Damion Howard

The rebel leader and one of the few God's Master Immortalis.

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a character in “The Tale of the Immortalis Book 1: Beginning”, as played by Asher MstrImmortalis


Name: Damion Howard

Physical Age (that you will start with. You can change it at any time, so long as I know): 30

Actual Age (How long you are actually alive in this world. i.e.: 1000 years. Differs from physical age): 500

Personality (sometimes can effect the elements you have i.e. More understanding it): Is strict and demanding to his students, however, Damion is also kind and generous to the not-so-fortunate and his friends. Damion is serious in appropriate times, and yet he knows how to have a good time.

Element(s): Fire, Wind, Darkness, Light

Human Abilities (Blacksmithing, Swordsmanship, etc.): Scythe Mastery, Tactitian, Battle Mastery

Weapon: Devil's Bane: A pure black scythe that enhances Damion's fire manipulation.

Damion has lightly tanned skin, but covered with bruises on the body. He is usually found wearing a black long coat and a scythe attached to his back. Damion does not cut his hair and lets it grow long, because the hair can conceal his face in the middle of a crowd (others rumor he just is too lazy or doesn't have the time to do it).

Cause of Death: Execution

Weakness: Counter elements (Earth, Water, Light), Having his students as hostage.

Classified as [God's/Devil's (Elder/Master)Immortalis/angel/demon/human (mage, warrior, assassin, etc.)]: God's Master Immortalis of the Fire Storm

Relationship (optional): Single

With (if you are in a relationship):

History: Damion was the first human who stood up against the tyrant, Julian. However, Julian took note of this and brought Damion in shackles to his castle- to await his public execution. When Damion was executed (guillotine), God chose him. Damion was able to get another chance to overthrow Julian, but he waited until he can raise an army. Everyday Damion either trained or set out to recruit God's Immortali to train them and such. Damion met Asher, Aero, and Eliza in a burned down village, and he has gained others as well.

The current number of people in the army is 100. However, it is still not enough to make a successful uprising.

So begins...

Damion Howard's Story