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Ser Arches of Sheba

A snobbish and arrogant Summoner of the Great Nation of Sheba

0 · 152 views · located in Midgard

a character in “The Summoner”, as played by ParcifalZen


The Eastern Nation of Sheba's Army, consisting of roughly 25,000 men. Their goal is to preserve the sanctity of Midgard by limiting the use of harmful technological agents. They are Allied with the Holy See.


Level 50 Summoner
HP: 1130
MP: 367
Strength- 63
Endurance- 61
Agility- 117
Magic- 175
Spirit- 172
Accuracy- 70%
Intelligence- (10/10)
Creativity- (8/10)
Willpower- (8/10)
Charisma- (8/10)
Luck- (6/10)

Age: 30
Hometown: Aelcoast, Sheba
Current Location: Silverfort, Tarshish
Birthday: July 30th, 1160
Allegiance: Sheba
House: Damocles

Appearance: Ser Arches is a tall, slender man with great posture and elegant features; a picture-perfect Nobleman. He dons alabaster white hair and enchanting silver eyes like all Lunar Children. Due to his status as a Nobleman, he possesses quite a bountiful supply of gold, and does not hesitate to show off his rices through displays of fine jewelry and robes that only a noble could afford. He typically wears a silken poet shirt, violet knee breeches, leather boots, a royal blue summoner's tunic with golden trim, a violet great coat, and a royal blue cloak with golden trim. He wears two belts that connect to a scabbard that is holstered neither to his left, right, or back side, but hanging directly in front of him; the same way the Mystics of Aelcoast do.

Personality: Arches, being a highborn, tends to look down upon those of common birth, often assuming they're less intelligent than he is. When a lowborn does not immediately respond how he wants them to, they are met with scornful words. He is naturally arrogant, and meets any task with bravado, claiming he is the only one who can do anything effectively. However, when push comes to shove, Arches still remains vigilant, a rare trait among nobles of his caliber. Despite being an abrasive man, Arches is still a knight, and thus possesses a knight's honor, and prefers to do things fairly and with valor.

Equipment & Abilities:
Weapon: broadsword
Alignment: lawful
Wielded By: The Damocles bloodline
Look: made of an unusual material
Fame: considered mythical
Quirk: sometimes mysteriously vanishes from its wielders
Main Effect: Blade is magically resistant, allowing effective enchanting
Secondary Effect: reduces pain felt by the wielder
Restriction: requires an invocation to work
Current Status: Wielded by Arches
Created: to smite the unworthy
Draws Power From: Its wielder's soul
Description: Ser Arches' blade, given to him upon his mastery of Aelcoast Swordsmanship. It is a blade designed for enchanting, as the Mystics of Aelcoast are master spellswords.

-Enhanced Swordsmanship: Users are able to demonstrate a natural aptitude for the ways of the sword. The user is able to wield a sword with great proficiency in speed, power, and skill, allowing them to perform feats such as stopping and deflecting bullets, decimate large objects or areas, cutting through hard materials such as steel, and even hold back their strength to deal damage to their foes without killing them.
The user is also able to operate with little or no effort, deliver skillful strikes to weak points with great precision. This ability also allows the users to become naturally skilled with multiple swords or any bladed weapon regardless of shape or size to suit their needs in combat.
Applications include
  • Great skill and proficiency in wielding a blade or blades.
  • Cut with great precision, speed, and strength.
  • Incredibly fast weapon control.
  • Cut only and exactly what the user wants.
  • Counter an enemy's attacks and use their own strength against them.
  • Cutting with swords.
  • Deflection
  • Dual Wielding and/or Multi-Weapon Wielding
  • Impale with a sword.
  • Pulverization with a sword.
  • Razor Wind cutting and slicing using the air.
  • Slash Projection

-Weapon Infusion: The user is able to channel the flow of energy into object of their choice in order to increase its potency. This can also cause special advantageous effects depending on the type of energy and weapon in question. May be able to do energy slashes.
Applications include:
  • Infuse energy to dull the edges of any weapon in order to cause damage without fatalities.
  • Create powerful energy strikes and emit energy waves.
  • Amplify the strength, energy and power of already strong and powerful weapons.
  • Infuse the weapons with the elements, energy, or even one's own life energy.
-Summoning Magic: The Ability to call upon the Ancient Goddesses so they might battle for you. Each Summon boasts its own Unique effect, but overall summoners have the abilities to aid their allies.
Spells include:
  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Defense
  • Increase Magic
  • Increase Speed
  • Heal
Agni (Summon): The Ability to call the Goddess of Fire, Agni, into battle. This contract is shown by a ruby ring eternally bonded to the finger of the summoner.

So begins...

Ser Arches of Sheba's Story