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" As long as two creatures hate each other.... a need for war will remain"

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a character in “The Tale of Death”, as played by umbra Alastor


( the images do not belong to me, but rather their respective owners, all credit goes to them)
Name: War
Title: The Horseman War, Rider of the red horse
Age:Unknown, Many believe his orgin is traced back to the Great rebellion and first war
Gender: Male
Race: Same as death
Job/Rank: Horseman of the apocalypse
Description: Stands at around six feet and 11 inchs, he is very broad, and is assumed to be rather heavy from his apperance. His white hair and eyes are a very noticeable and distinct.
Transformations: One recorded transformation, A form of pure destructive energy, All who have seen that firey, chaotic form have never lived to truely take down the details of is apperance.
Strengths and Weaknesses: War is incredibly strong both physically and mentally, while he does at times lack tactics, his extreme physical strength and savage skills compensate for that. He is very steady in the face of danger and does not waver. His weakness lies in anger, which can lead him to be reckless, though few would wish to stand toe-to-toe with a angered War.
Skills: Weapon Mastery: An obvious skill for war, both due to what he represents and the battles he has been in, he can quickly adapt to fighting with any weapon, the Mastery extending Greater for weapons designed for nothing but fighting. Even with newer weapon, War simply has to weild it for a short period of time, and he can quickly become extremely profeciant
Unarmed skill: His martial skills are also greatly honed, meaning with or without a weapon War is a fierce opponent. His steadfast nature means he is also proficient in Fighting armed opponents when unarmed.
Physical Traits: War is an extremely strong creature physically, he lack agility due to his Armour, So much so, his strength can rival creatures far greater in size then himself though his speed can not.
Personal Equipment: Chaoseater Sword: A large double edge sword, which thirst for destruction. Having the ability to channel the energy of war, it can cut through many materials, and by the fact it channel the energy of war, that the mere sight of it can encourage creatures to fight, or drain their morale.
The red horse, a powerful horse which can be summoned at will, its said to be as ferice as the person who rides it.
Likes:Honourable fights, Loyalty
Dislikes: Needless talk, Dishonorable fighting, Direct insults to his ability
Personality: War is a very serious person. Often described to have a stoic exterior, he rarely speaks, unless need. And will not engage in any useless talk and will often head straight for the heart of the matter. He is quite honorable, but also extremely savage at times. He seems rather relaxed around death, and seems to trust him to a reasonable degree.
History: Recorded as overseeing many great wars throughout history, no matter who faced each other in war, the chances were War watched over it. Though he knows his many duty lies in the apocalypse.
Additional Details: None so far

So begins...

War's Story


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Reading the letter once again before crushing it within his armored hands, War made his preparations to head to the court room. Normally such matters would not concern him, he was not the creature to sit in a room and listen to accounts of supposed happenings, but this was Death on trial so of course War was going to turn, just like many other powers would turn up simply because its Death on Trial.

Present time, Judgement room:
The crowds that were still entering the room, seemed to suddenly thin out, until they seemed to stop, yet the loud sound of armored boots approaching the room echoed very clear to everyone inside, the slight clink of Armour also announcing his arrival. The masses that were going to enter did not want to walk with War, and so it was only him walking down the Corridor as everyone else waited for a bit.
Finally coming into view for everyone, was most noticeably the white eyes of War glaring as normal towards the scene in the judgement room, His armored form making his way slowly towards where he decided to seat himself, As close as possible to the action. Now while he did not strike as much fear as Death did, he set people on edge, and what was a reasonable din of noise in the room was now reduced to softer talking, almost whispers, as people regarded the new entry. Fixing his glare onto the judge. He spoke, in his rough, slightly annoyed sounding voice, which was typical for him. " Such a display of pathetic pomp and ceremony better be worth the time" he said not even really bothering to regard the rest of the hall, he knew there were some notable people around, but at the moment he did not care. Turning his gaze across towards Death, he inclined his head ever so slightly, allowing his white hair to hang slightly either side of his neck. " Greetings" he spoke simply towards Death.


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Shael did not show any anger or annoyance at Deaths words, but had a slight smile actually. But this smile quickly faded at the new entry, and caused him to completely miss everyone else and anything they said. Not War that caused him displeasure or worry, but someone else. A second Dragon, and a powerful one, as he could tell by the Dragon Magic he could sense. He realized who it was the second she entered. Raza Heb Taga. Though most just call her Raza, as she prefers. She took her seat without saying a word, and simply sat there. Shael was both a bit interested and a bit worried with her arrival. While Raza wouldn't completely screw him over, she had her own, special Wisdom. While he was older and better fit to lead, she had a certain way of knowing and doing things. She was, essentially, a dormant Wild Card. She might do nothing but observe, she might ruin whatever Death might have planned, she might interfere with anything he would do to get Death to lose, or she might do both. She might free death just to somehow, for some reason, kill him herself for one reason or the other. But, she would say and do nothing until she wanted to. It is entirely possible she will just sit there, not doing a thing, till the very end of the Trial.

Shael then looked back at Death, to see his reaction. If he had any. But Shael, feeling a bit hungry, took a bite out of an apple he took out from his pocket.

Then, he simply looked at Death again, and noted quietly, clearing his voice of emotion other then a slight happiness, "Let the games begin".


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~ On Earth, wherever Joseph was... ~

The embodiment of Wrath watched the humans with an odd sense of humor. They were so dirty, so disgusting, so revolting... It made him want to laugh! He thought to himself what a show this was! Then he watched them trying to contact others, and he knew it was time to strike. Making his way to the building, he snapped his fingers and sparked a small flame. He quietly blew out a trail at this as he watched it lead to a good combustible place. Then he flickered the flame into the trail and watched the spark quickly travel along. Then...


An explosion. A fire that started to spread wildly on the building, trapping or killing several people, it didn't matter to him. He slowly flew back and went into the air, hovering in place as he watched his disaster begin to unfold. "Now, human..." It spoke to itself, unable to be seen by mortal eyes or heard at his distance. "Prove to me you are as high of expectation as Death thinks you are."

~ Back in Hell ~

"It has been long enough for the trial to begin. Everyone is here and ready..." The judge spoke out at this. Death looked over to War and nodded at this.

"Ah, brother... It is good to see you again. Please, have a seat... It's going to be a long day." The Judge then pulled out a paper as he looked it over. "Before we move on to the first case, I request the following people, in order, to speak of where they stand on Death's position... Hiruki, Shael, Gnem and War the Horseman. We would also like the four to be ready... You will be the first ones to speak when we begin the first event." The Judge then crossed his arms over his chest.

"Ha. Those four... Oh you are going to get one conflicted trial." A fallen angel, a dragon champion, his servant and his fellow horseman speaking out on whether they thought Death should live or die. If this didn't mark the beginning of something big and awesome, who knows.