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"soon this world will be beutiful again"

0 · 384 views · located in Terra

a character in “The Tale of Terra”, as played by raven king


Aliases:the black actor, king of manipulation, shade of transformation, the black herald.
[b]Race:great black

Gender:male (modifiable)
-Hair:black raven hair that goes down to the neck (modifiable)
-Eyes:four green eyes(modifiable)
-Facial Features:has no noticable mouth ears or nose(modifiable)
-Weight and Height:90klg 7'0(modifiable)
-Skin Complexion:dark black(modifiable)
Equipment: -Weaponry:instead of weapons, his body can shift and change allowing him to shape shift into ALMOST anything, making him both ideal forsecretive orders. but doing so strains his body making it impossible to constantly change shape. -Miscellaneous:the only thing he carries is a stpai master once stepped on.
Personality:Amadaous thinks of himself as an artist or an actor. His stage is the world and his paint the blood of heretics. He is also a being who gains extreme pleasure from deception often posing as a loved one or leader to cause absolute chaos such as sending entire armies to their deaths or stabing a victim to death, while wearing the face of his lover or child. he is also a deep fanatic to his master karaanex. he thinks his master's power is the most beutiful art of all that must be shared with world.
  • blood
  • chaos
  • deception
  • order
  • good
  • the strong willed
  • deception
  • painting
  • magic

So begins...

Amadaous's Story


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Character Portrait: Amadaous
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A lone black figure sat atop a ledge on the highest tower in the city "WHAT A BEUTIFUL SIGHT!!!" its voice echoing in the smoke filled sky. "WHAT MERCILESSNESS WHAT DESTRUCTION AHAHAHAHAHAH" it yelled while staring down at soldiers gunning down greens and exchanging fire with them. and burning their corpses "IS THIS YOUR PLAN?!?!? TO SLAUGHTER THEM ALL AND LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE?!?!". it continued to stare down at the burning city filled with corpses and laughed loudly.

"I am tired of watching, its time for the actor to take the stage" it stepped forth plumating from the tower before stretching out an arm to grab onto the sides of the tower with claws that rended the stone. it slowed itself down and soon it reached the bottom, it came across two corpses, one a orc and the other a human soldier wearing a long coat and a dirty gas mask, with a knife through his chest. it then proceeded to rip the mask off revealing the plain face beneath. looking at the corpse the creatures body twisted and turned, its body consumed itself then spat itself out again, revealing that same human soldier that lay dead on the ground. the soldier went over and picked up the rifle next to the corpse and began carriying itself at a brisk pace. before reaching a small squad, and then quickly melded with their unit marching with them, until he encountered someone who stuck out among the rest. it was a officer of the empire gunning down an unarmed and fleeing hobgoblin. he burst out laughing in the inside while his fake face kept a cool calm, while standing their watching the officer's subordinates fill the remaining greens full of bullets.

"This one knows how to be fun i think i'll follow him abit" the soldier muttered under his breath while falling in with the officer's soldiers.


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Character Portrait: Amadaous
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Ihe soldier was standing for five minutes before before he burst off running in the opposite direction, he was facing. running down an ally way while shouting "BORING! BORING! BORING!!!". while running the soldier's form started to twist and turn, repeating the same disgusting process until Amadaous stood where the soldier was just running. kneeling down in the dark ally exhausted, humming "what i need is crimson what i need is sticky what i need is blood!". and then the sound of chattering and boots hitting the ground could be heard. four human soldiers in a square formation were approaching, and so it hid behind a large pile of rubbish. kneeling down behind it, as the soldiers got closer and closer and closer, until they were almost to the large pile of rubbish.

And then it struck out, rushing to the two in front of the formation. forcing claws into their throats, and then throwing their corpses at the two soldiers left. then jumping on the one on the left, pulling the corpse off of him, and beating him to death with blood stained claws. as blood sprayed from the soldier it hit Amadaous straight in the face. and once it was done with that one, it turned its bloody head, to be greeted by the barrel of a pistol starring right at it. (him) it launched itself right at the soldier weilding the gun, and put it's bare hand right on the barrel, before it shot off right into its hand. the demon let out a half moan, half scream as it plunged it's clawed fist straight into the soldier's gut. then slowly pulled it out collapsing right away, creating a splashing sound as it fell into the pool of blood that started to form. Amadaous then spread its arms and legs moving them inward and outward attempting to create a perverse version of a snow angel.

It then grabbed a hand full of blood in its black hand, raised it in the air. and watched and as it slowly dibbled from its hand to its face.
it then began to sing "oh so gooey oh so sticky oh so crimson red" it then let its hand fall to its side side making a splashing sound, "i'll stay here and rest then i'll continue".