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Jonah McGregory

"I-I'm fine, p-promise. ."

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a character in “The Tails of War”, as played by Just Sayin'


Jonah Nathaniel McGregory


Everyone simply calls him by his first name, Jonah. He doesn't have any nicknames that he knows of.
"No one at the moment. ."
The Stiprus Pack
Role in Pack:

The Delta, surprisingly. .

In a group of people Jonah would not be the first one you would hear. It's not that he doesn't talk, it's just that he's more of a thinker, an observer. He is definitely one to go to when you have a problem. He's a shoulder to cry on and gives excellent advise, or so he's been told. Actually, if he was your regular human Jonah figures he would be most likely going to school to be a psychologist. Ninety-three percent of the time his facial expression is stoic. He does not give his emotions away, always acting cool, calm and collected. Surprisingly enough, when it comes to the opposite sex. . Jonah is extremely, terribly shy, to the point of bashful. He always gets tongue-tied and stutters around women, which is humorous to most due to his physical appearance; broad and relaxed looking. Girls just baffle him! He always blushing around them, it seems. In Jonah's opinion this is his biggest "personality flaw." Instead of being "Mr. Bad Boy, Smooth Talker," he's "Mr. Trip-Over-A-Log-Face-Plant-Trying-To-Speak-To-A-Woman," embarrassing.
Looking past that, however, most would consider Jonah rather boyish, his personality that is. He is genuinely caring and concerned for the well-being of others in his pack. He is also loyal, almost like a puppy instead of a wolf. Though he's had no luck with women, when he was younger older adults, mostly elderly ladies, adored him. He is a big help and loves making other people smile. Maybe if he wasn't so nervous around girls he would actually be considered a "charmer."
Though Jonah acts passive, easy going, sweet, and laid back. . Try threatening the wolves in his pack or anyone he cares about for that matter. Just try. His immense strength and agility is the reason he's in his position in the pack; it surprised everyone. There's more to him than an lopsided smile and a caring heart, no doubt. More Revealed During The Role-Play

+ Silence; more time to think things through.
+ The Lake; he likes water, plus the lake is peaceful.
+ Music; who doesn't like music?
+ Nature; "It's beautiful. ."
+ Women; "T-They're. .N-nice."
+ Nice Conversation; you can never go wrong with a cood conversation.
+ Meat, Food in General
+ Warmth
+ Exercise; gotta keep in shape!
+ The Pack He's In; they're his only family. .
+ Etc. .


- Pointless Fighting; there is no point in fighting at all.
- Loud Noises
- The Rohani Pack; personally, he has nothing against them. It's sorta of pack thing to hate them, so. .
- Guys Who Think They Know It All
- Being Overlooked
- Himself For Being So. . Shy When It Comes To Women
- Bees; he's Allergic
- Stuck-Up Girls; "I'm not THAT bad, y'know."
- Being Put On The Spot
- Really Hot Days
- Etc. .

Jonah has been in the Stiprus pack for about two years now. For a long time he was a loner and lived fairly well that way. However, he would gladly admit being around people is rather nice. He doesn't mention his past to anyone, but he thinks on it an awful lot. It kind of lingers over him like a heavy cloud.

In his human form Jonah stands at 5'10". Okay, so he's not the tallest male werewolf out there, but at least he's not terribly short! Despite his height, he makes it up in broad shoulders and strong arms. Along his chest are a few scars and one deep scar running along his jawline, left side, due to a rough past he does not talk about.


So begins...

Jonah McGregory's Story

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Leprechauns huh? I dunno I think they're a bit too mainstream for me.

She inwardly laughed at the conversation they were having. The big bad wolves getting ready to hunt as a group were actually now discussing mythical creatures. She had to say that she never got bored talking with them, for their conversations always turned upside down, which to her was right side up. She was a very complicated girl to say in the least. Akitla glanced up at Jonah, mischievous thoughts playing around in her mind. He was always so nervous around was pretty cute but he'd have to get used to it eventually or else dating was going to be hell for him. She trotted up next to him and nuzzled his side playfully.

Are you looking to purchase any mythical creatures? I'm sure I can help you find a plump looking elf around here somewhere.

She just wanted everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed around here, it was part of her "Secret mothering" side. She messed around with the other also, trying to lighten up the mood. Though she was one to joke lightly but it wasn't really her thing to bring up any jokes. If they had started like a ball of snow being rolled down a hill, she'll be one to keep adding on the snow. Until of course that giant snow ball hits a rock.

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A discount? And you didn't buy me a few? How cold of you! Daniel accuses Akitla jokingly, looking over at her with laughing eyes, and going down so that he is sitting on the ground, although not lying. The group is added to when he notices the ever awkward Jonah in the distance, coming closer to the current collection of pack members. The wolf guesses that the male had probably already been at the wolf when the call was made, based on the slowness of his pace, and the fact that the direction he came from was basically just lake or a very thick part of the woods. Of course, it wouldn't be completely unheard of for Jonah to wander in such remote parts- the guy does like his quiet, after all- especially if it distances him from girls. For a while, Danny used to think that Jonah was gay. Eventually, however, it became clear that he did like girls, but was hopelessly shy around him. As in, being-in-the-vicinity-of-one-causes-awkward-face-plants shy. More than once, Daniel had tried to help Jonah out, but perhaps had moved to fast and lead to Jonah being irritated with him. Danny had just assumed that being in human form would make Jonah more comfortable around girls, and so had brought him to a known pick up spot in town. That ended badly. The wolf nods in greeting to Jonah, but then turns his head back towards the woods.

Even before she speaks, Daniel knows that Tane was coming towards the lake. He recognizes the scent of each wolf, of course, so that he can instantly identify outsiders, even when they are hidden from view and are silent, but it is only natural that the scent of his best friend would be even more easily distinguished. Her comment only confirms this already definite identification when she retorts about leprechauns being the best of prey- something which makes him snort with laughter. I liked leprechauns before they were cool, he responds cheerfully, eyes laughing at Tane when she comes over and greets him with a nip in the ear and a Hey, slick. Danny snorts once more at her traditional greeting, and responds with his own. What's cookin', good lookin'? Noticing Tane's eyes flickering away, he glances towards Narissa, who tends to be kind of strict about things like these- probably even more so, now that she is Beta.

Myla automatically bows in response to Narissa's nod, for the Beta is of course much higher ranking than she, a hunter. When the huntress rises once more, she catches the rolling eyes of the Beta, but says nothing about the condescending vibe which she gives off. Being high ranking does, to some extent, give you the right to be condescending- when else could you be, after all? Even if that wasn't her thought process, Myla will never say anything against someone unless strongly provoked or finding it to be necessary. Instead, she remains standing still, eyes which had previously been trained on Narissa looking past her to see Jonah, who is a small distance away from them. She can see a guitar further behind him- the Delta had probably been playing it before Leon called them all together for a group hunting. Their personalities are somewhat similar, though for different reasons, so she thinks that he will probably agree with her on not particularly wanting to go on a hunt as a group. Regardless of mutual reluctance, neither is likely to speak up against the newly promoted Alpha, even if it is unlikely that they will be severely punished for such a thing.

She looks over at him with a measure of sympathy before focusing back on the Alpha and Beta to await any instructions, though she knows that they will not be delivered until the rest of the pack, excepting the pups, have arrived. A puppy-sitter will likely be left back as well, perhaps already given leave to do so by the Alpha. Tane voices a retort to Daniel and Akitla's little conversation about hunting unicorns, drawing Myla's attention briefly as she glances towards the female. Myla primarily has acquaintances, but not friends. However, Tane is one of the exceptions to that, though outwardly they may occasionally come across as disliking each other. She nods at Tane, then notices Akitla going over and nuzzling Jonah. It's likely that the poor boy is completely flustered now, she muses to herself.

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Gabriel Sanders

This was not the first nor the last time Gabriel would have to get onto Molly Oliver. She was always getting herself into trouble and sometimes was worse acting than a pup herself. His golden gaze stayed narrowed, hard and focused on the woods that lay out in front of him. In response to him calling her name Molly's retort was quick. . And sarcastic.

Shit! I mean, uhm...Molly's not here right now please leave a message.

Gabe bared his teeth just slightly, striding forward. The only reason he truly put up with the girl was because she was Reiner's younger sister. He'd known them both since they were all pups themselves. He remembered his father speaking of Molly. What did his dad say of her again? Oh yes. "Full of spirit and life." Another fortune cookie crack. Gabriel's ear perked forward when Reiner's voice entered his mind. He snorted loudly, shaking his head. Reiner always had to get onto his sister, which Gabe found quite humorous time to time, when it wasn't annoying- Molly breaking the rules, that is. He turned to his right briefly as Alaric strode up, relaxing.

No, no trouble, Alaric. Molly has come in late from patrolling, once again. Gabriel responded, huffing. He always felt more at ease when his beta, Alaric, was around. He wasn't sure why but he always did, which was a good thing, he guessed. Gabe brought his attention forward once again. His eyes narrowed and he growled when the youngest Oliver appeared, muddy and wet. Molly. . he groaned, glancing at Reiner swiftly, as if to say "she is a mess." What to do with you? he asked then as he began circling the sentinel, tail flicking back and forth quickly, showing his dissatisfaction. He'd only been alpha for a few short days and still was not too sure on how punishment should go about. This was not the first time Molly was late and she was suppose to stay with the others when out. Gabriel was not a complete stickler. It was that now that the "treaty" had been broken it was his duty to keep his wolves safe. How was he to do that when they did not listen?

Sometimes Gabe thought his pack-mates did not take him seriously. Was it because he was new to his position? He did not know. Exhaling loudly through his nose, he stopped circling Molly, gaze flickering to Alaric. A silent question on what to do.
He then glanced around. There was a few missing and one was his sister. He figured they were at the lake and the thought made him a little uneasy.

Just as he was about to send a mental command for them all to get back to the dens, he saw Andy, Alice and his sister, Ella, in the distance. He shifted back into his human form, running a hand through his midnight black hair.
"Good, you guys are back." he mused, glancing up towards the sky. It was getting dark, but there was also clouds in the distance. Rain or a storm? Gabe could never really tell. "Did you see any of the Stiprus pack while you were out?" he then asked curiously, crossing his arms over a wide expansion of chest. He was always curious as to what Leon and his rag-tag team of wolves were up to. The real question was if they were planning something. His pack needed to be ready for something like that.

Jonah McGregory

Jonah McGregory had finally swallowed down his fear, glancing up at his fellow pack-mates. Most of them seemed to be there by now, which meant this silly "hunting as a pack" thing would be started and over with soon enough. Maybe they'd find a good sized squirrel to tag team and that would be the end of it. He hoped. Jonah's attention had been drug out across the other side of the lake where new scents were accumilating when something ultimately distracted him. He was nuzzled. His light brown eyes tripled their regular size, heading jerking to the right in the direction of Akitla, the source of this touch. If he was in his human form the creep of red crossing his cheeks would he highly visible.

Are you looking to purchase any mythical creatures? I'm sure I can help you find a plump looking elf around here somewhere.

Jonah blinked a few times, taking a step back. That step sent him to the edge of the lake and there is where his back paws slipped. Falling back, his hind legs fell into the cool water with a splash. He gave a yip, jerking them out quickly as he stumbled forward, falling into Akitla in the process. Ah! Oops! I-I'm so-.. so sorry! he apologized quickly as he regained his balance, shaking his hind legs on at a time, ears pinned back, head down in shame. He was an A+ klutz. Jonah looked up out the corner of his eye, gaze on Myla not too far away from him. His chocolate eyes burned with shame. He was by far too embarrassed to ever speak to her again. He looked back at Akitla, whimpering softly before taking a step back and to the side, sure not to fall into the lake once more.

I-I didn't, uhm, hurt y-you, d-did I? he asked quietly, barely audible in thought.


Leprechauns huh? I dunno I think they're a bit too mainstream for me.
Tane glanced at Akitla, eyes dancing with laughter. You can never go wrong with a good leprechaun hunt. she teased, watching the hunter move closer to Jonah and nuzzle him. Oh boy. She could only imagine what the delta would do. He was so entertaining.
I liked leprechauns before they were cool, Tane snorted at this, glancing at Daniel. Her eyes burned with amusement.

I liked leprechauns before you did! I've watched all the movies. she taunted, then looked at Myla, giving a quick nod. Not too long ago she found that the hunteress was not too bad, and pretty amazing when you wanted to have an actual conversation. She liked talking to Myla and figured she could actually be considered a friend now, though most did not know it.
Tane's blue eyes then lite up with amusement when Danny shot back at her his response. They said the same thing to teach other daily, for the most part. She huffed gently, looking back at him. Same ol', same ol', hot stuff! she joked, pressing her head up against his side lightly before jumping back and giving a playful bark, ears perked forward. Of course, now was not the time nor place to goof off, but that was Emerson for you. She never done things during the right times. . Or at the right places. She looked over at Leon a split second, tail swaying back and forth before her attention snapped to Jonah. Her eyes widened and then her chest rumbled in what would have been visible laughter.

The poor guy had practically fallen into the lake in his failed attempt to "escape" Akitla. Awwh, Jonah, she won't bite too hard! Tane teased light-heartedly, only to get a pleading look from Jonah, as if telling her to be quiet. She gave a wolfish grin in his direction and a small nod of understanding. She would tease him later about it.

((Sorry about how lousy and short my posts are. I am the Ruler of Newbs. At your service. :P))

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Akitla was silent as he fell into the lake then bumped into her, completely flustered, causing her to fall back a bit. "........................." She looked up at him, looking as if she was about to scold him and shove him into the lake once more but instead.....She just couldn't stop laughing. "Oh my God! You're too cute!" She mentally said in a mothering type of tone. He was just too much. She shook the dirt off of herself and pawed at his feet to signal that it was fine. She licked the dirt off his nose before turning, still laughing. "It's fine, it's fine! I'm a big girl, i'm sure a little bump won't hurt me." She teased, waving her tail in amusement.

Awwh, Jonah, she won't bite too hard!

If Akitla was in human form right now she'd probably laughing her ass off on the floor right now. This group was going to kill her one day, but she'd happily die with a smile on her face. She pushed her legs out in front of her, stretching again. "Now, now, Tane. You just gave my surprise away! Wow, next time call spoilers." She retorted back to the Tane, with that wolfish grin on her face. Her ears perked up as she heard some thunder off in the distance. A storm? No way, it was just cloudless this morning! It was probably off somewhere else and wasn't going to hit them....hopefully. She wasn't exactly a big fan of rain and storms for that matter but she could deal with it. Not like anyone knew, thank God.


Andy raised an eyebrow as they stopped in front of Gabe. He always seemed so serious and....angry? He glanced over at Molly and quickly looked back as to not laugh. He wasn't laughing at her but just at the fact how she could so easily upset Gabe, she was a ball of fun though. It was fun to run around with her too. Hell, pretty much the whole pack was fun to and around. He barely say Gabe though since he was pretty much always on the look out. Man, this guy really just needed a beer and to just kick back and relax. Not to say that Andy was just a goof who didn't take being in the pack seriously, he did but at times like this they should just be all having fun. You never know when you might just find everyone gone one day...He directed his focus on Gabe's question.

"Yea we saw them, though Miss Ella here said they were just hunting. As a pack. So no need to worry."

He responded with a relaxed smile, slightly leaning against her as he spoke. He wondered if he should warn them about the possible storm coming. Well, since he thought there was a 70% chance that there might be lightening then yea, he should probably say something.

"Also....I smell a strong wind picking up in the East. It's a storm, I know that for a fact, but I don't know if it's a thunder storm yet or just some heavy winds. So I suggest you don't let any of the pups out tonight." Unless you like wolf BBQ. He added as an after thought to himself. Just the thought of any of the pups getting hurt pained him. He was really just a big softy.

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Right. That wide variety of leprechaun movies. Please- I went and saw a band of leprechauns at this little bar, and there were only like, two other people there. Didn't see you there, did I? Daniel retorts mentally to Tane, who is basically his partner in crime in all things joke-related. Sure, Akitla may keep the ball rolling once a joke gets going, but Danny and Tane are generally the ones who start the joking around; that's why the pair get along so well. When she responded with a hot stuff, then nudged against him before jumping back playfully, Daniel sunk into a position that made his intentions obvious. In a moment he was springing onto the female wolf, but rolled off in time for her to tease Jonah. The boy's actions were distinguishable by the splash of water and a quick apology to Akitla, who had gone over to play a bit. Daniel spins around to look at Jonah, only catching the male wolf sending a look of pleading towards Tane, probably to ask her to stop making fun of him. Jonah always has been rather sensitive, but there are some perks to such a nature. Akitla jokes back, stopping at the unmistakable sound of thunder in the distance. Daniel's own ears perk up at the sound, twitching towards the East from where it came.

Naturally, it isn't long before Narissa is scolding them like a harsh parent. She'd probably make a suitable elder, already the sort to be strict and somewhat bossy. Oi, calm down Narissa- we're just kidding around a bit, he says cheerfully, barking in a soft and playful manner as he looks over all of the pack mates once more. They are missing a few, but more quickly make themselves seen, as Alex showed up and dropped a fish in front of the Beta. The hunter begins to lap up water, only to suddenly stop and howl in a seemingly involuntary instinct. He is about to comment on it when Shasta appears, and soon Leon is speaking again. Dig up the shrooms? You're pack would be rather boring if you did that, he laughs, eyes glittering with good humor. At the mention of the hunt being male vs. female, Daniel instantly turns to Tane with a devilish look.

Bet I catch more than you! he proclaims before following after the Alpha.

Myla quietly listens to the joking around with some level of amusement, although her eyes turn back towards Jonah at the sound of water splashing as he falls back, and then stumbles forward to fall on top of Akitla. True to nature, he begins to apologize immediately and awkwardly- the Delta hasn't really got any skill with females; a fact known to the entire packs, except perhaps the pups. It isn't his clumsiness, but the expression on his face while the clumsiness happens, that causes Myla to laugh very softly. He looks over at her with embarrassment, and immediately the huntress silences her own laughter and looks away in an attempt to ease his own apparent shame. Naturally, Tane jumps in to tease Jonah, promising that Akitla won't bite too much, leading to Akitla's playful response. Myla watches the interactions with her own calm expression. She is amused by it all, of course, but doesn't want to embarrass Jonah further, and knows that she isn't really expected to take part in such joking. People find her pleasant and such, but she isn't really seen as being a very goofy wolf. This is accurate, of course.

Thunder then strikes in the background, causing Myla to briefly press her tail down before returning to a normal stance, head turned towards the east. There goes a lovely night, she thinks, softly enough to be heard only by herself, for it is really meant as more of an off-hand observation than anything else. She really would like for the hunt to be done over with soon enough, because she is a bit hungry at this moment from hunting, and generally prefers to do these sorts of things alone. She isn't as social as Tane and Daniel are, after all, although not necessarily shy. The female wolf mostly ignores Narissa's scolding, knowing that she is not part of the group that it is intended for. She generally is more off to the side, and therefore is very rarely scolded by others. On those rare days when she would be the type to become angry or do something reckless, the huntress is usually wise enough to spend a day away from the pack. When Leon announces that the hunt will be a contest of sorts, male vs. female, Myla does somewhat like the prospect. It kind of means smaller groups, and she knows that both she and Akitla are more than capable, as far as hunting goes.

She glances back towards the others, lingering on Jonah to ensure that he is okay, before following after the Alpha. She naturally falls to be in the middle of the procession.

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Jonah McGregory

"Oh my God! You're too cute!"

At this statement Jonah's ears pricked forward with slight interest before pinning themselves back once more. He peeked up at Akitla briefly then looked back down, pawing at the ground. When the she-wolf pawed at him he finally drug his gaze to her's, yet when she licked the dirt off his nose he looked immediately somewhere else, towards the line of trees. He was thankful that very moment he was not in his human form, because if he was his tanned face would be the color of a ripe tomato; as if he was not already embarrassed enough. That's when Tane butted in with a teasing comment, something he should have been expecting. He shot he a pleading look as Akitla went along with it.

"Now, now, Tane. You just gave my surprise away! Wow, next time call spoilers."

Jonah blinked a few times, I-It's okay, I b-bite back. he shot back. It would have been a rather clever remark, that is. . If he did not stutter and mess the whole thing up. He knew Narissa's gaze was on him; he felt it burning a hole straight through to his soul, to be quite honest. When she stepped forward and made her snarky remark about acting like pups his head immediately lowered and he gave a low whimper. The comment was centered towards him, naturally. He felt the urge to defend himself, to tell her that he did not always trip over his own paws when hunting, that it only happened a few times, but he quickly decided against it. Narissa was beta, after all. Jonah knew she had some secret bone with him. It was most likely due to him being quiet and reserved. . Shy. She did not see him as an equal and that he knew; she made it rather obvious.

Jonah's eyes followed Akitla as she moved towards Tane, commenting about the hunt.
Well, I know a good place to hunt up towards the West. It has plenty of rabbits, foxes, deer, and so on. Though i'm sorry I kind of finished off the last Unicorn last night.

His eyes danced with amusement as she went on about unicorns and such. Of course she'd keep the ball rolling. Why not get the beta more upset? Yeah. .Right. Sometimes Jonah wished he had the guts to do that sort of thing, but it was not really in him. He liked keeping the peace and letting things just go. If his pack was happy, he was happy. Maybe that placed him in the category of a "chicken," however, he had a knack for knowing when it was the right time for something and when it was not. If he did not have the whole issue with women and not injuring himself when around them, he'd probably fly under the beta and alpha's radar.

Jonah stretched, shaking out his pelt as his brown eyes traveled towards the sky. It was getting real dark and the wind was picking up fiercely. A large part of him wished Leon would just call off the hunt all together. If only he would voice his opinion. . He didn't pay much mind as Shasta, Alex and Ryker joined the hunting party, attention having strayed to his guitar that laid propped against the large elm tree close to the lake. I really don't want this storm destroying my guitar. . he thought before remembering his wolfish state and the fact the whole pack heard what was only meant to be his secret worry.
His ears flickered, signaling his slight embarrassment as he looked at Myla. At least she might understand his "grief." She came to the lake here and there when he was suppose to be there by himself, strumming the instrument. He let her listen to a few cords once or twice, but was always too paranoid to play a whole song.

Becoming slightly annoyed with this whole hunt, the delta turned his gaze on Leon as the alpha began speaking once again. Shrooms? He looked briefly at Daniel and Tane, having an idea on who was using them all. His chest vibrated with husky laughter. His alpha's next words caught his attention. Men vs. Women hunting parties? Interesting. Jonah glanced at Myla, expression a bit smug, surprisingly, as he fell in step, following after Leon.

Tane shot a playful glare in Daniel's direction as he began to speak. Right. That wide variety of leprechaun movies. Please- I went and saw a band of leprechauns at this little bar, and there were only like, two other people there. Didn't see you there, did I?
Of course you didn't see me! That was the whole point! I was there though, trust me. Did you talk to them afterwards? I bet not! she joked, watching him carefully.Tane knew once she jumped back Danny would immediately follow suit in their "game." Her tail swayed back and forth as she crouched down, and when he sprung forward she immediately jumped back yet fell short. He had her pinned but quickly rolled off as the splash was heard from Jonah.

A sound which resembled the echo of laughter rumbled deep within Tane's chest in retort to Akitla's spoiler comment. She had already gotten to her feet and was watching the scene with Jonah and Akitla intently. Oops, I'm so sorry! Spoiler alert? she joked, icy blue eyes dancing with amusement. She really did adore her pack- well, most of them, that is. The sound of thunder in the distance instantly caught the slim wolf's attention, making her cringe visibly and hunker down just slightly. Tane detested storms. She absolutely hated them, and pretty much everyone in the pack knew that. Everytime a heavy thunderstorm blew in she was always glued to one or two of her pack-mates' sides. Since becoming close friends with Daniel, more than half of the time it was him who she stayed with. Luckily, Narissa made a comment that snapped the newest sentinel's attention away from the on-coming storm.

Y'know, you could just tell us you love us already, Narissa. Tane teased light-heartedly, holding the beta's gaze momentarily before looking at Akitla who nudged her with her nose. Tane's tail immediately started to wag back and forth slowly, eyes flickering towards the west, in the direction the huntress was talking about. No unicorns? Heck! I'm out. she joked, glancing at the beta to see if she'd stepped on any toes.
Tane watched as Alex appeared, having finally decided to join them then not long after Shasta who was repeatedly called by Alex. She nodded towards them before her gaze moved to Leon who had started speaking.

At the mention of "digging up the shrooms" Tane gave an offly dramatic whimper, moving forward and pawing at the alpha's front paws. But we like the shrooms! she whimpered jokingly, eyes glinting with good humor. Then Leon said it. . Men vs. Women hunt. Right as Danny turned to her, Tane turned to him, ears pricked forward, eyes glazed with mischief. Oh, you're going down, tender foot! she taunted, giving a playful growl at Daniel before turning, following after Myla. She figured that would be the best thing to do, since that she-wolf was a huntress and all. Tane liked the thrill of the hunt but she was awful clumsy. However, she'd never admit that to anyone, especially not Dan even though he probably already knew it.

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Gabriel Sanders
Gabriel grinned as he listened to Alice and Reiner, nodding. "Well, I trust you both. That's the only reason I'm letting Ella go." he said truthfully, inwardly sighing with relief. He was glad those two were there to help him out his his sister. She really did worry him sometimes.
His golden gaze flickered to Molly, raising an eyebrow as he watched her pace back and forth. After glancing up at the sky briefly he knew why. It wasn't her anger causing her to pace anymore, it was the storm. Looking over at Reiner, Gabriel gave a wolfish grin. "I'll take care of her." he joked, this not being his first "rodeo" with a storm and Molly combined. The girl really did hate them, he found that one out an extremely long time ago.

"Everyone stay safe tonight. In the morning I'm calling a meeting." Gabe said, then turned and began a slow walk back towards his den. As he went he felt a couple drops of rain that was followed by the low rumble of thunder. Yeah. This storm was going to be a good one. Nearing the slight incline that led up then down into his den, Gabriel glanced over and spotted Carmissia in a den of her own. He paused, tilting his head just a little before walking over, partially inside. "Hey Carmissia," he greeted lightly, noticing she was listening to music. He waited for her to take out the ear buds, then continued. "There's a real bad storm on us, if you didn't notice. I did not see you out there, so I thought I'd tell you to just stay in until it passes, okay? If you see any pups out make sure they get somewhere safe." Gabe gave a smile, the one he use to practice in the mirror before becoming alpha. If you asked him, it was his "alpha smile." Uh huh. Clever. With that being said he turned and scanned the clearing, eyes lingering over the fire pit that was used basically every night, then swept over the line of trees. He didn't see any pups out. That's when it hit him: Sabine.

Gabriel huffed, Reiner, if you see Sabine out bring her back with you, won't you? I don't want her out in this storm. He sent that thought straight to his closest friend then turned, trekking up to his den. Maybe he should have went after the pup himself, but she was old enough to know to come back in. Plus, he was tired, very, very tired. Once he became alpha it was like a huge weight was placed on his shoulders, like everything was depending solely on him. It was enough to drive him mad.
Gabe walked into his den, immediately stopping in the entry way. His liquid gold eyes narrowed, yet he stayed quiet as he watched Molly try to flip his rug. His rug that was completely covered with mud. He had to forcefully stop himself from growling, slowly walking up behind the sentinel. Gabe bent down, a smirk crossing his lips. "Are you having fun, Molly?" he whispered in her ear, chuckling as he straightened up, taking one step back. He probably should have been mad at her for messing up his rug, but he found it not too big of a deal. He'd have her clean it tomorrow.

Not waiting for her to reply to his sarcastic comment, Gabriel walked over to a large chest that sat in the back, right corner of his good sized den. In the left, back corner of the den was his bedding, which consisted of a king sized mattress. The dens, all of them, were the sizes of caves. He opened the chest and then crouched down, rummaging inside a few seconds before he pulled out an old quilt. Standing, he turned and held it up for Molly to see. He knew she'd recognize it immediately. It was the quilt his mother gave him when he was eleven, three months before she was killed by a Stiprus pack member. At that time Molly was seven and still had the same fear for storms. Every time a storm would brew up Gabe would go find her and they'd sit together. . Wrapped up in his mother's crazy patterned quilt. It usually made her feel better and secure, and it made him feel better knowing his friend felt safe.

"Remember this?" the alpha teased good-heartedly, lowering the blanket as he waited for her response. He knew she thought she was brought to his den to get a "lecture," and truth be told in the beginning she was. However, fatigue had hit him big time and he was in no mood to argue.

Jonah McGregory
Jonah had moved to the left, following after his other male pack-mates slowly, not as willing to go on this hunt. He felt more at ease knowing it was a Men vs. Women affair though; at least he did not have to worry about embarrassing himself in front of the she-wolves in the pack. He did that enough, an example being not fifteen minutes ago. The wind had picked up speed and was running through his fur, causing him to shudder. His gaze strayed to Tane, noticing the way she hunkered towards the ground. That's when he remembered her dread and hate for storms. Maybe someone else did not look forward to this hunt more so than him. He followed after the alpha in a slow gate, lifting his nose to scent the air a couple times. The elk's scent was heavy. Right as he licked his chops, Leon's voice invaded his mind once again.

Head back to the den...we will not hunt in this weather. The delta stopped dead in his tracks, ears drooping forward just barely. Really? Right when he started to get an appetite. However, looking towards the sky he lost said appetite. It looked pretty nasty. Jonah turned around swiftly. Instead of heading straight for the dens he started back towards the lake, towards "his tree" where he left his guitar. As soon as he felt a couple drops of rain he fell into a trot, ears flickering back and forth as Leon spoke again.

Guess we should have that meeting...huh?
He didn't say anything at first, snorting gently when Narissa's word entered his mind. He could feel her edge. She really did not like the thought of him being Delta. Was he that bad? He wondered, sometimes, what she would do if she knew he really did not care what she thought of him. Sounds good, Leon. I'm grabbing my guitar and heading back to the dens. I will check and make sure there are no pups who have wandered off on my way back. he said, adding the last part to appease Nari before shifting into his human form.

Jonah walked over to his guitar, picking it up quickly. A small half-smile played on his lips. That was one thing that really made him happy. . Playing music. He ran a hand down the neck of the guitar, wishing it was not about to storm so he could just sit there and play. Loud, angry thunder broke through his thoughts, followed by a streak of lightening dancing across the sky. Now was no time to daydream. He sighed heavily, turning and making his way back towards the dens, and like he promised. . He looked to make sure no pups were out.

Tane had fell back in behind Narissa, to the right like Leon had ordered. Her blue eyes seemed to stay glued on the storm that was rolling in above. How could she think about the hunt at a time like this? Thunder shook the sky and as it done so the she-wolf slowly hunkered down, ears pinned back. Even as Akitla and Narissa moved forward when Akitla smelt a heard of deer, the newest sentinel did not move. A low whimper escaped past her clenched jaws. Tane was a very young pup when her parents died, so young she could not really remember them. She was told by the pack that took her in that a small pack of werewolves passing through had slaughtered her both parents in their wake, leaving her to die. The night it all happened it stormed. . And Tane was left alone during it, it being the first storm she experienced. Ever since she'd been completely terrified of thunderstorms. Not rain, she loved the rain, but the sounds of thunder sent her cowering. In her mind she connected it all with bad things fixing to happen.

Relief crashed over Emerson like a wave when Leon's next words entered her mind. Head back to the den...we will not hunt in this weather.
He surely did not have to tell her twice. Tane shot a pleading look at Danny before she turned and quickly headed off towards the dens. Meet you all there! she said quickly, tail tucked as she went. It was easy to see storms were not her cup of tea.

She was back at the dens before anyone else. As soon as she entered the clearing Tane's blue eyes searched for the pups. A couple were getting ushered into a den by a mother wolf, but other than that she spotted none. Good. Right as drops of rain started to fall and lightening streaked across the sky, followed by thunder, the sentinel dashed into the main den. The main den was where meetings and such were held. It was in the middle of the clearing. Tane's own den was not far from it, but truth be told she did not want to be alone during a storm. She whimpered softly before shifting into her human form, walking over to the wall of the den. She sat down "Indian style," spotting Mathew, one of the younger pups she was telling a story to earlier, out the corner of her eye in his adorable wolf form. He immediately saw her and began yipping, struggling to free himself from his mother as he scampered over to her.

Tane laughed as the black pup crawled into her lap, resting his head on her right leg. "Hey Mathew," she whispered, laughing softly as the pup's green-eyed gaze met her's. She slowly began petting him, scratching behind his tiny ears as she waited for the rest of the pack to return.

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Piece o' cake he thinks back to Alex. Daniel barks at Tane playfully, Oh, right. You trip over your own paws, twinkle-toes! He turns away at the same time she does, not wanting to be left behind in the competition, and makes his way right up to the Alpha. He moves to the left obediently, looking over the she-wolves with a competitive spark to his eye. The male has always loved competitions, if only because they make for great jokes to hang over the heads of losers- assuming that he wins, of course. Danny tends to always assume that he will win, though; competitions are a lot more fun when you anticipate victory throughout them. He could guess why the competition was split between genders, of course, glancing towards Jonah. Around this time, Shasta began to act strangely, dropping down and becoming seemingly pure-wolf, whilst also sort of ignoring the Alpha and Beta. Danny watched her for a moment, but then turned back to look at Narissa as she promises the killing of the elk to whoever can track it the fastest. He paws at the ground excitedly, confident though he knows that he hasn't the skill of an actual hunter. He knows these woods like the back of his paw, being a scout, and therefore will have some sort of advantage. Before he can make a move, however, Ryker makes a snide comment of sorts towards Daniel and Tane. Being as he is, Danny doesn't respond with any sort of hurt.

Who stepped on your tail, Ryker? He asks cheerfully, eyes still twinkling. He turned and began towards the scent of the elk, but was stopped within a few feet by Leon determining that the hunt would not happen under current poor weather conditions. In disappointment, Daniel's tail dropped for a moment, though it lasted no more before he spun around with a humorous look. I guess you girls have been spared the humiliation of defeat for today, he says teasingly, before following the clearly disappointed Alpha back to the den. As most others seemed to be doing it, the man shifted into a human form, revealing warm blue eyes and dark brown hair. He wore simple jeans and a ratty old T-Shirt that had the name of some human movie or another across the chest. His feet, however, were bare.

Myla's eyes show some sympathy for Jonah, knowing that he holds his guitar as probably his most prized position- he has played her a few chords before, but always seems to get too nervous to finish the song, as he tends to get around females. His sudden look of smugness, though, leads her to blink slightly, not accustomed to such an expression from the somewhat awkward Delta. Before she reacts to a greater extent, Myla's ears perk up towards Leon to listen as he commands that the female wolves move to the right and the males to the left. Behind her, she can smell Tane following her- probably because Myla is actually a hunter, whilst Tane is known for being somewhat. . .clumsy. And for being incredibly stubborn about denying said clumsiness. However, her attention is quickly distracted by Shasta, who grumbles something about some people only wanting to do the killing and not the tracking part. This makes her mentally frown slightly for, despite being in favor of energy conservation, she doesn't exactly approve of this mentality. Being a hunter, she spends much of her days tracking- it is necessary before the killing part of hunting, of course. The fact that Shasta wants to just dodge out on the tedious part and skip back in for the fun part irritates her, because it seems to Myla that she expects to just be handed things on a platter. The huntress looks over at Shasta with some annoyance, though her look gives nothing away because she has always been gifted at masking true opinions and emotions. Such a skill is very useful in easy living.

When Narissa promises the kill to whoever tracks the elk first, Myla can't help but allow her tail to wag very slightly, because elk are her favorite, and first kill tends to mean first bite as well. She is about to move forward towards the potent scent when Akitla begins telling people where to go and such, making her tale fall slightly as she looks over the fellow huntress who has decided to take charge. With an inward sigh, she begins to move towards them when Akitla darts forward, apparently receiving the Alpha's orders somewhat late. Myla has already begun heading back to the den when Akitla realizes and shifts. She shifts about halfway there, walking with ease because she has no dread for storms- rather, she quite likes them, if only the skies were not so clouded by them. The rain is cool, the lightning lovely and the thunder interesting to her. More than anything, Myla loved the sound of rain. She may even be tempted to break her normal role of obedience to go out to the lake and watch the rain fall onto the water if she desires enough to. Her human form has dark chestnut hair that softly curls to a bit past her shoulders, and maintains the intelligent green eyes of her wolf form. She wears a short brown dress and shorts underneath -really more of a shirt and shorts- because movement is easier in these clothing, and they are less uncomfortable when shifting. Her feet are strapped with comfortable sandals. The young woman looks over her shoulder, knowing that Jonah will be a bit behind her as he had stopped to get his guitar. She continues to walk leisurely, enjoying the crunch of leaves beneath her feet and the crisp feel of the pre-rain air on her bare skin.

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Gabriel Sanders
"I-..I didn't mean-it was the storm! I came running in- I didn't mean to trip it was like this when I got here!"

Gabriel's brows had furrowed as he listened to Molly babble and cover herself from getting in trouble over the now muddy rug that lay in his den. He let her go on and talk knowing there was no use in stopping her- might as well let her get it out of her system. He nodded his head, however, making it seem as if he was paying attention to the pointless words she was speaking. Same old Molly. He slowly started walking towards the chest, looking down and fixing the sleeves of the red, plaid button down shirt he wore along with a pair of faded jeans and no shoes, naturally.

Aye, aye boss. But, one small problem. It seems Alice has picked up on something..we're going to check it out. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for Sabine.

Gabriel paused when Reiner's words entered his mind, golden eyes narrowing and the pupil expanding the slightest bit as a growl rumbled deep within his chest. Okay. Let me know what you all find, Reiner. If it is something serious then let me know, and I will come to you guys. Understood? He sent the thought to Reiner, taking a deep breath then exhaling slowly, rolling back his shoulders. What Molly said next caught his attention, only two little words. I'm sorry. He gazed over his shoulder, having to keep himself from whimpering back at the newest little sentinel. He'd only ever heard her say "sorry" maybe two times in all their years. .

Gabe then walked the rest of the way across the den, crouching down at chest as she went on. "For this and being late and not listening and getting angry and-" He did not realize she had stopped talking as he dug around, moving the picture of his mother, and a single deer antler from his first kill that his father kept all those years, finally pulling out the ratty, old quilt. His mother told him his great grandmother had made it. Gabriel turned and held it up for Molly, grinning at how fast recognition crossed along her face.

"Course I remember it, Gabby!"
Gabe's eyes widened and then he chuckled at the sound of his nickname she gave him years and years ago. She hadn't called him that in a long time. He looked outside as it began to pour, seeming as the sky had opened up and was letting the earth have it. His gold eyes flickered back to Molly as thunder shook the den and lightening cracked across the sky once more. He lifted the quilt again, holding it open and arching a dark eyebrow as he watched the she-wolf walk over. "I don't wanna get it muddy." She told him lightly, causing an abrupt laugh to escape Gabriel's mouth.
Taking a stride forward he lifted the quilt a tad more before wrapping it around Molly, grinning. "I don't think the quilt will mind. Plus, you can wash it tomorrow while you are washing my carpet." he teased gently, raising a large hand, ruffling her red hair.

Gabriel looked outside as the wind picked up, eyes calculating. He hoped Reiner was keeping his promise and keeping Ella safe. She worried him way too much sometimes, because he knew how she was. . She was a lot like their mother. Thunder sounded in unison with streaks of lightening across the sky as Gabriel glanced back down at Molly, smiling boyishly. He leaned down, pressing his nose in under her chin softly, then nuzzled her gently in a rather wolfish manor.
"You don't have to apologize for being yourself, Molls." Gabe murmured as he straightened up and took a step back, leaving her wrapped in the blanket like some human taco. "Nor do you have to apologize for getting angry. Alaric had not right to snap at you like that." he went on, going on what she said sorry to him about earlier. He cleared his throat, liquid gold eyes finding the rain outside once more. "Maybe this storm will let up soon, probably just passing through." he mused hopefully, for her sake that is. He moved around Molly, going towards the entrance of the den to peer outside. He hoped everything was going okay.

How's everything going, Reiner? Gabriel thought solely to the hunter, brows coming together the slightest bit as he watched the tree line.

Jonah McGregory

Jonah was walking back to the dens at a leisurely pace. Despite the fact a storm was right on top of them, he was really in no rush. He was not looking forward to the meeting, he really wasn't. It was probably some pointless nothing about the Rohani pack, about an attack and so forth. Though he respected Leon he really didn't want to hear it tonight. He looked down at his guitar then glanced up, spotting Myla not too far ahead of him. He took a deep breath, reaching back with his left hand which wasn't holding his guitar, rubbing the back of his neck. Nervous habit.

Was he really ready to face a woman after his embarrassment with Akitla earlier? Truthful answer? No, not really. Jonah paused briefly when Myla glanced over her shoulder, giving a tiny half-smile and an awkward wave in her direction. He exhaled when she looked forward again and began walking once more. As he done so, he kept his gaze straight and doing that. . He didn't notice the uprooted tree root. Stumbling across the root he gave a loud grunt, lifting his guitar up above his head with both hands swiftly, just incase he fell. However, he regained his balance with perfect timing, one leg dramatically thrown behind him. His chocolate brown eyes flickered up and landed on Myla. His tanned face had slowly started to turn a crimson shade of red as he started walking once more, a little quicker this time. It had started to rain and thunder sounded in the air above him. He lowered his guitar back down to his side as he caught up to Myla, matching her pace.

"So, uh, n-nice weather we're h-having, huh?" he murmured lightly, secretly hoping she didn't hear him speak at all. Jonah figured she thought of him like the rest of the she-wolves in the pack- clumsy and too quiet. Of course, Myla was quiet herself; that's why he got along with her so well. He looked up as they came into view of the clearing, eyes straying towards the main den. He knew Tane was already there, the big chicken. His brown eyes flickered to meet Myla's gaze and he gave her an apologetic smile as he sped up. Rain was coming down heavier now and the last thing he wanted was his guitar to get ruined.

Jonah practically jogged into the den, shuddering as his body jerked looking an awful lot like how a wolf does shaking off its pelt. He looked around, smiling at a few omegas who nodded at him and the pups who were close up against their mothers. They must have been terrified. His attention fell on Tane. Oh look, another scared pup. he thought, of course only himself hearing this said thought. Jonah went to walk over and sit by Tane when he heard commotion outside and turned to look. Narissa was calling for Leon. He took a few steps towards the entrance of the den, propping his guitar against the wall. He squinted, peering in the distance. What was going on? From what he could tell it was the Rohani pack. He glanced over his shoulder at Tane who was looking at him wide-eyed, and mouthed the word "Rohani."

Then, he shifted into his wolf form and sat back on his haunches, watching from a distance. He didn't really feel the need to go out there. It looked like to him a few Rohani were on their territory and it was all over a pup. He snorted at the thought of this, tilting his head to the left side. When Leon got over there it seemed as if the whole problem had been resolved already. His eyes danced with amusement. They were getting soaked out there over what? A pup who'd accidently crossed over on their land? A sound that would have been laughter rumbled in his chest.

He listened in on the conversation Leon was having with the others in thought, standing up as the alpha started making his way back to the den. Nessie...come back to the den... the three of us need to talk BEFORE the meeting happens....That means you too Jonah.

Jonah huffed when his name was mentioned, yet simply bowed his head in Leon's direction as he entered the den. Of course, Leon, he thought, turning and padding further inside.With that he plopped to the cool den floor, resting his large head on his paws. He was definitely ready to get this meeting over with as soon as possible. And if things weren't already lovely, Jonah lifted his head as Narissa stomped her way into the den, heading straight for Leon. Jonah's ears flickered back and forth a couple times as he listened to her across the den.

"Leon id like to talk to you, it be good for Jonah to be there too, so a meeting with us three before the big meeting would be good"
Jonah huffed, standing up as he shifted into his human form. He ran a hand back through his chesnut colored hair, walking over to them. Might as well get it over with. .


Tane looked up when Jonah entered the den, quirking a brow in his direction as Mathew jumped up, licking her in under her chin. She laughed, jerking her head back. "Mathew!" she scolded teasingly, reaching back down and scratching the pup behind the ear once more as he looked up at her, head tilted to the side. She found herself looking towards the entrance of the den repeatedly, blue eyes reflecting the worry that she clearly felt. This storm was already getting the best of her. She watched a couple more of her packmates file in, narrowing her eyes playfully at Daniel when he entered and shifted. She immediately spotted his bare feet and shook her head. Of course, when did he ever wear shoes? A large clap of thunder sounded outside and both Tane and the pup whimpered at the same time. She caught herself and quickly felt embarrassed, squeezing her eyes shut momentarily.

She opened them when she caught Leon's scent and he walked into the den. However, her expression became puzzeled when she heard Narissa yell his name and he turned and went right back out. Tane winced as lightening streaked across the sky, glancing at Jonah who had moved to stand at the entrance of the den. He turned to her, movng the word "Rohani" before shifting into his wolf form. The newest sentinel bit her lower lip, a nervous trait she picked up on years ago, as she started running her fingers through the pup who sat in her lap's fur. She felt the urge to go out and join the few of her pack members who faced off against the Rohani pack members outside, but the quick pouring rain and the bite of wind stopped her; as if the thunder and lightening didn't.

A tug at her sleeve caused her to look down. Mathew as nawing at the light blue sweater she wore that matched her eyes. Tane laughed a bit uneasily, patting the pup on the head. He whimpered, motioning outside with the point of his nose. "Everything's going to be okay, Mathew, it's just a-" Right as Tane whispered words of encouragement to the pup thunder roared outside causing her to yip and jerk back a little. She started to visibly tremble. "Everything's okay. ." she murmured to the pup swiftly, though he looked at her with skeptic eyes.

Tane had closed her own blue orbs, leaning her head back against the den's wall as she went back to petting Mathew, trying to keep her mind off the storm. Moments later she caught her alpha's scent once more, but thought nothing of it. That is, until she felt someone lick her cheek. Tane's eyes flashed open and she looked over quickly. The pup had started wagging his tail at the alpha wolf sitting beside them, yet the sentinel's face slowly turned a pinkish color. She gave a small smile. It was completely unlike Leon to just come up to her and be friendly. Plus, wasn't the Rohani pack outside? None-the-less, Tane reached forward and scratched her alpha behind the ears.

"Hey, Leon, everything taken care of outside?" she asked curiously before looking towards the entrance once more. There she spotted Narissa walking in not looking too happy at all. She was coming straight for them, jaw clenched and hands balled into fists. It made Tane wonder what just happened out there.

"Leon id like to talk to you, it be good for Jonah to be there too, so a meeting with us three before the big meeting would be good"
The sentinel bit her lower lip, glancing at Leon then back to Narissa. Uh huh. Her blue eyes flickered to Jonah who looked utterly exhausted as he got to all fours, shifting into his human for. Why could not this evening end already? As if on cue lightening lite up the night sky outside, followed by another round of angry thunder.

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Akitla stormed past everyone as she entered the den angrily. She was pissed. Rules, shmoolz, who gave a shit! She sure didn't! Now that chick was going to complain to Leon about her? What did she expect would happen? Her getting kicked out of the pack? HAH. That'll be the day, plus Leon knew that he couldn't loose a hunter, she was the one helping to put food in the mouths of all the pups! She kicked a chair over and leaned against the wall huffing. Maybe she will be kicked out...she smirked to herself slightly. Yea, that didn't sound so bad actually. She'd be free and could travel the word. Huh...sounded nice. She sighed and looked around the before she peeled her shirt off and threw it onto the table to dry.

This was ridiculous, this storm was just bringing her mood down. Though she loved the rain...She plopped down into a chair and undid her hair tie, her hair falling around her shoulders to frame her face. She shook her hair out like she'd do in her wolf form before she ran her fingers threw it. She didn't want to deal with anyone, nor speak to anyone. She was sick of being bossed around on countless occasions. She always knew the wolf life wasn't for her but were they ever really given a choice? She frowned to herself and stood before going into a different room and grabbing a towel. She wiped her face off and walked into the living room ignoring the fact she didn't put a shirt on. Right now she really could care less, she had a bra on so whatever. What she was focusing on was trying to find Narissa and Leon to see what she was going to say. Why was she wasting her time...why should she care...That other pack better be grateful to her since she was probably going to marked as a traitor on their behalf.

"......Screw this." She muttered to herself before quickly grabbing her black floral tank top along with her cargo vest. "It's party time for me." She said before she walked back out of the den and shifted, quickly making her way to town. Ah, she could already smell the beer.~

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Kat Tirry Bright

Something was amiss, Kat thought. She was cleaning up after the pups picking up toys, clothes and whatever else was lying on the floor.
Snow left the den even after an announcement of a meeting to commence shortly. There was a bit of a growl coming from Alpha Leon’s wolf form. She dropped the chew toy she was holding. Alpha’s really scary like that.

Just then Isis came rushing out straight to the storm and then after sometime so did Alpha Leon. Kat walked towards the entrance of the den and stood there. What’s going? She shifted to her wolf form to see if she can pick up some thoughts. Which she’s not very good at besides a lowly omega like her will not be informed of such things. “What if they need anything when they get back?” Kat wanted to be ready for anything, a good omega is always prepared.

“Sir? Uhm.. Is there trouble? Will anyone be needing anything?” She sent a stammering thought to Delta Jonah. He’s an approachable fellow someone she does not feel threatened but still it feels uneasy talking to higher ups. She sat back on her haunches and waited for her packmates to get back.

(tagged Leon by mistake)

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Myla has just turned away from Jonah, walking towards the den still, when she hears a sudden rustle of leaves and and the slightly sound of a sharp inhale, sounds which she can easily identify as a sign that the Delta behind her has just nearly tripped. She only says nearly because there was no thud, nor the sound of a guitar falling against the ground- though she is fairly certain that he would have protected his guitar by shielding it with his own body. Looking back over her shoulder once more, the huntress sees that it had been his intention to put the guitar before himself, as he stands in a comical pose of being lunged forward, guitar held above his head as though he were about to smash it onto the ground, though the reality is of course quite the opposite. She raises an eyebrow at him quizzically, chocolate eyes amused by the male's clumsiness, though she knows that such emotion is rather rude indeed. It isn't as though she thinks that he is worthless for being klutzy, but it is kind of silly to be like this every time anyone who is female is around- she wonders if he perhaps lived in an all-male pack before coming to this one, or something along those lines. At the sound of thunder, he speeds up and then falls to her pace at Myla's side, very quietly commenting on the weather being nice. This prompts some surprise, for she doesn't really expect sarcasm from the guy; at least not when he is around a woman. The rain has come falling now, and quickly her hair is somewhat drenched, pressed against her face as water sticks to the water on her skin.

The young female wolf only smiles at his comment, looking forward at the den as they near it, and not seeing the apologetic smile he gives before running to the den with his precious guitar. She doesn't need it, anyway, because it is a matter of course that he would hurry in order to save the quality of the instrument, which is clearly his most prized possession. She reaches the den just a little bit after he does, and follows his gaze curiously to see an unfamiliar pup, likely Rohani, and a group of their own wolves crowded around it. Uninterested now, she walks further into the den to find a comfortable spot where she can sit and squeeze the water out of her hair, as well as use the upper part of her dress to wipe her face dry. After a little while, she spots Narissa coming in, not looking in a pleasant mood, and the Beta begins to speak to Leon and Jonah. As usual, Myla only listens on silently, not particularly giving the impression of eavesdropping as she continues to ring off her hair, but doing so all the same.

While Tane plays with one of the pups, Daniel is comforting another one of them by reading comic books with it, both of them currently in their human forms as they hunch over an old copy of a Spiderman comic book. The thunder makes the little pup shake with fear, or rather the child in this form, and so he smiles down at her and messes up her hair to comfort the young kid. "Don't worry- just a storm, no? I bet it's Thor, messing around in the clouds or something- fighting Loki, right?" He suggests with a goofy smile, making the girl grin and nod, looking more at ease then. There is clearly something going, something to do with a Rohani pup, but he focuses on keeping the mood light for the pup, smiling and cracking jokes in the way that he tends to do when the atmosphere becomes a bit too heavy. Another clap of thunder roars, and he glances over his shoulder at Tane to make sure that she is okay, knowing that the She-wolf is afraid of thunderstorms, though of course she is far too pig-headed to ever admit it.

Leaving the pup preoccupied with the comic book for the moment, Danny stands up and walks over to Tane, sitting down beside her and scratching the child that she hold on the head, before looking at the female with sincere concern- sincerity a strange look in his normally playful eyes. Soon, though, he smiles a bit of a lopsided smile, "How you holding up, Tane? And don't say that you're fine, pig-head." Regardless of how much he jokes around and teases, Daniel does care for his pack, a lot of it- that's part of the reason that he is constantly joking around with Tane. It is almost their role in the pack to keep moods light, or at least to remind everyone to laugh now and again.