Damian Grey

"All I want is to start anew, not let the past come alive again before me."

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a character in “The Tale of the Exiled Knight”, as played by Firewind


Name: Damian Grey

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 21

Appearance: Image

In Armor:Image

Description: He had long forsaken his armor and stuffed it in a bag, and took up the normal clothes of a wanderer. His eyes are like Emeralds that flash into different shades of green to mirror his emotions. He has several scars running down his back and numerous other scars on his legs. When he was in armor it was a sight to behold with his two former Compatriots, but he was the least well known of the three as an individual because he kept his Helm on at all times, and the fact his armor was a dull gray color to begin with, with no design distinctions.

Equipment: He carries a hand and a half sword, the only reminder of where he once was in the Knights of Light, his armor has been thrown in a bag and tied in a knot, never to see the light of day again.

Personality: A kind soul at heart, Damian would willingly help whoever he could. After his Exile from the now Disbanded Knights of Light, he has sworn to never use his sword again unless he ultimately has no choice. He usually frowns upon the mistreatment of others, specifically when it comes to Orphaned beggars, and would step in and try to stop the mistreatment. He also had a fear of being too well known and he kept his helmet on in the old days to remain as anonymous as possible.

Likes: Life, Peace, and Chicken.

Dislikes: War, Death, Lonliness

Love Interest: TBA

History: Born to a Farmer's family, Damian lived for a time in quiet tranquility and peace. But one day everything changed when Bandits arrived and destroyed his family and home at the age of 10. He could never recover from that and left for the city. It was there they registered him as a orphan by giving him the surname Grey. By age of twelve he joined the knights of light .

It was there he met his best friends in the whole world, the Onyx Knight and the Gold Knight. For several long years, they together rode out and fought against injustice and repelled invading hordes in their kingdom, becoming well renowned for their compassion and goodwill. However, individually, Damian wasn't as well known, for he had taken the Grey Knight as his renown title, to wear his loneliness like a badge. He didn't care or mind. He was happy to be alive and have friends almost close to family. Damian's happiness however, would turn to tears.

At Age 19 his friends engaged in an argument one day and despite his and several other members of the Order's intervention, it evolved into a fight in which the Gold Knight was slain. Damian in his anger, attacked the Onyx Knight in a rage, almost giving the Turncoat a scar to remember Damian by. The Knights of Light frowned upon Damian's act of retribution and promptly exiled him from the Order. Which was well that he was, for the Knights of Light themselves were disbanded.

Two years of ceaseless wandering awaited him, as he was alone again. Searching desperately for a new home, he had heard of Orina's prosperity, and seeking to find work there other then Mercenary, he made his way for the kingdom, desperate to settle down and start a new chapter in his life, without the interruption of former colleagues, or Old Enemies.

Character Theme(s): Cry for the Moon by Epica, This is My Road By Kanon

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