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Kira "Inferno" Rose II

A straight-forward fighter, who utilizes a magic sword as a primary offense.

0 · 192 views · located in The village of Kiken

a character in “The Tale of Six Heroes”, as played by Linxwire


name: Kira "Inferno" Rose II
age: 20
gender: Female
Kingdom: Ignis
picture: Image
description: N/A
personality: A kind-hearted soul, who searches for purpose outside of her kingdom. The one thing she cannot stand is being around her family, she'll do anythng to keep distance, and she has grown apt to fighting. She can be helpful, but not generous. She will help a stranger in danger, but would turn down a request for money in a heartbeat. The only thing she can truly value is someone who has proved to be her friend, and that isn't a title easily rewarded to the people she knows, but once your there your there for life.
weapon of choice: A family heirloom of a flamesteel long sword. The methods of recreating such a great metal are lost to history, so the blade is passed down the family tree. It's a wonder as to how it's managed to maintain itself for so long.
Magic: Fire; akin to her sword only. When struck by the blade, the wound often sear with flames, the deeper the cut the greater the fire. The fire will engulf the sword when it's user's will is ignited, and burn anything it touches much quicker than before.
  • To eat good food
  • Being away from home
  • Making lifetime friends
  • Being hungry
  • Talking with her family
  • Being lonely
  • Being hit on by other men
other: Has several irrational fears, like being eaten and etc.

So begins...

Kira "Inferno" Rose II's Story