The Superior Weapon

The Superior Weapon


Two prototype bio-weapons have been created and are being held at a facility of some sort, will you escape? Or become the perfect weapon?

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"Illusions over time waver and will eventually shatter, leaving behind the truth battered and bare.
Whether you like it or not it's up to you to accept it or deny it."

In the 1970's the Military was working on a Virus that once infected with will positively benefit the host, a super solider if you will. However not only was the virus a success, it did give them benefits such as greater strength, and speed but not enough to make a difference and the cost that the host actually died reanimating themselves into a shambling corpse, a zombie but a zombie that had a goal, a hive mind like someone was controlling it. This allowed the infected to preform coordinated attacks, the virus was also past on through blood exchange, and saliva exchange so the infected eventually managed to infect others and the facility that they were being kept in was overrun. Allowing it to spread into the near by Village of Wallston the infection was brutal infecting 87% of the population in a number of mere days, the Military was fast to react and immediately quarantined the Town. After days of trying eradicate the infection manually by creating a cure, it was beginning to spread to another town, so they fire bombed Wallston not completely destroying the infection but enough to handle it from there. However they continued to try and synthesize a cure just in case a incident like that would arise again, however they found it was impossible because not only did it mutate and overwrite the cells it bonded to there nervous system this peeked the interest in the Military they decided to try and make a new strain of the virus, so they could finally make a super solider. They named this incident the Darktissue Strain which also became the unofficial name for the virus aside from UT-X99.

Ten years had passed after that incident, a Military Scientist under the name of Dr. Benjamin Mantis finally managed to defy nature and create another strain, one that not only gave greater benefits, but also gave another side effect which was random, so this strain not only gave a series of strengths, but also one innate random trait. After several attempts to bond this strain to the Human body, which all attempts failed leaving the host not only mutilated but also dead. After some more further depth into the new strains nature, it was revealed that the human body could not take its entire cellular structure rewritten, and the pressure caused the body to implode onto its self. Dr. Benjamin eventually theorized a new strategic stance, disregarding the thoughts on a Virus benefiting the host, he began working in a diverse field of Genetics, designing several injections that would effect a persons DNA code, like faster reaction time, more strength however this was a success, but the side effect was that it couldn't adapt to a living organism that has fully matured and it costed millions to synthesize one dose, the Military organized a kidnapping, taking several teens off the streets and injecting them with this, they became known as the Omega series.

In the year of 2015, research had not been discontinued on this but no further solutions began to appear for the current problem, until the infamous Dr. Benjamin who was now head of the special branch in charge of this had decided to Genetically engineer 5 people, who were not only perfect genetically due to being injected with the Genetic enhancer, but also blank so the Virus could overwrite the cells easily with no further stress on the body, allowing it to accept the virus easily. They did however need templates for this, and kidnapped 5 people off the streets randomly, they made sure it was people from all walks of life, so the virus would manifest diversely. After copying there genetic structure but killing the original people in the process of this they inserted the genetic marker of the originals into the blank clones and the virus, as well as the genetic enhancers, all at the same time, allowing them both to overwrite individual cells, finally making the Government the perfect weapon. Due to the original age of the clones predecessors and the speed of the virus, the clones matured quickly and retained their knowledge and were an exact duplicate of their former self, except like a newborn baby they didn't possess their fully restored memories, as the original individual died they could however recall certain events, and some claim to be remembering their former self's past. However the clones were then moved to a mental Asylum, putting on a front for the individuals being kept there, saying they were trying to fix them, but actually trying to erase there will and brainwash them. They were also given several things to boost their natural powers: muscle enhancers, mental control agents and several other things that could boost their performance. This Bio-weapon became know as the Alpha series.

Alpha Series:

The Alpha series are the latest bio-weapon, the Military has engineered and considered the most advanced as it's both a combination of the virus, and the genetic engineering giving them more potent abilities then their predecessors the Omega series, however they're not perfect. As a result of their genetic engineering they possess superhuman strength, agility, endurance, reaction time and healing ability which is regulated by the virus, giving them more stable abilities which are equal to each other. The two main reasons that they're considered superior to the Omega Series it is because the virus regulates their vitals and if the person ever dies it'll let off a burst of Stem Cells to quickly heal the body bringing them back literally from the dead, the way to disable one forever is to destroy the area around their heart which is where the virus controls this function, and quickly kill the Alpha before they heal, that will cause them to cease to function. The other reason is because of the viruses diversity, it causes a random ability in each individual this can range from a number things. They also like the Omega Series do not age, but this is due to both them being infected by the virus and their genetic make up.

Alpha Setting:
You're being kept at a Mental Health Facility, you don't even know its name and honestly you cannot even remember your own name or what you've done to be put in here. Although distant you do have faint memories which echo inside you that this place is bad, it's not just it being a mental Asylum it's something more like an eerie feeling, like you're being watched constantly observed, but that's not the only thing you've noticed it seems to have tighter security, for instance Guards seem to be equip with more potent non-lethal weapons and your "room" as they like to put it, is more secure and empty they say it's for your safety but that's a flat out lie it's designed to keep you in there. Another small flicker is they keep examining you physically, bringing you medically to check for "brain defects" they also are keeping you physically active in a surprising number of activities, not the normal sort however the type which seems to be training you in aspects of fighting, killing and such. However they keep giving you medication, the strange sort which comes with shattering side effects, your sanity is crumbling and your will is fighting a losing battle, they seem to be trying to control you, but why? What is happening to you? Also You seem to have almost superhuman physical properties, but when you try to tell them they deny it telling you, you're delusional and give you more of there drugs, which seem to ease your feeling on the matter.

Alpha Slots:
#1: Skylar Milan Swanson~Fallen

Alpha Skeleton

Code: Select all
Subject Number: (The people in the facility only refer to the experiments as their number.)
Predecessors' Name: (The name of your template.)

Appearance: (Pics are acceptable but writing has to go with it. Also Alpha's are wearing a white tee with silk pants.)
Attributes: (Can have slight variations, but not extremely strength and speed ect have to be relatively the same.)
Skills: (What was your former self good at?)
Unique Ability: (This can range from anything, but try to keep it explainable and more logical then spiritual.)


Bio: (A short sum up of your former life and how your former self was abducted.)

Omega Series:

These are the Omega series, they were not infected with the virus but were given genetic splicing and retain super human traits, which set them apart from others. These traits include superhuman agility, strength and endurance, reaction time, they also have a increased healing factor on par with the Alpha class Bio-weapon, their overall physical traits can best several humans easily however they're genetic structure is unstable, making a imbalance on the persons attributes while the Alpha class Bio-weapons retain the same Attributes the Omega's vary for instance their speed could be fast, but their strength could be normal, this allows them to be better then the Alpha series at particular things. These individuals are finally finished being tested, and are as much of Prisoners as the Alpha class, however some of the Omega are working with the Military. They are being kept apart in the lower part of the Facility so they cannot interact with the Alphas and corrupt them, they go through a tough regiment of training everyday since. Only the strongest can survive the genetic bonding, they are still being manufactured but are slowly a dying breed. Their genes also replicate themselves at a superhuman rate, allowing them to have stopped ageing.

Omega Setting:

The Omega series is being held in the lower part of the Facility, away from the Alpha series for two reasons the first being so they cannot awaken them to the lies, and the second is they're going through testing evaluations, and being forced to train and hone their skills in combat, mostly for a test run so the Military knows what they are actually capable of, before deploying them. The main flaw with the Omega series, is they have to join willingly because there minds are more developed then the Alpha class. They're forced into training, such as fighting other new bio-weapons which are most often, mutated animals, and the Zombie strain from before these exercises are taken place in large test chambers, and it's a fight to the death to find out which one is superior.

Omega Series 114:
Omega Series 112:Ashley Danville~greemgoat
Omega Series 117:
Omega Series 119:
Omega Series 115: Melania Zoya Nikitin~Korrye
Omega Series 132:
Omega Series 133: Faith Milo~RiotTerritory

Omega Skeleton:

Code: Select all
[b]Code number:[/b]

[b]Age:[/b] (Cannot be older then 20, because person has to be changing biologically.)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Pictures are acceptable, but some writing will have to go with it.)
[b]Attributes:[/b] (Remember an Omega's attributes vary so they cannot be perfect, but can be stronger then Alphas at some parts.)
[b]Skills:[/b] (What are you good at?)


[b]Bio:[/b] (This doesn't have to be long, but some explanation of how and why you were taken.)

Attribute Variations!

This is basically me telling you what the Alpha and Omega series limitations are.
Average strength for the Alpha, Omega series are 5 tonnes allowing them to break through steel, this may vary for Alpha's to about 6 but for Omega Series the highest recording is eight.
Speed, not so much speed here as their speed is increased but not to a superhuman level however their stamina is, and almost endless. Reaction time, this has been increased for both allowing them to react quicker. The average is being able to deflect bullets with a sword, the highest is actually being able to dodge a few bullets without any help. The average endurance is being able to shrug off small bullets with mild discomfort and survive explosions with minimal damage, however some are higher. Healing speed this doesn't really vary, but does has mild changes, such as being able to heal, for example if anything pierces an Alpha or Omega's flesh it will automatically be pushed out within a few seconds, however the more serious the longer it'll take to heal. However most wounds are gone in mere hours, rather then days.


1. Posting has to have a decent length, at least 200 words.
2. Proper grammar, decent spelling ect
3. Be active, don't make a character if you're only going to be here for a day.
4. Limits even genetically engineered bio-weapons have limits, kay?

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Character Portrait: Faith Milo
Character Portrait: Ashley Danville
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Character Portrait: Skylar Milan Swanson


Character Portrait: Benjamin Mantis
Benjamin Mantis

"The bio-weapons are not ready to be deployed... yet."

Character Portrait: Ashley Danville
Ashley Danville

O - 112,

Character Portrait: Faith Milo
Faith Milo

"Am I supposed to introduce myself as 'Omega 133'?"


Character Portrait: Faith Milo
Faith Milo

"Am I supposed to introduce myself as 'Omega 133'?"

Character Portrait: Benjamin Mantis
Benjamin Mantis

"The bio-weapons are not ready to be deployed... yet."

Character Portrait: Ashley Danville
Ashley Danville

O - 112,

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Faith Milo
Faith Milo

"Am I supposed to introduce myself as 'Omega 133'?"

Character Portrait: Benjamin Mantis
Benjamin Mantis

"The bio-weapons are not ready to be deployed... yet."

Character Portrait: Ashley Danville
Ashley Danville

O - 112,

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