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Sir Belkot Solveig

Perhaps I was meant to help, or perhaps not; I will anyway.

0 · 205 views · located in The village of Kiken

a character in “The Tale of Six Heroes”, as played by Lloyd


Name: Sir Belkot Solveig
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Kingdom: Terra
Picture: Knight from Demon's Souls, a Japanese game-- anything else generally doesn't fit the character
Description: 6'2", deep green eyes and short blonde hair, this man is the definition of gentle strength; he holds himself with a relaxed pride, hands open, face looking forward. His armor is nothing spectacular; sheets of metal either interlocking or held together in between by chain mail. The longsword at his hip is buckled in with a golden clasp in the image of a sun.
Personality: Kind, open. He regards all as equals, and refuses to harm another unless it is obvious they wish him harm (this may mean he takes a hit or two before reacting aggressively). He is respected by most other knights as he shows all the qualities of chivalry, and is a nice guy besides; however, this gentleness has the undertones of a person capable of skewering another through armor, and his armor seldom comes off, partly as a precaution, partly because he recently earned his knighthood and wishes others to know.
Weapon of Choice: Castle-forged longsword. Dependable, flexible, and not really spectacular in any way.
Magic: None.
Likes: Helping others, and will insist on it almost to the point of being ridiculous. Also likes puns.
Dislikes: Those cowardly enough to prey on the weak. Also loss of purpose; he will do everything in his power to keep morale up.
Other: I will not lie, I am heavily using a character concept from Dark Souls, namely the character Solaire. The NPC was so profoundly nice and memorable that I wish to honor him by making this character in tribute,

So begins...

Sir Belkot Solveig's Story