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"Enemies! We need more enemies! More chaos! More blood!"

0 · 455 views · located in Terra

a character in “The Tale of Terra”, as played by StormerJohn


Aliases: The God of Chaos and War; the God of Blood; the Traitor; the First of Galackt's Kin
Race: Immortal Galackti
Age: 19,000
Gender: Male
Empire/Faction: Baranten
-Hair: N/A
-Eyes: His eyes are blood red.
-Facial Features: Like every other Galackti, Karaanex has a mask-like face. However, he has five red glowing jewels on his forehead. He has multiple horns growing out from all over his face and head, colored red.
-Frame: Karaanex is an ectomorph.
-Weight and Height: 90kg, 250cm-20m (can shift)
-Skin Complexion: His skin is a very pale gray, thanks to his seclusion in his tower.
-Clothing/Armor: Being more of a mage than a swordsman like his fellow immortals, Karaanex wears barely any armor besides his shoulder guards and the plates of armor protecting his ribs and arms. Unlike most Galackti, Karaanex has wings. He wears a blood-red robe that flows down to his feet which can conduct his own magic. He does have a more Human form, in which he can shrink down to 170cm and wear a black suit.
-Weaponry: Karaanex is not a melee user. When he was created by Galackt, he was given the power to use magic, particularly magic that gives him control over fire, as well as his opponents blood. he does, however carry a large sword at times in case his runes run out of power, but that rarely happens. He also has the power to control a person's mind and turn him insane if his willpower is weak.
-Miscellaneous: N/A
Personality: Karaanex is a cold traitor, hungry for power, blood, and chaos. He wages war only to see blood and war, which he believes was the ultimate goal he had to fulfil as a Galackti. His servants also have the same passion, and fight only for blood and chaos. He is always seen to be insane, sending wave after wave of troops destined to die, but these troops, fuelled by fanaticism and insanity, had the strength of a hundred men.
  • Blood
  • Chaos
  • War
  • Power
  • Order
  • Peace
  • Silence
Biography: Karaanex was created a thousand years before Galackt publicized the potion for immortality. He was the second immortal, and the first Galackti. Galackt created him to see the extent of his own power. That, however, didn't happen. Karaanex, though innocent at one point, had one day seen beauty in chaos and fire after he first used his power against a small village after he was given the mission to clear this village of the thieves. So, he attempted to take care of it, but ended up destroying the whole village and killing everyone inside. His magic had always intrigued him. He burned down hundreds of villages in his time, laughing in the night as the people died inside their homes. He also felt empowered when watching bloody wars take place before his eyes. Galackt began seeing how much power had corrupted him, what free will given to an empowered monster could do. However, at first, Galackt did nothing, until Karaanex's influence began spreading amongst the ranks of the first Galackti. Seeking only power and the beauty of chaos, Karaanex rebelled against Galackt with the first five Galackti. They were powerful, driven to insanity by Karaanex's power. Galackt, however, destroyed his own creations with the help of the warlord Cruislan. Karaanex, unfortunately, was spared because in those days, the Elder Weapons hadn't existed yet. Instead, Galackt and Cruislan locked the demonic creature up in the far north, where he remained for five millennia.

For another thousand years, Karaanex's thirst for blood became insatiable, and he began causing great calamities that shook the world that betrayed him. Though he couldn't see it happen, he could feel it, and he could hear the screams of those unlucky enough to be there, he could hear the howling and fire. He continued doing it, feeding his lust for blood and chaos. His power grew stronger before it reached its maximum potential when the Demons, influenced by Karaanex, attacked, sending Humanity into hiding. His power grew until he had the power to break free from his prison. His Demonic servants had offered blood and skulls, and began a dark ceremony in the far northern forests, and after the ceremony had ended, Karaanex broke free like a fireball, and killed some of his own servants to satiate his thirst. He gave a loud roar, and all the Demons rallied to him.

Since then, he hid in the shadows, but when he was defeated by Augustus, he was forced into his command. Like history once said, however, Galackt managed to find one of the Elder Weapons hidden within a temple underneath the snow. With it, he killed a Galackti immortal within Augustus' circle of allies, and stole a quarter of the entire Farsivillian Army, stealing the north. Unfortunately, his forces, as powerful as they were, were driven back by the superior Farsivillian Imperial Army. Augustus soon duelled with him and disarmed him, allowing Augustus to stab the Elder Weapon through the older immortal. The Elder Weapon, however, was barely activated, and Augustus realized this. The Elder Weapon, however, severely weakened Karaanex, allowing him to lock him up in a cell made to keep in souls before Augustus took the inactive Elder Weapon, and destroyed it.

Since he was locked up in the island of Baranten, his influence spread, with hatred burning through the inhabitants of the island and his conquered territories. Ever since then, he has waited, allowing his power to grow to a greater extent, waiting for only the right time to break out and unleash his wrath upon the world.
  • Magic
  • Sword fighting

So begins...

Karaanex's Story