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Alexander Grim

alex a man with dark past and no side to call his own a rouge and dangerous to either sdie who will he choose?

0 · 214 views · located in Violet City

a character in “The Superhero Squad”, as played by Alexander Wolfsberg



FC: Allan Hawkco


N A M E: Alexander "Alex" Grim| A G E: 20 | G E N D E R: Male | 6' 3"


he is dangerous from the since that hes immortal tho thats only cause he has a healing factor (that would make deadpool blush) but he is killable his head if removed stops the regen.
he also has a power that allows him to mimic another if he touches them along with clarvoncy he has enhanced reflex making him deadly and if on a side vaulble


1.A HIGH HEALING RATE (MAKING HIM SEEM IMMORTAL) to elaborate its not op he has a few flaws in his abilites such as he can be killed by decapitation or if you shoot him in the heart and head or kill him in a worse way he takes longer to comeback from it tho decap is the only real death he'll have

2.mimic name says it all if he had bare skin contact with the gaurdain who can maniulate blood he would be able to do so to but only for 3 hrs

3.clarvoncey: meaning he has visions of possible futures and he can sometimes recive visions off a persons past etc. this is not op cause the visions are rare and none involving players or gm story will happen with out approval of one or all in game and even then the visions are vague ie: i saw a white key and the words thirteen and fourth" or "we must go(or get there) soon the guardians(or squad) are coming.

4.highented or enhanced reflexes: simple he runs faster is stronger and can shot a perfect shot ie: the bullet flys out of its barrel the ring loud but alex couldnt careless about noise as he watched from 20000 miles away up on a roof the path of the bullet was like nothing before it bounced of metal and went throught glass into buildings ad out with out casuaty the bullet entered the squads base through a vent travel through with ease hiting mason in the shoulder.

for example granted its mainly agility strength speed and senses that are higher


a profeicantcy in combat and stealth training and master plus his natural deductive reasoning was what made him a great assassin for hire he also has a greater prowice behind the wheel of his gto and he has a photographic memory
so to recap:

1.combat mastery
2.natural deduction aka he reads people well
3.combat and stealth driving(in the gto above in the pic)
4.a perfect photographic memory(a reason he is mastery of all things he was trained in he mastered before age 20)

P E R S O N A L I T Y:

at first glance hes rough caliss and doesnt care about any one except number one but behind the tough guy is a dark and sad man a past he can leave and some mysterious things in there to
he is kind to kids and while he doesnt listen to it his moral compass does point north he doesnt like innocents in the crossfire and will turn on anyone who threatens the innoncent yet he himself will put those very lives in danger for sake of a grand deign alex harbors a fight between his demons and his better angels he will never be at peace

H I S T O R Y:

his story starts at age 10 on the day of january first the young alex lay in bed sleeping till a loud crash woke him he ran down stairs to find his family dead dogs mom dad brothers sister all butchered a figure that he would remeber as {insert name here if allowed to} the young grim would hide fast and after the police arrived he was taken to a orphange he ran away at age 12...

he survived on the streets till one day like mana from heaven he was gifted abilites he vowed then and there he would be better nah get better and then track down adn kill the monster that killed his family

apon turning 17 he was already living in a apartment and well off granted when you help gamblers when at any game they choose to play in exchange for ahalf the take then at 15 he started heisting blackmail and all kinds of things

thats what lead to this day 17 years old halloween night alex grim sits watching tv when the power was cut seeing how he was the only person who lived in the paratment complkex he was quick to grab his bpw staff it was neigh only 12 secounds later when a man attacked him the fight as ferice but alex had never seen the like of this one before the bloodyd boy was looking up at the hood figure and....

"your kinda good for a untrained kid howd you like to actually learn how tofight and get money out of it" called a gruff brit from under the hood

"if it means i get closer to my own ambition then yes" alex answered his irish accent thick

its now the day he comes into the rp and he sets off after the man who killed his famil so very long ago he says his goodbyes to his mentors and the leader of this order of the best assasins the brit who helped him he had begun to think off them all as family and them the same for unlike your deep web assassin these fellows had a code and hearts

he set off as he planed the open road his gto a full tank of gas and no where but forward....

what awaits him?
what side if any will he choose?
only time can tell...

So begins...

Alexander Grim's Story