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The Iron Titan "Silo"

"All will be crushed under the mighty heel of Cruislan."

0 · 504 views · located in Terra

a character in “The Tale of Terra”, as played by DarkLancer


T H E « I R O N « T I T A N
Aliases: The Iron General; Silo
Race: Golem
Age: 1,500
Gender: Male
Empire/Faction: Cruisland
-Weight and Height: 8 tons; 15 feet
-Clothing/Armor: The Iron Titan's armor is actually made out of steel plated with rusting iron, with chains all over its body (see picture)
-Weaponry: He carries a large mace-like weapon that generates electricity, as well as a Silo 155mm cannon on his back
-Miscellaneous: N/A
Since he's a golem, he has no personality. He does, however, a less destructive way of sending Cruislani troops. Unlike his fellow generals, the Titan calculates best, and knows how many troops should be sent. He also asked for his legion to be armed with the best weaponry, and for them to receive a whole lot more training than the others. Because of this, his legion is one of the best around the empire, and could easily contest against a skilled Farsivillian legion.
  • Bashing peoples' heads in
  • Serving the army
  • Enemies of Cruislan
  • Specifically Demons
The Iron Titan was the only effort by Cruisland to create a perfect golem. He was designed by Doctor Robert Silo, an engineer who was crippled during his military service. Silo created many machines, from simple power sources, to weapons of war like the Silo casemate tank destroyer series. Eventually, as he realized he had a tumor that would kill him, he began the construction of a golem similar to the ones Farsivil had. He ended up with the idea of creating the Iron Titan as a last ditch attempt to create a machine that would not only serve Cruisland, but also to be something for Silo to transfer his consciousness to. After it had been perfected, Silo was found dead after an apparent suicide after taking a cyanide pill. He had a mysterious object on his head, and when the Iron Titan was activated, Silo's consciousness was transferred, but some directives given to the golem during its construction could not be overridden, allowing Silo, a former soldier, to return without fear of death, and thanks to the directives within the Iron Titan, Silo had become one of the greatest generals in the Cruislani army, even though he's not a living being.

So begins...

The Iron Titan "Silo"'s Story