, must have something to do with being a werewolf. Although Landon didn't give off a vibe that suggested he was here for a fight, which was good, he still had something odd about him.

Sawyer shook away his thoughts, and placed his towel around his lower body and made his way to his bedroom. Sawyer quickly threw on his back tee and jeans, his hair was left tousled and his cologne was irresistible, Sawyer stepped out of his room to be greeted by Natasha, "wow, I didn't know you could look that hot, you ready?"

Sawyer smiled, that was the nicest thing Natasha had said the whole time he had been here, Sawyer stepped outside and kept a even pace with Natasha, he felt nervous, for weeks he had been following Taryn, he had been drawn to her and he couldn't stop thinking about her.

Sawyer was greeted by Taryn, he was so intraced by her he forgot everything around him, "you must be Taryn, pleasure to meet you." Natasha seemed distracted by Taryn, now was his perfect chance.

Landon, first of all, you have nothing to fear, I am not here for a fight- Sawyer flashed a smile at Landon, he studied the younger wolf before restarting his message. Although, if you hurt Natasha, you will answer to me.


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Taryn was worried about her brother acting out like he always did. He wasn’t exactly the type to behave or listen to her and he tended to say things without thinking, which worried her. She headed over to the door, Anubis following her like a shadow and Landon followed behind her as well.

She opened the door giving Natasha a smile “Hey baby girl.” She said wrapping her arms around her as Natasha hugged her. Ever since she’d meet Natasha, she’d always felt like her big sister.

"Taryn this is Sawyer, my older cousin" Taryn glanced to the man stand just a bit behind Natasha.

He was striking and she felt a strong pull towards him something she’d never felt before. He was strangely enticing and it intrigued her, she bit her lip before giving him a warm smile. She held his eyes for a moment, before he finally spoke.

"You must be Taryn, pleasure to meet you." he said smoothly and she nodded.

“Yes, that would be me.” She said simply, before glancing to the side of her as Landon lend on her shoulder boredly looking over her two guests. “This is my little brother, Landon.” She introduced him and he just shrugged. “Well why don’t you two come in.” she smiled opening the door all the way up for them.


Landon heard the two introduce themselves and he finally decided to stand, or more like lean on his sister’s shoulder pretending that there weren’t two people in front of them. He was extremely good at pretending like nothing matter or that he was bored. He’s become incredible at hiding his emotions.

He could feel the heat between him and Natasha that was almost impossible to miss, because it was so strong and it was hard to ignore but he forced himself to do it. She was beautiful, that was obvious and he was drawn to her, but he didn’t show one ounce of interest on the outside.

Landon, first of all, you have nothing to fear, I am not here for a fight he heard the voice like a soft whisper and he knew exactly he was talking to him, but instead of glancing to Sawyer he ignored him like he hadn’t heard him. He could tell by the way he talked and the way he held himself he was a beta wolf, which meant his dad was an Alpha.

“This is my little brother, Landon.” his sister’s voice pulled him from his thoughts and he glanced between Natasha and Sawyer, giving them a smirk and lazy two finger wave.

Although, if you hurt Natasha, you will answer to me. Sawyer spoke again and he visibly rolled his eyes letting out a scoff.

He turned his back to the three of them heading back inside. Oh please, I’m not scared of the big bad wolf. he said sarcastically I have no interest in fucking around with you bratty princess. he glanced back over his shoulder holding Sawyers eyes, with a wicked smirk And, don’t think I can’t sense your intentions with my sister. he spat harshly She’s too good for you. he said before heading into the living room and sitting down on the couch.


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Natasha stepped passed Taryn flashing her a smile, the open windows overlooked the lake and let the cool air flow in, the music was a special touch that seemed made Natasha relax that little bit more. Looking across at Sawyer, Natasha could feel the tension between Sawyer and Landon, they both seemed engaged with each other, like they were talking, but how?

Feeling something wet press against her leg Natasha looked down and smiled when she saw Anubis looking up at her, Natasha kneeled down and ran her fingers through his soft coat.

"Lets move this party into living room shall we?" Sawyers voice burst from behind her, startling her a little.

Sawyer headed to where Landon had disappeared too, Natasha hung back with Taryn and whispered softly to her not wanting to get attention from her cousin. "You will have to excuse my cousin, he has a little fling for you" Natasha smiled with a hint of tease in her eyes and followed Sawyer into the living room.

Natasha could remember when she first had lessons with Taryn, this place was so huge she had gotten lost, Natasha smiled to herself before taking a seat in the corner away from Landon.

She knew something was off about how she felt about Landon, she felt drawn to him, maybe it was just a crush... But what if it more than that?


Sawyer ignored Landon's message, he knew how he felt about Natasha, it was the same for him, possibly even worse. Sawyer was about to skip the whole 'leave my sister only' chat when he left and headed to the living room.

Sawyer wanted to know how Landon had been turned, he wanted to know his abilities, he wanted to know everything.

"Let's move this party to the living room, shall we?" Sawyer looked down at the dog which Natasha was so dearly patting, dogs never liked him, he guessed this dog didn't like Landon that much either.

The sun reflected off the lake and gleamed on Sawyers face, he moved to the living room and sat on the same couch as Landon but on the far side, he could hear Natasha sweet voice whisper something to Taryn. "You will have to excuse my cousin, he has a little fling for you" Sawyer rolled his eyes, how typical of Natasha.

Sawyer watched as Natasha walked in, he kept his eyes on the t.v but started his conversation with Landon again. Look, I can't help what I feel for you're sister, I want to know how you were turned. Sawyer doubt he would get his answers, Landon was probably going to tell him to piss off again but he wanted to know.

He looked across at Taryn, he didn't just want to learn about Landon, he wanted to learn about her too, he wanted to know how to get close to her. If Landon should know something about him it would be:
Once he gets his mind set on something, one way or another, he will get it. Right now, all Sawyer wanted to do was get close to Taryn.


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Taryn laughed lightly as Natasha said her cousin had a crush on her. “Well thanks for the warning I’ll keep that in mind.” She teased back as the two girls headed into the living room.

She rolled her eyes seeing her brother smoking. She walked over to it snatching it from him quickly and putting it out. Telling him not to do it in the house, before she sat down in on one of her lounge chairs. Her dog at her feet like he was guarding her, glancing between Sawyer and Landon every so often.

“Why don’t you two take Anubis down to the lake. It’s a nice day out, plus Andy hasn’t really been out of the house since he got here.” She offered

But Landon rejected it, she could have guessed he’d do that. He wasn’t really in the mood for making many friends while he as here. She knew it was going to be hard for him to adjust especially when Frankie came home and she worried, because she knew the two of them wouldn’t get along.


Landon knew it would piss off Taryn if he smoked in front of their or more like her company but he really didn’t care. He pulled out the pack from his pocket lighting on, taking a long drag off the cigarette really craving a drink of liquor, something anything, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Look, I can't help what I feel for you're sister, I want to know how you were turned. he heard Sawyer, but he didn’t bother to look up at him.

He closed his eyes leaning his head back and sinking into the couch. He listened to the music that was still playing quietly, pretending like he didn’t hear what Sawyer had said. Finally after a long moment he opened his eyes, stealing glance at Natasha.

He could feel her eyes on him, not that he minded, he could just sense her. It was weird because he could feel the emotions radiating off her and it wasn’t hard to tell that she was just as drawn to him. The only difference was he could since it, she couldn’t tell.

”Landon. Not in the house.” Taryn said pulling the cigarette from between his lips and stamping it out. He scoffed rolling his eyes. He hated the way his sister acted so proper, he knew who she really was, she had a wild side, she just thought for some reason she had to be prim and proper all the time and it made him wonder why.

“Why don’t you two take Anubis down to the lake. It’s a nice day out, plus Andy hasn’t really been out of the house since he got here.” his sister said causing him to scoff. He glanced to Natasha wondering if she’d oppose or she’d listen to Taryn.

“No thanks sis.” He objected before Natasha had the chance “That dog hates me and I hate it.” He shrugged.

Yeah well, I can smell your mate all over you. So stay away from her. Landon finally said glancing to Sawyer with a wicked smirk.


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Once Landon meet her gaze she quickly ducked her head down, her blonde curls coverd her left eye but she quickly pushed them back. Sawyer was still glaring at Landon, there is something up with him, Natasha made a mental note to herself to ask him about it later.

“Why don’t you two take Anubis down to the lake. It’s a nice day out, plus Andy hasn’t really been out of the house since he got here." Natasha looked up at Taryn, she cast a glance at Landon but he declined the offer, she wondered if she would have even said yes herself, Landon probably thought she was a spoiled brat, as most people thought.

The silence was broken by Natasha's ringtone, "excuse me" she weakly added before she slipped outside. The instant she heard the voice she knew it was one of her 'besties' from school, all together there were four in their group, together they ran the school making anyone who crossed them lives a living hell.

Natasha was the less bitchy one out of the group, this only happened because of Taryn had taught her a lesson she never forgot. "Natasha, it's Ruby, you doing anything?"

Slowly she let out a sigh, Ruby was the Queen B at her school and Natasha had no choice, it was be at the top or fall to the bottom. "Yeah, what you got planned?"

"You and me are going to the beach, one o' clock sharp, I will pick you up" before Natasha could protest Ruby hung up. Once again Natasha took her place in the far corner, "what I miss?"


Sawyer never moved his eyes from Landon, he was sick and tired of playing nice, this kid didn't fear him, fine, but Sawyer knew that he was the most experienced here. Slowly he began feeling hot, he knew it was the beast inside him, it was pleading to be release and show Landon who he really was.

Apart from the fact he would blow his cover and the girls could get a little jumpy when they see a wolf in their house, everything else screamed for him to change.

Natasha quickly walked outside to answer her call, he tossed a glare at Landon and scanned him, looking for any signs of aggression and if he was watching Natasha.

"Lets all get to know each other, I can see that Natasha enjoys her time here, might as well get to know each other" Although he couldn't see Landon he flashed him a smirk, two can play this game. Sawyer relaxed back into the chair and watched as Natasha came in and sat in what seemed to be her spot.

"What I miss?" Sawyer shook his head "nothing much, just getting to know each other" Natasha had that 'I know you are up to something' look on her face, but she it seemed to fade quickly.

"I will go first, I originate from Canada and moved to Ranger when I was four, nothing really happened since then, I enjoy river sports, hiking and chilling." Sawyer has missed out the whole my mother died and my father killed her and my unborn sister, oh and by the way I'm a werewolf.

Sawyer kept a casual look on his face as he glanced around the room, it was then that he noticed a scent on Taryn that he had let slip before. It was human and most importantly it was male, Sawyer had control his wolf, luckily years of training let him do that, he felt protective over Taryn although he had only just meet her, a smile played on his face. He knew he wasn't going to keep the competitive side in him for much longer.