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Gracelynn Amy Connolly

"Future Picasso here, people!"

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a character in “The Survey”, as played by Imagine That!


Just a Picture of little ol' me.

Your full name is: Gracelynn Amy Connolly, but call me Gracie.
Your age is: nineteen years and ten months.
You are: Male/Female
Your location is: Paris, France.
Your relationship status is currently: Recently single.
You are currently employed as a: El cafe con amor.
You are: five feet and two inches tall.
You weigh in at: 101 lbs
Your hair colour is: Dirty blonde
Your eye colour is: Emerald green.
You would describe your physical appearance as: I suppose I'm okay looking. Not the next Angelina Jolie or anything, but still not too bad. I have quite a small body, but that's okay because of my short height, and my curves aren't much, but at least they exist. I have doll-like skin and facial features, I've been told - porcelain coloured and delicate, which I think is a good compliment. I love my hair, despite it's rambunctiousness at times, but I can wear it up, down and all around, and it'll still look quite good. Finally, my eyes. They're a vibrant green that I've always been complimented on, framed by thick lashes that usually belong on a male toddler. Like I said, I'm not the worst looking person in the world. I think.
Your most unique feature is: Either my eyes, which people always notice, or the fact that my lips are always coated in a bright shade of red lipstick.
The general attire you are seen in: I don't have a preferred style of clothing. I usually just wear what's comfortable, and what matches my mood that particular day. However, if there's one thing in particular that stands out about my general attire, it's that even if I'm wearing a really dark outfit, I'll always have something brightly coloured on. Be it a pair of shoes, or an accessory, as long as it's bright, I'll wear it. I love girly clothing, dresses and skirts, and heels of course. But I suppose there's nothing really spectacular about my dress sense.
Describe any unusual markings you have here: I have a tattoo of a branch from a cherry blossom tree running up my right side. Other than that, nothing else abnormal.


Your closest friends would describe you as: I think they would describe me as away-with-the-fairies a lot of the time, because of my tendencies to drift in and out of daydreams. Creative is a word they'd also use, for obvious reasons to be explained later. Sociable, I suppose they'd call me, as I love to mingle when I'm out, and I'm always talking to strangers. Finally, slightly neurotic. I'm a control-freak, and if everything isn't completely perfect, or tidy, or in it's right place, I'm liable to snap at the closest person to me.
Your virtues are: I'm loyal to those who I care about most, and I'll stick by them no matter what the situation may be. I'm extremely enthusiastic about everything that I do, and I usually put one-hundred-and-ten-percent into the tasks that I am set to complete. I'm honest in every situation, even when I shouldn't be, which can either be chosen as a quality of my personality, or a fault. If something needs telling to someone, then I'll be the one to do so. Finally, I'm trustworthy, extremely good at holding secrets, and again, good at completing tasks, as people trust me to do it.
Your faults are: I'm neurotic. I have a minor case of OCD, meaning that when something doesn't go right, or feel right to me, I end up having a panic attack, or flipping out at the closest person to me, stranger or not. Another fault would be my obscenity. I have a tendency to curse a lot in stressful situations, something that I picked up watching my mother and father fight as a child. Not the best habit, I know, but I can't help it. I am very good at holding grudges, I'd say would be a third fault of mine. I do not forgive people's wrongs easily, be it a wrong done to myself, or someone that I deeply care about. I can bitch behind their back, or in front of their face. I would also say that finally, I am very closed off from other people. As much as I am a sociable person, when it comes to talking about my own personal problems, my mind just shuts down like a computer that has contracted a virus. I don't mind listening to other people's problems, and trying to help them out - but not my own. Never my own.
Your hobbies/interests are: My favourite thing to do in the world is sketch. That's the reason I came to Paris in the first place. I didn't like sketching in London any more, which is where I originally come from, because everything worth sketching, I had already drawn. So, to keep my creativity up, I moved to Paris, city of love. When I'm not sketching though, I love to play the piano and the violin, two instruments that I was forced to learn from a young age. You'd think after being forced to do something for that long of a period of time, you'd grow to dislike it, but no. I love playing music. I'm interested in Psychology, which is why I'm taking a psychology and traditional art degree at the University of Paris. All things about the mind fascinate me, because of the way that it affected my family.
Your likes and dislikes are: Some of my likes include: Coconut chocolate, anything vanilla scented, bright colours, the colour red, kangaroos, lazy days in bed, walking in the rain, white lillies, and a good game of cards. However, I dislike anything with nuts in it, fizzy drinks, jalapeno peppers, rude customers, creepy crawlies, loosing anything, people that wear mismatching socks, shooting games, waking up too early, and days where the weather is either too hot or too cold to do anything in.
Your greatest fears are: I only have three insane phobias; Aichmophobia - The fear of needles. Lyssophobia - The fear of turning insane. Bufonophobia - The fear of toads and frogs.


Your biography: I was born in London, England on the nineteenth of July to Melissa and Jonathon Connolly, a wealthy couple living along side Hyde Park. I was was their fourth and final child, the only female out of their children. First came Benny, five years my senior, then Harry entered the family three years prior, and then Jackson, only a year previous to rmy own birth. Being the youngest child of the family, and the only girl, it meant that I had a lot of protection, not only coming from my parents, but from my three older brothers as well. When school came, I wasn't picked on at all, at the fear my brother's would come and attack anyone that would dare do so, and I actually had a lot of friends. In my eyes, I had a great childhood, an amazing beginning to life. I had a wonderful family, that could buy me the new toys before any of my friends, and three older brothers to spend time with when my parents were out of reach, and whom I adored. Everything was going great in my life, until I began senior school.

My artistic flair started arising when I was in pre-school, doing drawings and paintings way beyond the capability of the other children in the class. My father and brothers' were exceptionally proud of me, and there'd always be one of my pieces of art hanging in the living room, in the hallway or in my parent's bedroom. But, by the time I moved into senior school, my mother decided that she had had enough of this stupidity. She knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life working towards becoming the best artistic sketcher that I could be, even if it meant taking it at university, or even moving to another country to study. However, in my mother's eyes, this was not the correct route for a young lady to want to go down. I was supposed to settled down with a nice, rich man at a young age, and have a family of beautiful grandchildren for her to look after, before her death. I wasn't supposed to flitter away my life on art. Over time, as I grew more and more mature, and started telling my mother what I wanted to do with my life indefinitely, it began putting strains on her relationship with my father. He fully supported my dreams of moving to France and studying traditional art, which didn't go down well in her books at all.

At first, the arguments just started out as late night quarrels over the smallest things, that would then escalate into an argument about my future. But soon after that, it began to change. By the time I was fourteen, my mother had changed completely. If I bought a piece of work home from school that I had gotten a high mark on, and like always my father would pin it on the wall. The next morning, it'd be torn up on the floor, shoved under my bedroom door with a note that usually said something like "this is what I think of your life." This woman that lived in our house wasn't my mother any more, she wasn't the woman that my father had married. She had turned into someone else, someone with a mental problems. Finally, my father forced her to see a doctor, and it turned out that she had Chronic Hallucinatory Psychosis, a hereditary diseases passed down by the women of a family, that cause paranoid actions, and hallucinations that cause the patient to appear out of this reality. Within a year of finding out that this was the cause of her mental problems, my mother and father got a divorce, and my mother ended up hanging herself from the upstairs bathroom of our house, days before she was supposed to move into a psychiatric home. Needless to say, this put some trauma into my childhood.

My fear of madness comes from her. Can you blame me, having watched what my mother turned into after having a disease like that? Since it is a hereditary female disease, obviously, I was checked over next for any signs of CHP. My tests at the hospital because regular and monthly, always having blood taken from my body, hence my fear of needles, and other tests being done. I'm forced to have these tests all the time now, although not as frequent. They're once every six months now, at the local hospital here in Paris. I still hate them though. I don't want to turn into her.

Nothing was the same any more since my mother's suicide. My relationships with my brother's dwindled into seeing them at holidays and at family get-togethers, and I only spoke to my father when I felt like it. He still supported my decision to move to Paris when I turned eighteen, but that's all I heard on the matter. From then on, it's been me in Paris, working, and surviving. I've not been on my own this entire time, I have some extremely close friends that are in the same artistic domain as myself, and I have just gotten out of a brief relationship with a man, who I recently found out had been married for three years and had a wife.

That pretty much takes me up to the point I received this letter. This survey.

So begins...

Gracelynn Amy Connolly's Story