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Verona M. Jameson

"Oh Hunny, Trust me. Its all in your head."

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a character in “The Superhero Squad”, as played by IamQ





Kyrptonite: 3 Doors Down

"It's obviously a lot harder to try and be a good guy than it is to be a bad guy. The world is a fundamentally evil place, it seems like. So in order to be a good person, you have to fight temptation and vice.
~Michael Shannon

Illusions/Decoy Creation
Though her primary power might be Decoy Creation it is an Illusion based power which means she can create, shape and manipulate illusions, causing targets to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. Outside of Decoy Creation she can only really effect what a person sees and even then she can only project the Illusions at to or three. The most difficult thing she can do is make herself appear totally different, which is great in a battle because suddenly she appears like the wall behind her but she cant hide anyone else like this. Do to her personal morals and ethics, unless fighting for her life or the lives of others she doesn't use her power. On occasion, when asked, she will use it on her friends for them to see or feel what her power is like or when playing a joke on them she might create duplicates of herself or others but she doesn't use her power to harm others out side of a sight and even then it feels wrong and in such she only uses it to temporarily disable them.
Verona's Illusionist outfit.


For such a delicate looking girl she pack a mean punch, she was very young when her father first started training her in martial arts and self defense. After awhile she started to enjoy it so much she would enter herself into underground street fights. She earned a reputation there for being unbeatable and it has been very helpful when dealing those who like to use their powers for bad.
When her mother died her mother started to only order food in sense he couldn't cook. This sparked an interest in food in the young girl and she would go to the different restaurants her father would order from most and ask for easy recipes that she could try and replicate. Only one restaurant took pity on the girl. Ramon's, the head chief was Ramon himself and he taught the girl how to make superb food with less then superb ingredients.
Whoever claimed that dancing doesn't go with fighting is a liar, because of the ballet and hip hop classes she took for fun while in High School she now is extremely agile and graceful which makes her 'slippery' in a fight and hard to hit. She is also a great dancer and has been a back ground dancer for a few bands in their music videos.
Both a hobby and a skill this is how she makes her living. Some of Verona's pictures have hung in galleries being bought for sums that are far to high to be reasonable and others have been published in well respected magazines. Though her name is unknown, preferring to publish her pictures under the names Jamie Adella, she is often bombarded by emails from the rich wanting her to be their wedding photographer and others from newspapers and magazines just wanting to get their hands on an interview with the reclusive photographer.



Energetic Compassionate Observant Cold Vicious Intelligent

Verona, she is just as beautiful as the city she is named after and her personality just makes her more so. Almost always happy and energetic its almost gift that she can draw even the most reluctant person to her and get them to smile and laugh at her antics which are, more often then not, vastly amusing. Match it with her compassionate behavior and the fact that she can not only see the best in everyone around her, including the thug who lives down the street, but will argue that for the cards that had been handed to them they are doing their best. She is insanely loyal to those who have proven their worth and kind to even those who haven't. Verona has yet to meet a person she yet to like in some way. She is also very observant and is quick to recognize normal behavior and what isn't meaning she will be the first to notice if something is wrong and there is no use lying to her.

For all her good qualities she does have some bad, like that fact that she is so intelligent and so rational that sometimes its had for her to truly empathize with someone especially if their reasoning is flawed, then there is that fact that if her trust is broken in someone they will live the rest of their lives being frozen out. She wont speak to them unless necessary and will often ask others to pass on messages. Then there's the fact that she is vicious, there isn't another word for it. If not for her friends to keep her reined in, when angry she would happily see those who had made her angry burn along with their families. Now, most will never see this side of her, and those that have seen it directed at them have done something terribly and truly deserved it. Verona, for all intents and purposes, is a good person and trys her best to be one.

At the end of the day even those that do not like her, can respect Verona for her morals and that fact that she trys very hard to keep her anger in check even when someone deserves it. They can even respect her for how genuine she is about caring for everyone around her, often going beyond what is expected of her to help out.

[Likes and Dislikes]
✔Hot Chocolate ✔Oversized and cozy sweaters
✔Dark colors ✔Early morning and late evenings
✔The smell that fills the air after a thunder storm
✔The feeling her muscles have after a long training
session ✔The freedom that comes from running
through the park near her home.

✘Cold coffee ✘Bright colors ✘Tight clothing
✘Feeling as if she disappointed her father
✘The muggy heat that comes from summer storms
✘The feeling of being weak or being defeated
✘Lack or freedom or being confined to a small space
✘The dense thick smell of smoke that normally only
comes with house or forest fires

Born to a drug addicted prostitute it was to no ones surprise when Adella Black ended up pregnant at sixteen, her whole life had been hard, often times not being able to eat for weeks at a time which was why she didn't find out she was pregnant about six months into her pregnancy when she was rushed to the hospital for what was thought to be appendix rupturing. It was then that little Adella Black, who had long been on her way to becoming just like her mother, changed her destiny for she swore to all that would listen that she would not be her mother.

It was a humid summer afternoon some three months later that Adella went into labor and delivered a lively little six pound baby girl who she named Verona, Two years later and Adella is working three jobs and doing online courses to give herself and her sweet angelic child a better future when she meet Robert Jameson. He was the one, one late night in the Café Adella spent most of her working hours at, that pointed out that Verona and seemed to produce a twin. After that, and a promise to not devolge Verona's power, the two adults started seeing each other when ever Adella had free time.

It was a mere six months later that Robert and Adella married and four months after that, that Robert finalized the adoption paperwork and was Verona's father in all but blood. Not that it mattered to the little girl. As she grew along with her powers she was very close to both her parents and so when her mother passed away alittle before Verona's eleventh birthday it felt completely natural to mourn and take care of her father just as he did her.

After her father finally came out of the slump that he was in after Adella's death he started a hard core regiment to train Verona to use her powers and to protect herself. It was hard for the young girl to get use to the new found training but she started to really enjoy it after awhile and worked hard to make her father proud of her and what she can do. It was a little after her eighteenth birthday when Verona met Conner for the first time but it took her awhile to inform him of her gift. Sense that time she helped him get more powered people in their squad and started to use her powers against the Guardians.

So begins...

Verona M. Jameson's Story


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Connor flipped his last pancake onto the top of the stack. "Lunch!" Connor called out into the apartment to his fellow teammates. He'd had a good sleep last night and in a moment of good will, he'd offered to make breakfast but he guessed by the fact it was currently midday that he technically made lunch instead. Steam rose of from the stack of pancakes as he moved them to the main bench. "Don't eat all of them Miss piggy," Connor said with a wink to Amellia.

Then when Connor had just picked up the top pancake and covered it with his choice of toppings, the phone rang. Not his mobile phone. The apartment phone. It gave off a high pitched squeal and everyone in the apartment knew what it meant. It meant there was work to be done. Superhero Squad work to be specific. Connor groaned as he put his pancake down and closed his mouth.

"What?" He asked grumpily into the phone. It was Barney. Their official council watchman. It was Guardian's, out causing trouble, doing what they do. Couldn't they ever just take a day off? Barney didn't say much, which Connor liked about him, not much point chatting about when there was work to be done. Connor hung up the phone and looked to his teammates with a reluctant smile. "Guardians. These are going to have to wait." He said shoving the pancakes aside.His stomach growled sharpening the point that these villians were keeping him from a good feed.

"Someone go wake Joey up," He asked, not knowing that Joey was yet to come home from his night of debauchery. Connor shoved on his boots and his jacket. All fire proof thanks to Amellia's ample free time and need for projects. "Everyone ready?" He called, his hand on the door ready to go. The faster they got there the less people the Guardians would be able to hurt. All Connor got was a location and that the Guardians were out terrorizing citizens. He'd send a message out to anyone who wasn't home and they would meet up with the rest of them there.


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As Artemis emerged from her room and headed towards the kitchen she sighed, running her fingers through her hair before pulling it up using the elastic around her wrist. It being 7 a.m. she had only been home around 5 hours, having been called in for an emergency at the zoo the night before.

As she entered the kitchen Artemis automatically went to the sink, and started washing the dishes from the night before. While the team did have a couple amazing cooks neither of them were particularly good at cleaning up the mess hey made. Though over time they became better at cleaning up as they cooked Artemis always ended up doing the dishes and tidying up the rest. Why she insisted on the kitchen being clean before and after she cooked was beyond even Artemis' knowledge, especially considering the mess her room was continuously in, but she couldn't kick the habit and honestly if she didn't clean she doubted the team's home would be half as clean as it was.

Once she was finished Artemis made herself her usual breakfast; a fresh fruit smoothie, three slices of toast, and three over-easy eggs. If the black haired super-heroine had one consistent thing in her life it was her 45 minutes cleaning the kitchen and making herself breakfast, usually all happening while the rest of the team was asleep. After she ate and cleaned up after herself Artemis headed out the door, grabbing her keys, and helmet on the way out.

Five hours Later

As Artemis exited the Lion exhibit she gave Talia, the head of the safari exhibits, a sheepish smile. After feeding the felines at noon she had played with them to get them some extra exercise and had once again decided to nap in the sun with them afterwards. While none of her co-workers really minded her close relationship with the animals they had, on more than one occasion, asked her to make it less obvious during the visiting hours. Artemis watched Talia try to give her a scolding glare but slowly the smile broke through and the woman shook her head. "That might work on me but it doesn't work on Jared, who wants to see you later. You're little nap caused a scene. One of the visitors thought you were dead." Artemis groaned but smiled as well, following Talia to the jeep that would take her to the zoo office.

On the way there the two chatted about random things, zoo gossip mostly, but when they reached there destination Talia quickly made an excuse and left Artemis on her own. Rolling her eyes and chuckling Artemis headed into the building that held all the offices. Going straight to Jared's office, Artemis skipped the wait she was hoping to use to make some excuse when Rashel, Talia's younger sister and Jared's assistant, waved her right in. Walking in Artemis pulled her bottom lip in-between her teeth and looked anywhere in the room but at the desk in front of her.

Jared only waited about a minute before clearing his throat and standing up, drawing Artemis' attention. Jared was a Italian man in his mid-thirties who had taken ownership of the zoo a years ago, pouring money and resources into it to make it an amazing zoo, before it having not been much more than a glorified petting zoo. After a full two minutes of silently staring at each other Artemis went to speak but Jared stopped her, holding up a hand. "I don't want excuses or apologies, nor promises you won't do it again. Even if you were to say it we'd both know it to not true." Artemis flinched and looked away, fully expecting to get fired or suspended. Just then there was an explosion nearby and Artemis jumped a bit in shock. A moment later her phone went off in her pocket and Artemis whispered a thank you as she opened it, seeing it was a message from Connor to head downtown. Shoving her phone in her pocket Artemis bolted out of the office, tossing an apology over her shoulder.

Getting through the crowded Zoo and to the employee parking lot took a few minutes but then she was on her bike, headed toward what seemed to be Central Park if the large cloud of smoke was any indication.