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Peter Cromwell

"Hail to the Emperor!"

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a character in “The Tale of Terra”, as played by DarkLancer


▸┇P E T E R __ C R O M W E L L « ∆
Aliases: Death's Head; the Emperor's Wrath; the Negotiator; the Spymaster
Race: Human
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Empire/Faction: Farsivillian Empire
-Hair: Black, military haircut
-Eyes: Black
-Facial Features: Sharp jawline, sharp nose, high cheekbones
-Frame: Mesomorph
-Weight and Height: 70kg, 175m
-Skin Complexion: Standard Asian complexion
-Clothing/Armor: Cromwell wears a breastplate with similar material as the Emperor's, though it lacks the ceramic plating at the front. He wears an armored gas mask covered in leather. Above his head is a peaked cap with a silver eagle with a skull at the middle. He wears an interior plate made entirely of kevlar underneath his black uniform. He usually wears a black coat above it all.
-Weaponry: A saber, an SMG, a pistol, and a dagger
-Miscellaneous: A compass, a map, a standard canteen, photos of his family, a family dagger, and extra ammo
Personality: Peter is a silent character, barely speaking at times. The enemies of Farsivil have taken away too much from him, and his failure to protect his family gave him only grief, and has also influenced him to be a better father. At home, he is warm to his family, always teaching them valuable lessons when need be. As a negotiator, he is very smart with his words. As a torturer, he is ruthless, feeling no sympathy for his enemies. He usually extracts information with kindness, though. The torture was usually reserved for the evil men he truly despised, or when he had a very very short time limit.
  • His family
  • The Empire
  • Loyalty
  • The corrupt and power-hungry
  • The enemies of the empire
  • Dishonor
Peter was born in a large farm to a loving mother. His father, unfortunately, died of undisclosed reasons before he was three months old, and his mother wasn't revealing any information. Peter, instead, was locked up in their farm. His mother didn't let him outside the walls of their farm. Usually, he heard loud bangs from outside his home. At first, he was afraid, but soon, he had begun disregarding it as a sort of natural occurrence. One of the farmers in their farm taught Peter how to hunt as he grew older. He was trained in shooting a rifle, and he soon realized that the banging sounds were guns going off. He thought that every bang he heard was a hunter shooting his gun. As he was trained, his friend began breeding horses, and gave a him his own young horse when he was fifteen.

Peter was taught at home by his mother, who actually knew a lot. She said she was once a teacher in a school, but now, they had no money to educate Peter, so from inside the walls, he learned about the outside world. He realized that the leader of their land was an immortal named King Folger, a fat, corrupt monarch with a moustache and quite a disturbingly creepy face, with broken teeth. He always held a golden scepter, and on his head was a golden crown. His robes are made of linen. He then learned about the other kingdoms and empires scattered around the world.

One day, his home was visited by two men in blue suits, wearing gas masks and wearing blue caps. They carried what seemed to be a different kind of rifle. Peter was taught by his hunter friend that some guns were created to kill other people, and he hated that idea. One man was a Human, the other was a Nightmare. They demanded food, so their mother gave them as much food as they wanted, and they left in peace. His mother began sobbing afterwards, saying that those were her best crops, and that she was saving it for everyone working on the farm, since they couldn't afford any food because they weren't paid for their labor.

When young Peter asked why she gave the crops, she replied that they'd do bad things to the farmers. A month later, they returned, but this time, Peter trailed them. He had never gotten out of the wall, even though he was already twelve at this point, and he saw the guards demanding for more food from what seemed to be another farm. One man, who was buff, lashed out at them, but he was killed when a bullet his head. Then, the guards entered the house and fired their guns before burning the entire farm down with the help of more guards. He knew he recognized the column of smoke when he saw it, but this time, it was closer.

For the following years, the routine continued until the suffering of the farmers was so much that they lashed out against the guards, who subsequently opened fire upon everyone, children and old men included. Luckily for Peter, he was in the forest, hunting for some boar when it happened, and when he returned, he was too late. The fire had been set, and the guards had already left. One of the men removed his gas mask to wipe off his sweat, and his face was imprinted on Peter's memory. After that brief moment, he put his mask back on, and burned the farm. Peter had his sights, and he had a silencer, but when he fired, he missed, and the guards didn't realize that they were so close to death, thanks to the silencer. They got out of the farm as the crops burned, and so did their house. As the house burned, he managed to get in. He saw his dead mother, sobbed over her corpse for a moment, and went to save a few things: a few clips for the rifle, some money, a photo of his entire family, including his father before his death, as well as an antique dagger his mother claimed was his to inherit.

Peter got out through the snowy forest with the help of his horse. In his month travelling from his old nation to the Farsivillian land of Tsin, he hunted for both himself and his horse, which he named Locke. Eventually, he reached the southeast, reaching a snow-covered desert, and he knew he was near Tsin. There, he saw it, a short walls with cannons every three meters. The guards wore white winter coats and gray helmets. They also wore gas masks, but unlike the ones that their guards wore, their gas masks were a bit more strict-looking, unlike theirs, which just looked creepy with the long snouts on the masks. Eventually, as he entered, the guards asked for his identity, and after a few hours of explaining, he was escorted to be immediately naturalized as a Farsivillian citizen. He was sixteen at the time, and he managed to find himself under the care of his uncle, who was lucky enough to have migrated into Farsivil long before. He was very distressed about the news, but he was taken care of. When he was eighteen, the emperor declared war on the fat king Folger, and Peter immediately entered service. Within ten months of the campaign, he was already a sergeant, and they had completely annexed the large nation. As he grew older, he became a divisional general in the army, and one of the most prominent spymasters in Farsivil. Since then, he has had two children with a lovely wife, which he cares for deeply.
  • Hunting
  • Cooking
  • Farming
  • Marksmanship
  • Psychology

So begins...

Peter Cromwell's Story


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Peter Cromwell was part of the men who advanced in the defense of Burgan. He was part of the Third Army, and commanded a division named after his nickname: the Death's Head Division. They were basically a division of Stormtroopers with some Armored Infantry units here and there, and they had been planned to splinter off from the main attack group. Hell, all five divisions from the Third had splintered off. Their maneuver was similar to when a shell penetrates through armor and the shredded steel splinters onto a surface, killing the unfortunate bastard the shrapnel hits.

The entire Third Army was created as a mobile unit specifically for storming the enemy positions. Right now, they were at the center, heading for a village in a hill to liberate it. They were the guys who'll see first action in the Third Army, and it was crucial that they secure the hill, because from the hill, they could fire into the other villages, providing support to the other guys liberating the other villages. The village they were assigned to take care of was fairly large, but it was manageable, especially if you had ten thousand skilled people armed with some of the beast weaponry and protection in the world.

Peter stopped his forces, and picked up his binoculars, putting them over his eyes as he looked at the hill. They were less than a hundred meters from it, and they'd killed off a bunch of scout groups already, making sure none survived. Alerting their position to the enemy wouldn't necessarily be disastrous, but a more quieter approach was better. That didn't happen when they reached the gates, which were being heavily guarded. The guards were easily knocked out by the Armored Infantry, which had a compliment of Tractor IIIs, a type of light tank that had a devastating machine gun and a powerful howitzer that riddled holes into the unsuspecting guards. Peter himself was part of the Armored Infantry, standing behind the Tractor as it fired its cannon. The explosions from the high explosive shells were shaking the earth, and blowing apart the concrete pillars.

When the Armored Infantry broke through, Peter raised his hand up high, then pumped it down twice, signalling the ten thousand men behind him to charge, shouting, "Charge, to liberation!" before putting on his iconic gas mask. They all cried their battlecries as the sound of powder exploding and bullets digging their way into the soil rang out. Peter himself, carrying his SMG, began to spray bullets in every area he could find an enemy in. His men began to do the same, resulting in hundreds of thousands of bullets flying in the air as the surprise attack commenced. Eventually, the battle escalated as the Goblins finally got their thinking straight, and as the Trolls woke from their slumber. Peter was lucky as a shell from a Troll Hand Cannon missed him and exploded behind him, forcing him to take cover behind a thick wall, and begin shooting the Troll in front of him with the SMG, but the bullets just weren't doing anything.

Eventually, he got distracted as his SMG ran out of bullets. By that time, the Troll had reloaded, and prepared to fire, but before he could a shell from the 75mm howitzer on the Tractor III saved him as the heavy high explosive shell scattered the insides of the monster. Peter didn't notice the tank, but when he did, he gave a thumbs up. Cromwell went to a fairly large house, which became a machine gun nest for the Goblins. They were shooting down at them, shattering the plates of some of the lightly-armored Stormtroopers, forcing them back. Luckily, they didn't notice Cromwell.

When Cromwell kicked down the door, he was greeted with the unfriendly sight of enemy troops. Luckily, the high-grade and heavier Armored Infantry armor Cromwell wore was enough to bounce the shots from the caliber of guns the Goblins used, allowing Cromwell to spray more bullets at the Goblin horde in front of him, which screeched out loud unintelligently. Eventually, one of the Goblins had the sense to pick up his large-caliber gun and fire at him. Immediately, the plates shattered from the stress being caused on all sides, but luckily, that bullet bounced off before the sheer impact force that reverberated throughout the plate shattered it. Luckily, that was only a single plate out of the many plates.

He went behind a wall, and drew a grenade from his pouch. It was a stick grenade, with its pin at the bottom. Cromwell lifted his gas mask a bit, then bit onto the wooden end of the stick, and pulled. The grenade was primed, and he had three seconds before it went off, but before it did, he had already thrown it. He entered, and sprayed more bullets into whoever survived. He saw a Goblin who had been knocked unconscious. Peter promptly executed him with a few shots from his SMG. He climbed up the stairs, and found a door at the end of the hallway, closed down.

Peter ran towards it, and kicked it down. Then, he fired, knowing the enemy was there, firing bullets upon his comrades. So, he squeezed the trigger on his gun, allowing the bullets to be sprayed, killing the men on the MG. However, when he looked at the floor of the room, he found red blood, fresh, most likely, brushed towards the left. Reluctantly, Cromwell looked around, and saw a very gruesome sight: a whole family had been executed. Two children, including a baby, had been hung from the ceiling, and the mother and father had the skins of their bodies flayed, with the blood coming from them. Cromwell's heart broke. He may have been heartless towards his enemies, but the monstrosity required to kill an entire family was too great. He took his time, and placed his gun down by the couch, cutting down the children from their ropes, and laying them on the ground beside their parents. He found a large piece of cloth, and he took it, placing it over the four bodies. Silently, he knelt, and he prayed that the Divine may guide them to Paradise. Then, he stood up, and took his gun, with a vengeance against the Greens. Now he understood the hate his monarch had projected upon Ur, upon Zerken.

He got out, and found the men continuing to advance. Some medic vehicles arrived on the scene picking up downed soldiers. He ran up to them and crouched behind a wall, fearing for any enemy fire. "Medics!" he called out. One of the medics with an armor sigil on his patch went into attention. "Yes, General Cromwell?" asked the medic, who was wearing quite some heavy armor, ducking. "My left breastplate shattered, can you hand me one?" asked Cromwell. "Yes, sir," the medic said, before he entered a large armored truck. A moment later, the medic crawled out with a plate made of various metals. Cromwell unzipped the pocket on his uniform and began fishing out plate after plate of shattered armor, and placed it on the ground before he grabbed the armor plating and sliding it into its compartment. He zipped his uniform to a close. "Thank you," said Cromwell before he reloaded his SMG, peeked over the wall, and began to open fire at the MG on the same street.


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Character Portrait: Peter Cromwell
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The artillery pieces fell in line atop the village, aiming up. "Sir," said the soldier, "We're prepared to open fire." "A moment, Private," said Cromwell, before entering a destroyed building. It had become a small radio station. He depressed the button on one of the radios. "High General Meister," reported Cromwell, "we've taken the village, and we are prepared to open fire upon the other villages." "General Cromwell," began the higher-ranking general, "you may fire upon the villages now, however, I need a small regiment from your division, preferably your own detachment. The city my division is to capture would need the help of the Cromwell Detachment." "Will do, Sir," said Cromwell. He walked out the building to find a few weirder-looking soldiers. He had the feeling it wasn't his, but throughout Cromwell's life, he never trusted his feelings. He let them go about their duties, whatever they were. Suddenly, one of the medics came to him. "General," said the medic, saluting. Cromwell saluted, as well.

"What is it, medic?" asked Cromwell. "We may have some... issues," replied the man in a standard military uniform and armor, but with a white helmet and an unarmored gas mask. "What do you mean?" Cromwell added to his question. "Sir, we've counted the bodies. Of all ten thousand men, two thousand three hundred and six were killed, and yet, the other medics, when counting those who survived, counted about nine thousand. Not to mention the odd-looking unit walking around the village."

Cromwell wondered and looked at the odd men from before. They seemed to be doing whatever their duties were, but indeed, they looked odd. "Medic, tell this to my second-in-command. I have more business to take care of." "Yes, Sir," replied the medic before he went out to tell his second-in-command. Peter, meanwhile, walked towards the leader of the artillery unit. "Fire all artillery when prepared, Lieutenant," said Peter. "Yes, Sir!" the man said. "Fire!" The artillery guns then fired as Peter went out to get to his regiment, a three thousand-man special Armored Infantry unit. It was called the Cromwell Detachment, and it was ready to go. He just said the word. Cromwell himself jumped inside one of the dozens of armored vehicles, and allowed his men to drive off to wherever it was his general was in.